Destiny: House of Wolves Launches May 19th

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Destiny: House of Wolves Launches May 19th

Hey, PlayStation Nation.

It’s been an amazing seven months since we released Destiny. We’ve had the chance to welcome you to the Tower and get to know you in the game. It’s been awesome. Thanks for playing and lending your spirit to our community.

Now, it’s time to begin another adventure together. Let the hunt begin…

The next Destiny expansion is set for May 19th, 2015. The Reef will open to all Guardians, and you will join the allies of the Queen to hunt down the traitorous Fallen from the House of Wolves. Over the course of the next month, we’ll be pulling the wraps off of all the new activities, modes, events, and gear you’ll have access to. Stay tuned to see exactly where your legend is headed next.

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  • GOD DAAAA…MN you made me so pissed of when I saw no raid, even if I wont play raid, I REALISE half or more will quit the game today, and never look back. Witcher3 is coming, batman, the division, final fantasy 15, and much much more. Who will grind 4 quests, 1 raid (vog) with useless material as loot, 1 of the worst raid ever created (crota) and play pvp which doesnt mather if you have good gear (put 1000hours in the game) or if you borrow your little sisters account and own with green weapons, I mean the green pulse rifle with stability perks, is 2 shot in pvp. HOW CAN YOU DESTROY the game, the best game ever made, you just lack brains to make it as world of warcraft, since destiny is a grind game, THEN let us have something to do, 20 dailys AT LEAST each day, 100% chance on 1 item each time you lvl faction, dead orbit etc. Give NO engrams in weekly, pvp…GIVE WEAPONS, so we dont get useless shards which we cant use for anything since we allready hav e500-1000 shards laying around for no use what so ever, and LET US GET EXOTIC WORLD drops, got da…mn. GRIND GAMES…shall have grind VALUE. This game got everything BUT grind value, you might get 1 legendary engram every 2 hour of grinding, and its 7 out of 10 times shards…

  • I almost cried when I saw…NO RAID…I really hope this will be a free download a few weeks in after the dlc release, else I will quit the game, sell it and never try it again, even tho you make it playable, grindable, and worth spending time in…and hello, where is the ESPORTS part of this game, this game got it all to make it ESPORTS. You just removed everything good, and made the game a must to raid, but crota was so buggy no one even played the raid for real, the first months, 99% cleared crota with cheats, and they still are, 50% at least.

    How about you really chainsaw yourself for such bad work, so you can lift yourself up, you have 1 month more of your time, if no announcement about raid is made…you lose half or more of ALL of your active gamers= We all will wait for destiny 2, and play all the great games that is available on ps4 atm.

  • ANNOUNCE RAID within 1 month bungie, or lose all your players to witcher 3, batman, mortal combat, gta 5, battlfield, even wolfenstein ffs, and deusex. I mean Destiny is a grind game, and you remove the higgest reward of grinding, complete NEW dlc raid, NOW raid weapons. All gone, I was so Hyped for this expansion, since destiny blew my mind, it is the best mmo ever created, but greed destroyed it. You sell dlc without content. Crota was the worst I have ever seen. Space invaders got more content.

  • PLEASE realise, Im desperate, I see 1 of the best games ever created, and I have been pro gamer when starcraft 1 was popular, I was there when atari first got out, ping pong. Im a hardcore gamer.

    I can see destiny fail totally, people stuck with out with the crota dlc, the dlc not even worth naming as freeware. IT was soooo bad. And now you give a grind game, no story, no raid, nothing to do, really, nothing to do, engram drops very rare, with bs in it, shards, WHY SHARDS, we can dismantle ourselfs if we dont like the perks on the weapon? SO STUPID!!! Just makes the gamers angry, no reason to have that feature, you DESTROY the best game so far for ps4, no doubt it was the best, even tho you had almost no content, just pure awesome joyful gaming, I have no idea what the game is about, I just love playing it, but I thought like that that the story is ok they failed with, since the game was pure fun to play, but now you need to step up and make this a game, and if it is a grind game, YOU HAVE TO HAVE GRIND VALUE, more drops, maybe more often bad perks, but NEVER shards, NEVER ENERGY, more drops, then grinding for 8 hours will be exiting

  • Im so sad, I thought I was gonna be happy when I read NEW DLC 19 may!!…new gear, new exotics, new raid, 15 new strikes, 3 new planets, AND STORY, this is what we all waited for, STORY!!!!, nothing, maybe a little of the gear and weapons, but you need to put double the amount of exotics, tripple the amount of strikes, and 2 new raids FREE during the summer, or this game is dead.

    I say this because I have seen this happen before, UBER good games, destroyed by useless chiefs that make the decisions, please listen to your emplyees, and not stock owners…then the stock owners will get what they want…money, and the employees DO understand exactly why I write all this, you all at bungie, except the top guys understand what is going to happen. Destiny will die before the first year even went by, on this 10 year program. GREED….do you understand that GREED got a MAJOR kickback, you destroy everything because of greed….the emplyoees is very very disheartened. I know that for a fact. No one agrees with the managements choices to rip of the customers, sell the complete game, lock it, and then sell parts of that same game again, and wait half a year for a dlc with almost nothing in it?


    20 new exotics
    50 new perks for legendarys.
    1 totally new weapon for each slot, like chaingun primary, special, carbine of some sort. Heavy grenade launcher for example, AT LEAST 1 new for each slot.
    15 new strikes AT LEAST, because this is one of the best parts of this game, but way to few strikes makes the game way to repetetive just after 2 days. 15 new strikes at release, and 3 dollars dlc for 5 new strikes, every 4 weeks.
    1 new raid every 2month. 5 dollar dlc for example. Its ok with small updates, but play same stuff for 6 months which I sadly did, was insane when I think about it now after I quit playing destiny, since Axiom verge got out, it felt fresh compared to destiny. And destiny is one of the best games ever created. I talk about POTENTIAL, which you can not see, emplyoer said to me, that alarming amount of gamers quit this game when worst dlc ever came out, crota. LISTEN TO EMPLOYERS, not management, stockholders…etc, they know nothing, employeers know it all, and all benefit, for sure the stockholders, and for sure the management that will get all credit.

  • This is gonna be awesome

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