10% Discount Weekend for PS Store Purchases Starts Today

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10% Discount Weekend for PS Store Purchases Starts Today

Surprise! Just in time for tax refund season, PlayStation Store is holding a 10% off PlayStation Store discount starting today for this weekend only in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Pick up tons of new games, including even deeper discounts on Spring Fever content. See below for the full details:

10 Percent Off Code

Receive 10% off one transaction made on PlayStation Store on PS3, PS4 or the online store ( between 3/26/2015 at 12:00 noon PDT and 3/30/2015 at 12:00 noon PDT. Does not apply to transactions made on PlayStation Store on PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PSP or in-game. Some exclusions apply, including PS Plus memberships, subscriptions, game pre-orders, PS Now content and rental video content. Code must be redeemed at checkout and discounted transaction completed before 3/30/2015 at 12:00 noon PDT.

Use the discount code on the above image or find it proudly emblazoned on your local PlayStation Store (web, PS3, or PS4). What are you waiting for? Head over and cash in. What are you picking up?

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  • there is a flash sale coming if you go to ps4 catalog in games it has first light and says offer ends 3/30 but nothing else anyone know what games are going to be in the flash sale

  • For everyone asking that Sony had announced this earlier because they would have put off a purchase until they could use it, I just want to throw out a general heads up that Sony will probably offer more discounts like this one over the course of the next two or three years, so I’d suggest waiting to buy all your games until then.

  • Just bought Bloodborne with this! Thanks for the birthday gift! :D

  • “Looks good at first but consider this
    Plus memberships were just on ebay from a legit seller for $40 found it from ign deals
    Most older games are overpriced on psn and can be found for a much deeper discount
    GTA V is $40 on amazon
    AC Unity is $20 on amazon
    The order is $40 on amazon
    Lastly we can’t use this to pre order upcoming games no MK X no ESO no Uncharted
    This discount is only great for indies which I love and dlc or season passes.”

    yeah… and many games are not. If you want Blood Born RIGHT now then 6$ off is better than Zero.
    No one is forcing you to buy digital copies. And for stuff for the Vita or Ps1 games it is great since most are digital only.

  • “This discount code is not valid for the country associated with your account.” Well how is this my fault ? And why do I have to suffer that your offers are not available in the WHOLE OF EUROPE ? If you are going to send me discount messages and tease me, at least make sure you provide me with something valuable…. What a waste of my time…

  • I have been dragging my feet over getting Bloodborne. If this discount works then that will provide me the final push into getting it.

  • Sony is slowly quietly killing off the Vita.
    They Removed Google Maps, they will remove the Youtube App.
    They are closing down Destiny of Spirits servers… after reaching 1 million.
    They are removing the Music Unlimited App, replacing it with… nothing.
    They are closing down the PS Mobile. Everything is gone and I wouldn’t be surprised if they remove the PS Store, THAT WOULD BE STUPID!
    They’ll announce the death of the Vita at E3 this year.

    Scr*w you Sony. I love the Vita, why would you kill it off? Not successful? TRY HARDER DAMN IT! Make more exclusives games for the platform. Let Ready at Dawn go back to make Portable games, they are better at that.

  • Nice one Sony thank you…definitely taking advantage of that.

  • @107
    google maps and the youtube app are being removed because they are things you cna use from the browser and it freed up memory by not having apps you didn’t really need
    destiny of spirits servers are not owned or run by Sony so if they are taken down it has nothing to do with sony , its the game developers decision
    music unlimited IS being replaced with sony music by spotify wich is coming a month before music unlimited is shut down , any music unlimited subscription you paid for will transfer over as it uses the same psn account
    psmobile is losing money , it has low sales numbers in games , hardly any developers and even fewer good apps or games and people always complaining that they will not buy psmobile games if they don’t have trophies so its not a big loss , anything you bought you will still have access to and they might even keep current items available to buy , you just won’t get new stuff

  • Gotta add it and agree with some people here…leaving the Vita out of this is a big disrespect indeed.Hard to believe Sony is really trying to kill the Vita…but you gotta be blind to not see it.

  • @ 109 FJ1100_rider – You may be right in everything you said but you forgot that Destiny of Spirits is made by JapanStudio which is owned by Sony.

  • can I use this to buy the Expansion Pass for Destiny?

  • @Welmosca they said you can buy Vita games, you just need to do it through the webstore

  • Sony, you have to implement an “Add to wish-lit” feature on your store site. I have so many games that are not yet released, such as this one, that I will loose track of as time goes by.

  • Oops, thought this was the comment page for Wolfenstein: Old Blood…

  • 10% off is better than nothing but i’ll wait till the weekend maybe they might have another flash sale who knows.

  • i knew i should have held off on getting the resident evil HD remake… oh well thanks anyway!

  • This was awesome but Sony only gave me 10$ LAST month and The Object I wanna buy is to much. How about 40%
    For a hour.

  • i think this is absolutly disgusting not in europe. spend so much and not once have i had a discount or anything playstation network Thanks……. off to buy an xbox

  • I see people misinterpreting this discount code. You cannot redeem this on your PSV PSN because there’s never been an option to apply discount codes. However, you can go to the online store, buy as many PSV games as you want and apply the code. It’s not that it’s limited to content, it’s limited to stores. Do not make the mistake Gamespot did of assuming this promotion excludes PSV users~.

  • Disgaea 3 and 4 sale please Sony

  • is this 10% off stackable with the 10% off i was offered one time for the service interruption?

  • LOL @ #122 just like last time you have till the end of the week to use the code. I thought a Fla$h $ale was incoming based on the Infamous First Light deal under discounts/game deals on the PS4. I guess it’s just that one game???

