PlayStation E3 Experience 2015: Livestreams, Community Event, Booth Lineup

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PlayStation E3 Experience 2015: Livestreams, Community Event, Booth Lineup

It’s happening! Monday, June 15th marks PlayStation’s annual E3 Press Conference. The big show starts at 6:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Eastern. You’ll be able to watch the festivities live on your PS4 or PS3 using the Live Events Viewer app, or via, Twitch, YouTube, and right here on PlayStation.Blog.

But there’s more. Our PlayStation LiveCast show kicks off Tuesday, 6/16 at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern. Expect to see Ryan, Justin, and me debut new gameplay footage, game demos, and developer interviews across more than 40 upcoming games.

LiveCast Schedule

Monday: 5:45pm Pacific
Tuesday: 12:00pm to 6pm Pacific
Wednesday: 10am to 5:00pm Pacific
Thursday: 10am to 3:00pm Pacific

E3 Community Event

If you’re lucky enough to live in SoCal, we’ve got a treat for you. You’re invited to swing by the San Diego Studios E3 Community Meetup located outside of the West Hall entrance of the L.A. Convention Center (at Figueroa and Pico) on Wednesday, June 17th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm — it’s free and open to the public! Just look for the MLB The Show “Trophy House” tent.

You’ll meet San Diego Studios developers and be among to first to play:

  • MLB 15 The Show
  • Drawn To Death
  • Guns Up!
  • Killstrain

There will be opportunities to give feedback to developers, too, including a gentleman by the name of David Jaffe. You won’t wanna miss that!

Nearby, you’ll also be able to go hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront, try out the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Experience, and pick up PlayStation gear from the merchandise store. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!

PlayStation’s E3 2015 Booth Lineup preview

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the actual E3 show floor, read on to see a selection of playable games that will be located in PlayStation’s booth (West Hall #4522). Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list of every game, but it should get you started. And yep, you’ll be able to try out Project Morpheus!

Drawn to Death The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency // San Diego Studio
Fat Princess Adventures Fun Bits // Santa Monica Studios
God of War III Remastered Santa Monica Studio
Guns Up! Valkyrie Entertainment // San Diego Studio
Journey thatgamecompany // Santa Monica Studio
Kill Strain San Diego Studio
Ratchet & Clank Insomniac Games
Tearaway: Unfolded Media Molecule
The Tomorrow Children Q Games // Japan Studio
Until Dawn Supermassive Games
Street Fighter V Capcom
Batman: Arkham Knight WB Games
Alone With You Benjamin Rivers Inc.
Amplitude Harmonix
Broforce Devolver Digital
Capsule Force Iron Galaxy
Cosmic Star Heroine Zeboyd Games
Enter the Gungeon Devolver Digital
GALAK-Z: The Dimensional 17-bit
Gang Beasts Double Fine
N++ Metanet
Nuclear Throne Vlambeer
Salt & Sanctuary Ska Studios
Chasm Discord Games
EarthNight Cleaversoft
To Leave Freaky Creations
ABZÛ Giant Squid/505 Games
Relativity Willy Chyr
Planetside 2 Daybreak
Death Tales Nine Tales Digital
Dungeon Defenders 2 Trendy Entertainment
Snow Poppermost
Soma Frictional Games
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter The Astronauts
Thumper Drool
Gnog KO-OP Mode
Super Meat Boy Team Meat
Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Autumn
Heart Forth, Alicia Alonso Martin
FutureGrind Milkbag Games
Rocket League Psyonix
I Am Bread Bossa Studios
Super Time Force Ultra Capy
Moon Hunters Kitfox Games
The Banner Saga Vs. Evil

Docs for PlayStation

If you’re headed to the show, keep an eye out for the Docs for PlayStation QR code. It’ll take you to news, details on the games in the booth, an E3 PlayStation Experience guide, and more.


