Destiny: House of Wolves Launches May 19th

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Destiny: House of Wolves Launches May 19th

Hey, PlayStation Nation.

It’s been an amazing seven months since we released Destiny. We’ve had the chance to welcome you to the Tower and get to know you in the game. It’s been awesome. Thanks for playing and lending your spirit to our community.

Now, it’s time to begin another adventure together. Let the hunt begin…

The next Destiny expansion is set for May 19th, 2015. The Reef will open to all Guardians, and you will join the allies of the Queen to hunt down the traitorous Fallen from the House of Wolves. Over the course of the next month, we’ll be pulling the wraps off of all the new activities, modes, events, and gear you’ll have access to. Stay tuned to see exactly where your legend is headed next.

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  • Bad decision to launch this the same day as The Witcher 3. Most people are going to play that over this expansion.

  • Spot on #1. Sorry guys, this is just gonna have to wait.

  • #Witcher3

  • About damn time this got released.
    I’m gonna bet that this “Comet” release they are planning in the late fall will probably be coming out in middle to late winter as well =\

  • Awesome! Cant wait! Good decision to come out when witcher3 does. witcher 3 is a boring over hyped series.

  • There was a time when I would have been excited, or at least interested, in this. Unfortunately, that time has long since passed and I haven’t even touched Destiny since January. The Dark Below got old really gast, and even though I bought the expansion pass (bad idea in restrospect) I have zero interest in additional content for this boring grind-fest of a game.

    Of course, if you like it, more power to you. I only wish I could get my $35 back…

  • That’s an unfortunate release date. I was hoping for a couple weeks before May 19th. I’ll be busy playing The Witcher 3.

  • You already got my money for all of this Bungie, but because of the quality of it all you lost me on any additional content. The game only feels half-realized to me even with these limited expansions.

    I assume the slow trickle here is because you guys are working hard to make Destiny 2 a better and more complete game that doesn’t strip out the best parts to artificially extend the game with repetitive samey grind.

    I’m personally done with Destiny 1, but I look forward to the news on Destiny 2. The mistakes are well-documented, so I suspect you guys will fully turn it around for that. Best of luck.

  • I haven’t touch Destiny on weeks. I might return with this expansion.

  • Wolfpack in da house!

  • Almost a year later and still no private lobbies i bet! lol

  • I have only myself to blame for pre-ordering Destiny, but it turned out to just not be for me, which is my bad, but what can you do? I do hope this is successful, but I’m probably not coming back for a good while.

  • Hey Bungie, Since there’s no Support @, I’m putting You on Blast here. Error Code Nightingale has Ruined Destiny on Ps4. I’ve Re-Downloaded(Digital), unplugged & rebuilt the hdd through Safe Mode(everything Your idiotic help page says to fix Nightingale) with no luck. The Help Page says to contact Sony with Hardware problems, which is BS considering Diablo & GTA both work fine.
    I think it’s on Your end, I was playing during the Weekly Reset first thing Tuesday morning(a regular weekly occurring thing), I then logged out to re log in to attempt the Daily, and Nightingale’s “unable to download update files” message appeared.

  • *”Unable to Download configuration files from Bungie servers.”

  • I look forward to picking up the Season Pass once it goes on a reasonable SALE.

  • If this came out on April, I would have gotten it. But I’ll need to wait on this one until September. : /

  • Bugie Forum has Others Experiencing my Exact same Issues, & Bungie Says to Contact Sony about Hardware Issues, if I contact Sony, it will be advising Sony to tell Their Laywers about Bungie’s wrongful defamation of Sony Products. No joke

  • Hmm… hard choice. Return to grinding the same limited static content over and over or no thanks? I’m gonna go with no thanks even though I already bought this expansion back when game first launched.

  • Mmm the things id do to the queen…. ahem i mean, anyone still playing this game?

  • I already forgot this game existed. That can’t be good, right?

  • another dlc to buy. Destiny was disappointing for me. Everything lies on dlc, game itself that u spent $60 is only half game if not less :/

  • Please stop working on this kind of thing.

    Instead focus on adding an actual story to Destiny, as well as some more characters/npcs/anything to make the very few worlds we can access seem less barren.

    It’s a pretty game and the shooting mechanics are fantastic, but that’s it.

    It’s been advertised as Epic and build your Legend, but it’s hard to build a legend in a world(s) that are so bare bone they’re practically non-existant.

