Star Wars Battlefront: First Trailer Revealed

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Star Wars Battlefront: First Trailer Revealed

My name is Mathew Everett, Community Manager for Star Wars Battlefront, and I’m beyond excited to show you our reveal trailer that debuted during Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim California today. The DICE team has been working very hard to get to this point, and we are thrilled to be working on Star Wars Battlefront.

Our reveals have only just begun, and we’re eager to get to know many of you, and we hope to see you on our official EA Star Wars website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront

In the meantime, I’ll be answering your questions in the comments below, or you can simply get ready to join the team and me on PS4 starting November 17th.

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  • what about resolution and frame rate?

  • 0_0 Those graphics are impossible! O_O


  • When will you show actual gameplay footage? I’m guessing E3?

  • Yeah, sad to say no single player means no interest from me either.

  • I pre-ordered the deluxe edition on the ps store and it said it comes with 6 themes, however only one is available. When are the other themes coming? Multiplayer is why its going to be great. You need to play battlefield games to understand.

  • Question about one of your comments… if you’re still around answering… you say “Star Wars Battlefront will offer both 1st and 3rd person views for land and air combat” does that mean that, if I played the game, I could play entirely in third person and never be forced into first person(outside of things like scopeview for sniping)?

    Or does it mean that, like for example Deus Ex HR or Destiny, third person is forced at some points while first person is forced at others.

    If you mean the former, then you’ve suddenly got my interest. I enjoy shooters, but I hate the first person perspective… so I don’t get a lot of choice so if you guys are offering me another choice for a good third person capable shooter, then colour me interested.

    • Star Wars Battlefront will support both 1st and 3rd person play so that you can play to the style that best suits you.

  • The game looks awesome, I really like that it has offline split screen and i really hope that it has bots like in Battlefront 1&2.
    Battlefront 2 was favorite PS2 game and i’m glad to see a sequel on PS4!

  • What can we expect from Heroes? And what can we expect from lightsaber combat?

  • Agree with #50. I was so excited until I read there is no single player campaign. :( Why does everything have to be multiplayer these days?

    • While Star Wars Battlefront is a Multiplayer game first, stay tuned for more details around the Star Wars Battlefront Missions that allow both offline and online gameplay.

  • “Chewy, we’re home” “Switch on the PS4” :D

  • Very happy to finally see some footage of the game. Its also nice to get a release date very happy to hear. And if I had to guess their sould be some actual gameplay at E3 at EA`s press conference. One can hope at least. Anyway very happy to hear all of this.

  • This is not the droid I was looking for. ….. :(

  • I’m sorry, but why should I care whether or not this have single player? I played Star Wars: Battlefront II on the PS2 and the campaign was bare bones. I’ve been spending most of time playing team deathmatch battles. As long as the games has bots and I can face any group I want on any map, that’s more than enough to consider a purchase from me. I want the game to live up to it’s nostalgia I had years ago.

    @jimfear So in your logic, a game made by DICE makes it bad? Sounds like you’re the one that’s an idiot.

  • Hi there. I love the Cinematic Trailer but I really hope you can aswer my question. One user asked you will there be any Clone Wars era in that game you said it’s to early to reveal that. Although on the official Star Wars Battlefront website it’ says “Fight for the Empire or Republic offline, solo or with a friend, in carefully crafted missions.” Fight for the Republic? Is that mean we will be able to play as Clone Troopers at some extent?

    • Star Wars Battlefront takes place during the original film trilogy, from Hoth to Tatooine, Endor and an unexplored planet Sullust.

  • Can you guys please put offline instant action with bots in the game? Can it be offline split screen instant action as well?

  • It says on the PS Store it will be 720p.

  • I really hope they put this deal for the tge playstation 3.

  • You can easily access your preferred power options.

  • Star Wars gets the Call of Duty treatment? Sounds good. But how is the universe’s biggest bad guy supposed to be playable and balanced?

  • This looks amazing!! I was a long time PC guy and the ps4 controller and graphics have converted me. My brother and I live 6hours from each other but we play online co op. Destiny and far cry 4 have been our favorite. If you skip the single player that’s fine, but beef up the co op. That is my favorite way to play. Two people against the computer. On battlefield other players get too good for us casual gamers. I’m a 37 year old gamer and I can’t compete with the free time if a highshool kid which Makes me not enjoy mp. More co op please.

  • This isn’t a gameplay trailer, even if it’s bad from an in-game cam it. It looks like a cinematic. On that note I can not wait to buy this game. But after the BF4 release (haven’t even touched Hardline because of it) I will not be pre-ordering.

  • Will the game come out for ps3???

  • Hey :) , Im very curious about a collectors edition of this beautiful game. Is there anything you guys are thinking about putting in it? Thanks for the great tribute to a wonderful movie series.

  • I can not wait for this sledgehammer! Maybe a beta will be announced if we are lucky…

  • Congrats Matt and to your team, I was absolutely blown away by the trailer:). Wondering if you can confirm if the game will be native 1080p for the PS4 version?

  • Get ready for micro transactions

  • I would rather fight with lightsabers. When you make that game let me know….

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  • Any chance they can make it for ps3

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