PS Plus: Free Games for May 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for May 2015

Another collection of excellent games joins PlayStation Plus this May, and you’ve come to the right place for details!

Let’s begin with a fan-favorite game with a crazy colorful art style: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition on PS4. Is that title a mouthful? Sure! A mouthful of delicious hand-to-hand combat! Bask in Guacamelee’s mix of platforming, puzzle solving, and exquisite video game humor.

Also up for grabs on PS4: Ether One. This new, first-person puzzle game tasks you with restoring the broken minds of the mentally ill through surreal puzzles. Can you unravel their tangled lives and also find answers to your own desperate questions?

Other games this month include the critically acclaimed indie project The Unfinished Swan, solar speed-demon Race the Sun, and the calmly explorative Hohokum, all of which are available on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. As well as the oddly charming Murasaki Baby, available on PS Vita.

These games will be free for Plus members starting on May 5th. Would you like to know more? Hit the video below, and hear me rant about video games for a few minutes!

PS Plus: Free Games for May 2015

3 Month PS Plus12 Month PS Plus

May’s PlayStation Plus Preview
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
This 2D brawler/platformer hybrid is inspired by Mexican folklore and has a vivid art style to match. Explore a huge world, learn the robust fighting system, and enjoy some drop-in, drop-out co-op.

Ether One
Ether One (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
This haunting, first-person puzzler tasks you with restoring the minds of the mentally ill by solving complex puzzles and sewing together the frayed strands of the patient’s lives. Be warned: not everything is as it seems.

The Unfinished Swan
The Unfinished Swan (PS4 | PS3 | PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
Developer Giant Sparrow made big waves with this project thanks to its astounding art style and thought-provoking gameplay. Will you help find a fitting end to this fairy tale? Experience a breath-taking story filled with delightful twists.

Race the Sun
Race the Sun (PS4 | PS3 | PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
This minimalist racing game forces you to compete against the setting sun in what is both a deeply calming and nail-biting session. That may sound like a contradiction, but it’s true!

Hohokum (PS4 | PS3 | PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
A supremely relaxing game that’s bursting at the seams with personality. Explore a crazy, colorful world, meet new friends, and just let go as you listen to the incredible soundtrack by a collection of talented artists.

Murasaki Baby
Murasaki Baby (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
A strange puzzle game with an eerie atmosphere. Players guide Baby through a nightmarish landscape in search of home. It’s cute, and also a little weird.

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  • Indies up the wazoo. WHERE are the retail AAA games we USED to get on Plus?!?!? That’s what we want!!

  • Too many indie games on plus, you say? Guess what, next month ALL of them will be indies! Good thing there’s Japanese PS+, been enjoying Killzone Shadowfall since december -_-

  • Pretty good line up for me except unfinished swan because I own it but besides that I am excited

  • Hi:
    Now i understand the REAL meaning of “Indie Games…” It means “Let’s put this CRAP over and over again for PlayStation Plus Subscribers. At least for Me, I don’t want to renew my Subscription ended in April. Maybe June…
    Red 5.

    Plus is not like old times, if it’s not necessary to PS4, I’m not going to renew… disappointed with Sony.

  • 5 new games for my ps4 and 4 new games for my vita! Cant believe the amount of people complaining.

  • Finally a month that I don’t alredy own any of the games.

    P.D. Why don’t you enable Disqus as your comments section, or at least bring the one from EU Blog ?

  • Pretty good month for me, especially as a PS4 owner. Of these, I’ve only played Unfinished Swan, which is excellent, so I might play through it again on PS4. Looking forward to trying out the others.

    That Vita game looks like something Tim Burton would do.

  • I’m tired of these indie games why can’t they re-release bigger name games like knack or don’t starve again those games are fun.

  • Why isn’t there a way to pay for only online multiplayer on the PS4. At first I was excited for the games that came with the PSN subscription but after many months of disappointment I don’t want to pay for something I don’t want…

  • Worst month ever. Indie games…

  • holy (insert all awesome swear words here)…. i can play all the games on my ps4?!?!! (well, murasaki baby is for the vita, i own it, booya!)… this is a very very very awesome month, but hey… it is always great month

  • amazing line-up!!!! thank you very much for this!!