    The game you delivered, and the DLC that followed has been nothing like what you were and continue to advertise.

    Please make this game into something people can be proud to have worked on, and proud to play.

    If you added some substance to the game you’ve so far created, you could really have something special in Destiny.

    Instead you have borderlands with forced online, no humour/fun, almost no story/characters/interactions, a far worse loot system (not even about the RNG, 99% of what people find is just junk).

    So basically it’s borderlands minus everything except the ability to shoot things, and it had the potential to be so much more.

  • ehh no thanks, good luck though.

  • I agree with boomstick in regards to the 1p…I was looking forward to Destiny when it was first announced, it looks beautiful (art direction), and plays very smooth (shooting is perfect), but the story was lacking and it got repetitive. Even in the beta I could see that.

    Plus, I want to add that the online had some major no-no’s in my book. You don’t make a competitive PvP mode where there is NO mode with aim-assist turned OFF. I really hate calling it a “hardcore” mode, because it’s not… some of us (millions..I am not alone…) have been playing online shooters for almost 2 decades now… a company like Bungie should definitely know that. I would have loved to see a CORE mode with no aim assist, and maybe no radar… the radar in games (especially in destiny where it shows you all enemies around you) takes away strategies (flanking, sneaking/surprising people), and most of all I think it makes games too easy..why do we need a radar when we have eyes and ears? Just my perspective is coming from someone who played Counterstrike / Socom / Unreal Tournament where “radars” were cheats, not assists. Some of us are looking for an extra challenge, and few games are giving it.


  • +Why no custom lobbies so that we can have more organized+competitive matches? Destiny=Teams, so why cant we get our fireteam and do a true battle vs another organized clan? There are many “new” players in matchmaking, it’s more fun for competitive gamers when you have 2 solid teams going at it. It’s good for new ppl to have private/custom/casual lobbies as well. Lobbies allow ALL gamers to play VS our friends…1vs1 or whatever! Custom lobbies bring a lot to an online game. Matchmaking is good for ppl who just want a simple game, but many games are missing these custom options that competitive gamers love.. Handgun/Sniper Only rooms, no aim assist/radar rooms, etc!

    Also, put more of the “extra” stuff in the game itself (joining clans, etc) Look at “Socom 2” for the PS2 to see ALL the amazing competitive+social features that game had, that NO game has replicated even 50% of yet! Really think about that. You’d think with the social media BOOM, we’d be seeing way MORE social+competitive features like PS2 Socom, not less!

    Finally, I would have loved to fly those ships we see in the loading screens! More variety..flying from planet to planet:) Destiny is good but ppl complain cuz it could be A+.

  • You’re going to have to add substantial content or decrease the price to a fair point before I’ll be interested in rebuying this game. Or, you know, stop cutting stuff out to sell later.

  • A bunch of nitpicking spoiled cry babies on this post LOL. You gamers take stuff too seriously.

  • third person view combat?

  • You cut the raid out of this “dlc” for what reason? You favor towards the pvp aspect of the game and you have nothing towards PvE? Fix your game add depth to the pve, fix your damn loot system and maybe you might get me back.

  • So there is NO raid after they said there was going to be, I thought HoW was going to make my seasson pass any worthy specially after how bad Crota´s End was…. I´ll uninstall the game and ask for my money back for this second “Expansion”, this is just……….. SO DISAPPOINTING

  • Pumped about this! Good decision to focus on a completely new experience/mode instead of another raid, too.

  • @ 6 havent touched destiny since november… logged in to see FWC stuff still at rank 3 while im at rank 5. the only way i see myself getting this xpac is it includes dark below / any unlockable content included in TDB… which i skipped on

  • @27:
    Not enjoying paying $60 for an incomplete game is taking stuff too seriously? You must either be rich or one of the spoiled kids you were referring to.

    This sounds like it would be a fine addition to the game shortly after launch for free. Not for $20 at this stage, although it does seem to be better than The Dark Below, at least (Which honestly isn’t saying much).

  • And no new Raid LOL sorry Bungie, but this bumpy ride has become embarrassing. The lack of content in what was promoted as this huge, enthralling world is just a lie. Never would have expected it from Bungie, but you did sign with Activision. Good luck to you with the future of this franchise.

  • No raid?!?!?!?!?!

