Powers Season Finale Available Today

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Powers Season Finale Available Today

Powers, PlayStation’s first ever scripted original series, delivers an exciting season finale today. Since the inaugural episodes launched on March 10th, the response from the PlayStation Nation has been every bit as awesome as we had hoped.

In case you haven’t had a chance to watch Powers yet, we have a cannibalistic killer with unparalleled power on the loose, several characters on the cusp of life-altering decisions, and a vicious group plotting to murder Powers. The season has culminated into an epic finale that cannot be missed.

Powers Season Finale Available Today

For those binge watchers out there, you can devour the entire season with all 10 episodes available today on your PS4, PS3, or online on PlayStation Store.

Don’t forget that PlayStation Plus members in the U.S. will be able to watch the entire season free. For those of you who may have skimmed past it in the store, here is a sneak peek of what you’ve missed this season, above.

Share your thoughts on the show! Be sure to let us know what you think at @POWERStheSeries and tag #POWERSonPS.

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  • Thank god. Maybe you’ll finally stop spamming my inbox about this show. The emails start off by saying “To update your marketing preferences, please click here.” But, that doesn’t actually stop the spam. Speaking with support, I find out that I can’t opt out of these types of emails. I can’t block you, because I need SOME emails from you, at times. Not cool.

  • Yeah , that’s great but what what about all of the people who aren’t american ?
    Sony promises the series will be available to ALL pns+ members at E3 then it’s US only and no word at all
    to the rest of us about when or even if it will ever be in otherregions
    tell us now …. are we just unimportant cash cows or valued customers who will get the series too

  • PS Plus users are in other countries as well, pls don’t be ignorant. that is all.

  • I’m quite enjoying myself watching the series. It’s my first introduction into the franchise as well. Hoping for season two and more PlayStation Originals.

    • Glad you are enjoying the series! It’s been a lot of fun to produce and we’re continuing to work on rolling out to additional countries throughout the world.

  • Already watched it guys and the episode was great. Overall I thought the first season was Good but has room for improvement. Hope to see you guys make another season.

  • Any updates on when this will be coming to Canada and other countries?

    • We’re continuing to work on rolling Powers out to additional countries. We have launched in numerous European countries and will continue to launch into as many countries as possible.

  • Not only US has PS+ users. You went full racist Sony, never go full racist.

  • I have enjoyed the whole series. Fingers crossed for a season 2 and more original content.

  • Good, now my PS4 won’t give me those annoying pop ups saying I have a new episode of powers.

  • Id love to watch these shows but sony decided to be absoulte idiots and force streaming on us. Since my internet is too slow and i have NO OPTION TO DOWNLOAD videos, i am missing out. And sony aint getting any money from me on the video store, either.

    As a matter of fact, since Sony still hasnt fixed the pre-order content being locked for Resi Rev 2, im not buying anything from the store. Ill take the crap plus games for free and thats it.

  • I have a question:

    How can I watch Powers with my PS Vita?

  • is it me, or did anyone else lose interest after around episode 5?

  • Still no love for Canada, and other places outside the U.S. I am a disappointed Playstation user today.

  • @2: Yes

  • Still baffled this show is U.S only. Why pay money to make a show if you only get the rights in ONE country?

  • @12: I liked the beginning, the middle began to get on my nerves, but I have really enjoyed the past couple episodes. The main disappointment to me is the director. Sad to see that someone still thinks in order to be mature, all you need to do is say “f***” constantly and then spray blood from just off camera with a firefighters hose.

  • Niiiiiiiice! I started watching this show cuz.I had nothing else to watch and I seriously thought I wouldve hated it but wow it hooked me in after the first episode. Didnt expect it to.be good.

  • @11 you have to download it to watch on Vita. And does anyone else get the impression that the plot is driven by idiocy here?