  • 10% Off?? Seriously!? Yay! Awesome! Sweet deal! I’m in Heaven now! Thank You, Sony! (yeah, that was sarcasm -_-)

    All these 10% deals are only useful to people buying games on day 1…people that usually don’t care about saving some measly $6 out of $60…or those crazy (or wealthy) enough to spend hundreds on games.
    So basically, we are in the presence of one of the best marketing tricks: using this you’ll save some spare change while buying something that you’ll probably wouldn’t buy otherwise. Meanwhile next month Sony drops the price…and you end up losing the chance to save more…only because they tricked you into buying today. Ah…you gotta love these marketing schemes. >_>

    @40 Spitfire_Zero_ : LMAO! You’ve been saying that all week, man…is your Mystery Flash Sale ever gonna happen or what? Maybe you should apologize now and save the little dignity you still have? =P

    @122 rpvenom : LOL…dude, that 10% Off code for the DDOS attacks EXPIRED LIKE A MONTH AGO (it was only valid for like…48 hours or something)… xD

  • @123 God-Of-Lyf : You don’t have “till the end of the week” to use the codes…you only have around 48 HOURS to use them and that’s it.

  • [i]for this weekend only in the US, Canada, and Latin America[/i]

    Yeah! Thanks for giving it to us in Europe as well!!!

  • Hi, i saw that in EU there are discounts for spring, are we going to enjoy of this discounts? Or is only for EU?

  • Waiting on the original Dead Space Ultimate Edition to go on sale. Wanted to pick up God of War Ascension but didn’t know the size of just the campaign. I have a slow connection, so if anyone knows please post it, Thanks.

  • Is there any chance you guys can fix download list for PSP? It’s been a few weeks now, and doesn’t mention anything wrong.

  • Tried to the code and it states this code has been expire removing it from your cart… I haven’t used the code before this and it’s not the 30th any help?

  • @126 & @127 (and all the people like them)

    I’m so sick of these “confusions”: PEOPLE, THIS IS THE AMERICAN BLOG, *NOT* THE EUROPEAN ONE!!! Any concerns about things happening (or absent) on the EUROPEAN PSN should go to THE EUROPEAN BLOG (blog(dot)eu(dot)playstation(dot)com/). And I mean Questions, Complaints and/or Suggestions.
    Europeans Users: STAY IN EUROPE!
    American Users: Don’t fill the comments section with dumb questions that the AMERICAN team CAN’T ANSWER!

    It’s NOT a matter of discrimination (i.e. racism, etc.) like I’ve seen some of you claim…it’s just a matter of COMMON SENSE and ORDER. >_>

    So next time you post something regarding EUROPE…please, for God’s sake: THINK. -_-

    Thank You.

  • @128 Ribbercage : You can complete the Campaign in around 10-12 hours. Although I’ve read somewhere that it “could” be completed in 8 hours or so.

  • Dic move sony it expires the day b4 MLB 15 comes out

  • cool discount but running out of games and movies to buy,hoping tg-16,dreamcast,genesis,ps1,ps2 games will be made available for ps4 soon…for purchase not interested in streamng games at all!!!! why are the playstation plus free games announcements coming so much later than ms live?would like to see more major releases not just indie games…..also hoping for an optuion to download the movies i pay for not just stream them….i may pick up next weeks spring fever game and maybe DMC4…..i am digging the spring fever games jsut wish some old arcade,genesis,ps1 games would be realeased also…wish sony would spend more time competing with steam and xbox live and less with cable companies etc

  • Is there any chance you guys can fix download list for PSP? It’s been a few weeks now, and doesn’t mention anything wrong.

  • Yeah, I’m not gonna use this code unless I can use it on something I want. I scoured the store, but I can’t find anything except for Axiom Verge which just so happens to come out after the day this deal ends. That’s pretty shady Sony.

  • i just figured out what messed up my theme on ps4 its the gta 5 update i deleted it because of the graphics downgrade tried my theme and it worked.

  • Is this deal coming to Europe?

  • Trying to use this for AC Unity. Not working. Asking 4 12 digit number. Am I in wrong place?

  • I’m an idiot. Never mind. Lol

  • I’m trying to use this promotion online since I want to get PS3 and PS4 items together, but many of the items on the store aren’t loading properly. When I click on certain items, it gives me “Unable to find this page–It may be unavailable or the address may be incorrect. Select [Home] to continue browsing the PlayStation store.”

    For what I do have in my cart, when I go to check out, it gives me the error “The page you have requested has failed to load. Please try again later.”

    When will this be fixed? Will this promotion be extended if the site is still not working by tomorrow afternoon?

  • I’ll second 141 above. The Playstation Store is simply not working for me at all. I’ve been trying to buy a couple of Vita games via the web store and seemingly about half the store just inn’t loading and gicing Page Not Found errors.

    Tried to do the same on my PS3 and it’s not really working any better there, either. Perhaps worse, as no Vita content whatsoever will show up. What gives?

  • Playstation Store not working at all. Any coments?

  • Playstation Store is acting odd for me, not showing the sale sections and when I click on other pages like the First Light flash, it comes up with “Unable to Find This Page”

  • Does anyone know if Lego The Hobbit Side Quest Character Pack DLC includes extra side quest levels or just characters?

  • No Flash Sale this Weekend? You can keep the discount code.

  • used the code to finally get life is strange, loving the game so far.

  • Is this also happening in Japan? I got a Japanese acnt.

  • Sony you should do more 10% discounts in the future, I mean people do like buying more when there are discounts even if they are small.

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