Mighty No. 9: Retail Details, Cross-Buy, Pre-order for Retro Hero Mode

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Mighty No. 9: Retail Details, Cross-Buy, Pre-order for Retro Hero Mode

Hello again PlayStation fans!

We’re back again with a few more Mighty No. 9 details that we know that gamers will be excited to hear. For those of you who are perhaps new to whole Mighty No. 9 discussion, come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable and allow our sparkly new Mighty No. 9 “Beat Them at Their Own Game” gameplay trailer get you up to speed — in glorious 60fps, no less!

Mighty No. 9 | PlayStation.com

So, on to the news! We saw that, let’s just say, more than a few of you have asked about this, so it gives us great pleasure to announce that Mighty No. 9 will support Cross-Buy across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. What’s cooler than that? Well, how about the fact that Cross-Buy will be available on both the digital versions and the PS4 retail version.

We also have a few more details on the PS4 retail version – in this edition you’ll not only receive the “Ray” DLC which grants you access to the Abandoned Lab stage, a boss battle against new bad-guy Ray, and the ability to then play through the entire game as Ray herself, but we’re also packing in a double-sided poster as well as “The Art of Mighty No. 9”: an art booklet which showcases the sublime artworks and concept arts from our friends at comcept and Inti Creates.

Mighty No. 9

Finally we also wanted to drop some information on a special goody for those that choose to pre-order the title: we’ll be giving you the “Retro Hero Mode”: where Beck will don a retro-inspired suit, complete with 8-bit style pew-pew sound effects and direct access to a rock hard insta-death mode, where any single hit will result in Beck’s destruction. Not for the faint of heart!

Mighty No. 9

While the Retro Hero Mode with the Retro Beck character model & the access to the insane difficulty mode will be the pre-order bonus, the insta-death mode is not exclusive to only those who pre-order: the core game will also contain a slightly different one-hit death mode – one which you’ll be able to unlock by completing a specific, but more on that later!

Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition

Last announcement of the day is an extremely limited Collector’s Edition only for North America. The Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition will include the Launch Edition of the PS4 game as well as an individually numbered 6.5” figurine of Beck complete with 14 points of articulation and three interchangeable faceplates. Packaging on this version will prominently feature a metallic foil signature from legendary creator Keiji Inafune across the front. Oh, and all of that for only $59.99!

That’s all for now — stay tuned for more updates on Mighty No. 9!

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  • We want a physical retail version for Vita. That’s where a lot of collectors are.

  • should be better if you just make Rockman 11.

  • I hear you, @7 Mercenary09.

    I can tell you love your time here too, and I certainly want it to stay that way. I’d prefer for every comment on the PS Blog to be relevant to the game/announcement (or at least the first couple dozen). I personally don’t have an issue with a shoutout here or there in the comment too, but that shouldn’t be the sole content of the reply.

    Hopefully everyone will tone it down a bit.

  • So many games that were supposed to have a Vita version have come and gone with the Vita version never to be seen. Is there an estimated time frame on how long after the PS4/PS3 release the Vita version will be available?


    I’m in, ALL IN. Just for that, I’ll be grabbing mulitple signature editions, grabbing PS4, PS3, Vita physical editions (even a non-Playstation Physical “U” edition :X), and keeping those in my collection.

    Thank you for the consumer-service and fanservice. You will be rewarded with my financial support as a result. I hope it helps.

  • Update: Lack of Vita physical edition is disappointing, but the physical cross-buy cannot be overlooked. I’ll still be supporting, I’ll just be unable to drop another $59.99 for the Vita version, which I guess is ok for my wallet.

    Very happy for the most part overall anyway. In fact, I might have skipped this game entirely until I read here about physical cross buy. You guys just won a lot of money from me today. Great work!

  • Final Update?: Oh it seems like there won’t be a PS3 physical edition either, oh well. Well I’ll get 2 of the 3 physical platform versions that will be available then. Thanks for the physical-cross-buy!

  • Question for Ryan: Signature Edition include the Ray DLC, Artbook, Poster and the retro DLC too?

  • Is the Vita getting a retail release as well?

  • The preorder at Amazon for signature edition is already up! Go go go!


  • Can I please get an answer, is the ps3 getting the collector’s edition? I don’t want to buy a ps4 game when I don’t have a ps4.

  • so no retail version for psvita ?

  • So all retailers ($29.99) will come with the ray dlc, the poster and the artbook ?? This is so good, I want the ps4 version, will it come with cross-save also? thanks

  • #62 – Nope, per this anouncement, PS4 only.
    #63 – See above, no PS3/Vita physical

    That physical cross-buy is worth the price of admission, despite this, in my opinion.

  • Damn, wish I could upgrade my free copy from backing to get that awesome special edition

  • Skipping Vita questions. Why did I even bother coming to this post.

  • Just pre-ordered the Signature Edition through Amazon. Also, I have a Kickstarter copy on the way. is it bad that I’m more excited for Mighty No. 9 than I am for MGS5?

  • I just did my sig pre order.

  • I was an early backer on Kickstarter, just to thank Inafune for Soul Sacrifice. I’m happy just for the digital Vita version I’ll receive.

  • Original backer from the Kickstater. I feel disappointed. The signature edition is a lot better than the reward that I paid $60 on Kickstarter. I really want that physical PS4 cross buy version!

  • This post made me go from “maybe” to “GIVE ME THAT TOY RIGHT NOW!”

