Mighty No. 9: Retail Details, Cross-Buy, Pre-order for Retro Hero Mode

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Mighty No. 9: Retail Details, Cross-Buy, Pre-order for Retro Hero Mode

Hello again PlayStation fans!

We’re back again with a few more Mighty No. 9 details that we know that gamers will be excited to hear. For those of you who are perhaps new to whole Mighty No. 9 discussion, come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable and allow our sparkly new Mighty No. 9 “Beat Them at Their Own Game” gameplay trailer get you up to speed — in glorious 60fps, no less!

Mighty No. 9 | PlayStation.com

So, on to the news! We saw that, let’s just say, more than a few of you have asked about this, so it gives us great pleasure to announce that Mighty No. 9 will support Cross-Buy across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. What’s cooler than that? Well, how about the fact that Cross-Buy will be available on both the digital versions and the PS4 retail version.

We also have a few more details on the PS4 retail version – in this edition you’ll not only receive the “Ray” DLC which grants you access to the Abandoned Lab stage, a boss battle against new bad-guy Ray, and the ability to then play through the entire game as Ray herself, but we’re also packing in a double-sided poster as well as “The Art of Mighty No. 9”: an art booklet which showcases the sublime artworks and concept arts from our friends at comcept and Inti Creates.

Mighty No. 9

Finally we also wanted to drop some information on a special goody for those that choose to pre-order the title: we’ll be giving you the “Retro Hero Mode”: where Beck will don a retro-inspired suit, complete with 8-bit style pew-pew sound effects and direct access to a rock hard insta-death mode, where any single hit will result in Beck’s destruction. Not for the faint of heart!

Mighty No. 9

While the Retro Hero Mode with the Retro Beck character model & the access to the insane difficulty mode will be the pre-order bonus, the insta-death mode is not exclusive to only those who pre-order: the core game will also contain a slightly different one-hit death mode – one which you’ll be able to unlock by completing a specific, but more on that later!

Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition

Last announcement of the day is an extremely limited Collector’s Edition only for North America. The Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition will include the Launch Edition of the PS4 game as well as an individually numbered 6.5” figurine of Beck complete with 14 points of articulation and three interchangeable faceplates. Packaging on this version will prominently feature a metallic foil signature from legendary creator Keiji Inafune across the front. Oh, and all of that for only $59.99!

That’s all for now — stay tuned for more updates on Mighty No. 9!

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  • Cross-Buy on the retail version to? Sweet!

    • Hey guys! Feel free to chime in in the comments below with any questions, I’ll be here answering throughout the day. Thanks again for all the support for Mighty No. 9!

  • Nice!

    Colin will you be purchasing the CE for the figure? Hi Greg!

  • I love it when a game supports three-way cross-buy :-). Glad this is coming to retail, and that cross-buy is STILL supported?! Well done!

    Colin (from Kinda Funny) will be most pleased :-)

  • Cross buy on retail version is sweet! Already pre ordered my copy but I’ll have to switch it to the collectors edition. When will it be up for pre order?

  • I was already satisfied with the Vita version.Now it’s BOOM! Cross-Buy. Awesome! September will be great :)

  • I really wish the Colin and Greg stuff would end here. It gets old reading that stuff over and over in the comments on every post.

  • When/Where can we order the collector’s edition?

    • It should be listed at all retailers as soon as they set it to live on their pages. Hopefully today!

  • Where and when will I be able to pre-order the collector’s edition?

  • Ryan, I know the release is still a ways off, but do you know if Mighty No. 9 will have a platinum trophy?

    Also, where will we be able to preorder the Collector’s Edition?

    • We haven’t released any of the trophy details yet, so stay tuned. As far as the CE info, see above!

  • As a backer for the KS, do you know if the code we get from the KS will give us the PS4/PS3 and PSVita version? I plan to redeem it on either the PS4 or PSVita, so it would be nice if I didn’t have to pick and get both.

    • For KS specific questions, please make sure to defer to the backer forums. I think you’ll be fine though.

  • Quick question regarding the retail version cross-buy
    Will the retail version then just come with a digital code for the ps3 and vita versions?
    Or will it also come with a “digital copy” of the PS4 version as well?

    • PS4 retail copy will come with a code for the PS3 digital copy, and that will grant entitlement to the PS Vita digital copy when it releases shortly after. PS4 retail owners will not get digital copies for PS4.

  • Original Kickstarter backer here. You guys never cease to amaze. I will be buying this collector’s if I can run fast enough! Thank you for the love!

  • Hey Ryan, I want to preorder this game does the digital version also include the Ray DLC or just the retail copy. It isn’t very clear or I must have just overlooked it. I am looking forward to Mighty No. 9

    • Standard digital versions of MN9 do not include the Ray DLC, but it will be available for purchase on the PS Store.

  • Cross buy is awesome! I don’t remember what I chose when I backed >.> haha so this works out!

