God of War III Remastered Coming to PS4 on July 14th

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God of War III Remastered Coming to PS4 on July 14th

Happy Tenth Birthday, God of War! I can’t believe it has already been ten years (almost to this day) since Santa Monica Studio released Kratos out into the wild.

10 Years with God of War

Creating an original game is really hard; it takes a combination of creativity, tenacity, guts, skill, and let’s be honest here, no small amount of total lunacy to imagine and see to the finish an entirely new world. So making an original game that is successful, well that is just lightning in a bottle, my friends. I believe that David Jaffe did just that when he created and directed the first God of War game.

God of War PlayStation Gear

Official God of War merchandise is now available on the PlayStation Gear Store at gear.playstation.com. The collection includes several t-shirts to choose from and a limited edition Kratos statue! The Kratos on Throne Statue depicts the final scene in the original God of War.

God of War Kratos Statue

The statue is being produced as a limited edition of 1,250 and stands at an incredible 29 inches tall, showing Kratos sitting upon his throne as the new God of War. Reserve yours with a deposit today!

I joined the Studio later in the development of the first game and had the pleasure of being part of making Kratos who he is today. It all began with Dave’s vision of a brutal mythological world that was equal parts amazing and insane. Then slowly it coalesced with our desire to make the best “pick-up-and-play” action adventure game, seamlessly taking the player to the far reaches of their imagination.

All of this was rolled into the capable hands of one of the most talented development teams I have had the pleasure of working with, the Santa Monica Studio. Together we fought our way to the finish, battling side-by-side (and sometimes even against each other) to reach the finish line and release a game that we all were proud of. As luck would have it, many of you played that game and liked it enough to let us make many incredible entries into the series.

As a fan action adventure and story based games myself, I am forever thankful to Dave Jaffe for the amazing world he created, out of his freaking head. As a professional I owe much of my current career to the opportunity that he and Shannon Studstill (now head of Santa Monica Studio) gave me to go on and direct the second game

The story I wrote for God of War II set the stage for an epic finish to the trilogy Dave and I had always imagined, an all out war between the Gods, Titans, and our favorite angst-ridden Spartan warrior. Going into the third game I set to work on a script and game layout that would push the PS3 to its absolute limit.

While I did not continue on to direct the game, Stig Assmussen, the badass Art Director on the series, took the helm as Director and continued crafting the game and story to its eventual meteoric heights with creative gravitas and skill, and along with his amazing team created one of the craziest, most bombastic and most visually resplendent entries in the series. Seriously, every time I play through that game I see the unique brand of brilliance the Santa Monica team pours into every game they do.

Imagine if a game like that came out on PS4, right?

Well, thanks to the fine folks at SCEA (or Santa Monica Studio) we do not have to imagine anymore because God of War III Remastered is here!

God of War III Remastered

Well, not here yet, but here in the sense that we are announcing it, here. It actually comes out on July 14th.

This action packed thrill ride of a game will take series newcomers and regulars alike on a retina-popping thrill ride filled to the absolute brim with 1080p gameplay, silky smooth combat, earth-shaking weapons, bosses you simply have to face to believe, and an all-new new photo mode so you can share those most tender of God of War moments, like stabbing a Minotaur in the frickin face, with your friends and loved ones.

I highly recommend everyone grab a copy and play because whether you are new to the series or Spartan veterans, God of War III Remastered is one damn fine game.

God of War III RemasteredGod of War III Remastered

On this glorious day of celebration we are also taking some of the world’s best speed runners and bringing them together under one roof to watch them break, exploit, and skip all the long hours and hard work the development team put into these games, all in hopes of achieving the fastest completion time! Huzzah!

Seriously, they can finish the game in less time than it took for us to agree on a dinner order, its nuts. You should just watch it.

Watch live video from PlayStation on www.twitch.tv

Happy Birthday, God of War. Happy Birthday, Kratos, you crazy, bald, ash-covered bastard! Here’s to ten years.

Should we toast to another ten years? Will there be another ten years?


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  • Why only God of War 3 and not a “God of War Collection” with God of War 1,2 and 3???

  • Yet another remaster is coming… Screw this. At the rate Sony is remastering games on PS4, I’ll just wait for the PS5 versions of PS4 games – cause they will be even better lol. And right now i’m quite happy with the PS3 and my PC.

  • Too bad we can’t get a God of War Collection that is on par with the Master Chief Collection. The Fall of Olympus Collection.

  • Please offer worldwide shipping at you PS gear store! Your fans are worldwide!

  • Is this the one where he beats women, or the one where he uses them as doorstops? Can’t keep them straight …

  • Well I’ll admit this is cool and all as GOW3 was one of my favorite games of last generation.

