Nom Nom Galaxy Lands on PS4 Next Week

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Nom Nom Galaxy Lands on PS4 Next Week

Hi everyone. I’m pleased to announce that following a collaboration with Q-Games, Nom Nom Galaxy is on its way to PS4 on May 12th!

The best way to describe Nom Nom Galaxy is “genre-blending,” but at its core it’s about creating enormous soup factories with your friends and shipping tasty soup into outer space!

Nom Nom Galaxy combines many themes of gameplay, with equal elements of classic platforming, mining, construction, resource management, and tower defence.

Here is an idea of what’s to come…

Crash-land and Explore Remote, Living Worlds

Run, jump, swim and jet boost around vast, fully-destructible environments. Equip your astro-buzzsaw to terraform the planet as you decide where to build your soup factory-base.

Terrain can be lifted and moved manually, or exploded with dynamite robots to expand soup production anywhere on the planet. Unsupported land will collapse with gravity, water pools will drain, and pockets of oxygen will gradually expand.

Nom Nom GalaxyNom Nom Galaxy

Construct, Maintain, and Defend With Friends

Mineable resources in the ground provide the currency for constructing your factories, buying zero-gravity corridors, soup-making machines, and rockets.

As your factories start to ship soup, you’ll earn the cash you need to expand and automate the exportation of soup with conveyor belts and robot workers.

Unlocking new robot types will allow for more complex loops, turning the production of soup into a giant “Rube Goldberg” machine.

You’re not alone! As your factory’s profits rise, rival soup corporations across the galaxy will fight for sales and interstellar soup-remacy. You’ll have to sell soup faster, make it tastier, and defend your factory with robot guards, weapons, and turrets.

Nom Nom Galaxy allows for solo or two-player split-screen, as well as up to four player online co-op. Two friends on splitscreen can also join online players for a four-player game.

The Galaxy Needs Soup!

Each alien planet is alive with a variety of weird plants and wild animals that flourish in different conditions. You’ll need to harvest and kill the native flora and fauna to create the galaxy’s most delicious soup recipes, combining new flavors to discover which ingredients taste good together.

Re-plant and grow ingredients nearby for a regular food source, employ robot gardeners to harvest for you, or team up with friends to take down nests and huge beasts.

Nom Nom Galaxy

Galactic Challenges

Travel to the Challenge Galaxy to put your skills to the test in fun, asynchronous challenges against friends and gamers around the world. Challenges incorporate existing mechanics on new levels where you’ll race, swim, pogo, fight and ship soup to earn medals and global bragging rights.

Solo and split-screen Challenges last a couple of days, allowing players to replay, protect their position, beat friends, and secure rewards. After that, new challenges on different planets will auto-generate for players to take part in.

This loop continues, providing a long-term competitive and social component to Nom Nom Galaxy, as well as opportunities for players to earn rewards and unique character abilities to carry back into the campaign.

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  • @49 PantheMan

    Did you just make the argument that weird titles are indicative of cash grabs and lack of creativity? LOL. I’ve seen you make some stupid arguments on the blog, but this one takes the cake. You truly are one of a kind. My god.

  • Took me a few Blog visits to notice the “PixelJunk” moniker. So odd to have a PJ game with more than one word as the base title (Racers, Monsters, Eden, Shooter, Sidescroller… Maybe “4am” counts?).

  • @51 – Actually, every argument I’ve made here is a good one or I wouldn’t have made it, but you clearly didn’t understand what I said, and you clearly didn’t read my entire comment. As always, if you don’t understand what you’re saying, it’s best not to say anything.

  • @52 – If any of those counted as multiple words, it’d be Sidescroller, since “Sidescroller” isn’t actually a real word and would have to be spaced or hyphenated. But of course, when it comes to a title or a name, the creator can do whatever they want.

  • @ gerneric123: Actually, he kinda did…
    “Gareth Wright said: …we had to stop work on it so that we could focus on providing the best possible console experience on PS4 without sacrificing the game’s ambition and content… without cutting a ton of core features (on both platforms) the Vita just wasn’t going to be possible at the same time.”

    Now, this isn’t straight up saying that a Vita version isn’t happening, but it definitely confirms that the Vita would have held back the PS4 version. And the only possible reason is that the Vita *hardware* was not capable of running the same content as the PS4. Hence core features needing to be cut in order to develop the two versions in tandem. We may still see a Vita version come out, but you can expect it to be a scaled back version, with possibly a limit on the number of players in a game, and the relative frequency and scale of random events.