  • come on Bungie!! No Raid, that’s bull. Make up your minds about what you want to sell us. I have to admit you did a great job of duping me and getting me out of my anti dlc policy. you did get me to bite on the season pass because this was a great game to play, was fun, had TONS of potential and had me thinking I’d actually be playing it for a while. So please take a minute to rethink what exactly you’re selling us and get to work on the sequel because this game is dead to 90% of the people who actually loved and were hardcore players. Until then, if you care I’ll leave you with this. At the end of the day myself and everyone I know all wanted nothing more than more to do. More than a handful of locations on less than a handful of planets isn’t a universe. We need more areas and planets, more Raids, more strikes, and even some more variety in armor, shaders and trivial things would be great. I’m not talking glorified Strikes that you call a Raid (Crotas End) either… the potential is still there but Bungie, you either have to make and give us more of what we love while listening to our feedback, not all of it, or just keep doing what you want and watch us all leave and continue to stay gone.

  • oh god, another dlc…

  • No Raid = Lazy. I’m sorry, but Raids are the reason Destiny even still has a chance on the market. Everything else Destiny has to offer can be found elsewhere, but the Vault of Glass, in particular, was one of the best and more fresh experiences I have had with an FPS in a long, long time. But the Crota’s End DLC was abysmal, and now this House of Wolves DLC looks to be following suit.

    What happened? Is Bungie just not trying anymore? Because this is just plain lazy and ridiculous. If the next Raid is not a free download for those who purchased the first season pass, Destiny is pretty much finished.

  • Well done Bungie, let’s release a DLC missing the major piece of content that the majority of players of your game have pre-ordered for. Not only that, but let’s make them wait an absolute age before they can get it, oh and let’s release it on the same day as The Witcher 3. Well done indeed, you’ve killed your own game.

    I for one haven’t played or contemplated playing Destiny since Bloodborne came out. This from someone who has maxed out three different classes and got all but two exotics. I was thinking I’d definitely be back for the HoW content but that’s not happening now.

    RIP Destiny

    9/9/2014 – 14/4/15

  • @27 Nitpicky?

    You’re kinda nitpicking the comments.

    Nitpicky is someone who complains they aren’t getting $60 dollar games every month with a $50 annual subscription.

    This is $90+ dollars worth of paid content, game of the year, and tons of hype all because of the name, not the substance.

    I am fine with no raid, as long as they add something more than go down corridor A, and defeat Waves 1-5 go down corridor B defeat waves 5-8, boss battle, waves 9-12, boss battle, queue up and do something almost the exact same.

    All so you can get something with a super low drop rate, so that you can upgrade armor that will get you to a raid, so that you can get the raid gear so that you can go grind the same 16 things that feel the same…

    Vault of Glass was fun. It was different, it’s what the rest of the game should have been.

    I stopped playing because I didn’t want to grind perpetually to earn enough stuff, to gear up, so I can do 20-30% more damage, so I can get new gear, level that up, so I can finally do more damage on everything.

    Oh and don’t forget the (mostly stick) carrot and stick of rep grinding.

  • Whelp, this doesn’t make me regret finally trading in my copy of Destiny over the weekend. Finished the platinum back at the beginning of March and only played it once since then… and this was after TDB pissed me off so much in December that I dropped the game for a month.
    Realized that even though I bought the Limited Edition and own the “expansion pass” (if you can excuse calling these content drops “expansions”), I could not care less about this game anymore. It’s shooting mechanics are sound, but that’s all it has going for it. The story is lackluster and barely present, the areas are wide open and empty, the loot is so random that it’s painful and there is a distinct lack of gear variety.
    There are so many other games which reward my time with REAL progress and varied loot, I don’t see why I’d want to come back to this unrewarding treadmill.
    Sorry, Bungie… you get no more of my time, let alone my money. If only you’d found a better publisher who didn’t value money over a happy consumer base.

  • Why I think Destiny is a terrible game…

    Play Bloodborne. The 2 are exactly opposite.

    Bloodborne is an amazing game because it makes you better or else.

    Destiny is a terrible game because it’s all about gear, and hoping the matchmaking doesn’t pair you up with people too low level to be of any help.

  • This game is the sole reason I will no longer pre-order a game ever again from any publisher. After all the hype behind it, it was quite possibly the most disappointing game I’ve played in 20 years.

