Free Online Multiplayer This Weekend for All PS4 Players

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Free Online Multiplayer This Weekend for All PS4 Players

Clear your calendars this weekend, because free online multiplayer is back for all PS4 owners, courtesy of PlayStation Plus! Our last free online multiplayer weekend on PS4 was so popular that we’re doing it again.

PS Plus Free Multiplayer Weekend 3/20 - 3/22

Starting Friday, March 20, at 12:01am Pacific through Sunday, March 22, at 11:59pm Pacific, PlayStation Plus is offering free online multiplayer for all PS4 owners. Just log on to PlayStation Network during the free weekend period, launch your favorite multiplayer game, and you’ll be playing online with your friends, whether you are a PlayStation Plus member or not. Check out multiplayer modes for Battlefield Hardline (releasing March 17) such as Conquest and Hotwire, fight for Super Earth together with friends across the galaxy in HELLDIVERS, or join your friends on strike missions with Destiny.

Again, no membership commitment is required to try out online multiplayer during this period. If you’d like to learn more about what PlayStation Plus offers in addition to online multiplayer on PS4, including new games monthly, exclusive member discounts, online game saves and more, click here.

Remember to save the dates, and tell us which games you’ll be playing this weekend with your friends in the comments section below.

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  • @48 PRoves it can’t be justified.
    Steam’s gotten to around 9 million, yet they’re still able to offer free online multiplayer.

  • dont steam machines cost like 2000 dollars ?

  • @49

    It’s a bunch of kids running wild while their parents aren’t around to supervise them.
    I literally laugh at how incorrectly they put together their arguments and how all of them are somehow network engineering, financial, and market research experts.

  • @49 He’s just making excuses. Steam hit 9 million concern players recently. Cosnidering they can pull that off without a premium subscription fee for online multiplayer, I have serious doubts that the policy can be justified.

  • @52

    You’re continued use to playing the “victim” card proves you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    See I can make arguments like you!

  • @54 I have a link about Steam hitting 9 million, but the comment that I posted it in still pending. Probably because of the link. If my post is 52 to you, that would explain it.

  • That’s a bunch of crap if ask me, what about the loyal customers that pay monthly, yearly. Here we are paying for this service and your giving it out free. You should give us a couple of months free then.

  • Honestly
    Multiplayer should have never required plus to begin with
    I have several years of ps plus cards ready to use
    But have let my plus sub lapse in a tiny personal protest of this policy
    I will renew for bloodborne but continue to lapse between mp offerings I care
    about in support if this sentiment

    I am more likely to try games with mp on my ps4 when I am not required to pay
    For the privilege to use my console on my internet service. If Sony wants to sell more
    Games, and wants me to keep a continuous plus sub, they will remove this restriction
    Otherwise I will continue to subscribe only as needed for the specific games I know I want

    I can play mh4u, and 3u, online as I please, and exercise a similar policy with XBLA
    for occasional months of titanfall. If Sony offers fee mp I will be more likely to sample games on psn
    That’s all really
    Still happy
    Just wanted to express that

  • Shame my ps4 don’t work due to hdmi port broke and I don’t have £175 so Sony can fix it

  • Oh this isnt even a free weekend. I was excited to try these games out. Its just free online. Lame.

  • this is awesome

  • This doesn’t make any sense. If you’re a ps4 owner, you have to have ps+ just to use the actual console. Also, online would be free anyway for plus members. Any one who has a ps4 is already a plus member. You have to to be just to be able to use BASIC features. You idiots even put trophies behind ps+ so people have no choice but to sign up.

  • Is it available in India? :)
    Pretty please :D

  • So what will the EU PlayStation users be getting free then this weekend?

    Did you forget about us?

    Are you taking the piss?

  • Damn, you guys couldn’t have waited till next week for Bloodborne? Pre-orders must have really sucked on this one.

    It’s no surprise this was popular, it should really be done more often, maybe one week or weekend a month or say around holidays. There would be an increase in multiplayer centric game sales. Hell, sales in general, since some have taken the stand against half the games being locked, so they just buy used or wait for the price drop.

