PlayStation Now Subscriptions Come to PS3 May 12th

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PlayStation Now Subscriptions Come to PS3 May 12th

We have some exciting news: PlayStation Now subscriptions will be coming to PS3 later this May! Now you’ll be able to play a huge library of more than 100 hit PS3 games on PS4 and PS3, as well as select Sony Blu-ray players and TVs, all for one monthly price. That’s an incredible number of games to binge on — and of course, you can play your games across devices with cloud saves.

Look out for PS Now subscriptions coming to PS3 on May 12th, and if you haven’t tried PlayStation Now yet, this is a perfect time to start your free 7-day trial.

The subscription will be coming to more devices soon, and will be adding new games monthly so you always have something fresh to play. Without further ado, here are this month’s new titles:

Fat Princess

Rescue your beloved princess through teamwork in this comic medieval battle royale. There’s a catch, though — the other team has been feeding her magical cake, making her harder to escort back to your castle. Choose from five distinct character classes and switch at any time to best help your team. Charge head first into battle, heal teammates as they break through enemy lines, and upgrade your team and the castle defenses as you work with your team to save your princess.

F1 2014

Feel the power of new turbocharged Formula One cars in the most accessible Formula 1 video game yet, including a new driver evaluation system to adjust the game to your level, shorter career options, and new Very Easy mode. F1 2014 features all the cars, drivers and circuits from the 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship including new tracks in Russia and Austria.

Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2 is the sequel to one of the first Tower Defense/FPS hybrid game. Pick from four unique character classes and embark on a mission to protect the oxygen-producing Cores from hordes of deadly aliens who are threatened by their existence. In Sanctum 2, you will utilize elements from multiple gameplay genres to succeed. Construct towers and walls during the building phase before the enemies attack, then jump into the fray and blast everything to pieces in FPS mode. You can progress through the single-player campaign yourself, or play with up to four friends in co-op to discover the secrets of the planet LOEK III.

PS Now, May 2015 Update

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

Step into a Dynasty Warriors experience unlike any other. Up to four friends can team‐up for a wide range of heroic action‐packed quests. Become one of history’s greatest warriors and work as a team to conquer heavily‐armed fortresses, infiltrate enemy strongholds and more. Spectacular battles await!

Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator will challenge you to take on the role of a modern day farmer. Animal husbandry, crops, sales… It’s up to you to manage and grow your own farm in two huge environments: typical European and American environments. Progress in your career to complete different missions and control more than a hundred farming vehicles!

That’s a wrap on the new games for May! We’ll bring you more titles next month, and in the meantime, you can check out a full list of all the games now in the PlayStation Now Game Streaming Subscription at

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  • Now if only we could play downloadable / arcade titles that were available to play on PS3 on a PS4.

  • what about the games that we are already own and we`re already playing on PS3? will be able to add them to our accounts and play them on a ps4 console through this PS Now service? as Sony stated in the very beginning of announcing this service…

  • @DA3NAPPUX As you already pointed out, backwards compatibility would have significantly increased manufacturing costs of the PS4. I think, that your $599 for a BC PS4 is a realistic launch price.

    From a provider view, if you watch a show for 1 hour on Netflix, it would be much cheaper than playing a game for 1 hour on PS Now. The biggest part of costs for Netflix will be the licensing. The biggest part of costs (by far) on PS Now will be costs for the hardware/hosting, and in total much higher than for video streaming. And for this reason, I don’t think we consumers would get any significant price reduction because we have purchased a game already.

    However, as cloud infrastructures are getting cheaper, PS Now sessions will get cheaper, too. Sony made investments into PS Now and made valuable experiences for the future. Certainly, the excellent live streaming, Share Play, and Remote Play features are just the first offsprings of their Gaikai / PS Now investments.

    From a business perspective, PS Now investments made a lot of sense I think. If I wouldn’t have a PS3, I might buy the service occasionally – if it launches in Europe that is ;-)

  • PrimeroIncognito

    DA3NAPPUX said: “Sony messed up by deciding that backwards compatibility was not such a great thing for a console to have.”

