God of War III Remastered Coming to PS4 on July 14th

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God of War III Remastered Coming to PS4 on July 14th

Happy Tenth Birthday, God of War! I can’t believe it has already been ten years (almost to this day) since Santa Monica Studio released Kratos out into the wild.

10 Years with God of War

Creating an original game is really hard; it takes a combination of creativity, tenacity, guts, skill, and let’s be honest here, no small amount of total lunacy to imagine and see to the finish an entirely new world. So making an original game that is successful, well that is just lightning in a bottle, my friends. I believe that David Jaffe did just that when he created and directed the first God of War game.

God of War PlayStation Gear

Official God of War merchandise is now available on the PlayStation Gear Store at gear.playstation.com. The collection includes several t-shirts to choose from and a limited edition Kratos statue! The Kratos on Throne Statue depicts the final scene in the original God of War.

God of War Kratos Statue

The statue is being produced as a limited edition of 1,250 and stands at an incredible 29 inches tall, showing Kratos sitting upon his throne as the new God of War. Reserve yours with a deposit today!

I joined the Studio later in the development of the first game and had the pleasure of being part of making Kratos who he is today. It all began with Dave’s vision of a brutal mythological world that was equal parts amazing and insane. Then slowly it coalesced with our desire to make the best “pick-up-and-play” action adventure game, seamlessly taking the player to the far reaches of their imagination.

All of this was rolled into the capable hands of one of the most talented development teams I have had the pleasure of working with, the Santa Monica Studio. Together we fought our way to the finish, battling side-by-side (and sometimes even against each other) to reach the finish line and release a game that we all were proud of. As luck would have it, many of you played that game and liked it enough to let us make many incredible entries into the series.

As a fan action adventure and story based games myself, I am forever thankful to Dave Jaffe for the amazing world he created, out of his freaking head. As a professional I owe much of my current career to the opportunity that he and Shannon Studstill (now head of Santa Monica Studio) gave me to go on and direct the second game

The story I wrote for God of War II set the stage for an epic finish to the trilogy Dave and I had always imagined, an all out war between the Gods, Titans, and our favorite angst-ridden Spartan warrior. Going into the third game I set to work on a script and game layout that would push the PS3 to its absolute limit.

While I did not continue on to direct the game, Stig Assmussen, the badass Art Director on the series, took the helm as Director and continued crafting the game and story to its eventual meteoric heights with creative gravitas and skill, and along with his amazing team created one of the craziest, most bombastic and most visually resplendent entries in the series. Seriously, every time I play through that game I see the unique brand of brilliance the Santa Monica team pours into every game they do.

Imagine if a game like that came out on PS4, right?

Well, thanks to the fine folks at SCEA (or Santa Monica Studio) we do not have to imagine anymore because God of War III Remastered is here!

God of War III Remastered

Well, not here yet, but here in the sense that we are announcing it, here. It actually comes out on July 14th.

This action packed thrill ride of a game will take series newcomers and regulars alike on a retina-popping thrill ride filled to the absolute brim with 1080p gameplay, silky smooth combat, earth-shaking weapons, bosses you simply have to face to believe, and an all-new new photo mode so you can share those most tender of God of War moments, like stabbing a Minotaur in the frickin face, with your friends and loved ones.

I highly recommend everyone grab a copy and play because whether you are new to the series or Spartan veterans, God of War III Remastered is one damn fine game.

God of War III RemasteredGod of War III Remastered

On this glorious day of celebration we are also taking some of the world’s best speed runners and bringing them together under one roof to watch them break, exploit, and skip all the long hours and hard work the development team put into these games, all in hopes of achieving the fastest completion time! Huzzah!

Seriously, they can finish the game in less time than it took for us to agree on a dinner order, its nuts. You should just watch it.

Watch live video from PlayStation on www.twitch.tv

Happy Birthday, God of War. Happy Birthday, Kratos, you crazy, bald, ash-covered bastard! Here’s to ten years.

Should we toast to another ten years? Will there be another ten years?


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  • Only one game? I would have got it if it was at least a collection of all god of wars for 60$. 40$ is way to much.

