Ratchet & Clank Movie Releases April 29, 2016 in US

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Ratchet & Clank Movie Releases April 29, 2016 in US

Hey everyone! One of the most asked questions I get as an Insomniac is, “When is Ratchet & Clank going to be made into a movie?” Today, it is with pride I get to offer an answer. Last year at E3, we gave the world a first look at the feature film debut of Ratchet & Clank and we’re back today to share some more exciting news.

You may have seen the star-studded voice cast announcement this morning, but we are also thrilled to announce the Ratchet & Clank movie will be released in US theaters nationwide on April 29, 2016, with Focus Features (The Box Trolls, The Theory of Everything, Dallas Buyers Club) handling the US distribution of the film.

Ratchet & Clank Movie Poster

In case you missed it, check out this impressive list of celebrity talent joining the Ratchet & Clank cast:

  • Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Paul Giamatti as Chairman Drek
  • Golden Globe winner John Goodman as Ratchet’s mechanic mentor Grimroth
  • Young Artist Award winner Bella Thorne as Galactic Ranger Cora
  • Rosario Dawson as Galactic Ranger support team member Elaris
  • Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone as Victor Von Ion, Chairman Drek’s villainous lieutenant

Rest assured the voices you’ve come to love for Ratchet, Clank, Nefarious and Captain Qwark will also be back, voiced by the same actors as in the games. Observant fans may also spot a few special cameos throughout the film.

As you can imagine, when Insomniac learned we had a real shot to bring Ratchet & Clank to the big screen, we jumped in enthusiastically to help ensure the most authentic and high-quality production. We collaborated extensively on original script development with former Ratchet & Clank scribe TJ Fixman, and character design and creation with Insomniac veteran artist Dave Guertin (responsible for Ratchet and Clank’s original design) and Greg Baldwin (responsible for character, weapon, and vehicle designs too numerous to mention). Insomniac animation guru David Hancock assisted with animation consulting, and North Carolina studio director and Ratchet & Clank “OG” Chad Dezern participated in lighting reviews. The fearless Chris Carter and the inimitable Brian DiLucente helped with asset sharing across production studios, and I’ve been lucky enough to ride shotgun the whole way.

Insomniac Games is also hard at work at Ratchet & Clank for the PS4, a re-imagination of the original game that started it all 13 years ago. The game, out Spring 2016, re-tells the origin story that ties in closely and expands upon the movie’s narrative. It also features several new levels along with reimagined classic locales like Metropolis, brand new weapons and completely redone visuals made possible by the power of the PlayStation 4. We’ll be sharing more on the game soon!

Ratchet & Clank Still

While you might have to wait a bit longer than expected, rest assured we’re using the time wisely to further polish the game to a spit-shine level, with dazzling shader response, awe-inspiring effects, velvety smooth animations, and spectacular new gameplay segments. Really, we can’t wait to show it to you.

Even though the game and film won’t launch for a bit, you’ll see news about them crop up throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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  • Aw maaan! I was really looking forward to seeing the movie and playing the game this year. Sad that it is delayed but I’m still excited. Thanks for the update!

    I can’t wait!

  • How “soon” do you mean when revealing more info about the Ratchet & Clank game? E3 2015 perhaps? :3

  • Can’t wait! Always thought Ratchet should be a movie! I really enjoyed Into the Nexus and can’t wait to see what you guys do on the PS4! Also, I wish Sunset Overdrive was on PS4, and I’m still waiting for Resistance 4! Love what you guys do.

  • I intend to see this at it’s opening weekend. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Where’s the sex innuendo-laden subtitle?

  • I believe in you guys at Insomniac Games. Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus was an absolute joy to play.

  • I’m ready!!

  • With it being so quiet, I figured a 2015 release was way off target. But you know what? That’s fine. I’m totally okay with this. Make the movie amazing. Make the game amazing. I love Ratchet & Clank and I’m super excited about both. I can wait for amazing.

    • Thanks for your understanding, ZhaneEndrick. Love the 10 year anniversary icon too. Way to rock it!

  • My body is ready! Ive been waiting forever for this, Clank for life <3

  • Same voice actors for the main characters. That’s all I needed to hear. Taking my neice to see this one.