    No, they WOULD HAVE messed up by catering to such a small demographic, including hardware for 4 different consoles under the hood, pricing the PS4 out of range for the majority of customers and letting their competition run away with the dominant market share. They decided correctly. There comes a point when maintaining backwards-compatibility is no longer feasible, both financially and in principle, from a resource standpoint… not to mention projections and forward-thinking for survival in the industry. YOU GUYS messed up by not keeping your PS3, PS2, and PS1, and now that your gamble backfired, you’re looking to point the finger.

    “A lot of us gamers that proved loyal to the PS line of consoles and games since day one in 1995 still have that certain nostalgic factor of holding on to our collection of games that we all know too well, can only be immortalized in their original, disc formats.”

    If you were really THAT loyal, you’d still have the original consoles to match those discs and the state of PS Now wouldn’t be an issue to you.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    “…made perfect sense in asking just how can the subscription be justified when the players already “own” copies of games (that they actually want to play…), whether it be in disc or digital version.”

    They can still play them on the original consoles. Nothing is stopping that.

    “Someone please enlighten me as to why I need to pay the premium fee only to be told to wait because they are currently “adding” to the online catalog and even then there’s no assurance that hard-hitting, exclusive titles (Best Hits anyone?) will make it on there.”

    You don’t “need to” anything. The service is entirely optional. Any game you really want that bad, you probably already have. If you’re waiting for a certain title to show up on PS Now, you can wait until it shows up before you pay. Where you got the idea you had to “pay-then-wait” is a mystery to me.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    rudetoy on May 4th, 2015 at 7:31 pm said: “Now, I have dozens and dozens of + PS3 titles that I can’t play at all”

    You can play them just fine on a PS3. Just buy a new one. The repeating monthly cost of PS Now would eventually surpass what you’d pay for a new PS3 anyway, so, just like the other guy, PS Now shouldn’t even be an issue to you. Buying a new PS3 would be the best way for you to go.

    “if Sony wants to keep its customers, it has to reward them for previous purchases, not PENALIZE them. To have to pay for a game multiple times is ridiculous.”

    They’re not punishing you. Silly choice of words. You already received what you paid for. End of transaction. Future benefits/entitlements were never a part of the agreement. They’d go out of business if they followed suggestions as ludicrous as yours. Get real. You don’t “have to” anything. No one is forcing you to buy multiple copies of anything. Plan better next time and you’ll avoid these petty issues.

  • @DA3NAPPUX – The main reason the PS3 was as expensive as it was is because blu-ray was brand new technology back then and it was very expensive. In the beginning, the PS3 was actually the cheapest blu-ray player you could buy. Now, blu-ray readers are obviously very affordable. Plus, blu-ray is Sony’s own technology, so it makes the PS4 that much cheaper for them to build. Also consider that they didn’t design some crazy CPU for the PS4 like they did for the PS3. It’s just a much cheaper console overall.
    Adding PS3 emulation wouldn’t have costed them an additional $200 in production costs. And whatever it did cost, they wouldn’t have placed it all on the consumer anyway. They sell their new consoles at a loss because their software sales more than make up for it.
    All we can do is speculate, but I really don’t believe that production cost was the deciding factor. If PS4 had BC, then PS3 sales would be all but dead, and PlayStation Now never could have existed on PS4, and you can be sure they wouldn’t have invested in it just for Vita.

  • The reason the PS4 is not bc with the PS3 is the same reason the PS3 was not bc with the PS2…cheap more copies of the older system. The PS2 lasted like another 5-6yrs after the PS3. If Sony had kept bc with the PS3, the PS2 would have died soon. By not doing so, Sony could sell the PS2 for $100. If Sony made the PS4 bc with the rise and even rise the price of the PS4 a little to cover that cost, Sony would be losing money. The cheapest PS3 is like $200. And the most Sony can rise the PS4 with bc is by an additional $100. Sony would be losing $100. It is all about a “profit deal”.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Sony said they had a 10-year plan for the PS3.

    10 years isn’t up yet.