  • I was hoping this was the end of the franchise.

    Hopefully what you are working on isn’t GOW.

  • Cool, I’m sure this is some sort of primer for the inevitable announcement of a new game at E3. I await both!

  • Will there be a trade-in deal like Naughty Dog did with The Last of Us? As in we can trade-in our PS3 version to get the remastered version half-off? That was the GameStop deal with The Last of Us Remastered. As much as I love the God of War series (it’s my favorite, including the years of work on all of the God of War Wikipedia articles, which God of War 1 will be Today’s Featured Article on the 22nd for the 10th anniversary), that would be the only way I’d buy this (unless I got it as a gift). Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to have this, but it would make my PS3 version completely useless.

  • Will GOW3 ever be downloadable through PSN? Why is it the only one that isn’t? I ask because I only have a ps3 & the disc drive failed long ago. (I’m disabled and can’t afford a new machine, so every so often I check to see if it’s available on psn). Thanks – B.

  • How about a God of War game for the Vita

  • Was never my favorite series. Too bad Sony said they won’t support the Vita so their plan instead is to re-release a bunch of PS3 games I already played on PS4……this is gonna cause an industry crash.

    Imagine if the PS3 sold a bunch of PS2 games and the PS2 a bunch of PS1 games…..

  • will buy at a $40-$50 Price.

  • It is going to be a collection edition ?

  • Oh man. And this is coming from a HUGE God of War fan who cannot WAIT to hear more about the new PS4 project being developed.

    I did not buy a PS4 to play 5 year old PS3 games with slightly improved visuals. It’s just that simple.

    If this is $20 or less and comes with SOME sort of new PS4 God of War demo (which it really should), or SOME sort of bundle, I’ll buy. Otherwise, this long time God of War fan is not even interested. Very sad state we’re currently in with this gen of gaming…

  • PLEASE tell me this will have Stereoscopic 3D support to make up for the backtrack on Ascension. It was being developed specifically for 3D, made a big deal of, then you turn around and withdraw quietly for no reason. The PS4 is more than capable of 3D support, so if Ascension can handle 3D on PS3, then GoW3 should be no problem on PS4.

  • Man i cant wait..i beat it so many times and looking forward to beating it again on nextgen and i hope they remake them all it would be awesome

  • I have never played any of the GoW titles, but I have heard of them. I just got a PS4 and was wondering if I should play GoW 1 & 2 on PS Now before playing GoW 3 Remastered or if I can just jump into the 3rd episode? Thank you in advance for your opinions and advise.

  • ANOTHER REMASTER?! Why is the regretstation 4 not backwards compatible again? might as well have just returned bc to PS3 and enhanced the hardware enough for it to last another 5 years or so. Why the hell would anyone look at the current state of things and say ” Let’s see. this console won’t play my PSX/PS2/PS3 games but I can rebuy “remastered” versions of PS3 games and it lacks most of the features my PS3 has and multiplayer is locked out unless I sign up for +. MUST UPGRADE!” -_-‘

  • On a side note, I think some people need to chill. This game is for people like me who haven’t played GoW 3 and who would really enjoy a remastered version. I really love The Last of Us Remastered, because I didn’t get a chance to play it and I have a feeling that GoW 3 Remastered would do the same for me.

    The PS4 is barely a year old. Game dev takes three to four years on average. There are some great titles already and more are on the way. In the meantime, the grass is **not** greener outside. If you compare catalogues with the Xbox One, there are more titles unique to the PS4 that are really great (Fez, Grim Fandango, Transistor, etc.) and PS Now allows someone like me who didn’t have a PS3 to really enjoy a wealth of titles. If I had gotten a Xbox One, I wouldn’t have been able to play Xbox 360 games like that.

    Yes, it’s another remastered, but if you’re complaining, it’s probably not for you. In the meantime, I’m happier being on a PS4 than I would have been on a Xbox One.

  • Hi:
    SONY $9.99 for this ONLY ONE Game and will be O.k. $39.99 is just nonsense.