  • Yeah, I’m feeling a little shafted here too. If the figure had been an option during the Kickstarter, I would have gone for the figure.

    Being forced to buy another copy of the game (after backing for one and getting the PC version on a USB stick as an add-on) in order to get the figure kinda stings a bit.

    People like me are the reason you even got to make the game in the first place. Seems like the least you could do here is try to do a deal with Deep Silver to make it available to us as well.

  • rabidninjamonky

    Will this be a simultaneous release across all platforms, or will the vita version be held back for 6 months, like all the other crossbuy games?

    • Vita will come “shortly after” the PS3 and PS4 versions. We’ll share an exact release date as soon as we can.

  • I will pick this up for sure. This looks amazing and can’t wait to see it on my Vita.

  • hey Ryan when it says metallic foil signature, do you mean the plastic wraper in which new games come in or is it something diferent like a card or something

    • There will be a metallic foil signature on the actual cardboard front of the game case under the plastic.

  • I specifically supported the game twice on Kickstarter to get the game for PS4 and Vita because you guys said the game WASN’T going to be cross-buy and now you pull this?? I could’ve pooled that money towards a higher tier for better rewards. Or better yet, just stuck with the one copy.

    Delayed release dates for languages I’ll never listen to, and now more and more backer exclusives are becoming less and less exclusive. I’m actually dreading September now.

  • Cross Buy?! An art poster type thingy? Retro Mode with retro music, retro Beck, and retro sound effects?! ROCK(man) hard insta death mode?! CROSS BUY, ON THE RETAIL VERSION?! I’m so ready for this game, I hope they have Mighty No. 9 avatars on the PSN Store sometime!

  • Looks cool, im only interested in the vita version so i’ll just wait for that. If it ever actually releases. Also thanx for answering ppl’s questions, most ppl dont.

  • leonkennedy1000

    Hey How about Canada? Will the Signature Edition be avai
    lable as well?

  • I just wanted to check since it hasn’t been specifically said: the Signature Edition will be available at Best Buy, correct? Thanks! I can’t wait. :)

  • YOU KNOW I’M EXCITED! This game is gonna be awesome!

  • Just to mention Square Enix have the Signature edition too


    But its dont say it have artbook, can we expect have all the preorder bonus in all stores or we get different on each one?

  • rabidninjamonky

    Thanks for the answer Ryan. I only want the vita version, so I’ll wait until it releases, I guess. Does Sony force developers to delay the vita versions and never mention vita in trailers, or is it just coincidence that it always happens? It feels like Sony does it on purpose, just to lower vita sales..

  • Bummer, the Signature Edition is already sold out on Amazon. Bummer for me. Blah!!! Will it come back at all???

  • Looks so fun, I love those types of games =)

  • How is it possible? a cross-buy on retail versions? you buy the physical for ps4 and get the DL codes for vita and ps3, or so?

  • Please bring to PS Vita through retail, and please do not just put a redemption code in it.

  • Good stuff. Blah blah Kinda Funny fan boy love. Colin blah blah Gregg blah blah blah.

  • 1st THANK YOU!! Day 1 Signature edition. DOUBLE THANK YOU for remembering VITA! QUADRUPLE THANKS FOR CROSS BUY! 2nd.. PLEASE make a theme for the Vita and 4. 3rd.. Any chance we’ll see some Gunvolt cameo or character skin? When I first heard about the retro skin I thought immediately it would be MIGHTY GUNVOLT style Beck, I was super disappointed to see it was not and was a minecrafty version, sorry I have an irrational hatred of minecraft.

  • Stupid EB Games. retail version is $35. digital version would likely be the same price as in the US, but then I’d have to get the DLC seperate and no pre-order bonus or artwork stuff.I guess I’ll have to fork over the extra $5 :)

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  • Ok so the Signature Edition comes with the statue and the signed case but does it also include the Ray DLC, art booklet and double sided poster as well? No matter which one we preorder we also get the retro pack correct?

    I’m just double checking.

    • It includes the Ray DLC, Retro Hero DLC, Poster, Artbook, individually numbered statue, and signed case.

  • Does this game have Cross-Save?

    Oh and I’ll be getting my PS4 copy regardless.

  • I just checked GameStop. Reserves for the collector’s edition isn’t available yet. Where and or when will they be available for pre order?

  • I am wondering this too, as I got news of the SE late yesterday and Amazon had long been sold out….

    Also, when the pre-order for Gamestop goes live will it be an “online only” type of thing like what they did with the CE of MH4U?

    I REALLY want to get that Beck statue and have been OCD’ing the refresh button on the Gamestop website…..

  • please answer,
    if i buy the ps4 version and have all the DLC, will the DLC be compatible with the PS3?

  • Hey Ryan, both of the DLC “Ray” and “Retro Hero” will be cross-buy too, right?
    Because I wanted to get it for PS4 (disc form) but still get both of the DLC on my PS3.

  • Really looking forward to the Vita version! Hoping we don’t have to wait too long.

  • Wow the Signature Edition is already sold out. Please tell me you guys are going to restock. :(

  • Just found out that the Square Enix online store had them and started to order before realizing it was the Xbone version. Didn’t even know there was an Xbone version of the SE….

    Then I clicked on “PS4” version and of course it gives me “waiting list”. Is it even worth the effort to be put on a waiting list for something this limited? Also, why would they waste their “extremely limited” quantities on versions for Xbone when it seems that barely anyone getting it for that system care about the SE?

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