    Of course production cost was a factor. You think they didn’t know what Microsoft was up to all along? You think they wanted a repeat of the slow start they had with the PS3? The architecture of the PS4 itself proves they had production costs as a top priority in mind from the beginning. Why put the Cell or the EE in the PS4? If anyone wants games that run on the Cell or EE, they can keep their PS3s/PS2s or buy new ones. Or… wait for a service like this, where all profits go directly to the top and dispersed as deemed proper. Keeping it in-house.

    Also, new gamers just getting started on the PS4 wouldn’t even care for the older tech. There’s no reason for Sony to invest in such a fruitless endeavor just to appease a microscopic (and ever-fading) slice of their consumer pie. Yeah, yeah, loyalty and all that. I’m all for it, believe me, but business survival won’t allow it. Some sacrifices need to be made and the consumers must simply adapt to the changes if they still want to go along for the ride.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ gohan16ken

    A PS4 with PS3 backwards-compatibility would use less parts than two separate consoles. (Example: Both consoles’ games would be running on the same Blu-Ray drive, HDD, power supply, ports, etc.). The profits actually might be a wash in that department, but the cost of making that addition to a new product that had yet to break ground was still large enough (and risky enough) to discourage the investment.

    If Sony was playing monopoly, the PS4 might have had backwards-compatibility. They could have gotten away with it because they could have guided the transition of profit flow from one generation to the next through any variety of proprietary programs, effectively preserving their influence on their consumer base. But, competition levels the playing field and forces the participants to make sacrifices in order to stay in the game. Which is good because it stimulates innovative thought and encourages a constant refinement of effort. Thus, the integrity of the art form is maintained. It’s all good.

  • too bad i can’t avail ps now coz our internet is too slow..

  • Make ps now $10 a month for ps plus subscribers and you have a deal.

  • Game suggestions:

    Ex. The Orange Box, Valkyria Chronicles, Bioshock, Borderlands, Minecraft, GTA, Rayman, Deadspace: 1-2, South Park, The Walking Dead, Dark Souls, Far Cry, Batman: AA, Ni No Kuni, Portal 2, Fallout, Skyrim, Assassins Creed, Socom, CoD, BF, Red Dead Redemption, etc.

    Please put WipEout HD with the Fury expansion on the PS Now rental and subscription library! Such a classic!

    Can you guys put PS1 and PS2 games that were made to work on PS3 (“classics”) on the service and just say “no online multiplayer or trophies with these titles”)?

  • Thanks for the reply Jack. Looking forward to more high quality games from all publishers and having PS Now on more devices. Such high potential for the service once it is on more devices like iOS and Android.

  • So, in the big announcement for PSNow finally coming to PS3, your entire list of new games are… buyable on PSN for PS3. GG Sony.

  • Why is it so hard for people to understand the facts about PS Now?

    They cannot allow you to stream games you own for free. Streaming costs money and requires an upkeep cost. They also have no idea if you actually contributed money to them… for all they know you bought it used – which means you posted gamestop … but paid nothing to them.

    The service isn’t meant for everyone. I pay for the subscription due to convenience. I can play on my PS4 (living room), my PS TV (bedroom), PS3 (basement) or the library/my work/a coffee stop on my Vita. It’s as simple as saving the game on any system – and I can move to the other immediately.

    Lastly, it makes the vita play graphics it normally couldn’t do. There no chance it could have handled FFXIII – but there I was platinuming it from my vita.

  • Hello Jack
    I Wanna Ask You Something
    Can We Get Ps Now For The Middle East ?? And Thanks <3

  • I would love to have a PS4 that’s retrocompatible with PS3 games, I think they can do it via emulation, I would pay for that feature.

  • PS3 games to work (without streaming) on a PS4 is not going to happen, but there is absolutely no reason why a PS4 couldn’t handle perfect PS1 & PS2 emulation as they already do on a PS3.

    Maybe this will be a reality if/when PS Now fails.
    I have been beta testing Gaikai years before it came to PS and I’m not a believer in it. Twitch gaming does not go hand in hand with cloud streaming. There are too many variables at play here. I want games I can play without compromise.

