Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Out October 9th on PS4

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Out October 9th on PS4

You’ve asked for it and we listened. Today we finally get to announce that Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception are being released for the PS4 in the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, available October 9, 2015!

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4

Since the launch of the PS4, we’ve seen plenty of requests across our Twitter, Facebook, and message boards all over the internet to provide remastered releases for the first three games in the Uncharted series, which sold an amazing 21+ million copies and garnered an average 92 Metacritic rating. We couldn’t agree more. What better way to prepare for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End than to revisit – or play for the first time – the first three games that launched the fortune hunting icon that is Nathan Drake?

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4

Early last month, Eric and I took a trip to Austin on the down low to visit the incredible team at Bluepoint Games to check out Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection in person and get ready for this announcement. What we’ve seen of the game so far looks fantastic!

The team at Bluepoint Games is incomparable regarding their portfolio of ports and remastered releases, and we’ve been working closely with them to bring over our engine to make Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection an exemplary game. That means not only delivering the single-player campaigns of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception in 1080p and 60fps with better lighting, textures, and models, but also adding a range of improvements and additions across all three games including Photo Mode and new trophies. We put together the list of these improvements and additions based on countless forum posts, messages, Tweets, and even through personal conversations we’ve had with a number of you over the years. More on these specifics in future updates.

By pre-ordering Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection today, you can receive the Nathan Drake Pack which includes single player skins of iconic Drake outfits as well as everyone’s favorite weapons: the Golden AK-47 and Golden 92FS guns. If you pre-order the digital download via the PlayStation Store, you will also get an Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection PS4 dynamic theme as an immediate download.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4

Pre-order The Nathan Drake Collection

Oh, and one other important note, buying the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection grants you exclusive access to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer Beta version (while the Beta is available, of course.)

With the release a scant four months away, we’re looking forward to getting you ready for Drake’s next adventure with the remastered versions of these first three Uncharted titles. With luck we’ll be able to put together some opportunities for our fans to see and play parts of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection prior to its release. We’ll keep you posted here in the upcoming months.

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  • No multiplayer? Even MS managed to add multiplayer to Halo MCC.

  • Why do people even care that multiplayer is not included? Would you really want them to make a dedicated server for U2 and U3’s online or be happy with this Uncharted collection coming to the PS4?

    The thing I’m more annoyed about is how Golden Abyss is not being included as of now. I’m hoping it does get included.

  • We can finally play Uncharted 1 without screen tearing!

  • @ 75 No multiplayer is also key to this game for many fans.

  • PLEASE don’t spoil that COOL looking Box Art cover with that Uncharted 4 Beta thing :-/ Hopefully that will be a removable sticker. I know i am sad like that :-D

  • Nostalgic_Swordz

    Super Excited for this! #KindaFunny

  • I hope they improve on the controls on UC1. Please let be it $59.99 CAD in the PS Store for pre-order just like Until Dawn. Canadian retailers are selling it for $74.99 CAD plus taxes.

  • Microsoft added ODST and will probably also eventually add Reach as DLC to the Halo MCC.

    I can see Sony adding Golden Abyss and (just because why the hell not) Fight For Fortune as DLC to the Uncharted NDC considering the Vita is now a “legacy” system.

  • mokalovesoulmate

    Question about the trophy!

    Is it 3 games with 3 platinum trophies
    3 games trophies are merged into single platinum trophy?


  • @ 107 Sony as nothing to do with these games and Vita is not a legacy system (check the actual conference where this was spoken and follow up statements). You seem like someone who never checks his facts before talking.

  • Ommg yessssssss!!!!! :D :O
    I was waiting for this!!! Thanks Naughty Dog, Bluepoint Games and Sony!
    I never owned a PS3 but I’ve always loved the Uncharted series hearing bits and snippets of how awesome it is.
    Now that I have a PS4 I was praying to god for this to happen. Thank you!!!! I clearly love Remasters, yes there is a large audience who want remasters!!! :)
    You guys rock and you are what all gamers need!!! Thank you thanks you thank you!!! :)
    Lots of Love <3

  • 100% Purchase. Even more likely I buy this than Battlefront. Only game I’m guaranteed to get this fall.

  • Ooh. I’ve never played an Uncharted game before. I’ve been kinda hoping for this for a while now. :)

  • Nice. I’ve been wanting to replay the series ever since.
    I kinda regret letting go of my PS3 now that I know I won’t be able to play the U2 multiplayer anymore.
    U2 Co-op was by far the best 3-player experience I ever had with my buddies.
    I’d still enjoy playing Nathan Drake collection and will be up and arms when the U4’s multiplayer beta kicks in!

  • 59.99 for game 3 year old really sony come on at least 39.99 sound better.

  • Excited… Any chances for ps vita ?

  • Hi, Is Crushing difficulty unlocked from the get go?

  • mastorofpuppetz

    @114…your joking right? It is 3 games in 1, that are being redone with new textures, gameplay tweaks, models, etc…And some of the best games of all last gen. 60 bucks fir this is fair it’s how it works. Dont like it don’t buy it the price does not stay static.

  • not just but HELL TO THE YES

  • How is U4 beta supposed to be “multiplayer fix” for this collection again? Not going to buy it unless it has multiplayer, because it would make those games incomplete. And how is it Halo MCC managed to keep MP AND gave beta access, this how Sony threats its 20+ mil selling exclusives now?

