Dragon Age: Inquisition Opens the Jaws of Hakkon Today

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Opens the Jaws of Hakkon Today

If you’re craving more single-player adventure in Thedas, look no further. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon lands on PS4 and PS3 today. You’ve no doubt traveled many miles in the boots of your Inquisitor and waged war against demons, dragons, and all manner of elfroot. But there’s so much more to see and do.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Opens the Jaws of Hakkon Today

Legend speaks of the last Inquisitor, who fought ages ago to save Ferelden from the wrath of an Avvar god. You are now called upon to do the same.

In this story, you uncover a lost chapter in the history of the Inquisition. Follow the path of the last Inquisitor to discover his final fate… and the powerful dragon he hunted. Your search for the truth will lead you to the mountains of southern Thedas, where you will meet the proud and powerful Avvar people. Earn their respect by helping to defeat an ancient cult in their midst—and save the lowlands from the destructive power that threatens their very existence.

Dragon Age: Inquisition -- Jaws of Hakkon

Dragon Age: Inquisition -- Jaws of HakkonDragon Age: Inquisition -- Jaws of Hakkon

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon offers an engaging adventure full of quests in a vast, new location with even more alliances to forge. Download it today on PS4 and PS3.

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  • in australia

  • 11:00 AM in Italy and still nothing…. :(

  • Australia and Europe same region I think when it comes to releases… So we are probably the second class citizens (location/region) of an already second class citizenship (as we are playing in Sony and not in Xbox)…

  • 10:44 UK time and still no sign of this DLC, patience beginning to ware a bit thin now.

  • ok ..its 6:05 am, i live in NE Ohio ..and STILL no Hakkon DLC!! i paid $90.00 for the deluxe edtion of this game .. Bioware has NEVER been tardy with Dragon Age DLC ..or Mass Effect’s, for that matter How do i know tihs you ask? BECAUSE i have every DLC from all the DA and ME titles ..i’m very disappointed, but will wait anyway ..and i’m beginning to get curious about this Witcher game i keep hearing about.

  • This is annoying, its 8:40pm in Australia sydney and its still not out wtf

  • I think this will be the last nail on the coffin for EA games. This delay is unacceptable! :(

  • It’s midday in the UK and still nothing, that I can see, on the PS store. Any updates anyone? Blo*ody EA…grrrr

  • I’m super hyped to get my hands on this dlc!
    don’t really mind the wait really, just gives me something to look forward to doing later!

  • Been waiting way too long for this to be released, and now they can’t even stick to a release date? The ****, losing a bit of faith in these guys

  • Cheeki-Cute_Girl

    you can’t find it on the playstation store FROM your ps3/ps4

    I got it from going online on the computer

    https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ca/games/addons/dragon-age-inquisition-jaws-of-hakkon/cid=UP0006-BLUS30997_00-DA3SP1WINTERSBRH (PS3)

    https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ca/dragon-age-inquisition-jaws-of-hakkon/cid=UP0006-CUSA00220_00-DA3SP1WINTERSBRH (PS4)

    just log into your account, buy it, then sign into ps3/ps4 and download it

  • My main gripe with how this has all gone down is how terrible these companies are at communicating with us. Just say off the bat about the 2 month wait! Don’t leave us to figure it out, I got excited, confused and finally angry. There’s obviously been a problem releasing the DLC to the rest of us. Release a statement acknowledging it so that I don’t have to go into forums looking for answers! Just out of interest has anyone got any updates on this?

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  • Nowhere to be seen and it’s almost 3pm here in Ireland. Oh well i’ll buy it next week because i’m glued to The Witcher 3.

  • So, is it Sony or EA pulling our leg?

  • I live in Missouri and I found it under add ons in the new content section. It was not with the other DA:I stuff.

  • It’s still not up on the Asia playstation network store. It’s now the 28th in Singapore. 2 days delayed with no notification? And nothing to announce the timing, after already dissing PS4 users for months just to suck up to a Microsoft exclusivity deal? This is how they treat customers with The Witcher 3 now available? Any other game but Dragon Age and I’d already walk away from this title and never buy an EA game again. Sucks that EA has the juice to grab all these great game companies and then hold their product and fans hostage. Bloody nonsense.

    Seems most reddit folks are 100% right about that horrid company. EA is run by a bunch of corporate leeches that couldn’t possibly care less about their customers. I wish companies like bioware would leave off that cretinous bunch of useless knuckleheads. I mean, the least they could do is announce this DLC would be released on different dates regionally. Such a diss. Grrr…

  • Let’s be fair here folks- this is as much Sony’s fault for taking their damn time in getting the Store to update as it is EA’s fault for the wait. Blame Sony for us being left hanging.

  • After this silly and non-sense treatment i’ll never buy any EA game!
    They should at least release an update with the CORRECT dates!

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Nothing like paying extra for cut content that should have been in the game!

  • See comment 62 links. They work. I just purchased. thank you Cheekie Cute Girl who ever you are. Your link is the only way to find the PS3 version. I did see the PS 4 version without her links but that didn’t do me any good. So everyone in the world look at comment 62 and her links to make your purchases. I’m downloading now.

  • What is going on with jaws of hakkon we wait two months longer than everyone else and they cant even release the dlc on time, it’s ridiculous that no one will give an answer as to Whats happening

  • The comment 62 links do not work for me, when I log into my psn account I get sent here: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/error/undefined

  • The link on comment 62 doesnt work for me.
    An explanation on whats going on would be very appriciated.

  • I found it in the Playstation Store on the PS3.

  • Where in playstation store did you find it?

  • The jaws of hakkon currently doesn’t exist on the UK Playstation Store PS3 or PS4

  • I went down to New then from in there to Add-Ons and scrolled over to DA:I JoH

  • It’s finally up on PS4 in UK, though you won’t find on the game page for DA:I (for some reason the DA:I game page removes the jaws of hakkon dlc a second after loading).

    To find it go Games/DLC/Latest and it should be the first dlc, though it could have been found in Featured/DLC, but removed itself.

  • Ok now is on the European Ps Store, go on DLC than sort by newest and it should be the first.

  • I can see it now in Playstation Store Australia. Finally.

  • guess what I guys . it not yet up in asia playstation store. And i cant use link 62 because the account i purchase dragon age is from asia server. I wonder are they sleeping or what.

  • Going to finish this dlc and play through Inquisition one more time before starting up Witcher 3. Cant wait for Arkham Knight and that Wii U Xenoblade(forgot its actual name) to be released now.

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