PlayStation Underground: Mortal Kombat X

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PlayStation Underground: Mortal Kombat X

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our new online show about video games. Today, we go underground with one of the goriest, most visceral fighting games in the industry. That’s right, it’s Mortal Kombat X, which is out tomorrow on PS4. Your stomach is not ready.

We play nearly 20 minutes with NetherRealm Studios Community Specialist Tyler Lansdown. Not only does Tyler absolutely decimate me as Goro, but he reveals incredible insight into the new style variation system, the community-wide factions, and also shows off a Fatality or two for good measure.

PlayStation Underground: Mortal Kombat X

Not for the faint of heart, folks! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and remember that we’ll be back soon with more Underground in the weeks to come. Enjoy the show.

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  • Nice very nice video…it was great to see some new gameplay of MK X,I hope you keep bringing new gameplay of unreleased games,BTW I skipped all the fatalities lol no spoilers for me.Getting MK X for sure but not so soon.
    I missed the 1st episode but I went back and watched it,very nice too…you’re doing a great job and hey any chance of we seeing The Witcher 3 here?

  • Not really interested in MKX but I’m always happy to consume more content from Clements :D

  • I got it today it crashes and sends me back to the playstation menu.

  • HI i have a problem i preordered the game and i can not download GORO please what is going on what am i doing wrong?? HELP!!!

  • Wow mkx got to cop it

  • mkx is the most unthought out game ever made they release the pack before the content is even there i hate mkx and any other mk ever made sorry to the ppl that live for fighting and cant even fight in real life so you hide behind a screen pretending to fight
    that is so dumb if you wanna fight go to jackie chan or bruce lee they’ll help you fight

  • This was my first time watching PlayStation under very cool something new to me.?

  • You can easily access your preferred power options.

  • I haven’t played Mortal Combat for years. This brings back tons of memories – cant wait to start whoopin

  • Anyone experiencing MKX crashing at start up? Is there a way to fix this issue? I pre ordered it and downloaded the game.

  • great to see Underground back in some fashion. the game looks great, too. my only tidbit would be if you lingered on the characters a little longer so we can get a good look at them, but i guess that only applies to like fighting games or class-based combat… also what’s the DLC forecast for MKX like, and will there be a later ps3 version coming out?

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  • When you buy the download do you get the game for ps3 and ps4

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