  • ThumbsOfSteel74

    Seems a reasonable compromise to have games from 2 or more generations ago (i.e. PS1/PS2 Classics) playable directly on the PS4 without PS Now. That would accomplish the goal of not undercutting PS3 sales while adding game sales from PS4 owners. If they plan to add PS1/PS2 Classics to PS Now, then I guess that’s nice. But people would be happy to pay full price for these games now if they were available to buy and play on PS4 the same way they are on PS3.

    I can actually see Sony not allowing any BC or emulation on PS4 to prevent ANY undercutting of potential PS Now revenue. But I’m not entirely sure they didn’t go a bit too far. In any case, it seems like emulation of digital-only PS3 games could have been a thing if that wouldn’t undercut PS3 sales too much.

  • ThumbsOfSteel74

    Another partial solution would be to charge some kind of fee to PS4 owners even for games they already bought on PS3. For example, a person has X PS2 Classic he bought for $9.99 and now has to pay $5 to play it on PS4. I’m sure many wouldn’t like that, but it’s true that buying a product now doesn’t guarantee access to all future versions at no additional cost. And many would prefer this to paying for a new service they don’t really want or just not being able to play the games.

    Meanwhile, keeping one’s old system(s) is nice. But not all games available digitally (streaming or otherwise) are widely available in their original formats. And however unrealistic it may be, many people dream of having one machine that plays all their games. Especially when all of those games are Sony products.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    I feel like adding 5 games a month is not enough for this service. 20+ games a month should be added. I’m sure that will be the case once PS1/PS2/PSP/PSV/PS4 games are rolled out onto it, maybe even with the patented trophy support for old games.

    I will reiterate the need for a year subscription option. I’m reasonable and know that this will never be 8 bucks a month like netflix due to much higher infrastructure cost. I think a fair option of $19.99/month, $44.99 for 3 months ($15/month), and $160 for a year ($13.33/month) would go a long way and I’d probably sign up for the latter option. Maybe an extra 5-10% discount for PS+ members just to try to get people to sign up for more things. So PS+ members would pay $17.99/month, $41.99 for 3 months and $150 for a year. I don’t know, just an idea for higher subscription rate and higher revenue.

    Finally, (PS3) games I would like to see on PSNow subscription:

    – Fallout 3/NV/Skyrim/Oblivion
    – GTAIV/V/RDR/LA Noire
    – Civilization Revolution
    – Gran Turismo
    – MGSIV
    – Mass Effect 1/2/3
    – Portal 2/Orange Box
    – Assassin’s Creed (any)
    – Battlefield (any)
    – COD (any)
    – Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2 SE

    That’s it for now, like I said….I’m a reasonable guy ;)

  • We all want DEMON’S SOULS!

  • i have a question. The games are only the base games or have all the DLC included

  • Love PS Now, but needs a lot of work still. I am in support of those who want the ability to stream old games they own digitally on PSN. I’d also like to see more and better subscription games, as rental-only games like Mass Effect 2 are a disappointment twofold in that we can’t play the game even though we subscribed, and the senselessness of playing a game as heavy as ME2 (completing the game this way would probably result in a rental bill in the hundreds of dollars).

    Add more games. Get your lobbyists out there and push these stubborn devs and publishers to release their games, they’re old anyways. Also, it would be great to get the Resistance franchise on Now!

  • Hitman_Spinksy1

    Hi do you have any details on a release date for Europe by chance

  • Sony not sure what to say any more, I’m super disappointed in you guys and others too who wish for true backwards compatibility using software emulating to make it possible to play all PSone, PS2, and PS3 games on PS4. PS Now is not true backwards compatibility when we Loyal PlayStation Fan have to paid for games yet again we have part of are PSN Accounts for download and disc ready.

    I don’t mind paying for the backwards compatibility software emulator to be on PS4 someday if Sony decide to make it happen. PS Now you need good network connection which most places don’t have one to handle that kind of data so backwards compatibility software emulating is the best way for everyone. PS4 hardware has what it takes to run the backwards compatibility software of PSone, PS2, and PS3 games for 100% sure just it needs to be code but it will take time and its worth the time to emulator it on PS4.

