First Look at Mad Max Gameplay

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First Look at Mad Max Gameplay

Hi PlayStation fans! Well, here at Avalanche Studios, we’ve had our heads down, busy putting the final touches to Mad Max. We’ve been focused on pushing what we can do on PS4. Now we’re confident we’ll be able to show you an experience that you have not played before.

We are very proud of Mad Max, so we thought the best way to showcase it would be to put together a video. Since the game is massive, both in terms of geography and variety of content, we didn’t think one continuous sequence would do it justice. So, we have cut together a bunch of in-game footage (with a little in-game rendered cinematic sequences to set the scene) to give you as broad a sense of the game as possible. We hope you’ll enjoy the first real look at Mad Max gameplay in our walkthrough video.

First Look at Mad Max Gameplay

There has been a lot going on recently as we launch into the final phase of development. A massive moment for the team was the recent release of detailed information about the game. It was great to be able to share as much as we did in recent articles.

It was equally rewarding to read your responses and hear the support for Mad Max and Avalanche Studios. We’re lucky to have such a passionate fanbase.

So, what’s happening with the development of the game right now? Well, we are continuing to push the fidelity of The Wasteland and squeeze as much content and immersion out of the PS4 hardware as possible. True to the Avalanche Studios promise, we are cramming in content, both above and below ground level, to ensure that there are surprises around many corners. Apart from very desolate and barren landscapes, the prevalence of indoor locations is something quite new. You may have to look hard for many of them, but they’re worth it if you persevere!

It’s important that The Wasteland is a living, breathing entity — it’s one of the game’s most important characters. We are really pushing the weather systems, day and night cycle, skies and environmental effects so that the world feels as dynamic as possible. It’s not only the inhabitants of this world that are intimidating!

Mad MaxMad Max

We’ve also been looking at how we allow PlayStation users to share their experience with friends. At heart, it’s a single-player experience, but since you can customize so much (your Magnum Opus, Max’s appearance, your journey, your investment in strongholds) we felt it was important to be able to show off! More about that stuff later.

We’re looking forward to bringing you more news from the trenches and we’re working on more video and trailer material that shows off this unique and disturbing universe. We hope you like what you’ve seen so far!

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  • How many years after the Last of Us does this take place? Joel hasn’t aged one bit!

  • HOLY SMOKES! This looks good!

  • @3 I don’t think he was eating the body. He looked to be scooping out maggots of a decomposing and eating them. Not actual flesh. I could be wrong though.

  • @53 – Definitely a possibility. But still, recycling the same, single animation every time Max eats, regardless of what he is eating, feels cheap and it disconnects players from the experience.
    Not that I’m super interested in seeing some graphic cannibalism.. but you know what I mean.

  • I guess there is more variety than I originally thought. I just went back to the video and replayed each of the two scenes 2-3 times and really focused on Max’s hand. The animation is different. What initially threw me off is I thought he was feeding on the corpse in the second scene, so the the scooping motion didn’t make sense. I see now that he was eating maggots – they are spilling from his hand as he raises it to his mouth – so the animation works.

  • The game looks to good to be true. Don’t build yours hopes up of it looking this good on ps4. This is probably high end pc footage. Also I think the date will be pushed to october due to MGS 5.

    I will wait to see how this game pans out. Fingers crossed it looks this good or better when released.

  • Playstation Exclucive?

  • @50 Oh. I get it now – you’re delusional. Yeah; I’ll go play my Destiny. You surely embarrassed me. In the future, if you don’t want others to make obvious your ignorance, try not to state your ‘opinion’ as fact, and avoid twisting the praises other people offer other games into insults. If you’d like to continue being ridiculed for your poor taste and hypocrisy, feel free to send me a message. :)

