Free Online Multiplayer This Weekend for All PS4 Players

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Free Online Multiplayer This Weekend for All PS4 Players

Clear your calendars this weekend, because free online multiplayer is back for all PS4 owners, courtesy of PlayStation Plus! Our last free online multiplayer weekend on PS4 was so popular that we’re doing it again.

PS Plus Free Multiplayer Weekend 3/20 - 3/22

Starting Friday, March 20, at 12:01am Pacific through Sunday, March 22, at 11:59pm Pacific, PlayStation Plus is offering free online multiplayer for all PS4 owners. Just log on to PlayStation Network during the free weekend period, launch your favorite multiplayer game, and you’ll be playing online with your friends, whether you are a PlayStation Plus member or not. Check out multiplayer modes for Battlefield Hardline (releasing March 17) such as Conquest and Hotwire, fight for Super Earth together with friends across the galaxy in HELLDIVERS, or join your friends on strike missions with Destiny.

Again, no membership commitment is required to try out online multiplayer during this period. If you’d like to learn more about what PlayStation Plus offers in addition to online multiplayer on PS4, including new games monthly, exclusive member discounts, online game saves and more, click here.

Remember to save the dates, and tell us which games you’ll be playing this weekend with your friends in the comments section below.

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  • That’s awesome!

    ……I’ll be playing Final Fantasy Type-0 by myself.

  • I have been a PSN Plus day 1 subscriber member, so 5 years now. The whole idea of paying for multiplayer, which should be free at first place, is madness. Goodbye, Sony. Hello, Steam Machines.

  • NA only or EU as well?

  • Looking forward to it. Would a kind stranger please gift me PS Plus?

  • Thankfully Nintendo consoles still have free multiplayer.
    These online multiplayer paywalls are a shameful business practice on PSN & XBox Live.
    Firstly a basic feature is removed for paywall and then its offered back for a couple of days as a ‘free offering’. For real?

  • @2 Agree with you Conaaando.
    This paid multiplayer cashgrab only lasts until steam machines arrive. Sony would know what real competition feels like.

  • nice, i can’t wait.. but do we need to own thoes games like BF hardline?

  • I don’t know about multiplayer, but savegame management on the Vita should be free. It’s a shame that I have to pay extra to have the same feature that the PSP had.

  • Well, I don’t know how you could have done the ad differently, but the way it looks now, I initially thought the new Battlefield MP would be free this weekend. That would have been a nice Plus perk.

    I agree with others that online play should be free. Can you tell us why we should pay for it?

  • Sony should make all weekends free.

  • woo hoo! maybe I can get someone to SharePlay with me! I hope it works

  • I just wish the online play will be free. Why does we need to pay just to play online? Anyway having free online play every week also not bad idea (if it really happening) あああ

  • It’s absolutely SHAMEFUL how people are shortsighted about wanting online multiplayer to be free.

    Yes, it used to be and still is free on PS3 and Vita. It’s a nice courtesy, for sure. But it still costs money to have those servers up in the first place. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER SERVERS ARE NOT FREE. Sony is paying cash out of their own pocket for upkeep and an internet connection on those things. It is an exceptional courtesy for them to continue offering PS3 and Vita multiplayer for free to this day.

    Don’t want to deal with this so-called nonsense? Then come on over to Steam and learn to deal with server browsers. Filter servers by ping and see if you’re fortunate to find your favorite map and mode at that moment. Can’t find anything nearby? Too bad. Or start your own server– oh, wait, your internet sucks so everybody’s going to drop out from all the lag. Oh well! Try again later maybe. Such is the hardships of dealing with free multiplayer.

    (PSA: I love Steam and don’t mind doing anything related to what I just said. My backlog is huge anyways.)

    Anybody complaining about multiplayer being paid for is taking it for granted.

  • Watch out for Sony server crash due to anormal overload in 3,2,1… Just kiding Sony but dont make it happen ;)

  • For all PS4 players?

    What about PS3 and PS Vita players?! ;)

  • Awesome. My unlimited internet will be put to use now :) #FIFA15

  • Good, now consider making this extend during the PS4’s entire life cycle and I’ll consider buying the console.

  • Oh, awesome! So those without plus can PLAY THE WHOLE GAME they bought? How generous!

    When MS did it, it was evil and greedy. So what should i call when Sony does it?

  • WTF? I thought multiplayer was always free on PSN? You guys took it away for non-Plus people? I’ve been a plus subscriber forever so I didn’t realize this… Retroactively just let me say: What a d*ck move, Sony.

