Pre-order God of War III Remastered, Get Dynamic Theme & PS Now Rentals

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Pre-order God of War III Remastered, Get Dynamic Theme & PS Now Rentals

God of War III Remastered is available for pre-order worldwide! It will be available in stores and digitally on July 14, 2015. If you pre-order now at retail or on PlayStation Store, you’ll get the brand new God of War – Fall of Olympus Dynamic Theme at the game’s worldwide launch. For retail pre-orders the code will be provided to you on pick up. North American players that pre-order on PlayStation Store will receive the theme early, next week on May 26th, along with free 90-day rentals for God of War I & God of War II through PlayStation Now.

God of War III Remastered on PS4

God of War III Remastered on PS4God of War III Remastered on PS4

To whet your appetite for the epicness ahead, we have a sneak peek at the iron spike and chain hook-filled face off against Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. The video, like the gameplay, is full 1080p running at 60fps. Kratos’ legendary battles against the gods of Greek mythology are smoother and more satisfying than ever on PS4.

Pre-order God of War III Remastered, Get Dynamic Theme & PS Now Rentals

In addition to offering PS4 players a chance to rip apart the Olympic pantheon in stunning detail, the Remaster also includes Photo Mode. Now players can freeze the brutal action mid-swing, play with a ton of creative camera and lighting options, and share that with fellow God of War fans.

God of War III Remastered: Photo Mode

God of War III Remastered: Photo ModeGod of War III Remastered: Photo Mode

It’s been ten years since Kratos took the throne as the God of War. With the God of War III Remaster on the horizon, we are eagerly looking forward to reliving the legend and we hope you are too. For those PS4 players new to Kratos’ epic tale of betrayal and revenge, welcome. You’re in for one hell of a ride.

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  • Never mind replying I just noticed its not for UK but the ps now beta is gonna have to do for now

  • I still can’t believe they’re selling JUST GoW3 on PS4 for $39.99 when the entire GoW Saga (1, 2, 3, CoO, GoS) minus Ascension is available on PS3 for less than $20. Just makes ZERO sense to me.

    AT LEAST include Ascension, or a GOD4 demo or SOMETHING for $39.99!!!


    I pre order the game when is was on the psn. Will i still get the bonus or is it for ppl to pre order now

  • I loved All God of war games but is there any plans on bringing multiplayer like GoW: Ascension to ps4? Because… was honestly the most memorable for me. To recreate that in 60fps.


  • Interesting post. I Have Been wondering about this issue, so thanks for posting. Pretty cool post.It ‘s really very nice and Useful post.Thanks

  • I love the GoW series so much, that i’ve bought the ps3 just that i could play GoW3, back in the day. I hope you bring Ascension to ps4, because it’s the only one I haven’t played yet. Still have my GoW3 disc from the ps3 lying around :)

  • I will re-purchase GOW 3, my personal favorite in the series. Ascension was crap but this is a must to replay in hd.

  • if there be a remaster for GOD OF WAR3 even when PS6 come out i still buy it because it remain like a legend

  • Omg you guys must bring back multiplayer it was amazing fun and to see in full pixels would be even more better also I pre-ordered about a month ago am I still eligible for the ps now rental ?

  • You guys need to remaster GoW: Ascension 1080p 60fps with full mutiplayer / LAN and 4 player same screen couch mutiplayer support too. The mutiplayer component was solid and deserves a second chance/wind on the superior PS4 hardware. I would buy more PS4 controllers to play Ascension’s mutiplayer on LAN or couch.

    My .02

  • joystick_monkey4

    Are the preorder bonuses sent later? There’s no mention of them in the store, and since I’ve never played the other games in the series, the PS Now rentals are huge incentives for me. My finger is hovering over that preorder button, but I want to make sure I don’t miss out.

  • Can you please answer my question why isn’t God of war 3 available for pre order in other PS stores apart from US i live outside US and i really want to pre order and play it again i would be better if i could see the pre order link for Australlian ps store

  • Where’s godofwar4 for ps4

  • OK so do you get PS now rentals with physical edition?

  • If there’s one game that didn’t need YET another “remaster”, that’s God of War 3 (which is already in HD on PS3, btw).

  • ok I love Remasters, coz PS4 is my first Playstation and I would love to play the best games on PS2 and Ps3 on my PS4.
    Primarily The Uncharted Trilogy and GOW Trilogy.
    So 2 things:

    1. I’ve never played GOW1 and GOW2, I want to experience the whole story in 1080p 60fps :D
    So will we ever get a remaster/HD collection of those? (‘coz I want to :D) (India still doesn’t have ps now i guess)
    2. If I don’t preorder I wont get the theme? -_-
    Will it be available if I preorder from Amazon, Flipkart etc, or will it be available in the PS Store as a standalone download?