  • Ok…. i dont know what in the hell this is on the ps4 but where in the hell is the real non indie games i mean tomb raider or metro or anything we had infamous first light great game but honestly … wth is going on the vita got killzone last month great game but id rather have a rpg not some lag ass shooter game ive been a fan for a long time threw the good and the bad ever since 1995 when the underground demos were comming out id rather play that those then these games =.=

  • A nice selection even though I own 4 out of the 6 of these. Excellent games for those that haven’t played them.

  • Eh, it’s OK.

  • Wow
    Great great great top notch games on the plus this month. But don’t you think that giving away so many of these “indie” type games every month is stopping some people from purchasing them when they first come out? I know personally I have stopped buying anything on the PSN except for PS classics because I know these games will eventually come to the PS Plus? I think you do need to pepper in a few non psn games (so called AAA/retail) just to make people think about buying the indies.

  • /thank you Sony for continuing to prove what we all suspected the day it was annouced… every since PS+ went from being optional to beiing REQUIRED to play online (on ps4 anyway) the quality of free games has dropped dramatically) more indie games left and right… I can understand the free indie games on ps4 since its library isnt that huge and the c onsole isnt THAT old…. but the PS3 and VIta free games could be MUCH better…. get us Street Fighter X Tekken fir os3 for example (yes it was free on vita before but NEVER on ps3) i could think of a million OLD AAA ps3 games we could be getting instead of this stuff… Nier, White Knight Chroniclesn FF13 (as bad a sit is would still be better than the 15 dollar indie picks) Batman games etc etc

  • Is it as good as the “leaked” free games? no

    Is it still worth the subscription cost, yeah, heck RtS, and UNfinished Swan are both $15 by themselves (or I think Race the Sun is $15), and Guacamelee! is as well.

    even if you buy by the month you’re still saving money on just one of these. Moreso if you buy annually like most of us do.

    Do I understand why we rarely get AAAs on PS4? somewhat, do I care? as long as the indies can hold my attention, no. SOme indies failed to (See Secret Ponchos), others did (see, SteamWorld Dig, Resogun, Valiant Hearts (which I still need to beat), and others from this year)

    Honestly, I hate seeing the complainers, about the ONLY thing I would complain about would be DRIVECLUB, needing it, since we got screwed. Am I gonna whine? No, there’s no reason to.

  • Amazing lineup guys! Thank you!!!

  • Unfortunately, I bought most of these on one of the last flash sales. Looking forward to Hohokum though!

  • Only indie games for Ps3… thats just sad…

  • Never heard of Ether One before, looks interesting and I look forward to trying it. Already own Unfinished Swan (plays on PS TV) and Race To The Sun which I feel is a decent Vita title. Interested to try Hohokum (looks like a Vita fit game) & Murasaki Baby. As good a game as Guacamelee! is I’m not sure if I want to take up any more of my remaining very limited hard drive space up just to be able to play it again but on PS4.

    Overall a decent month for me personally, 1 game not on my radar that looks interesting for PS4 and 2 more games that I’ve kept my eye without ever coming close to buying. No point in me getting upset that I already own 3 of them if I include the Vita version of Guacamelee!, I look at Plus games as a bonus that allows me to try new titles and types of games that I wouldn’t always buy directly (like Hohokum). not as a given right to fill my library with multiple AAA titles for $5 a month.

  • Great games to bad I have most of them

  • Some pretty cool games here.

  • Garbage. Stop stealing money. You guys throw out one good game Every couple of months and the rest are crap. You bait people in with promises of big name games like Drivers Club but you never deliver. North America always seems to get the crap. Thanks Sony, won’t be renewing anytime soon.

  • Yeah great games,but Guacamelee really?…its starting to get annoying these recycled games for PS4 offered on Plus,at the least give us real PS4 games.
    Anyway thats a great lineup for May…I only have Unfinished Swan outta that list.
    Really looking forward to play Murasaki Baby…can’t believe you guys are giving it for free already.Also Race the Sun is another game I wanted to try out.

    Thanks Sony.

  • Yay just what I wanted. More indies.

  • yes !! i love puzzles games !…. waiting for to long to play Guacamelee !
    thanks Sony !!

  • Not a good month

  • While I’ll add these games to my library, I am not impressed with the selection. I must apologize but I wish Sony or PlayStation stepped up their game a little when offering “FREE TITLES”. Gives us something everyone is excited to play. Something that well bring players to PS. Something new.