We’ll also be partnering up with our friends at IndieCade to showcase several awesome PS4 titles in their booth! The games will be located in the South Hall at Booth #601, make sure to stop by and check them out as well.

  • Gravity GhostIvy Games
  • DistanceRefract Studios
  • Night in the WoodsInfinite Fall

That’s it for now. See you Monday!

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14 Author Replies

  • It’s almost here! Can’t wait – this looks to be a huge E3 :-)

  • This pretty much confirms that Sony and EA have worked a deal for Star Wars: Battlefront like they did with Activision for Destiny. $10 says one of the giveaways at the Sony E3 Experience will be beta access for Battlefront.

  • Most of the stuff was revealed today no need for E3. I’m kinda disappointed that sony went ham eggs and cheese with all these reveals. Will there there be anything left for E3.
    Anyway i thought they would add more theaters for this even. There’s only 1 theater in Chicago. And it’s downtown chicago. Someone on the sony team didn’t think this out. Cause I’m on the waiting list. I’m not going to drive downtown chicago which entails finding/paying for parking. only to be told i can’t get in. What happen to adding more theaters for the event?

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble – we did add around 50% more theaters compared to last year but clearly not enough! Luckily you can get a bunch of friends together and watch on your PS4/PS3 with Live Events Viewer…

    • I think you’re missing the bigger picture here, my friend. The fact that they are able to reveal so much now and have an hour and a half presser shows that there is SO MUCH STUFF to be revealed at E3 that they released some of the extra stuff ahead of time. Notice that Nintendo and Microsoft have done the same with info leading up to their pressers.

    • I hope i’m wrong i don’t want a full presentation ful of vr talk. It’s a hard sell for moprheus with out people experiencing it hands-on. I want sony to show their greatness i’m only hoping at this point. Also Thanks for replying @Sid I got a chance to play drawn to death with you at PSX

  • Can’t wait! Unfortunately I can’t be there at the actual event in LA but I’ll be watching from the movie theaters! (:

  • there better be an announcement for PS1 and PS2 classics on PS4.

  • Is Rocket League gonna be on the Sony press conference? Please tell me it is. It just has to be. :>

  • Man can’t wait for next week. Gonna be a blast as always. Thanks Sid!!!

  • Can i hope for some vita love?

    • During the presser?! Seriously doubt it. But on the show floor, their will probably be a ton of games for system being shown. Wish they would carve out 5 minutes for it the way that they did for the Playstation Experience in December when Gio Corsi announced several titles coming for Vita. But that was a consumer-facing event…E3is a business event first, consumer event second.

    • No. Remote play was the last of it.

    • And some love for Japanese games, for that matter….

  • I am Bread playable? WHOOO!

    I know what I’m making a B line for on the show floor.

  • Last the me I used the event viewer for a conference, the conferenced ran past the schedule, and the event viewer just stopped the show on the scheduled end time. Will this be fixed for this conference?

  • I have slow interwebz and I want to be able to download this from the PS Store like we could do in the good ol’ days. I can’t stream this in full HD, and watching this in SD is criminal. HELP A BROTHER OUT!

  • Just some blog feedback — yesterday everything looked fine, but today the font looks weird. A little jaggy. Not sure if that’s on purpose. Makes it hard to read.

    • Try refreshing your browser or trying a different one and see if that fixes it. Thanks for the heads up.

  • I though Superbeat Xonic by Nurijoy / PM Studios was going to be at the Sony booth? Also Skullgirls is by Autumn Games, not “Autumn”.

  • Is the conference going to be 90 minutes or 2 hours this year?

    • they said its 2 hours, and geoff k. from gametrailers is hosting a 30 minute thing after it regarding sony. ppl at movie theatre get 2 hours and 30 min footage.

      i suspect 15 min will be for indies and 15 min for morpheus,. and the hour and half remaining for ps4 games.


  • I’m bummed out that I can’t make it for the E3 Experience but that E3 community event sounds cool!