    This pay to play crap needs to go. Anyway, guess I’ll try to get in on some of that GTA V heist action.

  • Sounds pointless, chances are anyone that plays online already has a sub or is refusing to feed into it by staying on PS3. Besides games that require an plus account b/c connection to online servers. (the crew for one) don’t know how far that goes but most if not all my PS4 games need that online interaction just to play them, dont know exact how that works if your not + bc I had it back on my account since I upgraded and been able to play online with non + accounts. Its a mess. So for many PS4 users I dont think it effects us, or gives us extra umpth. Feel like sony is being condescending, “Here’s nothing, FOR FREE!!! Enjoy.”

  • @ccfc this is US blogsite, reporting what the US team does. EU team is where your beef is.

  • Sony #4thePlayers?? Sony #4theMONEY!! Play a weekend of free multiplayer to turn a PS Plus subscriber… AMAZING! And we that already pay for this, will get what? Nothing especial? Sony being Sony…

  • Are the starting to have free multiplayer weekend every month now?

  • I cost $50 a year. But at least our XMB screen is not cluttered with ads. Also PlayStation can you updated the console so we have the option to “turn off” the light bar. Getting tired of charging my controller every 2 hours, before too long the battery will ciease to hold a charge!

  • DonkeyKongKilla: most games do not require connection to the network just to play the basic offline modes.

  • @Snarl – i said most of my games, key words. Which include online interaction with servers to play. My main game NBA2K, which you can play without online but theres 0 point to other than when your with friends. The big thing in single play is your career mode in 2K, if you dont have connection to their servers, you cant earn VC, if you cant earn VC you cant develope your player. CoD and others, offline campaigns are quick run throughs and really worth in MP, the crew well you cant even play it without online. PS4 catalog is still small, most games I have and play day-to-day, require online interaction, even more games are coming out that really requires it. A majority of PS4 games might not, but a majority of PS4 games seem to be platformers or indie games i dont even wanna try

  • MP should be free on PS4 but thats needless to say…forcing people into Plus is bad,forcing people into anything is bad.Although Plus is the best service ever,and people are only winning subscribing to it.Sony you really shouldn’t force people to buy Plus…and you know you’re forcing them when MP is locked away.With so many MP whor*s out there.

  • So I’m assuming since I already paid to play online those days, that my PS+ subscription will be extended by 2 days?

  • I honestly had a 360 over a ps3 and still would but the ps4 blows the xbone out the water. With xbox iv been paying to play online my my whole gaming career and it is accually cheaper on the PSN network, plus on xbone every account has to have a membership, on PSN 1 account with a membership thats active to the system will allow all other accounts that play on that system will be able to play online too. So for you broke asses that got a ps3 just becuase it was free aand now want to be mad becuase you have to pay can STFU!!You just sound stupid

  • smart people must definitely buy multiplayer games without having PS+ waiting for the free weekend to play multiplayer.
    what is the point of this?

  • @75 My issue isn’t about the price but the policy itself. If money became tight, I’d start buying games preowned instead of new. However, you don’t see a fee required for online multiplayer on PC games you buy from Steam. Seems like a huge scam.

  • I’m a little confused on how this is really a deal.
    I mean if people were interested in playing online they should already have ps plus.
    And doesn’t this just leave out all the people already with plus.

  • They should make a free code for every one send it to their email or something for 10 days ps plus

  • How about Asia? Free online games?

  • This is just a publicity stunt meant to distract from the terrible, Microsoft-esque, move you guys are making requiring everyone to pay you for multiplayer access. When I justified buying a PS4, I did it partly because I thought it would be fun to play games with my girlfriend. You don’t offer a lot of selection yet, but we had a blast playing Diablo and recently Helldivers. Now, in order for the two of us to go online and play from the same system, she has to pay you $50 a year. As I’m already a PS+ member, that’s $100/year. Helldivers was a $20 game!
    Do I also need to pay $50/year for every potential guest I might have over? The sytem can handle up to 4 players, so do you want me to pay you $200 a year (or half the current system price) just on the off-chance we might want to go kill some bugs in that $20 game I bought?
    Please, be reasonable. If people are playing on the same device and one has a Playstation Plus account, don’t be ****s and stop us from going online. It limits the usefulness and fun that the PS4 can bring. It’s greedy and something Microsoft would do.
    If I’m going to get stuck paying $100/year so my girlfriend and I can play games online together, I might as well get an Xbox One when Halo comes out.