    This is a smart move if only because of the fact that there are more than twice as many PS4 owners as Vita owners worldwide. And that ratio is only going to continue growing in favor of the PS4.

    All that said, this game looks awesome. Totally buying this to play some couch co-op with my lady.

  • I’m excited for this one but really sad about the Vita news. I was really looking forward to this one and felt like the Vita was going to be a great home for it. I’ll still play it eventually (my backlog is ridiculous right now) on PS4 and I’m sure it’ll be great like everything else from Double Eleven, but no Vita really makes me sad. :(

  • I can’t remember who said this above but I did the same. I’ve seen this headline a few times and skipped over thinking it wouldn’t appeal, then bam! I see Pjunk are behind it. Watched the video and as a huge fan of Terraria I am soooo making a day 1 purchase on this one. Goes to show how powerful having a strong development name can be, for me anyway.

  • @53 – Keep telling yourself that. I read your whole comment and it’s still just as comical as it was the first time I read it. If your going to make ridiculous statements at least back it up with some examples. And please God, take your own advice “if you don’t understand what you’re saying, it’s best not to say anything.” Please, listen to yourself, because it is clear you don’t understand what your saying with every post you’ve made on here I’ve ever read.

  • @58 – Basically, that entire paragraph was you explaining that you don’t understand anything, and to deflect attention from that, you accuse me of the same thing? Real original.
    But sure, a few games come to mind: “Z-Run”, “SmuggleCraft”, “The Castle Game”. I’m talking about titles that are just plain bad, not titles that are weird/different/unique. And really try and take note of my use of the word “generally”, which meant that not ALL games with bad titles are indicative of the things I mentioned, but they often/usually are. And also note my recognition of the PixelJunk games, and how the PIxelJunk brand is enough for many people (others in this comment thread, even) to cast certain skepticisms aside.
    See, my original post was actually complimentary and a realization that my initial assumptions may be worth sitting on until I know more about the game.
    You are a fool. And please, don’t call me “God”.

  • Is it just me or is this like Terraria mixed with making soup, and by an awesome developer.

  • @59 – The problem in your argument is, there is no proof of correlation between a bad title of a game, and that title being a so called “money grab” or a bad game. There are just as many bad games with good titles as their are bad games with bad titles. The argument your making trying to somehow link a game having a bad title to actually being bad holds no water.

  • You also tried to say a bad title was indicative of a dev not having any talent? What kind of statement is that. Ridiculous I’m sorry. But it’s the truth.

  • @55 If you read his comments again, you’ll find that he heavily implies it’s a matter of staff, development budget and time. Developing two versions of a game in tandem costs more than one, takes longer than developing one and requires people to juggle. None of what he said was hardware related.

  • @49/53/54/59 PantheMan16

    Let’s be honest, you’re name isn’t that great.

    I’m actually excited for Smugglerun. It looks a lot like Race the Sun, and Race the Sun is not only enjoyable to me but enjoys a near 8.0 score on Metacritic, as well as a PS Blogcast recommendation. It could still be a **** game. I mean it’s rather pointless to judge a game before it comes out.

    Why not just wait till it comes out? You’re not buying stock, you’re not even pre-purchasing. If it’s a GREAT game you can wait for it to come out and buy it. If it’s an ok game you can wait for a good sale. If it’s a really polarizing game where some people love it, and some hate it, you can wait for it to become a Free for Plus game or a super cheap sale and grab it for almost nothing and then either be in the Yay or Nay camps.

    But the idea of sitting there going

    “Well the name is terrible, but It’s Pixeljunk”

    Just wait for it to come out. Platinum Games burned a lot of people with Korra. I waited for it to hit a sale.

    If we used your rationale I’d be saying “Well clearly we can’t trust your opinion on names, because it took you over 16 attempts to get a name.”

  • Also don’t forget you can just remote play this game from a PS4 to a Vita. While that’s not the same as having a straight up Vita version, it is nice to be able to lay down and continue playing.

  • @61/62 – Still at it, huh? Yeah, it absolutely is indicative of a lack of creativity and talent. Again, it’s a generalization, and there will be exceptions, and a certain level of skepticism is justified, especially considering that it’s justified for all games. But now I’m just repeating myself, and I don’t see what you are trying to prove by echoing my comments.

    @64 – I also thought SmuggleRun sounded interesting from the blog post, but the name, which they gave the game because it describes the entire concept and gameplay, shows a lack of creativity. But then again, that is a mobile developer and mobile games are rarely creative and original. There are a few games that are, then all the others that are clones.

    I was going to explain more to you, but the fact that you think you’re being witty by leaning on a petty, personal insult and that you think it somehow gave validation to your previous attempts at making a point, just reinforces how weak your argument is.