  • I wish we could of got Guacamelee for the PS3 as well.

  • Should have kept this dumpster fire under wraps until the day of the update.

  • Why are we getting guacamelee again? I thought I rule of PS Plus wasn’t to offer the same game over again.

  • Que triste lista de juegos para las consolas de SONY… definitivamente se especializaron en ofrecernos juegos de muy bajo calibre… tirste ver como un servicio tan bueno como lo fue planeado, el PS+, está perdiendo todo su poder y alejando a los fieles jugadores de continuar con su membresía, el mes anterior buen, pero este si está muy pero muy escaso de juegos de alta calidad… Gracias…

  • All great games, glad to get a nice variety this month on my PS4.

    …Now if only we could have the PS3/PSP XMB layout. I hate scrolling through my games, and the library is a pile of garbage.

  • We can pay a dollar for any of the Humble Bundle and will get better games than PS Plus. and those games in the bundles will never be expired.

  • Thank you for all the indie titles! I really enjoy getting exposure to non-AAA games that I otherwise might not have taken a chance on.

    I already have Hohokum and Unfinished Swan and I played the original Guacamelee on PS3. All of those are great games! Looking forward to a replay of Guacamelee and the rest of these titles I’ve never played.

    Also, I have one other thing to say:


  • @48 — The other console gets 1 game per month? I’d rather have 1 GOOD game every 3 months than 10 indie titles every month.

    If gaming were ONLY Madden, COD, and indies, I wouldn’t be a gamer. There is so much more out there, you don’t have to break it down to only those 3.

  • still not satisfied…wth is going on with all indie titles? I didnt buy ps4 to play indie games. I can do that on “PC” aka “COMPUTER, PERSONAL”. But at least this month has 5 titles for ps4 and all I hope is Guacamelee has longer gameplay than never alone so i can enjoy coop. But yea this games are still freaking better than tower of guns! Ahhh….Sooo tired of commenting my dissatisfied negative opinion about ps4 line up EVERY month, but this month nor satisfied or dissatisfied, guess thats “O.K.”.

    p.s. for those who think its free stuff: “it is NOT free, we pay for them yearly or monthly like renting. whats is the point if u dont have time or will to play those games; than its just pointless and joyless.

    @Ryan Clements thx for heads up. Was waiting for news.

  • Seriously, PS Plus has been terrible the last 5 months. I don’t expect triple AAA games, but at least offer us indie games that worked. Tower of guns didn’t work for 2 weeks, Secret Ponchos still doesn’t really work online. Were being treated like early access members, when that isn’t what we subscribed for.

  • We need better USB Hard Drive Support. And the ability to DELETE DLC. Just copy Microsofts USB Hdd system that the Cbox One uses. It puts the USB hard drive backup system that Ps4 has to shame. Please listen to the people.

  • 3 months without PS+ and I still have yet to regret it. Killzone Mercenary was the only game last month that was worth it, but I already owned it anyway. This month is so much crap. *so much*

  • We want to be able to run game off a hard drive. Xbox One can do it. These hard drives that come with the PS4 are too small

  • Great indie line up.
    4 games for vita now we’re talking
    People complaining about ps4 getting indies,sony said they will support indies games dont like sell console and switch to other.

  • Turbo garbage!

    Got all games on PS3 ages ago.
    They arent old, they are superold.

    Hohokum is trash, wasted resources and time on clueless game.
    Only good game is Guacemelee.

    If indies must be, then atleast provide new games for PS3, not old games majority of people purchased ages ago.

    Todays updates was ultra trash for PS3, another week with PS2 classics (read: Sony run out of PS3 games).

    With sadness I look at the XBOX360 being strongly supported by MS, they continue getting new games, even AAA titles.
    PS3 gets cancellations and delays.
    Thank you Sony for giving us loyal customers “so much greatness”.

  • Can’t complain about 5 PS4 games to play

  • Can’t wait to try Ether.

  • It’s good to see that Unfinished Swan is becoming available to PS3 and Vita owners. It’s a great game with some decent challenge to it. Yes, I’m rather disappointed a AAA game wasn’t offered this month for any of the consoles but I’m content considering Xbox Live subscribers don’t get Any free games with their subscriptions. Please correct me if I’m wrong but that makes PS + a better buy several times over!


    Lineup looks fine.

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