  • All of you guys complaining about the PS4 charging you to play online. Seriously what’s $5 a month? Nothing, but chump change. Anyone that’s had PS Plus since day 1 should not be complaining they have to keep paying for it to play online instead they should welcome the fact that they’ll have less hackers and less irritating people playing with them. To be able to play with up to 30 of your friends you should be happy. I don’t agree with it 100%, but I still like the idea considering they’re trying to make the connection more secure. So before you start accusing Sony of being mean and evil for charging you to play online just remember they still give you free monthly games and free cloud storage. So man up and quit complaining about it.

  • is it free for ps3 users to

  • With very few exceptions such as MMO’s, Online gaming should ALWAYS be Free! I Already pay to play online and it’s called my INTERNET BILL.

    Forget the integrity of it all, look at the other reasons- Your network is unreliable at best. PS+ is not a Sad joke that feeds you Shovelware which is essentially the equivalent of getting Junk mail from the post office or spam in your Email. Any perk you get is tied to PS+ and this is canned the moment PS+ inevitably goes down. Any angry Teenager can take down PSN on a whim. And last but not least, Your customer service and Communication is Terribly lacking.

    These past 14-18 months for PSN/+ have been an utter disaster and you have essentially alienated many of your fanbase despite the sales of consoles. Yeah you guys are bringing in some new costumers and I am sure SOME of them you will keep, BUT you are alienating many of your other costumers both Long time and New. I am a 20+ year customer and until about a year ago I was a very happy customer that rarely had a bad thing to say about Sony and most certainly nothing bad enough to take the time to post it.

  • PS3 users don’t need PS Plus to play online. So most likely no it won’t be.

  • These are the games that I’d like to request for PS Plus in April on the PS3. I know the list is a lot but these are just suggestions I have for the PS3 in case you look for this kind of feedback.

    Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Beyond: Two Souls, Alien: Isolation, The Evil Within, Siren: Blood Curse, Echochrome, Flower, Cuboid, Trash Panic, MicroBot, Explodemon!, Beyond Good & Evil HD, Puzzle Dimension, Limbo, Cubixx HD, Resident Evil 4 HD, Infamous Festival of Blood, Hydrophobia: Prophecy, Amy, Journey, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, Okami HD, Derrick The DeathFin, Bentley’s Hackpack, Skydive: Proximity Flight, Rain, Cel Damage HD, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Hohokum, Slender: The Arrival, Jet Car Stunts, Monopoly Deal/Plus, and Resident Evil. Thanks

  • There is NO argument that can logically justify charging to play online and Microsoft shot both them and Sony in the foot when they announced PC gamers wont have to pay for online and most importantly WHY.(they also failed miserably the last time they tried)

    One of the many reasons STEAM is the superior force in all of gaming and why Nintendo despite the tech and their own botches with customers remain beloved and their fans are so loyal; because they are loyal to the fans

  • So is there anyway to preload these games? Otherwise the servers will be so congested it will be pointless.

  • @22 Isn’t $5 the difference between a new game and a preowned game at Gamestop?
    Tried PS+ during the Welcome back program, it didn’t appeal to me. However, if it is as good as people keep making it out to be, then requiring it for online multiplayer is overkill.
    According to one user on the forums, the premium subscription fee for online multiplayer on the 360 didn’t stop hackers. We also had an incident with Destiny last month in which someone tricked someone else into letting him use share play so he could delete his file.
    MAG had a lot more and online multiplayer was free on it, wasn’t it?
    More stable? I doubt that. There was only one incident during the PS3 era that was particularly bad. During this gen, there have been several DDOS attacks. Oh, but people keep claiming they can’t stop those.
    If I already have the games that interest me and the rest don’t, there’s no benefit in them. As for cloud storage, we wouldn’t need it if we were allowed to back everything up to USB drives.

  • They made it so you can copy stuff onto a flash drive. At least they said you could with a firmware update they made.

  • @30 Then cloud back up is pointless.

  • Does this extend my PS+ subscription by the amount of days online multiplayer is free?

  • 2 n’ 6

    you poor , poor delusional tools.

  • Listen guys, let me break it down for you. Expecting multiplayer to be free is like being that one friend who always has his other friends drive him around. When asked for gas money says “what??? it’s your car, why should i pay for gas for your car? are you kidding me. This is a **** move dude, asking money for gas” A time comes when it just can’t be offered free going forward.

    So let me as you…. are you THAT guy?

    Is sony doing a great job keeping their network in good shape, Absoloutely not.

    Remember A simple business rule, a product costs money once to produce (games) but a service (PSN, PS Now) requires money every month to keep it running.

  • nice, i can’t wait.. but do we need to own a ps4?

