Star Wars Battlefront: First Trailer Revealed

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Star Wars Battlefront: First Trailer Revealed

My name is Mathew Everett, Community Manager for Star Wars Battlefront, and I’m beyond excited to show you our reveal trailer that debuted during Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim California today. The DICE team has been working very hard to get to this point, and we are thrilled to be working on Star Wars Battlefront.

Our reveals have only just begun, and we’re eager to get to know many of you, and we hope to see you on our official EA Star Wars website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront

In the meantime, I’ll be answering your questions in the comments below, or you can simply get ready to join the team and me on PS4 starting November 17th.

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  • whoa O__O

  • Game looks fantastic! Can’t wait for the Battle of Jakku!

  • “Gameplay”. How hard can it be to name these videos correctly?

  • Will this game include any events from The Clone Wars, or will this solely take place durin the events of the Original Trilogy?

    • We haven’t revealed the full details around that at this time, but as we get closer to launch we will be revealing a lot more around the game.

  • Is there a single player campaign, or is this mainly a multiplayer focused game?

    • We don’t have a traditional single player story, but our Star Wars Battlefront Missions deliver carefully crafted moments inspired by the films that let you live out your battle fantasies

  • Gameplay trailer? Yeah right that looks TOO good for gameplay, wheres the UI during all that so I KNOW its actually gameplay and not cutscenes lol… not to mention some of those camera angles I saw would make actual gameplay rather impossible

    • The trailer was built using in-game assets & powered by Frostbite, the trailer shows just some of the Star Wars battle fantasies the game will deliver

  • Oooooh Yeeeeeaaaaah! Will be stopping by Gamestop to preorder. Collector’s edition please! :)

  • Looks awesome!
    Is that gameplay footage?

  • My body is ready.

  • Wow! This game looks absolutely FANTASTIC! This has officially become my #1 game of 2015! November 17th can’t come soon enough!

    Any news on a really cool Collector’s Edition?

  • There’s not an ounce of game play in that video, it even says so at the end of the trailer. Please update this misleading title.

  • My only question is can I have my copy now please! Seriously, this looks amazing and I can’t wait until November to pick it up. Keep up the great work!

  • LOL nice “GAMEPLAY” idiots

  • SF4 for 35 buks …and now this. MY mind is …BLOWN!!!!!! – Patients is a huge virtue in the gaming world. Saves money and allows you to enjoy the best games with better graphics. lol

  • Yes finally I am ready for a new battlefront

  • Although that was not Gameplay footage, I saw the gameplay yesterday, and I can tell you it looks exactly the same. Detail is insane.

    • Awesome! Glad you got to check out the game running on PlayStation 4. Probably even saw me int he booth.

  • I just have to add, this game looks and feels so Star wars it makes me want to shed tears of joy! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to play!

  • This game will sucks. Its made by Dice, those who shipped an unfinished game called Battlefield 4. Not to forget they are owned by EA so… I guess the game will be fueled by microtransaction and the campagn will only be 4 hours at best.

    If you hype this game, you are an idiot.

  • Now we need actual gameplay

  • Looks awesome and I will definitely be purchasing this title.The games just get more awesome each new title.

  • Looks sick, but as you can see, people are weary of early trailers. Do you think the final ps4 version will maintain these graphics or is this quality just what you’re aiming for right now?

    • Oh yeah! We’re showing pre-alpha gameplay on the show floor at Star Wars Celebration as proof for the quality of the game. I think everyone here is going to be very impressed.

  • Not bad, Dice. I might pre-order this game if you show more footage soon.

  • Looks amazing, but if there’s no single player campaign, have to pass no matter how amazing it looks.

    • Hey WhiteHusky,

      While we do not offer a traditional singleplayer you might want to check out our Star Wars Battlefront Missions that deliver carefully crafted moments inspired by the films that let you live out your battle fantasies in both online and offline co-op and split screen couch co-op.

  • If it legitimately looks that damn good when it comes out, I will absolutely get this game.

  • Looks amazing but that’s game engine cutscenes footage, not gameplay footage. I also hope they add single player features.

  • In-engine is hard to believe for those AMAZING explosions! Like BF4 x 10…damn goid job IF you can pull this off on ps4, we’ll see. If you can deliver an amazing+HUGE story and online too, MGSV, Batman and The Witcher 3 might have good competition for game of year! I’m still leaning towards mgs V though, no other game has shown a massive quality 1p AND a massive dedicated online section like that besides GTA v last year.

  • Can’t wait to try out a demo later this year. Hopes are up for Mirror Edge 2 now. That new engine looks amazing.

  • Come on Sony! “First Cutscene Video Released” would be an accurate title! There is ZERO actual gameplay shown here! What is shown looks AMAZING, but I was hoping to see actual GAMEPLAY footage, like the title suggests.

