PlayStation Underground: Mortal Kombat X

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PlayStation Underground: Mortal Kombat X

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our new online show about video games. Today, we go underground with one of the goriest, most visceral fighting games in the industry. That’s right, it’s Mortal Kombat X, which is out tomorrow on PS4. Your stomach is not ready.

We play nearly 20 minutes with NetherRealm Studios Community Specialist Tyler Lansdown. Not only does Tyler absolutely decimate me as Goro, but he reveals incredible insight into the new style variation system, the community-wide factions, and also shows off a Fatality or two for good measure.

PlayStation Underground: Mortal Kombat X

Not for the faint of heart, folks! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and remember that we’ll be back soon with more Underground in the weeks to come. Enjoy the show.

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  • I’m glad to see Playstation Underground is back????????

  • Another good episode Powerhouse. Glad you’ve brought Underground back. Any news on if we’ll be able to pre-load MKX before it comes out on Tuesday? I want to #PunchWalk as soon as possible ;)

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! And pre-load should already be in place as of now, but let us know if you have any issues!

  • @ #1 …u stole what i wanted to say!!! :)

    Finish me! Cant wait, hope we can preload if we preordered on psn, cuz my internet is slower than my MK X victims after I pull their legs off n beat um over the head with um (VERY repeatedly!) :P

    • Haha, thanks for the comment! And yes, pre-load should be available now, but let us know if you have issues.

  • Welcome back Playstation Underground! You’ve been missed!

  • I don’t get it. So the show will always be a 19-min “special” or is this a “MKX special edition” kind of deal?

    Because if this is the show’s format… I DON’T LIKE IT. -_-

    MK X looks awesome though…for a fighting game.

    • Hi Orpheus! Underground is absolutely still growing, so the show format may change. As of right now, we’re looking at 15 to 20 minute episodes. We try to feature different games every episode.

      Is there something in particular that you don’t like?

  • @2 DragonmageDrake & @3 oo7PorscheMGS : There will be NO PRE-LOAD.

  • Nice choice for a Underground Ryan! So looking forward to getting it tomorrow.

  • @Orpheus_Aeons, Lol. you are very wrong, i already download and installed it.

  • @6 dont yell at me it hurts my feelings, lol, and I googled it, I should have done I guess..and there IS a preload, and it already started it seems. A fatality to your comment sunny! But yea I wish we could get official word on these things from SONY beforehand.

  • @oo7PorscheMGS, hey yes there is preload started Noon yesterday. Orpheus_Aeons is very wrong or he don’t know about every games have pre-load. wow that dude have no ps plus on his psn avatar

  • Street Fighter V news, please.

  • THERE IS PRE-LOAD, the countdown timer is on and I’m so happy they changed the release time to midnight est from midnight pst. Took them long enough

  • I want back The Magazine ;( with goodies…

  • Good, the low rating stops. There’s no reason to hate Mortal Kombat X whatsoever. All that Sony is doing is help Netherrealm promote it.

    In case that changes, I’ll put this hashtag here: #StopPSBlogTrolls

    Looking forward to this game by the way. Loved Mortal Kombat and Injustice, so I hope it’s good.

  • I remember PlayStation Underground being so cool sending me PS2 demos and sometimes even awesome freebies like my Rogue Galaxy pirate flag. I’m happy to see it resurrected in this fashion. Oh and hey, Ryan! Always a pleasure to read your articles and view your interviews. BEYOND! And also… MORTAL KOMBAT!!! ?

  • Please tell me MKX will have its own sound profile on the Playstation Gold Headset. I want to be able to hear all the breaks, gore and kills in every little detail on my headset.

    I just recently bought the gold headset and i like it. Been using it on Dragon Age Inquisition and like how every thing be sounding in that game.

  • For all those inquiring about pre-loading, it has been enabled. Just go into the PS store or your library and select download. You can even do it from the online playstation store website. Enjoy and see you Kombatants online!

  • Commenting on Playstation Underground, why isn’t it on Playstation Video on the Playstation Network. While I’m not hype for “special” formatted shows I will watch this episode. Maybe do a show that has more than one segment but PUT IT ON PSN and promote it with What’s New (That’s why you have that there).

  • Hey Ryan, loving the revived PSU. Any chance we’ll get any Vita games on the show?

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Mad Man. I’m very open to having all sorts of games on Underground. We just need to work out the technical kinks, since the studio is still being built out, even now. ^_^

  • Oh man PlayStation Underground is back!!! sure brings a lot of good childhood memories. I guess now just need a new demo disc for PS4 … :-)

  • @18 I agree. Using “What’s New” would be cool. Even embedding a direct YouTube video link would be fine to me. For quick access into PlayStation content.


  • Is this 30 or 60fps? It looks like to me some serious frame dips.

  • Hey Ryan awesome video! I’ll definitely be tuning in for more PlayStation Underground. Can’t wait for MKX too.

    BEYOND! and good luck with Underground!

  • awesome real happy to see a new underground, but more than that so happy to see Clements get his face smashed in. Thank you Tyler for beating him unmercifully.

  • Already took tomorrow off of work, and will be at the local GameStop’s pre-launch event when it starts at 10PM tonight.

    If I play it right, I will have almost 27 hours of playtime before I have to go back to work.

