Ultra Street Fighter IV Hits PS4 Tuesday, New Enhancements Detailed

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Hits PS4 Tuesday, New Enhancements Detailed

Update, July 6th: Today, a new update rolled out in North America. See below for the full list of updates.

  • “Skip” function mapped to Cross button during cinematics
  • Default character costume colors 11 & 12 are now unlocked
  • Anisotropic filtering improved on all stages and characters
  • Antialiasing added on all stages and characters
  • Reduced pixilation on various UI elements
  • Multiple audio balancing fixes
  • Addressed multi-hit audio issues
  • Increased resolution of visual effects
  • Sonic Boom graphical fix
  • Fixed multiple localization and font issues
  • Improved save functionality performance
  • “Press Start” replaced with “Press Options”*

* Note that “Press Start” isn’t a bug — it was originally left in intentionally as a tribute to Street Fighter IV’s arcade roots, but due to players’ requests, we have changed it to “Press Options.”

Update, June 11th: Today, a new update is rolling out for Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 in North America – see below for details.

  • Reduced input latency
  • Addressed matching not working correctly within the Replay Channel
  • Fixed bug where character movement SFX are replaced by ambient stage sounds
  • Improved online match performance
  • Fixed localization issue in Spanish for the control customization UI
  • Fixed bug where grey box appeared around OPTIONS in MY LIST
  • Fixed resolution “snap” between menu transitions
  • Fixed crash bug where leaving the game in Trials for extended period
  • Addressed Juri pinwheel graphical corruption
  • Added Special Titles (from Prize Codes). Note: There are no more Prize Codes, which is why the input is disabled
  • Fixed bug where Title/Icon Scroll speeds were sluggish
  • Adjusted volume of announcer compared to other sound levels
  • Overall audio balancing to correct volume levels; several corrected audio bugs

Update, June 3rd: Today, an update for Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 is rolling out in North America. Today’s update addresses the following issues.

  • Reduce interface lag within menus
  • Addressed disappearing projectiles
  • Fixed Decapre’s teleport animation
  • Fixed Rolento’s audio glitch (during victory screen)
  • Fixed missing SFX for Red Focus attack
  • Fixed Akuma’s stomp SFX not playing
  • Addressed bottom portion of the ON/OFF text being cutoff under the graphics settings in the Options menu
  • Removed extra character ¦ that was sometimes displayed in Leaderboards at the end of a player’s name even if they have not set it to be there
  • Fixed issue when seeking an Arcade match-up with LAN cabled disconnected and then starting up training results in a message ID being displayed
  • Addressed Online IDs not appearing correctly
  • Addresses issue when changing the HP bar’s HUD position in Options, the Online ID HUD position does not move with it and is displayed at the default position
  • Anisotropic Filtering (AF) changes to decrease blur
  • Fixed appearance of white box after backing out of a command list menu
  • Addressed Fight Request issue in Arcade Mode

Hey crew! Gio Corsi here, Director of Third Party Production, and I wanted to give you all a quick “great news” update on Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 with less than a week before its digital launch on May 26th!

The big update: Ultra Street Fighter IV will support PS4 FightSticks, of course. But we’ve also included Lab Zero’s drivers so that USFIV will support licensed PS3 FightSticks as well. For more details on how this will work, please check the Capcom Unity or Lab Zero sites after the game launches on May 26.

Other reminders:

  • Ultra SFIV on PS4 will be running at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second for all your fighting glory.
  • The PS4 version of USFIV will also include all DLC launched up to this point, including the most recent Vacation and Wild costume packs.
  • A few of you hardcore Street Fighters out there said that there was minor input lag in the controls of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS3. Well, don’t worry: We’ve eliminated it to make the PS4 edition the ultimate version on any platform!
  • The price is $24.99.

We’ll see you online next week! In the meantime, check out Capcom’s brand-spanking-new trailer above celebrating the upcoming launch of Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4. Enjoy!

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2 Author Replies

  • $24.99??? Sold!!! Now we need to be able to preorder and preload. I can’t wait.