  • I would rather have the Uncharted series remastered.

  • People complaining about remasters, guess what? You don’t have to buy them! This game is meant for the people that didn’t own a PS3. Also, for the people complaining about Santa Monica making a PS4 GoW, guess what? Sony is bringing LOTS of new IP’s. This year alone you have: The Order, Bloodborne, Helldivers, Until Dawn, No man’s sky… God, Santa Monica itself is co-developing 3 new IP’s!

  • How can I watch a recording of the live stream God of War done quickly? Please?

  • not worth the money…. i LOVE GoW but this is a ripoff….sorry.

  • YAY!
    Gold news for me (:
    I missed GOW 3 on PS3 and don’t own a PS3 now.Now I can finally play this epic game.

  • I love God of War and this is a cool surprise, but why not include Ascension as well? Give us more bang for our buck considering they are both old games.

    I gotta be honest though, based on the screenshots and trailer, I’m not seeing a big difference if any, the ps3 version still looks gorgeous and if its just a 1080p upscale, then I will not be buying it again.

  • See myself purchasing this again on PS4, but I have already purchased this twice (special edition for $150, never opened, played my roommates copy, then again paid $40 for GoW Collection [also counted as a double-dip for the GoW HD remasters]) the price point is too high for me personally. $20 is MY sweet spot for a triple-dip.
    However, $40 is absolutely NOT a rip-off for anyone who hasn’t played it yet.

  • Ok this is gr8! :D
    Yes there are definitely a large group of gamers who like the remasters and I’m certainly one of them.
    Thanks guys. I would definitely prefer an entire HD collection rather than buying each though. But hey I’m gonna buy GOW for the PS4 anyday. Happy Happy. :)

  • Another remaster. As excited as I might be considering I do love me some GoW awesomeness, it’s saddening that this has become the way ~forward :?

  • Dear PlayStation, i have never rated any of your article lower than 5/5, ever. However, this might be the historical moment for me to rated this as low as 1/5. That is how much i HATE about this remastered trending.
    Look PlayStation, I love you and all. But Please stop with your ridiculous remastered or re-hashed games…. We simply dont want it anymore! Its MORE than enough already….
    And even if you are going to do it, MAKE IT RIGHT! Take XB1 Master Chief Collection for example, I dont like Halo Franchise at all, BUT FOUR REMASTERED games in one package for only $60 ??? Damn, dat is a great deal! While this, this is nothing more than a scam imho.

  • There is still a great chance of a GOW prequel. I mean Ascension could have been so much better. With the death of his wife and child, and the final battle being the war with that character i forgot his name from GOW 1 whom we fight when he is on a horse and we take out his head. I mean an actual middle of battle with Kratos leading his army would have been incredible. Hmm well, however, all great things must come to an end.

    I miss the God of War 1 and 2 days. Especially the puzzles. It kept you hanging and scratching. The gameplay mechanics of GOW 2 was insane with that 4 rotating rooms.
    Damn i wish i had the privilege to live those days again.
    Anyways thank you for the Remastered version.
    i wish somehow we could have a God of War game back, something or someone with that creative angle. One last shot!!!

  • Doesn’t look like they’ve upgraded the graphics at all. Textures are still low res. No decent AA to be seen. (And the game could use it with the harsh lighting model on the specular component). Not even 16xAF makes the cut. *Yawn*
    Even the shadows are still ultra low res http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/12/1426872130-god-of-war-iii-remastered-20150311223748-1426774149.jpg

    Not like the original game could run at 60FPS anyway.


  • This is certainly a good thing for those who now have a PS4 but didn’t own a PS3. It will also be wonderful to see this running in a native 1080p hopefully running at a smooth 60fps… GoW is really one of those games that can greatly benefit from such specs.

    However I can’t help but wonder why they’re not either including Ascension, or at least announcing an Ascension remake… especially for the reported price???