    I will keep hoping and paying for it to happen one day.

  • OMG…I can’t believe what I’m about to say (and I will deny this ever happened in the tuture)…but I AGREE WITH PrimeroIncognito. o.O

    Everything he said was spot on (I think I’m gonna die! xD).

    So @DA3NAPPUX: You are wrong. And I’m NOT with you on this one. >_>

  • @70/71 ThumbsOfSteel74 : LOL. There was NO “undercutting PS3 sales” involved, man. This was simply a matter of GREED and customer’s stupidity.
    If there’s no BC nor an “emulator” to run older games…they can charge for an additional service…and that’s where PS Now comes in. It’s as simple as that.
    No one did any “yelling” when they announced mandatory PS+ for online gaming…so they were smart and thought “hey, these people is so over-excited about this new console that no one complains about the mandatory stuff…so why don’t we charge them for even MORE things? They WILL pay.” And…surprise, surprise…wanna know what happened? THEY WERE RIGHT. -_-
    Sure, a lot of people is saying “Hey, forget it. I’m not paying for that!”. But that’s only because is not there yet. The service is still in its infancy…give it another year or so…and it will be yet another PS+. You know, that thing that everyone complains about…but 90% of them ends up paying for anyways.

    When you’re a customer you need to SPEAK UP when a company is &%$@* you. Otherwise it will stomp on you in the future…and then it will be too late, and you will have to SHUT UP and pay up.

  • Any chance you can introduce free trial periods for some games?

  • LaserGunPyewPyew

    you might as well ban me from speaking because i have nothing nice to say about this service. i’ve been paying the ridiculous price you demand for a few months now and all you offer is absolute trash for the subscription model. you have last of us batman bioshock xcom and that’s about it. i’ve beaten them. so every month i hope you guys add something fresh and it’s just more bloody trash. absolute trash.

    every once in a while they’ll add some new quirky games that seem like they may be interesting but they’re rental only. so you wait out for some AAA titles every month and you get some adobe flash game and NASCAR hahaha.

    i’m beyond stupid for even paying for it this long. i’m cancelling. too bad i’m gonna miss out on PLANET MINI GOLF 3: LEGO SONIC WARS 2 next month, but 20 dollars isn’t worth it. all the good games you have were freebies on ps plus. ps now was a really great idea executed poorly, and dont tell me to wait for games i’m not shelling out 100 bucks after 5 months to finally get a good AAA game, i’ll just pay 70 and get it now.

    and i’m getting and xbox.

  • @SpoonNManX

    Exactly, the PS4 should be able to emulate PS1 and PS2 well enough to have backwards compatibility for those. However, I get why it doesn’t do the PS3. Without the PS4 having 10x the processing speed (I know it has 10x the power, but that is different) of the cell processor of the PS3, they would have to have a really optimized emulator to run smoothly. Though they could just have the PS1/PS2 emulator, and then do what the 360 did for the original xbox and have specific emulator profiles for the more popular PS3 games to ensure they run smoothly. Either way, I am keeping my fat PS3 to play my PS1/PS2/PS3 games. If that dies, I will just get another PS3 (probably a slim and get a PS2 as well for those games, I wish I didn’t sell my fat PS2 w/hdloader last year).

    I am interested in the PSNow service and would subscribe if it had more than PS3 games (the ones from their list that I am interested in I already own or have already played). At $15/month I would expect PS1 – 4 games available. If it was $10/month, I would still want PS1 – 3 games available. I think $9.99 would be the sweet spot since most subscription services (Netflix, Spotify, etc) go for that.

  • ThumbsOfSteel74

    @Orpheus_Aeons: Your comment would be much more interesting if you didn’t contradict yourself in the first sentence. My point there was that PS1/PS2 *only* (meaning not PS3) emulation on PS4 wouldn’t damage PS3 console sales in the least. That was one of Primero’s central points (that PS3 games played locally on PS4 would hurt PS3 console sales), and you claimed to agree with everything he said. I actually agreed with a fair amount of what he said, and I offered ideas that would mostly complement his: My thoughts involved schemes that would drive revenue without damaging PS Now, which as I suggested seems to be Sony’s main focus after the PS4 itself.