  • hey im online right now and i cant get online to play nba 2k15 it keeps asking me to get a ps plus….

  • I don’t understand everytime I try to log in to access this feature on myPS4 it says log in failed wth?

  • Is this in AU aswell?

  • how about us psn accountsthe US ? are they gonna have the same promotion ?

  • how about us psn accounts outside the US ? are they gonna have the same promotion ?

  • I am from the netherlands and it aint working why?

  • Where can i download the games? cant find them in the playstation store

  • @theJohn001 ik ben ook nederlands ik heb t ook niet

  • I’m in Denmark, and I can’t play multiplayer yet… Is it restricted to some regions, or is it not started yet? If not, how long is there till it starts?

  • @36 LMFAO Really… How does Valve get away with Free servers? Let’s see.. how about the fact that the vast Majority of servers you play on in any game on steam is not owned by Valve at all but the players, Usually Big clans who are trying to build their playerbase. Not to mention games like Left4Dead where when you play Co-Op its Peer 2 Peer and run on the Host players computer.

    Basically what i’m saying, your argument is bad and you should feel bad.

  • oh and FUN FACT: Steam Machines are already available. THEY ARE CALLED COMPUTERS! -_- All you get with a Steam machine is an overpriced Linux computer. GG.. Have fun.

  • @91 Are you sure? Well, okay, then why doesn’t Sony do the same thing? My guess is shameful greed. As for feeling bad, the only ones who should be feeling bad is Sony for adopting a premium subscription fee for online multiplayer scam policy that they picked up from MS.

  • Why i can´t play?

  • Wait if I need one the 6 games to play online, then how can I even get it if I have none of those games? Its hard to see how online multiplayer is going to be for “free for all PS4 owners” when you need either BF: Hardline, Destiny, NBA2K’15 GTA: V, Fifa’15, or CoD: AW. It seem kinda pointless especially when it only last for 2 days, it would be better if it was for a week not for 2 days.

  • I’m SOOOO excited to play FIFA15 online with my friend !!!

  • So is it free only on NA? Not EU?

  • @ SirMitsuruji: It’s free in the region this Blog is intended for. If you’re not in that region, don’t expect announcements here to apply to you, unless they state it’s a global thing. Should be simple enough.

    @ realsuperspeed21: Really? Are you really asking that? Those are simply examples, NOT the only 6 games that you can play the MP for free. In the actual article itself, they list another game, Helldivers, as playable. Also, they asked us to tell them which games we plan to play. Instead, all anyone is doing is b*tching about a 2 year old business decision from Sony, which Microsoft has been peddling for a decade now.

    Get over it, people. You’re not just paying for online, you’re paying for the IGC, discounts on new game releases, deeper discounts on sales, network upgrades (even if you can’t see them, it’s happening) and new content like the entire first season of Powers. If you can’t see the value in the service, you’re either cheap, a child, or broke. And in none of those situations should gaming be your hobby of choice.

  • @98 Or you already have the games that interest you (Streets of Rage 2? I already got that on Sega Genesis, too late, Sony), you prefer physical discs over digital downloads (PlayStation Store doesn’t ship discs, so it doesn’t do people like my uncle any good for this reason), or the random games and discounts don’t interest you (if I wasn’t going to purchase that random title that interest me before, offering it through PS+ doesn’t make it a good value). Also, I haven’t had many problems during the PS3 era. However, I have read about many DDOS attacks. Is that what you count as network upgrades?

  • I wish they would stop doing these free Multiplayer weekends…

    They charge for it, people gripe and complain about it…

    They try to do a free weekend, people gripe and complain about it even more

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