  • And to those begging Sony to stop with the remakes… you guys have to realize that developing a remake/remaster/etc does not in any way take away from other devs creating new & original ip’s. I’ve been told this by many different people working in the industry a number of times and they all are pretty sure in what they say. That being said, judging from all of Sony’s past systems (portable and home console), Sony and their developers always seem to take longer than the competition, and longer than some would like before they start pumping out their best work. Look at when TLoU came out… there are many other examples that show how the best of the best games always seem to start to show their presence at least approx 3 yrs into the systems lifespan. That’s the way I’ve always seen things play out on Sony systems and I’m willing to bet not that much will be changing with the PS4.

  • ^^^^continued^^^^

    To me this strategy… if it is a strategy… that Sony usually implements is imo admirable simply because it seems Sony doesn’t care TOO MUCH about every single solitary move that the competition makes. They do what they do on their time schedule and no one else’s and thus far, from my own perspective, it hasn’t really hurt them as far as delivering quality home consoles and quality games after all is said and done.

  • WILL buy GoW 3 Remastered. Would definitely buy GoW: Ascension “AGAIN” with 4 player split-screen / LAN added for Multiplayer.

    Got to support this ’cause I would love a Socom 1 and 2 Remastered collection and many others like SIREN, Folklore and WARHAWK on the PS4.

    People thinking that these “side projects” to earn some xtra cash, old and new fans to the franchise are somehow stopping the development of new games are simply misguided imho.

    My .02

  • If it was Ascension and 3 it would be day one buy. If it was 1 2 and 3 it would be day one buy. But with just 3 alone it ain’t worth the 40 $. Maybe I’ll buy it used or from sale if it’s around 15 $ I value it at. It’s a great game, but a game I have already played and it was released a while ago.

  • Thank you for this.

    The PS4 is the first Sony console I got but since then i got a PSVita and got to enjoy a tom of great games i couldn’t get my banda on other consoles!

    God of War III almost made me buy a PS3 when it was launched. Just got the colletion on the PSVita and loving every minute of it.

    And now I get the chance to play it on the PS4!!!
    Great news indeed, Aaron. Good news!

  • Bloody hell , can’t you just make a new god of war game, now you expect me to wait another fricken 5 or 10 years
    I understand it’s 10 year celebration but I’ve played it on ps3 about 20 times and you expect me to play it again while paying £60 I’m not going to buy it coz I’ll be bored
    I request to sonta monica studio for advice rather just getting that one game can’t you just get the whole trilogy including 1 and1 ascension gos and coo

    I’ve think you’ve made a gad deduction I dint know who’s hoping yo play it but I’m telling you know just make a new god of war game or later on the year

  • 3 and no Ascension for 40$? If it was 3 and Ascension for 40$, yes i would buy it. It’s not like either of them have tons of content (Gow 3 is a 8h game and Ascension is a 6h game)
    I’ll get it used for 20$ later this year, i played it on Ps3 anyway, so i have no rush.

  • I love the GoW games, but as has already been mentioned, I disappointed with the amount or remastered games, sure PS4 is out selling XBONE, but this will change if Sony don’t start releasing NEW EXCLUSIVE games there are plenty of mulit-platform, but XBONE user are getting far more games than PS4. I’m not interested in loads of small independent games some are good, but not all. This year like last year seems to be dry for exclusive PS4 games, yes there are good games on the horizon, but I could equally buy them on the XBONE, I have a mate who is seriously considering trading to have more games to play.

  • This game, to me, has always just been Double Dragon with fancy-schmancy. There’s nothing interesting or compelling about it in terms of gameplay, and the mythology is thin.

    New IP, please.

  • That statue looks amazing. At first I thought it was just going to be $150, then I saw that’s just a deposit!

    If 1-2 and the PSP GOW games ever get remasters I don’t want them to be just upscaled, I want them to be full on remakes with new textures and character models, plus maybe new collectibles and story elements.

    I’m glad this is going to be $40 instead of $60, and I understand it’s more for people who don’t own a PS3 (since you can get it on PS3 really cheap these days, for about $3 used!) Not sure if I’ll pick it up right away though, I still have my PS3 copy which I was just considering playing last night before this announcement.

  • $39.99 for . 5 years old “remastered” game is a bit too much. It should be $19.99 to be honest. Please, lower the price.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

    This game is one of the best GoW!!