  • This is not “gameplay” footage.

  • I see a PS4 splash screen at the end of the ad. Are we to expect some Playstation only goodies for Battlefront? A Star Wars branded limited edition PS4 perhaps?

  • This game is another game that is missing 50% of the gameplay space flight and combat, plus it’s missing on foot first person view. Not to mention there is no campaign.
    Sad to see such a good Idea go so bad I went from preordering this day one, to possibly never buying it.

    • Hey Avatarguy,

      Looks like you have a few comments I want to address.

      – Star Wars Battlefront will offer both 1st and 3rd person views for land and air combat.
      – Correct no space combat, but we’re focusing on air battles and dogfights that take place on the vistas of our planets rather than space.
      – While we will not offer a traditional SP campaign, you will want to stay tuned for more information on our Star Wars Battlefront Missions. More details to come.

  • now you just need to to announce the Star Wars branded limited edition PS4 and i will order right now

  • Saw the teaser for this yesterday and the fake footage was clearly visible….lol you guys put gameplay trailer on the name when there is no gameplay shown.Is EA turning into ubi now?…showing fake footage.
    If the game was PS4 exclusive I could believe these graphics but multiplat….lol just no.
    Anyway I’m disappointed that there won’t be a campaign for this game…I hope these “Battlefront missions” will be long and worth of SP cuz I sadly ain’t buying this if its online only with weak focus on SP.

    BTW this ain’t CGI either so the game will look good for sure…but not THIS good.

  • Is it true that this game won’t have either a story campaign mode or space battles? If so, thats really disappointing. I’m not spending a full $60 on a multiplayer only experience. That seems really shallow like Evolve and Titanfall felt.

    I’m sorry but when you have an annualized series that can offer a story mode, multiplayer AND co-op, just offering multiplayer alone isn’t justification for a full price anymore.

    • Hey Ryumoau,

      Correct, no space combat, but we’re focusing on air battles and dogfights that take place on the vistas of our planets rather than space so you still have that amazing experience. While we will not offer a traditional SP campaign, you will want to check out Star Wars Battlefront Missions. They offer both online and offline gameplay along with co-op and split screen co-op gameplay. We will reveal a lot more details in the future.

  • Preorder is up in playstation store, the game seems amazing and 20 vs 20 will be epic cant wait O-o

  • Waiting for ps4 special console version to be my third ps4 after batman !!

  • no story mode ? why !!!!!!!!!!

  • Any coop modes?

  • Lost all my hype when I found out there is no single player

  • First current-gen game I’ve seen which looks the part in every department. Could not have been more ‘meh’ about this game, having never played any Battlefront games before. Just put in my pre-order. Goodness me.

  • No single player?! Thanks for saving me the cash. Pass.

  • HAHAHA. This is a Joke right? At the end of this video it said, “Not Actual Gameplay”. Whats up with that? I thought that this was actually going to be gameplay. Plus no singleplayer or at least any news on up to 4-player local multiplayer and campaign. Please EA. I feel something in the force that something is not right.

  • Sorry, that is neither gameplay nor in-engine. Some of the rendering was in fact farmed out to third party vendors who wouldn’t have access to Frostbite.

  • 1. Will there be collectors edition to preorder?
    2. Can the co op be played with only 2 players in mission type settings?
    3. Is there any single player DLC planned to have missions similar to Rogue Squadron?
    4. Will any more DLC be announced soon?
    5. When will we know more?

    Congratulations on an excellent looking game, DICE.

  • I was super excited about this right until I found out that there is no single player campaign. This exactly why I skipped Titanfall. What happens when the game gets taken off the servers (in the future)? That’s right, you end up with no game.

    • @dkarlowiz10

      Star Wars Battlefront offers both online multiplayer and co-op along with offline gameplay via Star Wars Battlefront Missions that offers offline co-op.

  • It’s a trap!!

  • Yeah this is gonna be pretty great. The guys at DICE know how to make a great Multiplayer title and while it may not have the single-player element, admittedly MP is DICE’s bread and butter. While it isn’t actual gameplay, it shows off the power of the Frostbite engine and I believe it can run that well on the PS4.

    Props to the guys at DICE, and I’m really hoping to see more positive things coming forward. As long as they can keep the launch solid and prepare and prevent the problems BF4 had at launch, this could be the definitive MP title this year.

  • lol at “Star Wars battle fantasies”

  • I guess that we can say Star Wars games finally have “A New Hope”?

  • Sad, no single player. No longer pre-ordering. Not even sure I want it anymore period. Not much of a MP person and def not paying a full $60 for a MP only game. Same reason I didn’t buy Destiny or TitanFall. Bummer. :(

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