  • It kills me to say this but take all the time you need! There’s no need to rush anything. I’m sure you guys are going to nail both mediums.

  • ^ PS – I’m very happy about the voice actors. My last comment didn’t convey that. I never had any doubt though, as there hasn’t been a single Insomniac game I’ve played that I didn’t enjoy (really loved playing FUSE in 3p co-op with my wife and buddy, btw). This is so exciting, and I’m enthusiastic about what more we’ll see from Insomniac in the coming years.

    Thank you for the fanservice ;)

    • Wow, Shadow_Enz thank you! That’s so nice to say. We’re a company fueled by our fans so thanks for your loyal support.

  • Sad that both the game & movie are delayed till 2016 but im sure it will be a platforming masterpiece when it’s finally released. Oh yea i have one Question to ask will the Ratchet Clank Future series receive an HD collection treatment on PS4? with Tools of Destruction. Quest for Booty. A Crack in Time. Into The Nexus.

  • Kinda had a feeling they’d be delayed till 2016 (seems like all games these days get delayed! :P)

    Not that I’m complaining. I’m all for delays if additional time is needed to deliver a quality experience. So long as we get updated on news every so often, I’m happy!

    Been a huge Ratchet fan since I was a kid. Played ’em all non-stop in the PS2 days! Of course have all the PS3 titles as well. A Crack in Time being my all time favorite from the franchise. So I’m super excited to see how the movie turns out. Ever since I was a kid I always thought this franchise would be perfect for the big screen. And I can’t wait for Ratchet to make the jump to PS4!

    Fingers crossed for some more news at E3. :D

    • Thanks Deadpoolian for your longtime support of Ratchet & Clank! And I agree that Ratchet & Clank was always going to be perfect for film.

  • Yess!!! Finally some news! I still remember when me and my cousin tried to play original R&C on PS1, ahhh good times.

  • Le sigh. After the announcement of some of the celebrity cast earlier today, I was just saying that there is no way the game will be out this Summer since we haven’t even seen an ingame screenshot yet :(
    At his rate, Guerrilla Games and Sucker Punch games are going to have their second PS4 games announced AND released before we have received anything from the other Sony studios/franchises. Quite the opposite situation from last gen, especially in those two other studios cases anyway where their first games didn’t come on PS3 until 2009.
    I can forgive you for delaying game and movie but Ratchet better have full physically moving fur after the extra time that was put in and I mean ingame not the movie lol :)

    • I hear ya, Andrewsqual. Good thing Ratchet’s fur looks awesome in both! Wait til you see the in-game screenshots! Coming soon.

  • This is torture! Why insomniac? WHYYYYY now I have to endure another painful year! FuuuuuuuuuUuu, I’m gonna hibernate….

  • I’ve been waiting for this since before E3! Ratchet and Clank is, and forever will be, my favorite video game series! I’ll be there, day 1, to see the movie with my trusty review notebook! I’ll try not to be TOO biased!

  • Oh my… Nooooo!!! Whatever, I hope both, the game and the movie, turn out to be awesome! I really hope that surprise is a PS4 HD collection of the whole Future saga. (ToD, QfB, ACiT, ItN).

  • AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks Ryan :D
    Here is something else that would be awesome. Please could you look into implementing a Character Model Viewer like Jak 3 had? So much work and detail put into the characters and its the perfect way to show it off. I’m sure such a thing would go down extremely positive with fans and critics alike. :) I wish Naughty Dog would do this in Uncharted 4 too :P

  • Hoping we get it up in Canada at the same time :3
    This is one of the few movies I want to see in theatres!

  • Great news, sux for the wait but I’m sure in the end it will all be worth it :)

    Any news on the framerate target? Also will this be native 1080p? What about the AA tech, are you going to be using MLAA or the AA tech used in games like Infamous Second Son?

    Anyways I really hope you guys can get the game to run at a locked 60fps on the ps4, the ps2 games and even the ps3 games up til and including ACiT ran buttery smooth at a locked 60fps and they looked amazing for their time, so really hoping you guys can pull it off not that there’s any reason not to!

