10% Discount Weekend for PS Store Purchases Starts Today

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10% Discount Weekend for PS Store Purchases Starts Today

Surprise! Just in time for tax refund season, PlayStation Store is holding a 10% off PlayStation Store discount starting today for this weekend only in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Pick up tons of new games, including even deeper discounts on Spring Fever content. See below for the full details:

10 Percent Off Code

Receive 10% off one transaction made on PlayStation Store on PS3, PS4 or the online store ( between 3/26/2015 at 12:00 noon PDT and 3/30/2015 at 12:00 noon PDT. Does not apply to transactions made on PlayStation Store on PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PSP or in-game. Some exclusions apply, including PS Plus memberships, subscriptions, game pre-orders, PS Now content and rental video content. Code must be redeemed at checkout and discounted transaction completed before 3/30/2015 at 12:00 noon PDT.

Use the discount code on the above image or find it proudly emblazoned on your local PlayStation Store (web, PS3, or PS4). What are you waiting for? Head over and cash in. What are you picking up?

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  • “Does not apply to transactions made on PlayStation Store on PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PSP or in-game. ”

    I really would like to hear an answer from a Sony representative as to why the discount can not be applied to transactions made on the store via the Vita. Is it a technical issue? Or is it something more sinister than that?

    Regardless of the answer, this is yet another example of Sony failing to support the Vita.

  • So do I have to actually buy something with the code before the 30th or do I just have to redeem it by then? You weren’t exactly clear on that. I was asking because I may get Axiom Verge when it comes out, but that comes out the 31st.

  • Having log-in issues on Chome even after clearing cookies.
    Also, there should be a wish list for the store. Hard to keep track of the game that look interesting.

  • @51 Just make it on the web store. Then you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Just got Metal Slug 3, which I think I’ve now bought over a dozen times on various systems. Still worth it.

  • Never mind. Just tried it and it didn’t work. Guess I have to use it before the 30th with the purchase of a game. Danggit!!!

  • I thought the last Thursday of the month is the PS Plus lineup announcement, is this a distraction? :)

  • ps4/ps3/pc are the only PsnStores that support discount codes.

    Though wish i knew about this discount when i bought the handsome collection last night :/

  • great!!! i only hope another flash sale please guilty gear xrd!!!

  • yay, discount on bloodborne, now if only I had the hdd space…

  • Would have been nice to have at least gotten an announcement at the beginning of the week. Could have saved a few bucks.

  • Can this be used on a subscription purchase?

  • can i use this on pre orders? such as the mk x Premium edition?

  • Nice gonna get hotline miami tomorrow so this will come in handy

  • Wow I just pre-ordered MKX yesterday. I wish I could have used this

  • @54 Yes, you are right, but that is not the issue at hand. The issue is why did Sony not allow the discount to be used via the Vita directly when accessing the store in the first place. Why was the Vita left off the list? Why does Sony force Vita users to download the games via the webstore instead of doing it directly from their Vita?

    It is a matter of principle. Either Sony supports the Vita or it does not. By requiring Vita owners to go through extra steps to access the discount, a message is sent out to the Vita community that the Vita, yet again, is merely an afterthought. And it is this that I find troubling.

  • It would be nice to see a sale on PS+ memberships. I don’t play online very often and I have been very disappointed with the Vita games offered on the igc. Your competitor has already announced their April lineup and it looks like a good list. I just want PS+ to do something that truly gets me excited because it’s been a long time since that has happened. I guess when you are in first place you don’t have to try as hard.

  • @57 No, it’s normally the thursday before the first tuesday of the following month. Which would be next thursday. :P
    Unless it’s like last time and there’s a hiccup and the games aren’t announced until we get them.

    As for the 10% discount, might get some classics that never go on sale. But I’ll make sure there’s no flash sale first and wait until saturday to buy anything.

  • Hmm, might use this on an additional Plus sub. Wish I could use it for a digital version of Scholar of the First Sin for PS4, but I’m noticing that BamNam doesn’t like to offer pre-order digital when they also have retail version. Must be a back room agreement with Gamestop and/or Amazon.

    Maybe Toukiden, then.

  • @lisatsunami

    You won’t be able to use this on either. No pre-orders, or subscriptions like PS Plus.

  • klassymike: no? Well then bah, humbug!!!


  • Nice Thanks Sony!!!!!

  • Hey, but it says that PS plus are excluded meaning that we cannot get the same discount?

  • @sic2291 does that not make it today? I am confused now, the next Thursday would be April 2nd

  • @opikal Tuesday is March 31st so no PS+ games next week. We’ll get the games on April 7th, the week after.

  • Wow, 10%, I can buy a whole bunch of text avatars and country flag avatars now!