  • I’m a giant fanboy of the PixelJunk series of games and this one looks like an amazing mix of Terraria, Pixeljunk Shooter and, hmm, soup?! I’m totally sold!

    Any first week discount for PS Plus subscribers? Even if there’s not… I’m probably in for one on this one because I lurrve your games.

    Also fun times hearing you on 8-4Play podcast not too long ago!

  • @66 – yeah I’m still at it. As long as you spout nonsense on the blog I’ll be at it. Again, your argument holds no water. You say “there will be exceptions.” but I say the majority of titles don’t support your argument, sure there are a few you might be right about, but that doesn’t mean there is a correlation between title and quality of product. Obviously the both of us are going to keep spouting the same argument over and over again. Agree to disagree I suppose. Until the next time PantheMan, which I’m sure there will be!

  • @68 – Not only should you have not spoken when you didn’t understand what you were replying to, but you only made your argument more shoddy by continuing after I explained, in detail, how and why you were wrong. Talk about spouting nonsense. You’re done.

  • monsters is one of my ultimate favorites and what put you guys on the map i think, i think i have finished it 4 times on hard and the graphics and overall look and feel still is amazing today.
    however this game, not so much, sorry to say that, but hey, next game please =)

  • @69 – I have always fully understood your argument. You never explained how and why I was wrong, because both of us are speaking opinions. You have an opinion and so do I. I’m never done.

  • @ gerneric123: … Wow, I was about to try and show you up with a firmly worded reply… Until re-reading Gareth’s comment again (which I’d done quite a few times, thank you), the wording finally made sense to me, and agrees with what you said. I was viewing his reasoning the wrong way, and the way you worded it didn’t really expound much either. To build on his comment for myself and others who may have read into it the wrong way, he is saying they would have had to cut features in order to continue develop in tandem and on schedule. I realize it takes more people and time to develop it on both systems, I’m not *that* stupid. :P
    I just originally saw it as, “We would have to cut features to keep the Vita version on par with the PS4 version”, which would generally imply hardware issues. My bad on misreading it.

    So, I retract most of my previous statement. The part about buying it I still stand firm on.

    Have a good weekend, kind sir/madam.

  • This game looks like it was made for Vita. I have a PS4, but would have preferred to see this on Vita as well. Hint. Hint.

  • PixelJunk Monsters 2!! hope its in the pipes.

    Vita is dead give up ppl.. the sooner it dies the sooner everyone can focus on the PS4.. Handheld is ownedd by Nintendo

  • this game looks fun but for all of the vita people out there i know Sony will at least try to make it the game for it so don’t be jerks just what and see until it comes out and on a totally different subject when i saw the title to this game i thot it was going to be like PAC-man or cut the rope games like that but it looks fun and good luck on the selling and the making. :]

  • I’ll have to pass on the PS4 version, but I’ll definitely pick up the PS Vita version if it gets released.

  • This game is awesome! I’ve been playing it since it came out on PS4 and been having some fun building soup kitchens, mining resources, discovering new soups, and shipping soup. Haven’t had a chance to play split-screen yet but am looking forward to it. Thank you so much for releasing it on PS4! Ever since you starting the announcements on your page, (what 2 years ago?) I have been excited to play this game. Definitely was fun to feel like I was getting some insight into the building of the game. It is similar to monsters with how you have to monitor and keep track of several different areas and remember where, what, how. But also has a garden of eden exploration feel with the ability to jump around and climb. It feels like what makes each of those two games fun combined. If I brought in shooter 1 & 2 with the destruction/sandbox feel and the way water flows/you throw things this aspect of fun is also brought into the mix. It is a wide collage of mind battling delight and I am very impressed! Thank you for all your work. Always reminding me why I love to support you pixel junk developers.

  • To the people who want this game on hand-held: 1. Appreciate what they have provided it only came out on PS4 because people supported in on steam/PC and the developers worked hard to do it. Just ask them and support them. 2. I don’t think it would be appreciated on a handheld with how much detail there is in it. I want a bigger TV because I love to see the little things. For example when you have the robots that throw up and down you only know which way they are throwing by which way there arms are pointed. With multiple robots stacked and soup everywhere it may be impossible to see that detail.

  • I just got it. It says it can play splitscreen (local co-op). How?

    Do we need to finish the tutorial or something first? Do we need to sign into PSN?

    Someone please describe exactly how to navigate the menus to launch a local co-op game, thanks.

  • Seems we had to finish a few tutorials first. But we didn’t know that a priori. Confusing!

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