  • what no “no man sky” at your event lol

  • I know that there are rumors of the Vita becoming a legacy device. As a diehard Vita fan I am really discouraged by this. Will there be anything worth seeing at E3 for your Vita-owning customers?

    • Vita IS ALREADY a Legacy Device, man…open your eyes. Even Andrew House has officially said it. So kill your hopes and dreams now…there’s no point now.

      Sorry to break the bad news but… VITA IS DEAD, along with the beloved PS3. Only PS4 from now on…and that ridiculous Project Morpheus abomination. =\

    • So just to be clear: is NOT a “rumor”…is A FACT. Sorry.

  • Is there a PS4 E3 app this year like last year? Thanks!

  • hey Syd I’m hoping one of these days I will be able to afford to go to e3 and finally meet up with you and the guys.

    this year I will be at the movie theater in Sun Prairie Wisconsin as an MVP. and trust that I will be tuning in to the live show in its entirety all three days and taking screenshots like last year on my ps4 lol. remember those Mortal Kombat X ones I got last year? I literally just spammed the share button when the trailer came up but they somehow turned out great anyways

  • Please get the Blog back to how it was…or at very least put again view “older entries” “new entries” option.Load more posts is really really terrible….with the old layout I could go into older entries and then change the number of the page in the search bar to find what I wanted more quickly…now it takes eons and I don’t even know how far this “load more posts” can go,but my guess is not too far.

    Well I’m really excited for E3…a lot of games and things being shown before the show which is quite surprising…Sony and other companies must have a lot to show….I’m all for dat UC4 gameplay and I also wanna see the new Guerrilla game with mecha-dinosaurs.But the lineup is already lookin great.

  • Among the first to play MLB 15?

    Doubtful, seeing as I’m already half way into my first season…..

  • *believe* The Last Guardian *believe*

  • Wow, super excited that E3 is so close!!! Come on Sony, supply the blog with some passes! Would love 2b in the house for the press event! As a proud launch Vita owner, don’t ignore the vita community of gamers! We deserve quality software for this platform.

  • DO NOT USE THE Live Events Viewer app

    Do not use this app

    I remember using it once, and they set the app so that it stops streaming at an exact time. So lets say the conference is supposed to end at 11:00pm, even if the conference is still running because it went long or whatever, the app does not care and will end at 11:00pm.

    This has happened to me.

    DO NOT use it.

  • Is there gonna be a system to get points for sony rewards like last year?

    • Did you actually receive rewards last time? I completed everything and never got my points, and unlike most participants I even have the PlayStation credit card.

    • I don’t believe so. But watch the show and you’ll get cool points from me!

  • maybe we can finally see Tekken X Street fighter,i really would see something on that game

  • Wow what a line up of crap. Almost every game on that list is a damn Indie or was previous released in the ps3 last year. Jesus Christ well Xbox will win this E3 and probably catch up or pass Sony. Way to go Sony you’ve blown you chance to climb back to ging greatness.

  • Will Dark Souls 3 be shown?

    • yeah, they released an image that said it was coming early 2016, so somewhere at e3 itll be shown

  • Giving feedback to David Jaffe? You mean yelling back and forth? lol

    Love the guy’s honesty though, all bluntness aside.

  • That MGSV trailer at your conference! Need it!

  • I’m beginning to think that greatness may have gotton lost in the woods.

  • Can we get a 99 cent Flash Sale for the PS3? PS Plus hasn’t been that great for me these past two months. Resident Evil HD, Cell Damage HD, Journey, Cubixx HD, Resident Evil 4 HD, and Flower for the Flash Sale please. The Evil Within, Alien: Isolation, PvZ Garden Warfare, Beyond: Two Souls, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Portal 2, and Split/Second for PS Plus please. These requests are all for the PS3.

  • So, which of those games are for PS Vita?

    Also, will the PS Vita get more exposition time than last year?