  • I know it’s been said already, here are my two cents. (Now, those are Canadian $.02, so you will likely ignore it)

    Many of you readers are paying the PS Plus fees – the same fees US PS Plus members pay, and yet we are not receiving the promised Powers TV show. The pilot was flaunted at us back in March. You quietly said “only for US” and “other will get to see it soon”. We have waited for our glimpse of the promised feature. Now, you are flaunting the season finale while we still have yet to see the pilot?

    Our frustration is not with the staff running this blog, it is with Sony. Sony, please listen…

    You have taken away several things from the PS Plus membership (the yearly IGC, Qore, …) and you’ve made it mandatory for online gaming, fine. But don’t be selective on what you are giving back. Even out the US and EU free games. Make Powers available to everyone. All PS Plus members should have the same privileges.

  • That’s great to hear but when is this coming to Canada? I was looking forward to see how this show would turn out

  • Is there anyway to opt out of automatically “buying” these? Im never going to watch it, and it is clogging up my download list. I sorta remember being promised a fix for the linear download list. I want to sort by games ive bought.

  • So if you could just go ahead and put the entire season up all at once in Canada, that’d be super.

  • Haven’t bothered watching an episode yet – now maybe I’ll take a look to see if it’s worth my time. This is the Netflix era, Sony – don’t roll this stuff out an episode at a time hoping to increase the hype, just give us the season and let us watch it as WE want to watch it.

  • Good no more “important” notifications about this show, I never asked for it, therefore its not important to me. I dont get other notifications about new episodes about shows. Just bc its produced by Sony doesn’t mean I care for it. Only thing i care about on the show is the ps4 Video Chat you hinted back in March. Thats just messed up if you’re not close.

  • @23: you do have the choice. Wait, as you did, or watch it a week at a time. No difference. they are all sitting there waiting for you.

  • I have been super disappointed by Powers to be honest. I was expecting better in acting, story and just overall quality. The quality of it is really low, and I can under stand some aspects like when they use the powers, but things like standing on buildings and it looks worse than when a Twitch streamer uses their green screen you have some serious issues and laziness. I hope for a second season, but I hope they put a much bigger budget on it. I understand they want to it to look comic-bookey and be a little cheesy, there’s just a point you don’t go beyond and Powers went way beyond that point.

    Also, I hope for more Playstation Originals to come soon. Netflix has been pumping them out and I hope Playstation has more to offer in the future to show it has ground.

  • I liked the story. Characters were interesting. Next season you need to let the make up effects team get a little more detailed with the gore. Just splashing blood to signify a wound is disappointing. The writers need to be mixed up a little as well. Dialogue could be better. While I enjoy normal to moderate use of profanity, f@*# every other words does nothing for me. Above those two peeves with this show, you seriously need to get better quality flight shots. When I see a Power take flight I almost want to stop watching, it’s so bad. Aside from all that, not bad. Will watch the second season for sure.

  • gonna be honest and say that the series has been a disappointment for me.because its too dark and some of the characters are rather creepy.the johnny royale,the black chick(those eyes and short hair)and even the Russian actress that tried to pose has a young girl,specially the how BJ scene or hint because she wanted to get someone’s power…i’m not a prude by any means but the whole thing was too dark and disturbing for me unlike the other marvel series that i’m currently watching …daredevil,agents of shield,the flash and even sony’s the black list

  • Top notch effort. This first season was a great ride. Hope to see more seasons, and more PlayStation original programming. PlayStation Video is a perfect digital store, I wish Sony had the same amount of time and effort put into digital music.

    Also, Powers is available to PLAYSTATION VITA PS+ members as well. To all Sony and PlayStation employees, quit trying to pretend like Vita never happened. Once again, I tried the Z series smartphones, Android is garbage, and I will never buy another, so you guy and gals better figure out the mobile space with the PlayStation brand. Otherwise, love everything going on around here.

  • To all complainers about it’s not avail where you are, have you actually searched for powers in the psn store?, I have just seen all episodes, and they have been avail in Norway atleast just some few days after the announcement in US, But it’s not been so much advertised over here as in the us strangly. So my tip are, just search the psn store for it and you might be suprised :) I am very happy with the series, just this last episiode disappointed me a bit, hopefully it will be strong back next season and suprise me :)

  • EVERYONE OUTSIDE OF THE US, Please make a feedback as how much Sony sends the middle finger to ALL THE WORLD for this series EXCEPT USA!!!

