Ratchet & Clank Movie Releases April 29, 2016 in US

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Ratchet & Clank Movie Releases April 29, 2016 in US

Hey everyone! One of the most asked questions I get as an Insomniac is, “When is Ratchet & Clank going to be made into a movie?” Today, it is with pride I get to offer an answer. Last year at E3, we gave the world a first look at the feature film debut of Ratchet & Clank and we’re back today to share some more exciting news.

You may have seen the star-studded voice cast announcement this morning, but we are also thrilled to announce the Ratchet & Clank movie will be released in US theaters nationwide on April 29, 2016, with Focus Features (The Box Trolls, The Theory of Everything, Dallas Buyers Club) handling the US distribution of the film.

Ratchet & Clank Movie Poster

In case you missed it, check out this impressive list of celebrity talent joining the Ratchet & Clank cast:

  • Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Paul Giamatti as Chairman Drek
  • Golden Globe winner John Goodman as Ratchet’s mechanic mentor Grimroth
  • Young Artist Award winner Bella Thorne as Galactic Ranger Cora
  • Rosario Dawson as Galactic Ranger support team member Elaris
  • Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone as Victor Von Ion, Chairman Drek’s villainous lieutenant

Rest assured the voices you’ve come to love for Ratchet, Clank, Nefarious and Captain Qwark will also be back, voiced by the same actors as in the games. Observant fans may also spot a few special cameos throughout the film.

As you can imagine, when Insomniac learned we had a real shot to bring Ratchet & Clank to the big screen, we jumped in enthusiastically to help ensure the most authentic and high-quality production. We collaborated extensively on original script development with former Ratchet & Clank scribe TJ Fixman, and character design and creation with Insomniac veteran artist Dave Guertin (responsible for Ratchet and Clank’s original design) and Greg Baldwin (responsible for character, weapon, and vehicle designs too numerous to mention). Insomniac animation guru David Hancock assisted with animation consulting, and North Carolina studio director and Ratchet & Clank “OG” Chad Dezern participated in lighting reviews. The fearless Chris Carter and the inimitable Brian DiLucente helped with asset sharing across production studios, and I’ve been lucky enough to ride shotgun the whole way.

Insomniac Games is also hard at work at Ratchet & Clank for the PS4, a re-imagination of the original game that started it all 13 years ago. The game, out Spring 2016, re-tells the origin story that ties in closely and expands upon the movie’s narrative. It also features several new levels along with reimagined classic locales like Metropolis, brand new weapons and completely redone visuals made possible by the power of the PlayStation 4. We’ll be sharing more on the game soon!

Ratchet & Clank Still

While you might have to wait a bit longer than expected, rest assured we’re using the time wisely to further polish the game to a spit-shine level, with dazzling shader response, awe-inspiring effects, velvety smooth animations, and spectacular new gameplay segments. Really, we can’t wait to show it to you.

Even though the game and film won’t launch for a bit, you’ll see news about them crop up throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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  • I’ve been a fan of R&C since I played the demo of the original way back when. I own every game except for Going Mobile and Before the Nexus because region exclusivity. And the comics. And all the various ports. Needless to say, the bummer-ation of having the date pushed is FAR exceeded by the excitement of having a solid date! I cannot wait to see the movie and play the game! Hmm, but which should I do first…?

    Also, hi Ryan! Nice meeting you that one time at the Fuse event back in 2013. Everyone at IG is awesome!

    • What’s up KBABZ! Good to hear from you. Of course I remember that event. Nice of you to pop by here and thanks for all the support as always!

  • CoffeeAndStoges

    Ratchet and Clank has been more than a game for me. It was a life line growing up in a broken home and I love it for that. I’m sad that the movie and game won’t be out for awhile longer but that’s fine because they have to be perfect. I’m planning on getting my ratchet and clank tattoo done right before the movie comes out so that gives me awhile to try and find the exact design I want :)
    Maybe make a special ps4 for the wait that comes out with the game?
    Thank you guys for all the work you put into these games and for actually caring about the fans!

    • Make sure to show us a photo of the tattoo so we can share with the rest of the community. You can share it via Twitter @insomniacgames

  • Wait, wait, wait… so Uncharted 4 AND Ratchet & Clank both come out early next year?!

    2015 has been fantastic so far, and 2016 already will be off to a bang. Two games from two developers who have given me some of my favorite Playstation games. I can’t wait to see some footage of the game. Hopefully you guys surprise us at E3!