    All the pieces were there for a great, amazing, awesome, classic of a game. But, you guys ripped it to shreds and cut it to pieces just so you could sell DLC.

    No, screw your DLC. I’ll come back to this game when it’s actually complete. Until then, piss off…

  • I doubt Bungie reads a Sony blog.

    I have nothing to comment on this content until everything about it has been revealed.

    I too am disappointed in the PVE as many invest days of their life to what they hope is a story and reward system that feels worth their time. This game initially felt lacking completely in the PVE and even with recent posts from Bungie shows their strong PVP support over PVE.
    I have a wish list that is long and not worth posting on this Sony site. Having played CoD and many MMORPG, even the Borderlands series, Destiny felt like Halo re-imagined but lacking the depth and feeling of the story. Bungie focused on the PVP portion of Halo, porting what made that great into Destiny, forgetting that the other half of Halo players loved and still love the incredible story.
    Bungie forgot, but from rumors and articles online have shown they woke up and HoW hopefully will be the first step back in the right direction for Destiny.


  • No raid!!! Lol…had turns of fun though it was obvious you had stripped content of the final game.Felt ripped off when dark below released but now i wish i ddnt have purchased the season pass.Sony please send this jokers back to xbox.we don’t want them,we don’t entertain this kind of money horders.Bungie do us a kindness and go back to xbox..

  • To be brutally honest, i like you Bungie. Big fan since you made competitive/couch co-op multiplayer party on xbox consoles.

    Never bought into the Destiny hype train once it was announced that none of the features that made me a previous fan in the past would be included on Destiny. Adding insult to injury you made it ONLINE only, NO offline even on single player mode.

    DRM at it’s finest. Ffs, there’s not even a story other than shoot the Aliens on the face… Just because ( Fill Blank ).

    My .02

  • I laughed when I saw the release date…Hmm…I guess nobody needs to say that this choice of release date wasn’t very clever of you guys.Who in a sane condition would bother with Destiny DLC with the release of The Witcher 3 in the same day?…bad move bungie….baaad move.

  • Seriously BUNGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First you rip us all of, when having crota and house of wolfes ALLREADY in the game disc we bought, then you sell them as dlc, even tho we allready payed for the game, without no story even. The game was same thing over and over, it was 4 missions with different paths. 1 on the earth, 1 on moon, 1 on mars, and 1 on venus.

    AND NOW YOU RIP US OF AGAIN, no new raid, are you serious bungie!!!!

    This game is like 1 of the best games potential wise ever created, and you totally destroy it with corporate greed, and no idea what so ever how to prolongue an online game. Make it last? You know…you update the game every month with 1 new strike, new events in the raid, new loot if done in certian amount of time, crota for example which is the MMO worlds worst raid ever created, but good weapons, so I felt I had to play it, even tho I hated every raid, but loved the social part.

  • If you dont sell this dlc with a raid, WHICH I ALLREADY payed for sadly, then you still can fix this, having 1 of the worlds biggest gaming group, the MMO group which is very active, you are destroying the game, making all the hardcore gamers choose space invaders instead of this dlc, no raid= half of the TEAMPLAYING and raiding gamers is gone, and you know what? that sucks for you, but mostly it sucks for us who is planning to play this game, less gamers equals less happenings, I mean its hard as it is to get raids going, this is how bad crota is. And since you where so stupid to drop new materials in crota, VOG was useless, one of the BEST raids ever made, all games counted.

    Ypou disclouded VOG, you included crota, worst raid ever, and now you release some pvp bs, which players ONLY play for daily quests to upgrade weapons, since you almost never drop legendary weapons or expotics in pvp, its more or less waste of time if you wanna get everything you want in the game, play pvp and you will fall behind.

  • You have no one that is a strategist for MMO gaming in your crew? World of warcraft was a very bad game, BUT WITH LOADS of content, you have a SO GOOD GAME, but with no…seriously NO content at all…and this dlc, expensive dlc will give us nothing but more headache in the pvp you have, which have half of the weapons, no mather how bad, green or even white weapons 1 shot a lvl 32 with exotic and legendery gear and weapons…ridiculous, what shall people fight for in this game, why even lvl up a character, when I can win games as lvl2, 1 white primary, and no super, still easy to win every game in pvp, and this is no joke.

    Unbelievable how you can destroy 1 of the best games potential wise ever created.

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