    WHY THE HELL DOES IT ONLY PLAY IN US TERRITORY????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Sony promised the series Powers will be available to ALL PSN+ members at E3 last year, but then it’s US only and no word at all
    to the rest of the world.


    • Powers has launched in additional countries throughout Europe and is not only U.S. centric. And we’re continuing to push into additional territories. We are glad that you are excited to watch!

  • I watched it this morning. It was great. I wish there was more.

  • I’d rather know when the series is comming to other territories, I’m from Mexico and I don’t know why it’s taking so much to come here, network tv shows are subbed a day after release in the states and with things like Netflix, they are dubbed and (some, like Daredevil) subbed by the day of release. Please hurry!

  • As a Canadian PS+ member I was expecting this series, but now I feel like it’s losing steam. Seriously guys, some transparency would be nice. Especially the fact that you guys SOLD distribution rights outside of the US for most of Europe. I hope that didn’t happen for the Canadian rights. The services here are horrible enough and that’d be a sure fire way to make sure no one watches it.

  • I’ve been enjoying this show. I really hope it gets renewed for another season.

  • I thought Kendrick Lamar played well with Sharlto Copley.

    8/10 the flashback scenes were a bit too much. Supportive in hopes of better and more PS Original programming.

  • Canada? How about Canada? My favourite comic book series and I can’t watch it legally. Total BS.

  • I saw the season finale this morning. I liked it quite a bit. I’ll be happy to see what happens in season 2. I wonder what other series Playstation might have in store for their “Playstation Originals”?

  • Weren’t we promised “Information coming soon” for Canadian and International customers?
    Just more disrespect for non Americans by Sony. Not surprising.

  • I haven’t yet watched the finale, but I have to say I have been utterly disappointed since frame one. I’m a huge fan of the source material… i.e.; the comics… The writing for the show is no where near in comparison. The Story and Character histories are weak the only reason really to have watched was Sharlto Copley and even he can’t carry it. I have been very excited about the show since the first announcement (the very first announcement) and after all the changes to see it fall so far from the great story it is in the comics is sad.

  • I look forward to furthering my internal debate of all-out boycott vs. pirating the heck out of every episode as a protest against any real news on a Canadian release of the show. Sony and everyone else involved in this dropped the ball by not figuring out the broadcast rights before airing. It’s not like they don’t have lawyers. I know they do because Sony has sent a few “stop pirating our stuff” letters to countless people. But, those same lawyers somehow lack the legal ability to figure out the logistics of legally allowing other nations to view this show.

  • Really loved the finale. Was not expecting the ending at all. I hope Calista can now use all the powers that wolfe consumed. Really looking forward to the next season. And more new shows in general.

  • Will Canadian PlayStation Plus subscribers be able to download Powers soon, I have been itching to see it!

  • Where can I buy christian walker’s sunglasses?

    I’m really enjoying the show, good finale, hopefully we get a longer season 2.

  • I really enjoyed the show and want to know when season 2 is coming out. The ending left me with many questions and I am really eager to see what happened. I just really want season 2 asap and thanks for a terrific show :).

  • While US get to see the finale, Canada still haven’t seen one single episode. Wait, but we pay the same fees… yeah, that’s sad.

  • Such a fantastic show! Has too much story potential for there not to be more seasons to be made.

  • Solid season overall! Looking forward to a season 2….but not too soon hopefully, im still trying to finish the comic arc the finale set up :D

  • +alfredotx check out the first series of the Powers comic arc, the finale ending is the major plotline of the whole first run

  • Hopefully the series will be available through PSN for Canada soon or perhaps other distribution methods might work better. I’d prefer one of these ways rather than searching through other means. I still say that limiting release does more to promote piracy than prevent it. Hard to consider it “stealing” if it isn’t available in the first place.

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