    But doesn’t have co-op or multiplayer!!

    Only the challenge of Olympus and

    The combat arena and some comentaries

    This game worth $20 dollars .

    Exclusive doesn’t mean we have to pay

    Full price! Just look at The Order 1886 !!!

    The order 1886 game is $20 off at best buy!!


  • I mean, yeah, id like to see how much better the graphics look, but GoW3 only JUST became outdated. Thats how good it looked on PS3 so the upgrade wont even be that significant. I wonder how much this cost them to make cuz it make no sense why they’d make a remaster version it this game, especially since nothing is added and its just one game. Better be $15

  • So for me this kind of upsets me, all of these “lesser” games are being “remastered” for PS4 for no reason!!! GoW3 HD/Remastered isn’t going to be anything new or exciting, it’s just a rehash, just like with TLoU. They need to start creating new IPs and new games vs only putting out “HD remakes” and “remasters”.

    If any game deserved to be “remastered” for PS4 it would be Skyrim and they should leave it at that, so many games now are just that, you can get them on old gen and new, what’s the point if there is no difference in the game to come out with a “remastered” one a few years later just on a new system…… oh wait to milk money.

  • Will it feature all of the additional DLC such as costumes and the challenge set or will that have to be paid for from the the Playstation Store? Also, could we possibly see the Deimos costume return?

  • Darn, switching over from xbox, I’ve never played the God of War series. Wish it was a complete collection. Just the 3rd in the series does nothing for me.

  • For all the people defending this, I understand, but the loyal people who have been with Playstation the last 15-20 years are getting the short end of the stick here. Catering to the Xbox 360 owners who switched to PS4 is ok, but can you cater to all your fans?

  • ^^^
    which is why you’re getting games like Bloodborne, The Order (despite if you like it or not), that new Ninja Theory game, the upcoming exclusive MLB 15 The Show (my reason for getting any Sony system), Persona 5, No Man’s Sky, SFV and I’m 100% positive there will be “a few” more revealed at E3… Sony wants to have a tremendous E3 again so they’re saving their big guns until then. people also overlook how much better some multi-platform games sometimes look/perform on the PS4 compared to X1. Both MGSV: GZ & PES for example perform almost on another level compared to the X1 versions. Other games have smaller advantages, but they are still advantages nonetheless.

    and I know many people may look down on Indies, but Sony systems get very high quality Indies far more often than the competition. Just this month there has already been a few of the best Indies released I’ve ever played… Helldivers & Hotline Miami 2!! Then in the next few weeks we get Axiom Verge & Titan Souls, both of which look just as good/fun as Helldivers & Hotline Miami 2!

  • ^^^
    and like i already said… I too would love to have more original ip’s to play right this very moment on my PS4. But overall, looking at the big picture, I’m glad I have a PS4 and I’m perfectly happy both with what I have to play right now and with what I have to look forward to in the coming months. again, as with all other Sony systems in the past, and as far as the PS4 goes, Sony usually doesn’t kick it into full gear with their absolute best stuff (quality & quantity) until we’re well into the 3rd year of the consoles lifespan. That’s just how it is and I’m ok with that because I know that it takes time/practice/hard work to deliver big… something Sony never EVER fails to do. People need to just learn to be a bit more patient and not to constantly compare against whatever else is out there. Besides, if you do like what you see from other gaming companies/systems, why not invest in their products too? The very best kind of gaming experience is when you’re able to play any game from any system at any time… “the best of both worlds,” as they say!

  • Can we please get something rewarding for beating the game on Hard and Chaos difficulties? I always enjoyed cool and unique costumes that didn’t disable trophies and made it feel like I should complete the game again, give me a reason. I miss the days when beating games you’d get cool unlockables and not digital trophies. God of War 3 had nothing for beating it on Chaos and it was a bummer. Will the trophies be exactly the same in this Remastered version? Thanks

  • and why not the pack? , GOW: I, II, III.
    Halo MMC: 1,2,3,4…
    and PSN only 3???

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