Powers Season Finale Available Today

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Powers Season Finale Available Today

Powers, PlayStation’s first ever scripted original series, delivers an exciting season finale today. Since the inaugural episodes launched on March 10th, the response from the PlayStation Nation has been every bit as awesome as we had hoped.

In case you haven’t had a chance to watch Powers yet, we have a cannibalistic killer with unparalleled power on the loose, several characters on the cusp of life-altering decisions, and a vicious group plotting to murder Powers. The season has culminated into an epic finale that cannot be missed.

Powers Season Finale Available Today

For those binge watchers out there, you can devour the entire season with all 10 episodes available today on your PS4, PS3, or online on PlayStation Store.

Don’t forget that PlayStation Plus members in the U.S. will be able to watch the entire season free. For those of you who may have skimmed past it in the store, here is a sneak peek of what you’ve missed this season, above.

Share your thoughts on the show! Be sure to let us know what you think at @POWERStheSeries and tag #POWERSonPS.

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  • I loved this show. Acting and writing was great, will it have a season 2?

  • working on rolling it out in other regions?

    trying to flog it to other networks more bloody like.

    our money’s not good enough if we’re not a bloody yank eh?
    we pay for our plus subs too you know, but screw us right?

    those other countries that have got it?
    you have to be signed up for another service.
    you only let them have it because you got a bunce off some other company to show it in that country.
    because god knows they’re not good enough to get it just for being a plus subscriber, what do they think they’re american?
    hah, peons.
    that’s the thinking right?

    we don’t deserve to watch the show just with our plus sub like you promised?
    sony lying their arses off?
    must be a day that ends in a y.

    really just stop with the pretence of actually giving a toss, it’s just adding insult to injury at this point.
    we all know you only care about your customers in the us, you’ve had that parochial attitude for at least a decade now.

    as far as you’re concerned we don’t matter enough for you to actually honour your word.

  • i really hope not, but this pathetic attitude of yours is going to get this show pirated to hell and back.
    and i’ll have zero sympathy for sony in this.
    for the poor sods who thought that making the show with sony meant people actually getting to see it?
    them i have sympathy for.
    they didn’t realise what xenophobic scum they were going to be working with.

  • Really enjoyed season 1. I found the emotional content to be the most powerful. Thank you Playstation. Hope Season 2 gets a green light.

  • This show is relatively entertaining, but parts of it are so bad it’s really distracting. For one, the casting is not very good. And I’m mainly thinking of Retro Girl. The woman who plays her is not at all convincing as a superhero. Her fight scenes are so stiff and cringe-worthy. When she flies, it is abundantly clear that she is awkwardly hanging from cables.
    Then there are the constant product placements. Every phone, TV, laptop, pair of headphones etc.. VERY clearly displays the Sony brand. So I go from watching a Powers show to feeling like I’m watching a Sony commercial. The show has so much potential, but Sony really needs to improve upon some things.
    Also, I’m feeling like maybe the sound quality is subpar because I always find myself turning on subtitles because I can’t understand what the actors are saying. I don’t have do that for any other show. I’ve got a fantastic audio system that makes dialog very clear, but for some reason I just can’t follow it in this show..

  • Also have to say that the streaming is very poor when compared to premium services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. The picture quality isn’t as good, fast-forwarding/rewinding is so slow it’s almost useless, and the subtitles are awful. Ugly font with black bars behind it that will occasionally cover the actors’ faces. If I could watch Powers on another service, I would never use Sony’s video streaming.

  • I have been a Playstation owner since I was 8 in 1997. Now 26, I am BEGGING you to renew Powers! This season was all about showing its potential. Now you just have to follow through! Please, Hirai… Give it another chance!

  • @pantheman
    While I agree that the show needs work, you HAVE to remeber that this has never been done before. Playstation is obviously new at this, so you honestly have to give them just a little growing room. Admittedly, it’s no Flash, but as a Playstation fan, I feel it can only get better from here. This was like a practice run…now they just have to show they can learn from their mistakes, and follow through.

    Also, half of what you said was about the video player itself. The sound, streaming quality, etc should be fixed by updates sooner or later. Production quality will hopefully be augmented as well by a bigger budget (if renewed). The work of the production team shouldn’t be judged by the quality of the video player. Anyone who’s watched a movie online can attest to that..

  • @58 – What I said about the poor streaming was not meant to criticize the show. I think everyone can understand that. The show needs a ton of work though, if it’s picked up for a second season. As it is, it’s really not very good.

  • Hello John and the Creators of Powers

    I’d just like to give a little constructive criticism and thoughts about Season 1 of Powers. Now I kinda feel really old saying this and perhaps this is how the comic is portrayed (excuse the ignorance) but while I liked the story and the questions it made your ask yourself if you were in there situation, I felt as if the use of Blood and Cursing was over the top. Now I’m not saying it didn’t have its place, but it seemed like every characters every other word was F**k. Also the blood and Violence seemed like it was overkill (No pun intended) It just felt a little juvenile even for me and I probably use curse words a lot myself, and it did make me think how I use my language in my daily life. So it did even make an impact on me (even though probably not your intention) but overall I liked what it asked and the story, I just felt the cursing and some of the violence was just there for the sake of being there and had no real purpose. I look forward to season 2 and hopefully when they curse and mame each other, it will feel a little realistic and purposeful.

  • @60 – I agree about the profanities. In general, it’s not something that bothers me, and it’s not that I found it distasteful in Powers, but it just didn’t feel right. The show feels very PG-13, then suddenly a character starts cursing and it doesn’t fit. It’s not believable that these characters would do that and it’s not convincing from the actors. You know how some people sound silly when they swear because they just never do it? That’s exactly how I felt every time someone did it in Powers. It’s not a taste or sensitivity issue with me at all.
    Blood, I don’t mind, but when Wolfe starts “feasting” it’s just ridiculous. Like Tarantino but stupider. It’s really a shame this show isn’t better because I was pleased to see Eddie Izzard in it and even he wasn’t very enjoyable to watch.

    Sony, this either needs to be a regular show or it needs to commit to the comic book thing the way Sin City did. You’re trying to make a real, gritty show, then you throw in something so utterly goofy it ruin the moment. Figure out what you want Powers to be. As it stands, it seems to be suffering from an identity crisis.

  • @61 I think you said it better than I did. That’s exactly how I felt.

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