    Planning on getting good enough to compete at EVO this year. Add me, anyone, if you want to practice with someone who will be on this game 24/7 when I am not working or sleeping.

  • Looks like mine pre loaded before the non pre load bug went around. Whew.

  • Hey Ryan, can you let Tyler and Ed Boon know that there is such a thing as too much exposure and revealing things with games? I was going to get MKX when i first saw the trailer. It looked fantastic, but what feels like almost every couple of days in the last 2 months, a new videos revealing fatalities and long story trailers keep getting officially posted online. By now, pretty much 90% of the game is shown off and there’s nothing worth going into for a surprise. I’m not excited anymore. They’ve revealed almost everyone’s fatalities (which was always a fun thing to see and figure out for oneself going into MK games) so now what’s the point? i’ll be passing on it as i feel like i’ve already played the entire game.

  • tell them to fix online

  • @27

    NOBODY is forcing you to watch any of the footage, you were the one that clicked on the videos. And if you haven’t actually played the game then you haven’t played the entire game.

  • Lol, love the sunglasses reference from the movie.

  • @28; that’s the number one reason that I have kept myself in a complete and total media blackout regarding this game. I still don’t even know which kombatants made the cut. I haven’t seen a single Fatality yet, nor any video whatsoever, after the very first official trailer.

    When I see it at GameStop tonight, that will be my first time laying eyes on 99% of the game.

    These next 8 hours are going to SUCK.

  • Good episode, my only complaint is that you guys put the camera away from the action at times- like you guys talking when the match has clearly started and intros are playing out. In general I would like the camera’s focus to stay on the game (especially because you have a picture in picture thing anyway), but I enjoyed the episode regardless.

  • Hey I want to know when is Jason Voorhees and predator going to be available for Mortal Kombat X

  • Hello Ryan,
    Great episode as was the last one. One question though, is the video actual gameplay video while you are with the guests or is it something done prior. I only ask this due to the last video leaving me with questions… to be more specific… on the video the team names were Elle and Joel if i recall then on the video it was Gabe and Tycho… it left me wondering. Again great to see some chat about gaming in this type of format and eagerly await a response if possible, thank you and have a great day!

    • Hi! The gameplay footage and live camera stuff are all recording simultaneously. What you are seeing is the same thing as what we are seeing!


  • I’m really happy that you’re bringin’ back the Underground! I actually talked about it on the latest episode of my podcast, PStoid (shameless plug FTW). It would be great if this becomes a weekly thing and/or Sony gave it it’s own page.

  • So far only future releases. Is this the main focus of PSU? NO complaining just getting my head straight for recommendation list wars.

  • Thank you kindly for the response and to repeat what others have said, would love to pull up the PS Video app and see you have a space there. More than eager for the next episode!

  • And the rating was around 4.5 this morning, it’s now under 2.5. Looks like those same unnamed trolls are at it again. Stop making Sony look bad!


    @Ryan No problem, can’t wait to see the game in action. And by the way, none of this is your fault. It’s those selfish entitled unnamed gamers called trolls that are trying to give your company a terrible reputation. Just ignore them.

  • I stayed up tonight just to play this game. It’s awesome, but….
    US$ 29,99 for the Kombat Pack? C’mon, you gotta be kidding me…
    Half the game price to add 4 fighters? Well, no DLC for me.

  • Anyone having issues with the tutorial nor working on the special moves section when you’re supposed to press O, -><-O.
    it doesn't work for me. I'm not sure if it's an error on my end or the system.

  • Sorry, guys, but I would much prefer it if Sony brings back Veronica Belmont and Christina Lee for resurrections of Qore and Pulse. I don’t see how this is “PlayStation Underground”. Sounds more like a 20 minute video blogcast about one game.

  • ¡That PlayStation wall is gonna be full of signatures! So much fun with this episode, ¡I’m waiting for the next one!

  • @PantheMan16,

    I suspect that is the format, I’m sure if if add feedback about wanting it a bit longer and to include maybe two topics instead of one, we might see change.

    I liked the Qore format, and was one of the reasons I subscribed to PS+. I liked the digital magazine style. Sort of where I hope PSU goes.

    I didn’t care for pulse, it seems to be a quick newscast of advertisements for upcoming games. I think PSU as it is now serves gamers better, but to each their own.

  • PSN brasil , fiz a pre venda 250 reais ae veja só tem o mesmo jogo com Goro, hoje verifico no site o mesmo jogo esta 199 reais com o Goro, quero meu dinheiro de volta! sacanagem absurda da Sony Brasil!!!!!

  • How do you unlock story mode. I have ” That’s How you do it ” Trophy from the training but can’t unlock my story mode

  • Awesome! Bad ass avatar by the way. MGR: Revenge is an awesome game and Raiden is sick in it. So do we just keep an eye on the blog for future PlayStation Underground episodes? Is there a place besides that we can be updated? That’s awesome they brought that back.

  • Hey, is anyone here having dlc problems for their kombat pack? cause i got it, but there is no content to download, and im getting pissed off. I cant use ANY of the four characters

  • Anyone got a Spare Key of the Pre Order of Goro? i missed it to PreOrder the Game got a lot of Work the Past Weeks i would be very thankful if someone can Help me out :-)

  • Played Mortal Kombat X yesterday, and I am loving it. Can’t wait to get some time logged on game play, and start really kicking butt. Then it will be on-line Kombat time baby!!!

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