  • I’m fine with taking more time to make the best final product possible, but I believe someone may have made a slip-up somewhere with these release dates, especially for the film. April 29th is only a week off from the debut of Captain America: Civil War. I love the R&C franchise and I want the movie to be successful, but I have a hard time envisioning it finding success against Marvel’s massive movie hype machine.

    But good luck to everyone at Insomniac. Hopefully I’ll have enough money for a PS4 by next year.

  • I am so excited for this movie. I have been supporting ratchet and clank since day one. Please please please really advertise and push this movie. This movie could be as big and as epic as Big Hero 6!! Get with McDonald’s about toys for kids (and me!) to collect. You guys know the style of R&C we like ACiT, Nexus. So I know ps4 title will be epic!

    P.S. Don’t forget to show Vita some love also. We need a standalone Vita game. Size matters did really well on PSP, with one analog! I know even if you don’t have time, there’s a small studio that can do A Vita title justice.

  • Wait so the movie is done but we have to wait until next year to watch it? That really sucks.

    So does this mean that the Sly Cooper movie will be delayed to 2017?!! LAME

  • Kudos also for being one of the rare franchises to make it on 3 generations of Sony consoles!!! We never get tired of it. Just like Mario and 2D platform is to Nintendo. I feel the same that R&C and 3D action-platformer is for Sony. R&C covers even more with puzzles, leveling upgrades, exploration, and strategy.
    Keep up good work!

    • Thanks! We agree with you about Ratchet & Clank and Sony. It’s a great relationship and R&C does feel like a mascot for the console.

  • Only in the US?..what about in Europe? And the rest of the world?

  • Waiting is hard, but true quality does come with patience. One can not describe my excitement with words for these titles! If Insomniac ever needs some extra hands to polish those shaders or environments… Don’t hesitate to update that career page!!!!

  • Long Live the King!

  • would be nice to see sunset overdrive on the PS4 since we can’t get RandC though.. one can only dream…

  • Have to see this on the BIG screen in 3-D. I NEVER go to the movies due to bed bugs going around. OWN Always Believe

  • Add me to the list of “I played R&C on the PS2” crowd. Here are the requirements for the movie though, Ryan.

    1) SHEEP GUN
    2) R.Y.N.O. who will get to say what it stands for? (imagines Ratchet asking and the answer could be a good one liner)


    Looking forward to taking my kids.

  • You guys just made my day. My birthday is on 28/04 and now i can’t wait until next years. Thank you!

  • A film based on one of my favorite video game characters… & a game release along with it!! I know it’s coming, I’ll wait! :D

  • Really hate to but in again, so its safe to say i get a totally different expierience as from the original series, its a complete reimagination of the series? :O Was thinking of buying the original triolgy (held back since i gave away my ps3 to my dad, so no console to play on for awhile), because of this whole delay announcement. Anyway im really glad for answering and replying to all messages here. Makes me and everyone here happy :)

    • If you buy the original trilogy, it is safe to say that that the Ratchet & Clank game you play next year is going to be sufficiently different. Hope that helps answer your question.

  • Nice glad to see the original voices will be in the movie and also you guys got some cool people to make the voices,Rosario Dawson and Sylvester Stallone hu?…cool.Can’t wait to see the movie and looking forward to see more about the new game.
    Sony should take Ratchet off of insomniac hands though,and give it to someone better like Sanzaru for instance,insomniac must leave PS once and for all.
    I’m very grateful for all the work you guys did with Ratchet and Resistance but you MUST leave.

    @ 5 MarinoBrea – LMAO…but its true,wanna see what’s next.

  • Really excited about the movie! Will it be available to Latin American audiences too?

  • It should be noted that the film is coming from Rainmaker, the animation studio behind “Escape from Planet Earth” and a dozen Barbie direct-to-video features. The Boxtrolls was animated by Laika. Focus is just the distributor.

  • Please learn from Heavenly Sword. I really don’t want this movie to meet the same fate.

    That said, how about another trailer (For either the game or the movie)? Or a screenshot from the game? I’d really like to see some more of this, and it’s been quite a while. I think that as a movie series, if this succeeds then seeing a Tools of Destruction and Crack in Time follow-up could make for a great trilogy (The other games could probably be slimmed down to make the series more accessible, honestly).
    …But Into the Nexus got me craving another larger Ratchet and Clank experience. Hopefully this’ll fulfill that urge finally.

    …Also, to the movie makers: Why do Ratchet, Clank, Nefarious, and Qwark all have their original voices, but Sly Cooper sounds nothing like himself in the movie? I’ve never cared about voices before, but I could instantly tell that it wasn’t Sly in that trailer. Please fix that before it’s too late (It’s even worse than Murray’s deformities).