    Thanks ;)

  • I’m sorry but asking $40 for a single 5 year old game is inadmissable.

    This generation of remastered games (ported-cash-grabs) is completely out of hand and this alone sets a whole new benchmark for horrible value. It’s bad enough that we have so many remasters this generation but this blatant, obvious, attempt at breaking these games up and reselling them seperately at a premium price is outrageous considering the fact that there has already been a God Of War duo “Collection” in the past.

    Mark my words, next we’ll see Acension re-released at the same outstanding price. Anyone who is duped into this is a blind fool.

    I would expect to see the entire collection of “all four games” on PlayStation 4, and that’s what should have manifested, this is the next generation for god sakes, but apparently everyone’s too hype-fooled and will blindly follow order while having their pockets drained, I would be all for this if it were an entire collection/full package deal but adding the PS Now (Pre-order bologna) is the biggest, slap to the face, insult of this entire “scheme” and I am entirely against it and all of you should be as well, “vote with your wallets.”

  • Bill_Fn_Clinton

    when will i be able to play my ps-now rentals? I have preordered and it is still asking me to pay the 9.99 rental

  • Still waiting for the theme and PS Now rentals. was told by customer service they would pop up in my notifications on my PS4 today but so far nothing. Did we get screwed?

  • Still waiting for the theme and playstion now

  • Guys the theme is available on the store now since it just updated, but I’m still seeing nothing on the PS Now rentals. Do we have to wait until 3 releases in July for some reason? Why can’t we play the rentals now? I have no notifications on it and when I go to the two God of War’s on the PS Now page it just tells me to get a subscription or pay the rental fees.

  • so today is the 26th, i have preordered the game when it was available for pre order. and there is still no theme and no GOW 1&2 access on PSNow so what`s going on!

  • so the theme is out and GOW II is out for free 90 days rental but GOW I is still not free

  • So where are the ps now games that I should be able to play?

  • I got the theme but still dont have the playstation now rental

  • preordered the game and I didn’t get any of the bonuses what give tried to contact support and the told me to leave a message

  • Got the GOW2 free rental but GOW1 does not have the free 90 day rental

  • so still no GOW1 free for 90 days, still asks me to pay for it!!!

  • Got the theme and the 90 day free rental of God Of War 2 but God Of War still shows $9.99. I thought it was supposed to be for both 1 and 2. What gives?

  • Can someone please help?

    I preordered this remaster but I only got the theme and the 90 day rental for God of War II, I have NOT received the 90 day rental for God of War I.

    When I chatted with customer service about it they said to wait till the game is released. The whole point of these rentals are so we could play them BEFORE the game is released not after and it says here in this blog post and on the product page of the game on the PS4 that you get the 90 rentals for both games and the them when you checkout not when you get the game.!/en-us/games/god-of-war-iii-remastered/cid=UP9000-CUSA01623_00-0000GODOFWAR3PS4

    Please, if someone from Santa Monica Studio is reading this, look into it. I don’t know what the problem is with the first God of War game since I got the second one. I did use God of War 1 on PS Now when I was on the 7 day subscription trial but I canceled and it shows it as expired now. So I don’t know if that maybe the issue.

  • Hi!

    Guys did you get GOW 1? I still can’t rent it for free. I only got GOW 2 and theme. Does anyone knows something about it or how to solve this problem?


  • God of War- Threemastered..!!

    I love the concept of this game, i played every game and i love them all except Ascension. But i dont want to support this idea of rentals.
    Seriously if any developer from @SantaMonicaStuidos see this, please hear us loud.
    You people already planned to make complete God of War Trilogy for PS4 then why providing game on RENTALS.
    Game are meant to be played when ever we want man.
    in other words, God of War 1, 2, 3 are Officially coming for Next-Gen console(PS4) then make it available for all time. Why rentals scheme..?
    Please you people still got lot of time to over ride those Offers. I love God of War like anything. Im a Die hard fan.
    Dont ruin this.
    And of course, Please work on some new GOW IP, we are tired of Remaster Editions.

    ID- AmzadGamer
    Youtube ID- Amjadsalman1

  • It sucks that on the european store,you dont get the dynamic theme immediately after pre ordering .I will only get it when the game comes out yet the us store,you get the theme and playstation nows gow1 & 2 immediately.

    Why is does the europe store suck so much in comparison.I see even uncharted drake collection is there for us and it just got announced.Thats how fast U.S store is.

    Please explain the difference in service yet we all pay the same

  • So you’ll remake God of War 3, which in my opinion was fantastic on graphics as it was and add some worthless feature to take a screenshot, but 1000000% REFUSE to remake Final Fantasy 7? Really? Really? Good job folks.

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