Dragon Age: Inquisition Opens the Jaws of Hakkon Today

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Opens the Jaws of Hakkon Today

If you’re craving more single-player adventure in Thedas, look no further. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon lands on PS4 and PS3 today. You’ve no doubt traveled many miles in the boots of your Inquisitor and waged war against demons, dragons, and all manner of elfroot. But there’s so much more to see and do.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Opens the Jaws of Hakkon Today

Legend speaks of the last Inquisitor, who fought ages ago to save Ferelden from the wrath of an Avvar god. You are now called upon to do the same.

In this story, you uncover a lost chapter in the history of the Inquisition. Follow the path of the last Inquisitor to discover his final fate… and the powerful dragon he hunted. Your search for the truth will lead you to the mountains of southern Thedas, where you will meet the proud and powerful Avvar people. Earn their respect by helping to defeat an ancient cult in their midst—and save the lowlands from the destructive power that threatens their very existence.

Dragon Age: Inquisition -- Jaws of Hakkon

Dragon Age: Inquisition -- Jaws of HakkonDragon Age: Inquisition -- Jaws of Hakkon

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon offers an engaging adventure full of quests in a vast, new location with even more alliances to forge. Download it today on PS4 and PS3.

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  • I’m only here to beat Paulogy.

  • A new trailer would have been nice! I’ll wait for the next DLC, lost interest with this one after having to wait for it. The Witcher is out now so that’ll be my next purchase. Hopefully the next DLC is handled better.

  • Yeah, the Witcher 3 and upcoming release of ESO make this delayed DLC mostly pointless.

  • So where do I go to get it? It’s not in the store as of 12:30pm EST

  • Oh man, this is great news. I can’t wait to play it!

  • I can’t find it in the PlayStation Store to purchase. Has anyone else been able to find it and purchase it?

  • I’ve bought every story add-on for every Dragon Age game, this will be no exception. I’d just like to know the price.

  • I was one of the people that made the Ps4 DAI community twice as large as the Xbone/Pc combined but they got this first, I was glad to trade this in on the Witcher 3 especially since my local shop gave me the season pass for the Witcher as a preorder bonus.

  • So your second-class citizens finally get to play this, eh Bioware? Thanks for nothing.

  • I will definitely be picking this up today. Lots of good games to play.

  • ^^^^ & 1pm CT

  • Speaking out with my wallet. I really wanted this, back when it came to Xbox One. Now, the Witcher is out, so your timing stinks. And I would have probably still purchased it and taken a break from Witcher but if we don’t speak with our wallets, then these sleepy deals will keep gamers from the stuff they love. I didn’t buy an Xbox because it got this DLC first, so it’s a lame tactic. It doesn’t work, and all it accomplished was upsetting your strongest supporters. Maybe next time.

  • *sleazy. Smh phone.

  • I forgot this even existed. This has to be a new record for longest paid exclusivity (2 months. MONTHS!). I’ve stopped playing Inquisition to do another run from Dragon Age: Origins up to Inquisition, so when I give the game another whack, I’m skipping this DLC.

  • I cannot find it anywhere on PS Store, does anyone know what’s going on?

  • I haven’t seen or heard anything why it hasn’t been posted on PS store yet. I was hoping someone else might have. Not like they don’t get enough money out of me…….

  • It’s a quarter of 3 pm eastern time and the dlc still hasn’t come out. First, I have to wait two extra months and now this doesn’t even release at a decent time. This has been a frustratingly long wait.

  • Yeah, this is super frustrating. I just chatted with someone in Support and was told the Store is “under update” and was advised to check back at 7:00 pm PST to purchase the DLC. Unbelievable; you’d think that they’d have this ready for purchase at midnight since we had to wait 2 months!

  • Far be it from me to tell anyone how they spend their own hard earned money but the less of us to buy this today at full price the more chance we have at sending a message to Sony and Microsoft that we aren’t impressed by exclusivity and we just want everyone to be able to enjoy the same quality product no matter where they spent to money.

  • Where is my DLC?!

  • @20.”Their” also Sony edit button get on that!