  • How much free space do I need on my hard drive

  • Thanks for the update, glad this is not being delayed at all! The lack of news had me worried.

    Any info on bringing our saves from PS3 version?

  • This is awesome, and it’s great that the trend seems to be towards not making me buy a new arcade stick for PS4. My Hori is still doing quite fine.

    While we’re talking arcade stick support, is there any chance we can get wired controller support for the PS TV? I’d like to be able to plug in my USB stick on that, especially since there’s a few good fighters / variants thereof that haven’t made it from PSP / PSV to PS3 / 4.

  • This Game Should only by $9.99 on PS4 for US people who (Bought the Digital Version of Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS3) Make that Happen! $9.99 for us who already bought this game on PS3 PS Store! we should only have to Pay $9.99 for it again on PS4…. Make this Happen!!! SONY/CAPCOM!

  • Now that you guys are collaborating with Capcom, how about some Capcom games for Vita? I would love to see new games, but would settle for games like Okami HD (imagine using your finger as a paintbrush), Devil May Cry Trilogy, Mega Man 9 and 10, Viewtiful Joe, Resident Evil 4 and many others. Resident Evil Revelations 2 for Vita is probably my most anticipated Vita game this year. Please, please make more Capcom Vita games happen.

  • What fivexl said. I would like to be able to preorder and preload this.

  • @56: yes, I love Capcom and the Vita deserves more Capcom games. Games like Ultimate MvC3 and Street Fighter x Tekken show how capable Vita is of holding up with excellent ports of PS3 games.

    I hope Sony’s cooperation with Capcom ports continues on Vita. I dream of a version of Ultra SFIV on Vita. Who knows? If even the 3DS can run Super SFIV (with compromises), the Vita can surely do it.

  • I can’t wait for this title. I think the $24.99 price is just right for a last gen remaster (1080p/60fps) with all the dlc. I only played the original SFIV back when it launched on PS3/X360, so I’m very excited to get the latest/best “Ultra” version on PS4.

    Really wish GoW3 Remastered was more in this price range as it rightfully should be..

  • Does anyone know if there is a list of fight sticks that are “Officially Licensed”? I have a Qanba and would like to know if it would work with the PS4 version since I don’t think i’ll buy this version now if i have to invest in another stick.

  • Well now, are you planning on making it any more irresistible?

  • I’m hype for this title but disappointed in the lack of pre-order/pre-load.

  • Thank God, Allah, Odin and whoever anyone may believe in for Capcom to allow ps3 fight sticks for ultra street fighter 4 for ps4….. Seriously this fight stick issue could have ended in a vocal blood bath between the fighting game community and capcom…. Thank you sony for the joyous report and thank you capcom for making the right choice.

  • Hello does anyone know if steert fighter 4 will be psn store in australia this coming week and if so how much so i know if to get psn credit

  • I’m very excited for this. The problem may be how many Street Fighter players have a PS4 and feel like paying for the game for a 4th or 5th time (i.e. Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Ultra Street Fighter IV on a previous console, not to mention all the DLC on the old console). I think $24.99 is a little steep still. The problem may be that there are not many good arcade sticks on PS4. I bought one for PS4 back in December, and it doesn’t have a touch pad. I feel ripped off. It also will not turn on/off the system. MadCatz and Hori need to get that fixed ASAP.

  • I thought $25 dollars was for Severed. Then I realized that wasn’t the game, I was on, the Severed one was the blogcast, and this was SSFIV. $25 for the PS4 edition is actually good enough for me to buy this for the first time brand new. I got the PS Plus version on PS3, I bought a used version of 2 of the games from a friend so he could buy the newest, but I really haven’t given Capcom any money for this series. This will be the first time.

    @3 Do you not understand the history of Street Fighter?

    SFII The World Warrior
    SFII Special Champion Edition (mega drive)
    SFII Turbo
    SFII Alpha
    SFII New Challengers
    SFII Turbo HD Remix (PS3/360)

    That’s just how these guys roll.