  • Is the 59.99 price for that special edition or is it realy the price of the game in general? I don’t need any fancy merch to go with my game i just want to download it and play it but at that price? Seems a little steep for a fund raised game.

  • I want the game digitally only but it isn’t clear if doing so misses out on the Ray and Retro Hero dlc. Will we be able to preorder the digital version on PSN for the Retro Hero dlc?

  • I hope this is an available option for Backers. :(

  • Is there any chance that the vita edition will get a retail release in the future?

  • Oh my god so much hype! I’ve been waiting for this game for so long now and now its almost here! Will i be able to pre-order the Collector’s Edition over gamestop??

  • i can still buy the ray dlc if i go digital?

  • So just to make this stupidly clear:

    Mighty No. 9 basic retail release ($29.99) will include:

    – Disc for PS4 version
    – Code for PS3 version which will allow crossbuy for Vita version.
    – Ray DLC

    Collector’s Edition ($59.99) will include the above plus the figurine.

    So PS4 retail buyers will not be able to download the game without purchasing it off of PSN? The code for PS3/Vita doesn’t allow for crossbuy on the PS4?

    • You forgot the Retro Hero DLC in the physical versions. (for pre-orders)

      The rest of it is correct.

  • Will the signature edition be available in Canada?

  • Where can I pre order the retail signature edition?

  • Will there be a physical copy for Vita? I hope so

  • As a PS gamer this is awesome news.

    As a backer this is just nothing but defeating news. I can’t help but feel cheated and scammed since this is the MORE than what a backer gets for spending the SAME amount of money as you would if you buy the retail version.

    I’m torn and really don’t know how to feel. Mighty No. 9 was my first game to Kickstart, and I think I’ll never do it again.

  • I guess I won’t get an answer to my question.

    • Digital pre-order is an option we’re exploring. Since it’s not 100% confirmed, that’s why I didn’t answer.

  • I don’t know much of this game buy ANY game that offers Cross-buy on the retail version is awesome in my book!

  • I was hoping for a retail release on the Vita but I am just happy there will be a digital version. With that being said I think a lot of us would like to know what the file size is. That’s very important information to Vita owners when dealing with our memory space.

    @#7 Mercenary09 I agree with you. Getting really old just like the other people who keep talking about all that tall money they are making.

  • Sounds good,Thanks for support Ps Vita !!

  • What retailers will be offering the Collector’s Edition? Specifics would be nice. ^_^

  • is the retail a physical disc or a code pack in (or both for cross buy)?

  • SlyCooperFan100

    @Ryan Avery (#28) No you’re not. Rogue Legacy, Shovel Knight…

  • Imma get the sig edition,but the sites havent freaking put it up :(.

  • Reasonably priced at $29.99, with cross-buy support for vita and few pre-order perks? You guys made it super easy for me to press the pre-order button. Maybe other games should take notice…

  • Okay so just so we’re 100% clear

    How do I get this stuff if I backed you for a rather large amount of money on Kickstarter

  • Is the Vita version a 3ds port or a PS3 port?
    P.S please dont make the Vita version come too late.

  • Like is that art book and poster going out to everyone with a physical rewards tier?

    Do Kickstarter backers get the Ray and Retro DLC by default?

    Is there going to be an option for us to get ahold of the statue?

    Help me out here.

  • Is it me, or does the “Retro Hero” DLC character look like one of the Humans from Resogun? I don’t know. What do you think, Colin and Greg?

  • TimelessScribble

    when will we be able to pre-order the collector’s version?
    also would we pre-order it here or at a store?

  • Just called Gamestop they have no clue about the signature edition. I need it!

  • What I would like to know is Amazon getting the signature edition as well?

  • ctrl f Colin / Greg

    ZERO Results found in Developer/Publisher Blog Post.

    [insert: whoareyoueventalkingto.gif] to these immature PSN members.

    I like Kindafunny too but GROW UP people. IF the KF crew were here then there’s an Actual conversation, otherwise you’re detracting from the author of the article. Don’t make KF an Internet troll.

    Buying the Vita version, thanks for the info Ryan!

  • oversevethousand

    How does one actually get the Collector’s Edition, and when will the Vita version get a release date?

  • @44
    Through the stores. The thing is they have yet to put it up. All of us are waiting as well lol.

  • Does the ps3 get teh signature edition?
    i dont want to buy a ps4 game since i dont have a ps4…….

  • They look like toys to me. Don’t get me wrong I do love Mega Man but this is a new Installment I even enjoyed playing through Shovel Knight it was strikingly similar ..

  • Looking forward to this, thanks once again for the Vita support. Looks a great fit for the old ‘legacy’ unit that is the PS Vita!

  • Oh man I really want that figurine! Where can we purchase it? I don’t see it at any retailer sites yet!

  • death_nation100: this is not Mega Man. Capcom owns Mega Man. Though this was created by the same guy who created Mega Man

  • Will the Hero DLC be available for european preorder ?
    Because Amazon doesn’t mention it.

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