  • where the hell is the dlc jaws of hakkon I cant find it in the store

  • The exclusivity deal has nothing to do with Bioware or Sony. But with the greedy bastards at EA.

  • Oh to hell with this The Witcher 3 Takes my time right now.. Bioware start working on Mass Effect and don’t you dare to make it time exclusive better yet make it on PlayStation to come out first

  • Can we get a time? PS store is not showing it at all.

  • It’s 20:20 in England now… And still nothing.

  • I guess this DLC was cancelled for the PS4.

  • Red_Pirate_Queen

    But where is it?

  • Blaivas:) good day mate PlayStation North America does not have any control over your PlayStation Europe company PSN store update. and our update (USA) may not even come for another 1-6 hours from now so have fun waiting………

    But as far as this DLC is concerned I expect a game of the YEAR version before the end of the year fallowed by Mass Effect 4.. OH yes!!!

  • Oh well :) tomorrow then. If I could wait for 2 months, 1 day I gues won’t be a major problem

  • i’m guessing they don’t have a time.

  • when will the jaws of hakkon come to Australia and what time

  • At time like this I really wish DA – DLC was also in disk form so we could preorder and not be toyed with all day like this. Even if I had to pay more I wouldn’t mind. GRRR!!!! People want to throw their money at Sony and yet they can’t get it together and respect our time.

  • I just talked to Rodrigo from PS Customer service and he confirmed that Jaws of Hakkon will not be released on PS Store today. It will be on tomorrow if there are no network problems. He also didn’t know the price but that it would be “a special one”. Sorry folks.

  • I hate DLC but this is long after the game released, so it is acceptable as an expansion since it isn’t exactly milking customers.

    HOWEVER, it being a timed exclusive on the Xbux Suck, is kinda unforgivable. Timed exclusives are an evil business practice and I view it as the developer keeping the game/content away from the consumer, so it is a pretty shady practice.

  • FearMonkey, WowSoDogeAmaze thie timed exclusive to XBone has nothing to do with Bioware. EA is the one who made that deal not Bioware

  • JoH just went live.. WHOOT!

  • I was kinda looking forward to purchasing this. I beat the main campaign awhile back and this seemed a good excuse to revisit DA:I. However, I couldn’t help but notice that EA is selling what I presume to be in-game currency for the multiplayer part. (Does anyone actually play DA for multiplayer?) Anyway, you can spend $99 to buy what is described as an in-game chest. Ninety-nine dollars?!? I haven’t touched the MP side of DA, but this price gouging at consumers by EA really turned me off. Judging from the reviews I won’t be missing much in the Jaws of Hakkon. I can’t support a title with such stupid over-priced DLC. And this after I thought EA learned this lesson by ripping out party members and selling them as Day 1 DLC. They actually didn’t do that this time around….

  • Fix “The Trouble With Darkspawn” quest so I can kill Servis finally and finish it.

  • Just went live in Eastern USA. I guess Rodrigo was playing it safe (#35). Price doesn’t seem that “special”. Same as Xbox and PC. Sorry for any misinformation. I was going by what PS Cust Service said. Happy Inquisiting.

  • I see it’s up for PS4 but not PS3.. They really shouldn’t say it’s coming out on both if its not. Went and got PSN cards so I could get this. Any idea if it’s just delayed or did they just lie about it?

  • I’m still not seeing it in the Playstation Store here in Australia. Hopefully it gets posted soon.

  • Anyone know if JoH is up for the PS3 yet? At work and was planning to play it when I got home. Otherwise, I’m going to a movie.

  • Why can’t I see the Dragon age inquisition new add on Jaws of Hakkon in the store? Everyone say’s its there but it’s not showing up????

  • if you go to the dragon age website and go to the page with the dlc you should be able to click on your system and buy it there if you sign in. im not sure if its the same though as in buying it on the ps store on your ps

  • …still no sign for Australia….. Not sure what’s going on… I tried going to the dragon age website but got a 404 error page…

  • I would have gotten this when it first came out, but now I think the wild hunt is calling meee…….

  • @1 XtemmA

    Ya got me! ;-)

  • ok Australia still doesnt have it……….

  • 7.00pm and still not in store jaws of hakkon what’s up with this

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