    And I actually agree with you (*gasp*!) that people should be much more vocal at the very start of something that seems anti-consumer or simply not in their best interest. However, many were at the time. They were often shouted down with taunts of “paranoid” and the now ubiquitous “entitled whiny brat”.

    Nobody has to shut up OR pay up, and even if there’s never any movement back to at least partial BC this is a perfectly good place for this discussion.

  • @ThumbsOfSteel74: Wow…at this point you seem obsessed with me and contradictions, huh? =P
    And your paranoia (I couldn’t find a better word xD) is making you see things that simply aren’t there, man.
    Like the last time we spoke…I didn’t contradict myself.

    First, PI never said that. But if I missed it and he, in some mysteriously obscure passage with a huge “between-the-lines sentence”, actually said it…then I completely disagree with that (obviously).

  • Second, a really really small portion of the consumers complaining means squat. I was against the mandatory stuff from day 1…complaining every chance I got…but (kinda like you said) all my complaints ended up being buried beneath all the PS4’s über-hype. So NO, there wasn’t any serious complaining.

    Third, “Nobody has to shut up OR pay up”. Yeah, you’re right…you can simply choose to be left out. What option do you have? Stealing a game? Either you pay…or all your rant will be as good as a drop of ink in the middle of the Ocean.

    Last, “this is a perfectly good place for this discussion”. Mmm…in the sense that this is a public “forum”? Yeah, sure.
    In the sense that discussing these things here will eventually yield any actual results? Hell, no. If PS Now becomes a successful service (and it seems that way atm)…they will NEVER allow for emulation nor any kind of BC.

  • Few more game suggestions:

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    MGS 1-4
    Counter Strike: GO

    All 1st and 2nd party PS3 games.

    Remote Play on iOS and Android?

  • jr_Lakerss4life9

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for the ps4 please!!!!!! Or vita idc!!!

  • when are the PS2 and PS1 titles on the way?

  • What about Playstation Classics?
    I’d love to see the Xenosaga on there (but unedited).
    Catherine would also be one I think would be better for the subscription. I almost got the subscription because I saw it was on PS Now, but when I realized it wasn’t on the subscription I changed my mind.

    The problem is, most of the good games I still have. And the sequels to FF XIII, Uncharted etc are the ones I want.

  • I still think $20 a month is far too much for a service focused on older games I couldn’t see paying more than $10 a month for this, especially for a service that should be free for games you already own. I still have my entire collection of PS1 and PS2 games on shelves.

  • Another month full of trash. Come on you guys can do it better. At least the golden week was good, cause the psn plus free games was nothing more than garbage.

  • @primerincognito- you said ” Get real. You don’t “have to” anything. No one is forcing you to buy multiple copies of anything. Plan better next time and you’ll avoid these petty issues.”

    Had absolutely nothing to do with “planning”. The PS3 I bought died. Hardly my fault. I made digital purchases and also had + PS3 titles gathered. If you pay for a PS NOW service and PS PLUS, you should still have the rights to those games previously purchased. If Sony was truly into aiding their customers for their loyalty, they’d make those previously purchased titles available across other spectrums.

    I realize I fall into a unique category- losing my PS3 games when the system died. Most others simply make a choice. I did not have a choice. I thought next-gen would assist me, not hinder me (as the first PS3’s did, with BC for PS2).

    By not recognizing PLUS member titles on other platforms like PS NOW, Sony is hindering its progress….not helping it. Read the dozens and dozens of messages in the last several months from frustrated folks who want the rights to play the games they purchased.

    If you think it’s just me and a few folks, you’re dead wrong.

  • “we would like to see a scalable bandwidth option, so those with better connections can get a better experience.”
    – Digital Foundry
    Can we get that option?

    Also, more sports games (FIFA, mlb, madden, nhl, etc.).

  • @92 – He is always wrong, so don’t sweat it. He just comes here to treat people like crap, then when they respond to him he goes on a superiority trip and claims to have “won”. It’s best to just ignore him because he never has contributed anything constructive and never will.