  • Ethanicusmaximus

    Does this mean we’ll be getting a new game in the meantime?

  • This delay hits me hard. When Uncharted was delayed it deflated my 2015 sails. The only beacons of hope were Ratchet & Clank on PS4 and Tearaway. Now I’m down to Tearaway, and news hasn’t been easy to come by on it either. As a whole, Sony has done an uncharacteristically terrible job at planning for 2015, a year were they should have and could have really decimated the completion. Hopefully E3 brings some good news. (At least I was one of those crazy people who absolutely loved The Order.)

    Regardless, it’s for the better and I’ll be there day one for the movie and game. I’m curious to see how exactly the two projects are ‘re-imagined.’

  • I loved playing the original ratchet and clank on the ps2.
    sadly I got a 360 and now a one but I wish I took the ps route.
    I did buy a ps3 and buy the remarsted collection and all the future serious including nexus and q force (named here in aus)
    Nexus was a fun game but short and sweet. I hope there’s a custom ps4 ratchet and clank you guys release so I can get into ps again and play the remaster for that! Love you guys so much one my favorite game studios.

  • And the sly Cooper movie when?

  • it will be possible to see the trailer movie in French soon ?

  • ya the best game come to be a movie cant wiat

  • I guess Sony Pictures has a few millions they want to throw away. You know I could have used that on my next film and it would have actually made money. Out of everything PS has for original games they could make…they picked this? Really? If you are dying to see this movie…you are way to easily excited. Movie is gonna bomb horribly.

  • JamieBountyHunte

    Will the ratchet & clank movie be shown in Canadian movie theater to?

  • I was waiting for this, but I know that with the extra time, you will be able to make the game and movie as epic and amazing as possible. Have a Qwarktastic day, and keep being so awesome!

  • Ugh, I hate when you guys do that. Guess I will put on my big girl pants and prepare to extend my wait for the new Ratchet and Clank movie and game for another year. Please don’t change the release date again in 2016. I don’t think my heart can take it.

    All kidding aside, I really am looking forward to the movie and the game.

  • I have just two questions and i beg for answer why didn’t RATCHET AND CLANK in to the nexus did not make it’s way to vita and will there be any chance for the movie to make it’s way to vita long fan for the series i don’t have a ps3 or ps4 but i will still buy the games for support,series and great humor PLEASE ANSWER :D

  • Finally! I thought this got cancelled since I haven’t heard anything about it for sometime.
    Insomniac and Focus just that all of my money if it will help.
    I want the movie and the game so bad. I destroyed the first R&C but still super excited about this “Retelling” idea.
    Also, if you guys talk to the people doing Sly Cooper movie slap them upside the head for me.
    Superhero movies dont suck anymore so I’m hoping game movies will break the curse as well!

  • This make me feel good, now, movies of videogames for 2015! Algo the movie of Sonic The Hedgehog :D

  • As an avid R&C fan since it’s birth I can honestly say I cannot wait for this! I don’t care if it takes another year of waiting, I’ve trusted Insomniac Games as my source of entertainment for the most part of my life and the fact that you’re rebooting the whole series with elements of it’s early games, it makes me want it more, the nostalgia!

    Just one question, when you say that worlds such as “Metropolis” will be implemented into the rebooting, please tell me there’s more? Like blackwater city? My favorite world out of all your installments.

    I love you all so much

  • So the film is gonna be released up in Canada right?
    None of this “We will be announcing international release dates soon” bullcrap like Powers the Series?
    BTW, stopped waiting for the series, not interested anymore TYVM

    Otherwise, there was a legitimate concern raised.
    The following week parents across the world will be taking their kids out to get free comics(free comic book day, natch) following it with seeing Captain America 3:Civil War(AKA Avengers 3). You answer with “what’s Captain America?”

    That’s not confidence, try to get it out a week or two earlier if possible.

    Gonna be interesting seeing some of the replacement voices for both Drax(Giamatti can do Bad) and his Lieutenant(Stallone works).
    Will the Plumbers crack be in there? Or is it Goodman doing a twofer on the mentor role?

  • YAY!! The only problem with the date is that it’s too far away. ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAV SERIES!!! It’s up there along side Mario just to give you guys a good compliment. Insomniac always makes awesome games. MORE RATCHET & CLANK GAMES!!!

  • I Really hope the movie is going to be Great like the Ip was, I Actully only have played The first Game in the IP on The ps2. so maybe there is a lot of characters and Reference to some game mechanics i dont know about, but I hope its gonna be a great movie. :-)

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