  • @58 – Continuing as you are just shows that you’re upset. Same as everyone else, I came here to discuss Mad Max. Yeah, I was criticial of a comparison. So what? But you keep coming here to discuss me? You’re trying way too hard to make some sort of false point.
    Look, I get it; you were offended that I criticized games you like, and now you’re upset about being shut down, so you think that by merely stating that you are in some way right or superior, you are going to save face. It’s a silly, prideful thing, and these attempts just confirm your embarrassment. If you really cared to discuss something with me, you’d message me, but this is all about you wanting to publicly remove your foot from your mouth. And you can say what you like, but I really think you’d feel better if you just let this go and move onto something else. Maybe try discussing Mad Max, if you are actually interested in it. Or, heck, go play Destiny since your being so irked by my mocking it shows how much you enjoy it. If you hadn’t addressed me in the way that you did, you wouldn’t be stewing over all of this now. Again, pick your battles.

  • @59 please stop you’re embarrassing yourself and annoying everyone else. if you want to keep trying to prove how smart you are, pm the guy like he asked. take it off of this board

  • Very very low expectations for this game

  • @60 – All signs point to you being “the guy”. I’m at a loss.

  • @HaxE3Demo – What makes you say that?

  • @pan get out ya house n get some friends.

  • With all due respect…Hollywood eat your heart out! I’d rather play this first than watch the movie, but I’ll support both hehehe…

  • I don’t like how the enemies just stand there during combat. :/
    Looks like something I could walk-through, ugh are all the bad guys gonna be this stale?

  • @67 – Lotta games and movies do that because if 6 guys are attacking you at the same time there isn’t anything realistic you’re going to be able to do about that. You’ll notice it even if you watch a Jackie Chan fight scene. He’s surrounded by 20 guys, but they all take turns coming at hiim. You’re just not supposed to think about it too much. :P

  • Obviously this was running on PC (doubt it’ll look this good) but still….looks great. Honestly, this looks EXACTLY like a 3rd person version of RAGE. This is RAGE in 3rd person with more emphasis on melee & less on shooting, which I’m totally okay with BC I Loved RAGE and was sickened when it undersold and id decided to cancel the sequel(s) – Yes, RAGE was supposed to be id’s new big franchise. Give me more wastelands done well – Borderlands, RAGE, Fallout, Dark Towers…..

  • @68 PanMan – They need to start making some ggame with more realistic combat and survival mechanics, TLOU had the right idea and I think it can be even more compelling when fighting one man can be a challenge and when fighting 2 or more you must use your intelligence, stealth, and ingenuity ect. (or have an OP weapon which u’ve crafted with said intelligence). It becomes difficult to fathom how 1 non augmented man can take on 10 similar men, I usually try to create justification in my own mind how this is possible. Look at the Souls games and Lords of the fallen where one regular enemy can kill you, it ramps up tension and immersion. Make no mistake I am heavily anticipating this game, but it’s just a thought.

  • @70 – I would agree that probably everything TLoU did was done right, but that game was more about avoiding a dangerous situation. For a game that seems to rely heavily on melee combat, it helps to be able to kick ass like an action star. IMO, Sleeping Dogs has the best fighting I can remember. I really hope Mad Max’s melee isn’t like Batman, as some people have suggested. Combat in those games is like being on autopilot. In Sleeping Dogs, you could do amazing and powerful things, but you had control over every punch you threw and you could easily screw it up if you weren’t prepared for the situation. Not saying Mad Max should be like sleeping dogs, but I, too, want it to be done right. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more. I really, really hated the movie, but I think that all of the horrible things about it can actually work really well in a video game setting. When the PS4 was announced, this was one of the games that got us pumped for the new generation. I hope it lives up to that hype. We need it so bad. In the PlayStation lineup, PS4 has been the weakest console, by far. Yes there are a few incredible games, but overall, it’s so disappointing by comparison to all the others.

  • hey im confused because some web sites say it will not be on ps3 or last gen but the same amount of websites say it will can someone tell me if it is????? other wise looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @72 – It won’t be on PS3. It’s for current-gen only.

  • get back to me plz

  • @OceanBlueBudgie – I did.

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