    But without remastering the whole series this seems like a dropped ball. Even with Ascension at least for more value. Unless something REALLY special is coming with this I’ll wait till it’s cheaper.

  • The most impressive game in the series! Ascension’s multiplayer should be included Santa Monica, thought it was brilliant (Adds longevity)! I’ll def buy this remaster, excellent game.

  • Unrelated, but when will we get the ability to use a bluetooth headset on PS4 like we could on PS3?

  • Yes it is 60fps, yes it is 1080p. yes it is $39.99.

  • Guys, you should have a special weekend sale for GOW games to go along with the celebration, especially for the ones playable in the Vita. Please give your little console some extra love. My money is there in the wallet, awaiting for your mercy.

  • Hmm… As in yes! There will be another 10 years. And they begin with God Of War 4!

  • “Creating an original game is really hard; it takes a combination of creativity, tenacity, guts, skill, and let’s be honest here, no small amount of total lunacy to imagine and see to the finish an entirely new world.”

    That right there sums up why we’re seeing so many remastered games so far. It’ll be good for PS4 owners that had the 360 as opposed to the PS3, but as a PS3 owner who already played this game five years ago, I just can’t get excited. Still, because of this first line, I’m patiently waiting for the exciting new games to come out (and no, don’t talk to me about The Order) and certainly the likes of Arkham Knight (soon!), Uncharted 4, and even an original God of War PS4 game if it’s good enough (#3 really wrapped up everything, and I didn’t bother with Ascension).

    • We hear you and that’s OK, remasters often help us open the door to new players who perhaps did not play God of War 3 5yrs ago, but who we can bring it to on the PlayStation 4. People often forget, the more players we can bring into a franchise, the better for everyone. At Santa Monica Studio, we’d like as many PlayStation fans to experience our games as possible, form generation to generation.

  • Day one buy for me

  • Yesssssss!!!! Thank you Sony!! One of my favorite games of all time… re-mastered for PS4? Yes please. Day 1 baby!!!

  • This was one of my favorite games on the PS3. Think I might have to give it another go. Using the Dualshock 4 to control Kratos gonna be sweet.

  • Why do this and not include the cut ending? The end of the game was clearly reduced in scope, and marred the game.

  • I don’t know. Granted, it may have it’s problems, but I think The Master Chief Collection has set the bar for Re-releases as far as content goes, and this is well below that. You have a lot of new PS 4 users that did not have the PS3. A whole collection just makes more sense. The same goes for the upcoming Ratchet and Clank remake. Hopefully it’s more than just a prettier version of the first game with updated controls. It seems very much like Sony is trying to nickel and dime us. I know no one is forcing me yo buy these, but I do like these games a lot and I would like to see them live up to their greatest potential. It’s great that Sony currently has the lead that they have, but momentum can easily start to slow with bare minimum re-releases and and other questionable moves, such as shutting down servers for games 15 months after release (I’m looking at you MLB The Show 2014)

  • I would only pick it up if they say they are adding some extra boss or mini boss fight like Artemis or Argos would be nice if not then it better be $20

  • Why not a collection?

  • While good news, I have to agree leaving the other two out. If you do go about remastering the other two games, please Cory, implement a better save system. The PS2 games saved multiples games on a single save block with no option for allowing you to delete a different save progress. Please use the newer save system so we can delete and create as many save files as we want. Thanks.

  • ???

    God of War 3 is a good game, but I don’t see why it needed a PS4 port.
    I guess that’s cool for people who never had a PS3, but this is a really random port if you ask me.

  • Glad to see this remaster. Will give a chance for people who did not own a PS3 to try out this awesome classic on the PS4. Would love to see some GOW news for Vita.

  • Yea….Not even Acension is included in this? I don’t get it. Remasters on PS3 were just overall better, the games were usually older and harder to find, the jump from 480i to 720p or 1080p is much larger than 720p to 1080p, and usually they included 2 or 3 games instead of one and were a good value for the money(See GoW collection,Sly Cooper,MGS HD collection, KH1.5 etc.). Now everyone seems to be doing minor updates to recent games with less value.

  • Man, as a huge God of War fan I might end up getting this.

    God of War IV please!

  • I love remasters as long as they are under 40 bucks. God of War III is one of my top PS3 games.

  • BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! quit with remakes what is PlayStation now for?
    but I guess now we have in game music with make it worth not much to me.

  • Oh no damn…this is bulls**t at its finest,stop with these recycled games for PS4 for the love of decency,at least you Sony could stop with these greedy and lame recycled PS3 games “made” for PS4.
    How about non HD games? hu?…how about PS2 games that really need to be “remastered”.
    So far PS4 has only 2 remastered games…RE and FF Type-0,the rest is all recycled crap.