    So happy you guys aren’t rushing it and taking your time :)

  • theailurophiliac

    Ever since the release of the first Ratchet, I have been eagerly awaiting a film adaptation. I wish I could go back and tell my 13 year old self that one day it would finally happen! I am so excited it’s unreal.. and to get a new Ratchet alongside the film is just the icing on the cake! Thank you Insomniac!!

  • Can’t say I’m not extremely disappointed. I absolutely love this series.

    But if the wait is worth it, then I’ll be happy. Into the Nexus was excellent, so there’s no worry for me about the game. Finally an origins story with the real Ratchet voice. Hope the movie is great too.

  • 99% of the movies based on videogames are complete crap (and vice-versa)…

    …but I have high hopes on this one! Really looking forward to it. I believe in you guys!

  • I was wondering when the Ratchet and Clank movie release date was. I at my theaters I noticed there were no posters promoting the movie. Glad to hear an update though.

  • The cast for this has given me high hopes for it. Hopefully you guys are going all out on everything else with this. Can’t wait. Glad it’s a long ways away though, enough time to give it a perfect polish.

  • I’m stoked! I got to introduce my nephew to the joy of Ratchet & Clank a few years ago. Then with All 4 One I convinced my mom and my nephew to play with me (I think it’s rare to have a 50+ woman start gaming at that age) and we had great adventures together. It’s so great that Ratchet & Clank has been such and enduring, fun and funny series. Thanks, Insomniac!! I’m taking them both on opening day.

  • I’m excited to see a Ratchet & Clank game with real multi-bounce GI. The Groovitron’s disco ball would look AMAZING

    any chance the Vita version will get patched to improve the performance? After the fantastic PS3 version of the first few games, the Vita version really felt like shovelware with no post-release support. Other than Killzone, a lot of the recent first-party titles feel extremely under-supported :/

  • Can’t wait for the movie and game! R&C is one of my favorite franchises!

    Seems like it’d make a good show on Cartoon Network!

    Is the CA or NC studio making the game?

  • why is it coming to worldwide theater next year if the movie is done? It is being shown at a movie festival this weekend. Or was this canceled?



    • The film is being shown at the film festival to line up a few more international distributors. The movie is coming out next year because that’s when Focus thinks it’s the most optimal time to release the film. 2015 is largely booked for movies at this point.

  • I’m really disappointed. Guess i wont buy a PS4 until spring 2016. Unless FF XV and/or KHIII released before that, which is doubtful.

  • Here’s hoping that Mr Zurkon will make an appearance. :)

  • “In case you missed it, check out this impressive list of celebrity talent joining the Ratchet & Clank cast:”

    ugh. Please be sure they don’t phone in their performances. I’m really looking forward to this and hate to have it ruined by someone doing a half ass job simply because their a big Hollywood name.

  • Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!

    Oh wait. Wrong chant.

    Zurkon! Zurkon! Zurkon! Zurkon! Zurkon!

  • mastorofpuppetz

    Sony’s exclusives this gen minus Bloodborne have been horribly disappointing. Sony is lucky they are coasting on MS mistakes and third parties, very disappointing effort from sony second year in a row. What is going on with Sony worldwide studios?

  • Thank you Insomniac Games for giving us more Ratchet & Clank please answer will space exploration be in the new Ratchet & Clank Game?

  • Spring 2016, so far away. Ratchet and Clank is definitely one of my favorite gaming franchises of all time, own every single game that came out for it.

  • I remember playing the first ratchet and clank as a kid and this really excites me and makes me want to go back and play the original. Can’t wait for it to come out and will make sure I buy the game on opening day!!

  • Nefarious-Lombax

    It’s of course unfortunate that we, the fans, will have to wait pretty much another year to experience Ratchet & Clank on the big screen.

    However, considering the dedication you guys & gals at Insomniac are showing for this film, I’m sure that it’ll of course be worth the wait.

    Looking back it’s kinda hard to think that this franchise is thirteen years old now, (I feel so old now. haha) but it’s a series that’ll forever hold bucket-loads of child/teen-hood memories for me, & many others as well, of course. One of, if not my favourite video game franchise of all time, no doubt about it. :D

    Here’s hoping the film festival screening is a success. And of course, best of luck with the upcoming game as well. Considering that I’m buying a PS4 for it, I hope not to be disappointed. :)

    • Thanks for taking the leap of faith on us. We take it seriously and appreciate it, Nefarious-Lombax! (Great name btw!)