  • Only remastering that is missing is ‘Golden Abyss.’ :)
    If, down the road, it should be remastered… Well, it’ll get my monies.
    PS4 controllers have a touchpad, now.
    Think about it, Sony.

    With regards,

  • Multiplayer was the best thing about Uncharted series. Why Master Chief Collection includes every multiplayer that have ever existed, and you guys can’t bring the old multiplayer? Please tell me you are joking.

  • Yes yes yes yes :) Uncharted
    and love to Kinda Funny

  • I’m new to PS platform, formally I want to buy a ps3 to play this, now available on ps4, skipped the inconvenience.

  • This may seem like a silly question but I just want to make sure: will I still get access to the U4 MP beta if I buy the digital version of this collection? I want to make sure of this just in case pre-orders for the physical run out by the time get my chance to pre-order this.

  • U3 in 3D???

  • Will there be MP trophies?

  • will there be a physical collector’s edition of any kind? i’d like to know before i put the money down for a digital purchase.

  • I’m disappointed that multiplayer is being left out. I don’t understand why the Uncharted 3 multiplayer wouldnt just be included to tie existing fans over until Uncharted 4.

  • @117 you’re still getting stripped down versions of Uncharted 2 and 3. 2/3rds of the content from both games is removed for this collection. This is a really lazy port.

  • My favorite gaming franchise of all time. I will buy this for my collection. ND, please make a new Jak and Daxter someday for the PS4. Love those guys too!

  • Disappointed by the lack of multiplayer. That was going to be my biggest incentive to buy the inevitable collection, since I was really looking forward to playing the multiplayer with my friends for once.

    It’s nice that they can finally experience the trilogy, but I’m not sure if there’s much incentive for me to buy it anymore. Outside of the poor excuse of including the beta (Which is a limited-time deal and in no way a suitable replacement), it seems like this will just be a prettier version of the stories.

    Why couldn’t the other part of Nathan Drake’s adventure, Golden Abyss, at least be thrown in as well to compensate for this?

  • Incidentally, I also find it particularly annoying that the whole selling point of this collection is having the 3 games in 1080p 60 FPS…and yet the trailer you’ve provided has exactly 0 footage of any of these remasters. Hell, we don’t even have any SCREENSHOTS, at bare minimum. But hey, you can PRE-ORDER NOW! *rolls eyes*

  • So justifying not havIng MP because we get the UC4 Beta is a joke.

    These betas last a couple weeks if that.

    Unless this beta will be out Day1 and last until the official release of UC4. Im not buying.

  • Isn’t calling this the “Nathan Drake Collection” like calling a God of War trilogy remaster the “Kratos Collection”? I mean, it’s not like there’s any other main character. :p

  • Any chance that cheat mode will still be in u1 and u2?If so can we get it for u3, really missed that mode on the original p3 release. If not how about bringing it back for u4.Please!

  • Seeing that I already have those three games on the PS3, I have no interest in buying it. Unless there’s anything that is exclusive to this collection (other than 1080p/60fps textures and photo mode).

  • Never played it, so this will give me a chance before Uncharted 4. And no MP trophies? Count me in!

  • I wonder if Colin and Greg will go through all these comments…

  • I hope Tommy Timmy has the cash for this. I heard he’s saving up for a rumored Fallout collection…

  • I couldn’t even finish the first game. My strongest memory of the game was of a time it took a whole clip from an automatic rifle to drop a guy who was wearing nothing more than a pair of cargo pants and a bandoleer. I just laughed at the screen, closed the game, and sent the disc back to Gamefly. *shrug*

  • Sony missed an opportunity to call this Uncharted: The Master Thief Collection

  • I played them on PS3 before, I’ll definitely play them again… on PS4, of course!!

  • @Binarynova

    ” My strongest memory of the game was of a time it took a whole clip from an automatic rifle to drop a guy who was wearing nothing more than a pair of cargo pants and a bandoleer”

    enemies are killed with a single shot to the head…. all this proves amusingly is that you didn’t know how to aim

  • My only fear was repeating those multiplayer trophies. With that fear quelled, I’m going to pre-order a couple of these collections and give some out as gifts, just to support the lack of multiplayer for the trilogy.

    I like trophies, but not competetive ones. I’m glad this worked out in my favor, and will reward the devs for dealing the cards in my favor.

    Thank you!

  • And for anyone looking for pre-ordering links, here’s a link to the Uncharted PlayStation page, which redirects you based on your preference of digital/physical and also retailer:


    Some retailers have not updated yet, so if you don’t see it at your retailer, give it time!

  • Will there be co-op online missions? If so will there be co-op for both Uncharted 2 and 3?

  • The Pre-Order link isn’t working. When can we pre-order our digital copy?

  • 147: It’s unlikely that you’d see something so drastic as co-op where none existed before for the single-player campaign. That’d require a ton of work and a lot more time to pretty much re-write gameplay mechanics. Porting the games to PS4, in itself is a HUGE task, let alone changing the game.

    But don’t forget, you can always Shareplay with your buddies and swap controllers, or have people sit along and watch–because Uncharted is definitely a theatrical experience.

    Are you excited for Uncharted 4 though? It’s very likely to have co-op, if it hasn’t been announced already ;) might be a separate campaign like U2 & U3, but it’s sure to be great, if it’s coming.

  • I can only imagine how much space this collection would take..

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