    Ok GoW 3 is one of the best games ever made,the best GoW game and a truly technical marvel like nothing else.But that doesn’t justify you guys recycling it…there is PSNow,just make it available there…if its not already.

    PS4 is the worst generation EVER…I’m afraid of what we’ll see in 2 or 3 years from now.Just like DLCs got worse in an insane lvl….things will get worse on this gen too.

  • Really? onle GOW3? it should at least be 1-3 or 3 and Asencion, or even better, the 4 games.

  • Looking forward to re-living this one :)

  • Cool story bruh! But give us, GoW 4.

  • I want Red Dead Redemption Remastered.

  • I agree with iREVOLTER. Would rather see a whole new game (that’s not another prequel) over a lazy port.

  • I can see why you guys remastered this one.

  • I dont like all these remasters. For what? To buy the same game at the same retail price to do the same missions and such just on another system. Spend time making new games instead of remaking games. O

  • Sony please bring Kojima Productions to the Playstation Family.

  • Thanks but no thanks. I’m done rebuying remasters and whatnot. I want new games. Hopefully newcomers to Sony enjoy GoW3 because it’s a damn good game. Getting that platinum was worthwhile…now how about a new God of War game please?

  • 1) everyone keeps saying “oh but what about 1 and 2.” You apparently haven’t looked on the psn store. Both of those have been remastered already and available.

    2) “oh but where are the new games wah wah wah.” There are plenty ofor pretty good new games on theit way out this year. They can’t all come out at once. Plus, some of us may have never gotten the opportunity to play these games when they first came out. It’s awesome they’re bringing them to ps4 so we do get the opportunity to catch up on them. There are more gamers out there than just yourself. There are just as many people who want these remastered games as there are people who may not want them. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. I will since I never had the opportunity to play it when it first came out.

  • I rarely complain about remasters, but seriously…this is the best you could do for God of War’s 10th anniversary?

  • $40 is too much for this. Sony should have released the original trilogy for $50 instead. Enough with the remasters – they don’t compensate for the fact that this will be the second consecutive year of disappointing first party exclusive content on PS4.

  • The PS4 is a freaking disgrace.

  • I will only pay £14.99 at most for this. If this is priced at £24.99 on Amazon UK or Game I will not buy it.

  • look at my avatar!! but why why why no Accession added to it!!!! it would be perfect to bundle them together for $40 or even $50!!! The announcement would be much more exciting, but now I’m kinda disappointed.

  • If you really wanted more people to get to the franchise you should release the first game or ascension and not going to part 3 .this is a cash grab

  • GOW 3 is one of my favorite games and I am super happy you guys are doing this. Corey is back and that cryptic teaser at the end! the future looks awesome!

  • People can’t you take the huge hint there remastering gow 3 because there getting ready to announce god of war 4 for ps4 at e3 this year.
    So they want ps4 owners who never played god of war 3 the chance to play it before they play god of war 4.

    That being said the $39.00 price point for a game thats 5 years old and you can buy for $3.00 on ps3 is way overpriced.
    At least the other game remasters were only a couple of years old and had extra dlc content.

    $39.00 is alot of money for a game thats already been made and they just need to upscale it and they are adding no extra content

  • This is a sham. This is a disgrace to the fans and disrespectful to the franchise. Ohhh ahhh… a bump in resolution to 1080p with the same PS3 graphics. Yeah, I want to blast that everywhere with photo mode.

    Seriously, THIS is how you pay homage to the 10 year anniversary of one of PlayStation’s greatest franchises? By randomly releasing the third iteration of a series with no notable upgrades? This is beyond stupid.

    Take notes from Microsoft on how to make a proper anniversary edition. The Master Chief Collection was a true love letter to the fans and to the franchise (despite it’s launch-time bugs). This so-called “remaster” of God of War III is a slap in the face.

  • it’s also absurd that I can buy the God of War Saga brand new on Amazon for $18… which has 6 games in it, including the two HD remasters of GoW and GoW 2.

    This is a major FAIL.

  • So… You want to let players that missed God of War III experience it… But not I or II?

    I’ll have to pass, then. I never played the first two games, and the stories of games are usually the most important part to me. It would’ve been nice to see a collection containing I-III and Ascension (If not the PSP games as well), though.

  • Exactly Astroking112. Who is this game for? It’s not for the fans — they wanted the whole collection, or the first three at the very least. And it’s not for those that have never played God of War. So other than an easy cash-grab to fill Sony’s mediocre lineup of games (especially now that Uncharted 4 is delayed over a year), who is this for?

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