  • Kind of sad, but I know the delay will ultimately produce a better game. I’ve played and completed every Ratchet and Clank game released except for the first one on PS1, so it’ll be amazing to play it on the PS4 with Insomniac’s insane graphical programming prowess. You guys really pushed the PS3 on graphics and I know you can do it on the PS4 too. Can’t wait.

  • Nice to see a release date for the Ratchet and Clank movie. It’s long ways from now, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait. By the way, not sure if this is the right producer, but any news for the Sly Cooper movie?

  • Even though the movie is delayed until next year, I’m glad it has a set release date. The delay will give me time to play through the Ratchet & Clank games. I’m well-into the first game, and it’s just incredible! Really looking forward to playing the rest of the games and the movie too! :D

  • lpv9999999999999

    I have been a Ratchet and Clank fan ever since I was a kid and played the very first Ratchet and Clank on the ps2 system. I have played every ratchet and clank since and will continue to play them in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie and playing the game when they are released out in theaters and stores in both 2015 and 2016.

  • Awe. This was one of the games I was looking forward to this year…oh well. Every Ratchet game was worth the wait.

  • Another delay. Are you serious? Two games get delayed in one freakin’ day. This is ridiculous. What happened to the days in which when a game’s release date was announced it was already done? What happened to the days in which when a game was announced it was almost done? Also, if the new Ratchet And Clank doesn’t run at 60fps then I’m not buying it at release. I will at some point. But my money will be going straight to Uncharted 4 if your hipster jerk for a CEO continues to think 30fps is no different from 60fps. Yes, Uncharted 4 may end up running at 30 as well, but at least NaughtyDog recognizes that it would be better if Uncharted 4 runs at 60fps. So you better hope that Uncharted 4 gets delayed again so I won’t have anything else to play. I really loved All of the R&C games until you started coming out with All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault. Into the Nexus was a step in the right direction but felt really lacking and would have been better if it ran at 60fps which there is no excuse why you couldn’t have gotten it run at 60. I’m hoping the new game turns out good, but I’m not supporting Ted Price’s decision to cap games at 30fps just because it is “Artistically” no better than 60fps(which is false in every way).

    • Ted Price a hipster jerk? That’s really funny. The man has the same button down shirts since I’ve been with the company for 11 years haha. Thanks for the feedback on everything else!

  • Awww. The hope of a new R&C this year is what primarily propelled me to buy a PS4 back in January, lol. Oh, well. What’s another year if it means even more of that insane Insomniac polish? I can’t say I’m not a bit disappointed, but I totally understand. I know it’ll be totally worth the wait!

    I’ve been a Ratchet fan since the first game and the series has remained my all-time favorite since Going Commando. I’m so very excited for the series arrival on the PS4 and in theaters as well. Looking forward to returning to some of those old worlds and of course can’t wait to see the new ones. Hoping we’ll get to see a some of it at E3…?

    Go forth, Insomniac, and do your best!! Also, all of my thanks for the 13 years of rad you’ve already put out there. My world would be a little less bright without Ratchet & Clank. :)

  • will it be available in europe ?

  • Ratchet and Clank was literally the main reason why i bought my PS2 to play the first Ratchet and Clank game then once again it was THE main reason why i bought a PS3 to play Tools of Destruction and you guessed it bought a PSP because of it and so on lol.
    I have played every single Ratchet and Clank game to date from PS2,PSP,PSN, Vita to PS3 and i am highly looking forward to the PS4 game!

    Please keep making more Ratchet and Clank games and bring them all to PS4! ( also would love an entirely new story and not just re-makes/re-imagination of old ones)

  • Im a bit confused, is this a new Ratchet and Clank game or the triology just for ps4? The wording werent quite exact with it, while the “extend the movie story” made it confusing for me… Ryan are you still there?

    Ps. Was already excited for the movie when it was announced, will it be 90 mins or way longer?

    • The game is a re-imagination of the original Ratchet & Clank game while offering a parallel path to the movie as well. Hope that makes sense. It’s a game based on a movie based on a game haha.

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