  • can’t wait for this

  • curious if it comes with new trophies too, but probably not, which is fine

  • PS3 stick compatibility?

  • Yes lab zero driver woo!

  • @65 for people who go from 360 to the PS4, for people who skipped a game or 2 or 3 (or all of them) and considering it’s $25 and not $30, $40, $50, $60… it’s a good price.

    The 360 D-Pad has always been considered abysmal. I don’t know what the consensus is on the PS4 but it seems to be on par or better than the PS3.

    More than anything else this game is cheaper on PS4 when it comes out than Ultra is on PC. So… Yay PS4.

    I’ll have to dust off my SFIV fighting stick that I bought. (I actually bought it because i wanted to try it for the Gundemonium Recollection to get an arcadey feel, and Blazblue)

  • Whelp.. Looks like I’m going to have to find me a Fightstick. I wanna learn also to give my friends a chance again lol

  • Sweet! My PS3 sf4 arcade stick will work!! Day1
    For me!!

  • Will definitely be picking this up since I only played up to the Arcade Edition. I still have a Hori Pro Arcade v3 on my ps3. I was super happy that MKX allowed me to use it. Will SF4 on PS4 allow compatibility with my legacy stick as well???

  • ThatJasonRoxGuy

    Hearing the news that my PS3 stick will wok on USFIV for PS4 really made my day. Now I can get the game Tuesday and start playing on my PS4 instead of waiting to get a PS4 stick. Thank you!

  • Hmm, while I am throughly sick of the remastered/re-released trend we have had this gen, I’ll not bash this one. At the $25 price point with all DLC included this is actually a last gen port I’ll get behind. Gonna have to remember to set $25 aside for release since there is no pre order with this game. Finally between MKX & this I got a reason to put my PS4 back to use!

  • Is this up for preorder at ps4 store?

  • Where is the physical version?

  • It is for reg3 Asia too?

  • Will the game be available on the Australian store? And what will the Australian price be?

  • Don’t bother buying this if your looking for a “Good” fighting game. Its medicore at best and really really slow.

  • @81: Joke post?

  • Can’t wait to play this game again on my lovely ps4

  • Is there any stuff to UNLOCK in the game? By playing single player?

    I’m really disapoitned of this trend of microtransactiosn and DLC that removed one of the most fun aspects of videogames a few gens ago, unlocking stuff, having to complete the game to win in-game unlocks.

  • please do not forget a version for Vita, Vita need this too *-*

  • Midnight Release? or download?

  • @84 DaveedT13

    All DLC is cometic (costumes), and they’re all included in this version and unlocked from the get-go.

    You can unlock colors and taunts by playing matches, and also unlock each character’s ending by completing Arcade mode with the character. You can also unlock a diversity of in-game titles and icons by completing diverse tasks, which can be used on your online profile. The game has 44 playable characters, all unlocked.


  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You’re supporting PS3 sticks, that’s a relief, I really haven’t got $200 to replace my old one. This will ensure that I will enjoy this game waay more than if you didn’t support PS3 sticks, so, good job guys and again, THANK YOU! :-)

  • How do you download it? It’s the 26th and I can’t find it anywhere in the Playstation store.

  • Can’t find the game. Aren’t we late? -_-

  • USFIV isn’t out on PS4 Magicka is but there’s no indication of street fighter coming out today

  • usfiv still not available for ps4. its mention on the drop list the other games are available but not usfiv

  • Well it’s May26 in Canada and I can’t find the game in the play station store.

  • It’s almost noon and still nothing on the store. Can we get a time frame maybe? I know the UK got it a while ago.

  • Has anyone found Ultra Street Fighter 4 yet? It is not posted in my store….its past noon.

  • they playin…where da street fiyah fo?

  • What the deuce? It’s STILL not on the store…I’ve been trying to buy this all day, what gives?

  • BaHaMuaTGeNjisaI

    Where is it psn store ….got me second guessing yall once again

  • still not available in region 3 (asia) :(

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