    Jokes aside, you really need to let us use such discount codes on PS+ subscription and pre-orders. I remember last time we received a 10% code due to the PSN outage, you very clearly stated (in the blog or in the reply to comments) that pre-orders are included, but when I bought something, there was no input field for me to enter a discount code. I thought it will come in a subsequent payment step but nope. I ended up pre-ordering something at 0% discount and felt cheated.

    Wish this code comes a couple of weeks later when Dragon Age sale is on as I already have all the GOW games. Guess I’ll go buy that God of War theme.

  • I can’t believe this. I just bought Bloodborne minutes ago and I even googled to make sure there wasn’t a code available. Ugh.

  • thank u so much sony for the vita update 3.50 enable button assignments. Something is missing and that is turning the left analog stick to the dpad, and turning the dpad to the left analog stick. i need this for need for speed vita. i want to play the game on the dpad and not the left analog stick. also let me diisable left analog stick when i play umvc3. the change to L to R analog stick still works though. but i still want the diasable left analog stick for umvc3.

    this is for the creator of toukiden kiwami. one of the weapon i can use the parry, i love using it so much. but its by pressing square + x. i dont like it. im glad i was able to enable button assignments and i change the use of parry to square + triangle, its better for me and more comfortable to press. one of my favorite weapon is the dual knive but it doesnt have parry. i want the dual knive to have parry. i want all the weapon to have parry by pressing square + triangle and not square + x. trust me and i hope u listen.

  • What about us in the UK and Europe sony? We are your largest market after all. But the offer would have to be 15% off for us in the UK.

  • Why you never offer us these codes in the UK makes me mad. Considering we pay more for our games. And why is it that America has a set price of $59.99 for all new ps4 games everwhere. I wish in England that all new ps4 games had a set price everywhere at £39.99. Just had to say that.

  • I want Bloodborne yeah, but the cheapest price here in the UK is £47.99 on Amazon UK. Are they having alaugh? I will wait until it drops to £30. I’m going now , bye.

  • @Strangeheaven Complain to Sony Europe, not Sony US.

  • Still confused what is going on with GoW Ascension Ultimate.

    Bought it, and the game shows up for download, but the store doesn’t recognize it.

    As for the discount,
    If there is a flash sale great, this might be of use. If not, it won’t.

    BTW, why isn’t the HD origins for GoW not on Vita already? And finally getting to play DMC, and loving it.

  • Steam is having an awesome Sega sale. I hope we get one soon. Would love to snatch up Valkyria Chronicles 2.

  • Any love for Australia soon?

  • @Strangeheaven are you seriously complaining about a 10% coupon while you guys get a great easter sale?

  • This 10% might just push me to pre order The Witcher 3. It already has a discount so this extra 10% will make it even sweeter.
    Nice! Thanks, Sony!

  • @NightmareSquad I didn’t know we had that easter deal. I’ve just this minute checked the store. Cheers for letting me know.

  • @Strangeheaven, If you are looking at cheapest Bloodborne, you should look at the Asia PSN store. It’s HK$350, which is around £30 or US$45. On top of that, Asia PS Plus members get another 10% discount.

    Of cos, you will need to create an Asia PSN account and buy the corresponding country’s PSN card (digital code via email delivery from places like Play-Asia).

  • I need to remember to read carefully first… doesn´t work on pre orders. Forgot about that.. bummer.

  • What hapenned to helldivers online mode, with your new firmware update I can’t play with my friends anymore. What have you done???? I bought that game because the cross pla, now I can’t.

  • Can you use it on discounted pre orders. It would be nice to get an extra ten percent off of PayDay 2

  • So it only applies to PS3 & PS4 games. I was planning on getting a VIta game or PSP game until I saw text below the code.

  • I wish this would work for Vita games.

  • I can only say one thing and repeat it three times. YES!☝? YES!☝? YES!☝?

  • This does apply to Vita games. Just now while using the vita for the actual purchase. Go to on your computer, add your vita games to the cart, and use the discount code there.

  • @51: Because the PS Vita store doesn’t even *HAVE A CART*. That’s why. How an they provide a code to give you 10% off your *CART* when the PS Vita doesn’t have a cart?

    So what you want is to waste your code on one item on the Vita store natively, so you can then whine that you were ripped off.

    Go to the friggin’ webstore. That way you’re not even limited to platform. You could get a PS4 game, a Vita game and whatever else you couldn’t buy on the platform exclusive stores.

  • That’s Cool I’ve just bought some new games :D , But i wish if it would be some cool offers for the Plus members

  • This code can be used only once?

  • Seems Sony favour NA, on top of their weekly/monthly discounts they also get a further 10% off, seems fair, NOT.

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