  • uncharted 4, uncharteds 1-3, gran tourismo 7, god of war 4, gueriilla games new rpg IP, crash bandicoot reveal (partner with activision), a new game from sony bend, a new shooter IP, the last guardian

    battlefront, destiny content, batman, kingdom hearts 3, square enix surprises, level-5s dark cloud reboot? :D

    no mans sky, rime, witness, wild, etc

    i cannot wait, so excited for sonys, well all of them :D

  • Where is No Man’s Sky?

  • The Last Of Us 2 would be nice.

  • I hope that there is something AAA or brand game game announcements for Vita this year. For example: GTA, Infamous, Uncharted GA 2, NBA, Fallout, Mass Effect, God of War, Dragon Age, etc. Happy with PS4, but Vita needs more love (not just remote play).

  • Eh, after last years disappointment, I think I’ll just skip it and get all the news afterwards. And for god sakes, I hope the Vita gets more than a couple minutes of air time.

    • You do know that the Vita IS DEAD…right? It’s a “Legacy Device” now…like the PS3. =\

    • @Orpheus_Aeons

      Look ahead at the release calandar. Do you see any Vita games coming out this year? ‘Cause I sure see PLENTY. If there were literally no games coming out for it, then it might actually be dead. But it’s not.

      Whether House says so or not is irrelevant.

  • !!!!!!! WHAT NO BLACK OPS 3 ?/?/?/?/ !!!!!


    It’s the only game I care about. The only game I truly want. Frankly, I think it is the one game that truly matters this year. I don’t see anything about it. Why are you not promoting it? If it truly is going to get the full backing of Sony, where are the ads, the promotions, the articles, basically anything at all?

    It is like you are trying to bury No Man’s Sky. To try to make people forget it, as if it were failed, or never going to happen just like The Last Guardian. I want this game. I’d pay full price just for what has been shown so far – nothing else added – and I know I am not alone in this.

    What is the deal? No Man’s Sky should, by all rights, be the Playstation Big Golden Hope, the one exclusive that dominates E3. But nothing. Not a lousy word.

    Is it dead? What are the facts? Will it be at E3?

    • Hi, Giniko. Don’t worry about NMS, it’s still on track according to the developers. Sean Murray is shy and uncomfortable doing interviews, and after the last big info dump he did on the game, he said that Hello intended to go quiet until the game was nearing completion. There was a recent New Yorker article about the game that indicated that the team is still pushing to complete it by year’s end (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a bit longer), and also revealed that Sony intends to publish some sort of companion book to coincide with the release. So, it’s still coming, Sony is still enthusiastically backing it, and there’s no reason – at this point – to expect a Last Guardian situation here. That said, some games journalists have expressed the opinion that Sony should refrain from showing it again until it’s ready, and that they think there’s no way that will be in 2015, so if Sony is of the same mind on that, don’t expect to see it at E3. I hope that puts your mind at ease.

  • Hey Sony,

    Please don’t forget/ignore the existence of PS Vita.


  • Why don’t I see a Playstation Allstars Battle Royal 2 on the list? Or a PS4 version?

  • “God of War III HD.” I know you’re talking about Remastered, but wasn’t the original already in HD? lol

  • I smell God of War IV and an exclusive Battlefront beta?

  • Will this be available to watch on PS4??

  • God Of War 4?

  • @KevinKFBacon Nobody wants to see that

  • More features and improvements coming to the PS4?
    Completely new PS TV?
    Focus on games coming this year and not 4 years from now?

    • Yeah…I think you’re slightly confused, man.
      E3 IS a “4 years from now” kind of Conference… well, maybe not “4 yrs”…but 100% sure NOT “this year” material.

  • Not sure why everyone is complaining about the lineup. There are like 4 good games on it.

    • Wow! Really?? 4!? That’s a lot! …right? For the most anticipated Conference of the year and one of the top consoles out there? …right? =\

      Oh, I get it now! It was a joke! LOL! Good one, dude! You got me there! …right? =\

  • vanishing ethan carter for ps4 ,coming soon

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