  • Wasn’t PS3 “PS Now” Beta app was release last year (I’m remember getting the beta somewhere between june-december 2014 but always get an error getting it over to my PS3 )…I’m saying that “PS Now” subscription should of been on the PS3 since the PS Vita/PS TV came out!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ rudetoy

    Maybe your fault, maybe not. Who knows? You might have treated your system like crap and encouraged it’s failure. Or you may have gotten a lemon. Even if it’s the latter, things like that happen to everyone. You’re actually not in any special category at all. The only thing to do is accept that things like that happen in life and then decide whether you want to continue or not. None of the other points changed. It’s still the same principle.

    You also missed other FACTS pointed out in this thread, by another user. Scroll up to #66 and read Sabvre’s post. What he says is a fact, and if you can find the courage to accept it (I can’t believe I had to say that), then your problem with PS Now would actually be resolved. Isn’t that what you want? A resolution to your problem, yes?

    @ PanTheMoron

    Sniff, sniff…

    I smell jealousy. Such a sad state to be in. I hope you get well soon.

  • @96 – I truthfully don’t understand how that could make any sense, whatsoever, even to you. Unless you’re in high school, because I think kids accuse people who don’t like them as being jealous. “Don’t hate me cuz ya aint me” type of thing. Maybe that’s what you were going for?
    I realize that the amount of thought I just put into it is completely absurd considering that it came from you, and all of your remarks are 100% nonsensical, but still.. even when what you are saying is completely wrong, at least people understand why you are saying it. Kudos for evoking (silly) thought for once in your life. But ultimately it just comes from you being upset and feeling burned because nobody likes or agrees with you. Although, one person did say they agreed with you today, so that must be nice to hear. I guess you feel like you “won” something. lol

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Pan, seriously. Get over me. You’ll never pull me down to your level, and that ain’t “High School” (tee hee), that’s just me being real with you.

    The only one playing childish is you. “Nobody likes you, you’re a loser, etc.” Really? You chose to go with the mean girl act? That’s your best? And apparently it was supposed to rattle this guy who has been to hell and back a thousand times already? Too bad you don’t see all the friend requests and other messages I get solely from my posts on this blog. Too bad you don’t see all the people in my life who REVERE me. And believe me, I EARNED all that respect and reverence.

    Do you really think I can’t tell what you’re feeling? You think I can’t see that YOU KNOW I’m right and that it just burns you to the core that you can’t be that guy? Do you not realize how obvious your resentment is? Yeah, I see it. Plainly.You projected yourself BADLY. Your post at #94 described your post at #97. Ridiculous.

    Go ahead, tough guy. Point out ONE THING I said that was “nonsensical” and I’ll easily prove you wrong. Don’t dodge me. Put up or shut up.

  • Y’know, up until your “REVERE ME” segment, I actually thought you seriously believed the things you say. Now, I recognize that you are simply trolling. But why do that, really? I can understand occasional trolling, but literally the only thing you do here is make a complete jerk of yourself. Even on the rare occasion that what you post actually holds truth, you do it in such an insulting manner that nobody accepts it anyway. So really, I don’t understand your motivations. You are just such a terribly pathetic person, and as terrible as you are, one can’t even feel pity for you.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Pan, really. Stop. Your desperation is showing.

    I’m not lying about the reverence. You should come meet me and see.

    I don’t insult people. At least not purposely. I speak in a firm manner. Tough love. Constructive criticism. To the point, no fluff, no sugar-coating. That’s all. That’s not necessarily insulting. Only uber-sensitive types see it that way, but I can’t cater to them. The world is a rough place and I’m not an enabler.

    However, look at the things you say to me: “Jerk; terribly pathetic person; nobody likes you; etc.”.

    Are those not insults? Why complain about insults if you use insults yourself? The contradiction should embarrass you, but for some reason you’re blind to it.

    I’m sorry you have so much resentment in your heart, I really do. I imagine it must be painful.

    Now where’s the “nonsensical” stuff I said? Ah, I knew you wouldn’t be able to do it.

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