Until Dawn Launches on PS4 August 25th

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Until Dawn Launches on PS4 August 25th

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you all on Until Dawn but I’m pleased to be back on PlayStation.Blog with some thrilling news. Today we are delighted to announce the release date for Until Dawn!

Until Dawn Launches on PS4 August 25th

You will be able to determine the fate of eight friends starting on Tuesday, August 25th!

This is a really exciting time for us as we enter the final stages in the run up to release, so you can expect to see plenty more coming from the Until Dawn team over the next few months.

I’m also really thrilled to reveal a new cast member that you’ll be seeing in Until Dawn – Peter Stormare, who you might recognise from Prison Break, The Big Lebowski and (more recently) Arrow! He gave some incredibly powerful performances in the motion capture studio and you can tell from the end result in the game that he had some fun with the character. We couldn’t be happier to have him in the games and I can’t wait for you to see him in full flow.

Until Dawn on PS4

Until Dawn on PS4Until Dawn on PS4

If you’re itching to get your hands on Until Dawn you can pre-order it from today, so that you’ll be able to play from day one and you’ll unlock a special bonus scene for free! This exclusive scene sees Matt and Emily, a new couple, out on the mountain – but it’s not long until they start to suspect they aren’t alone.

Stay tuned for more info on Until Dawn, but in the meantime watch our new trailer and let us know what you think!

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  • Awesome, I’m getting it day 1!

    Also, hey Colin, Greg, and Paulogy!


  • Wow that’s so soon! Can’t wait to check this game out!

  • FrankDaPronStar

    I am very excited for this game. I wanna see more. Hi Kinda Funny, I’m here :)

  • This game looks great and it’s coming out on my birthday. Awesome! Plus, I can’t wait to hear Greg and Colin talk about this and other gaming news on their youtube channel, Kinda Funny Games.

  • If I don’t get scared of this i SWEAR…

  • This is actually my most anticipated PS4 game of the year. I love these kind of character driven games that puts player choice on center stage! August 25th can’t come soon enough!

  • It’s great game can’t wait ;-)

  • Easily my most anticipated game of 2015. Nice surprise on the release date considering I was expecting it to release near Halloween time!

  • I’m very eager to see how this turned out after that amusing stage demo. Never really thought of it as a group experience until that point. Stormare is a fun bonus too :-)

    I’m surprised its not launching closer to Halloween, but perhaps they’re trying to fill gaps / avoid other big titles. Also they could have special Halloween DLC planned for October!

  • This game still require dumb motion controls?

  • I played it at psx and it was a lot of fun. But the best part of the post is to kinda funny friends taking over the comments. Will be fun to hear Colin and Greg respond at 11 pacific on twitch.

  • CrusaderForever

    Only on Playstation! I love it! Looks so amazing! Also, looks like there is going to be some great replay value here. Well done!

  • wish it still had move support at this point more of a rent

  • omg yes!! finally! been dieing for this game as I am a huge fan of heavy rain and beyond two souls. I just hope this one doesnt disappoint

  • DecadanceFantasy

    Hello! Really fun looking game. I might get this, near my birthday too! Great release date!

  • madmanwithabox12

    I see the blue butterfly and my mind thinks Persona.

  • lol i gonna preorder this next month.. very excited to play this. Go Hayden Panetterie !!!

  • OMG!!!! Great news!!! I will preorder , I`we been waiting for this since first trailer!!!

  • Looks awesome! Gonna preorder this in July

  • Release a horror game in august instead of october. So smart

  • Until dawn look great cant wait to play it on PlayStation 4.


  • Sweet can’t wait!

  • Fawk Yeah… Can’t wait. But I was thinking, why doesn’t the main character Sam, just call her boyfriend and professional world boxing champion, Wladimir Klitschko to punch a hole through the killer’s face? :P

  • It’s really nice that UK and Europe are getting the Extended Edition Steelbooks. Thanks Sony.

  • @24

    Of course Wladimir her boyfriend. He’s one lucky fella.

  • Yea, this looks tight.

    Looks like Paulogy got buried on this one

  • Looks great but they should have definitely used PS Move support. Using the ps move controller as a flashlight was a great idea. It is such a shame that the Sony has given up on motion gaming because there are still many who enjoyed motion games.

  • @22 It’s just the way it is.

  • @23 It’s just the way it is,somethings will never change.

  • I preorder this game 2 months go looking forward to experience something unique

  • Until Dawn
    Dying LIght
    Child of Light
    Metro: Last Light
    Infamous: First Light
    3 Atelier games have Dusk

    I hope this list never hits 20 games.

  • Look like people have a good reason to buy this on the same month of October .Because this game was originally suppose be out almost on January of 2016. Btw I like this game at the Playstation Experience so I’m preordereding this.

  • Sweet!

    Only 2 days after my birthday!

    Don’t disappoint me, Sony!

  • Super excited!!! My most anticipated PS4 exclusive since uncharted 4 got delayed

  • DrummerForChrist

    Nooo!! Why the same day as Madden?? D’=

  • Yey! I was worried it was a delay notice. This is strangely one of the games I got my ps4 for. Though it’s coming out so late in the cycle. I’m a huge heavy rain and horror fan so I’m looking forward to this.

    Have the preorder bonuses been announced for best buy or amazon yet?

  • Sweet. Been waiting a while for this game. Just finished paying it off. I like the late August release. Get it out there before the September releases, and just before school starts back up for the young’uns.

  • As much as I am excited for this game I can’t see myself paying 69.99$ (Canadian Price) for this kind of experience.
    I personally think that this game should be priced around 39.99$ or 44.99$ max.
    Looks like I’m gonna have to wait a bit longer before getting it :)

  • Good to now it’s still coming out in the summer. I was afraid it was going to be delayed until Halloween.

  • This game had almost 0 of my attention but after the PSX it really got my interest…it looks great overall.I’m looking forward to it and I won’t buy it at launch but I’ll definitely get it in the future…hope it delivers a pretty tense atmosphere,wanna see dat tension lol…wish you guys released a demo for it.

  • So Sony why doesnt NA get the steelbook?

  • Been interested in this since I first heard about it. If it’s even close to as good as it appears to be, I’ll definitely pick it up on the week of release.

  • @1 SladerStudios and @28 LambBread

    Yes, indeed I got “smoked” this time. Hey, what can you do? Thanks for thinking of me :-)

  • butterfly effect huh ? this might be interesting

  • Love the comcept, I hope it has an interesting story.

  • @ 40 – It’s actually priced 75$ in Canada which is even worse. Wanted to buy the physical copy day one and support it but I’ll have to rent it instead :(

  • Super massive, please release the steel book edition to the United States. I’ve been waiting for this game since the first announcement in 2012.

  • Until Dawn Steelbook is Exclusive to Game UK

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