    (sorry, couldn’t resist after reading #7)

  • @34 Insulting potential customers is a last resort for when a policy can’t be justified normally. I pay for them by buying my games new, by the way. Also, how’s Valve able to get away with free online multiplayer on Steam?

  • Oh gee, thanks PS. I really get to play for free? That’s what makes you guys so cool. Oh.. Wait. That’s what USED to make you guys so cool.

  • You know, for years. I’ve made fun of XBL for being stupid. I’ve made fun of XBL for having people dumb enough to pay to play a game multiple times.

    And then, ever so slowly ; The PSN became XBL. First was that god awful Windows 8 styled store we updated to.
    Then came the bombardment of ads on the PSN store page.
    Then with the ads and the new layout came decreased stability and crashes with actual lag now. I’ve never had my PS3 hang up on the store page so badly until now.

    Ultimately, I’m still flabbergasted that the PSN decided to slowly turn into XBL with no remorse and how everyone is just okay with it.

  • @27

    “There is NO argument that can logically justify charging to play online”

    Yes there is. You buy the server itself, put the relevant software on it, have it connected to the internet (which must be paid for), perform frequent maintenance on it (as it is a computer that is almost always on, its components are going to be worn out at an accelerated rate), and repair or replace parts as needed as quickly as possible to reduce downtime.

    This all costs money. Don’t be ignorant of the fact.

    “One of the many reasons STEAM is the superior force in all of gaming”

    Valve is paying for those servers too. All those games that get sold on Steam? Valve gets a cut, which they use to pay for their servers, storefront, employees, and whatever else I can’t think of.

  • As much as a PS fan I have been (own PS2, two PSP, two PS3, PSVita, PS4), I am finding it increasingly hard to justify my future investments in this platform when I compare to a living room Steam Machine.
    * Same console like convenience by living room steam box.
    * Shouldn’t I rather play best games of the year Batman Arkham Asylum & MGS 5 Phantom Pain at higher resolution on STEAM?
    * Why to pay for online when I can plan online for free on STEAM?
    * Backwards compatibility is taken for granted over more than 4500 games.
    * Even before I get serious about steam, I have already accumulated nearly 300 games by just humble bundles and steam sales.

    Reasons I still like PS are:
    * Amazing exclusives GT, UC, TLOU, DC, GOW, KZ, and the list goes on….
    * Great hardware & interface designs
    * PS Plus used to be great (before paid multiplayer became a thing). Still hoping that they start doing better on PS4

    Looks like the best way to go would be PS4 for exclusives and Steam Machine for multiplats. For me the initial $700 to $1000 investment for Steam machine is hardly a deterrent. Infact it would pay back within a year for me due to the cheaper games.

  • Just saying steam machines are just computers, “NOT A CONSOLE” i am a PC/Console gamer and almost all the steam machines will suck due to them being done by Alien Ware (DELL). Meaning They will suck. But Sony, you are just dragging away people with this PlayStation plus ****. Stop being like Xbox, you will just start going down hill.

  • Nice to see Ness_and_Sonic back and trolling.
    Like we all agreed you were never going to buy PS+, you’re crying that you can’t play online though so you want it to be free. That’s all it really boils down too. Quite laughable!

  • @41 Please read comment no. 36. Particularly the first part.

  • @42

    I did, but once you stated “Insulting potential customers” there’s no point in the rest. You aren’t a potential customer.
    You’re saying if online was free you’d sign up for PS+? Is that your argument?

    Please reread 41, particularly the second line.

  • God, the amount of whiners on this post is crazy. This is just a weekend that doesn’t require plus. And if you have plus, it’s the same as every other weekend. How could you not know that ps3 doesn’t require plus for online play. Geeze, some of you might want to put the controller down and pick up a book or pamphlet, educate yourself before looking like a bunch of whining children.

  • @43 I would have bought a PS4 if it wasn’t for the policy, so technically, I am a potential customer. PS+, I already tried and didn’t see the appeal of.

  • @45

    No you wouldn’t have. Cause people like you only do one thing and that’s cry and beg.
    When you get one thing you’re gonna cry and beg for another.

    I pity someone who lives their life that way but hey, your life to live.

  • @46 The only thing I am after is free online multiplayer. After that, I’ll quit posting on here.Also, your continued insults just further prove the policy cannot be justified.

  • @47

    Yep, cause me “insulting you” proves Sony can’t charge for PS+. All about you. Stamp your feed and yell louder please.

    Maintaining a network for 10+ million people costs money. I’m sure you’d love the alternative! Pop up ads in game!
    Maybe they should give you that option.

  • @48 why can’t the rest of the inhabitants here be like you? I thought everyone commenting on this post was uneducated but I see to have found someone who is.

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