The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 3/17/2015

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 3/17/2015
The Drop

The renowned first-person shooter series comes tearing back to PlayStation this week with Battlefield Hardline, which launches on PS4 and PS3.

Inspired by modern-day TV crime dramas, Hardline puts players in the role of Nick Mendoza, a Miami police detective that’s hell-bent on taking a former partner down. Hardline also features a robust multiplayer suite, with new competitive modes, giant interactive maps, 28 gadgets, 27 licensed vehicles, and more.

That’s just the start of this week’s lineup. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launches this week on PS4, ushering in a dark, violent story of 14 characters pushing back against an invading empire. And of course let’s not forget our Spring Fever lineup continues this week; Jamestown+ is taking flight on PS4 with new characters, new maps, and that deliciously insane bullet hell flavor.

For a full list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 3/17/2015

5 Star Wrestling
The Awakened Fate Ultimatum
Battlefield Hardline
Bladestorm: Nightmare
Cabela's African Adventures
Echo Night
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Soldner X-2: Final Prototype
Tennis in the Face

New PlayStation Games This Week

5 Star Wrestling
PS3 — Digital
5 Star Wrestling is a game built on true Ring Psychology with Heel and Face mechanics, a revolutionary Limb Damage System and Rivalries that impact gameplay. Featuring a 40 Hour Challenge campaign with 128 challenges.
The Awakened Fate Ultimatum
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Do you have what it takes to become a god? Find out in The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, the latest roguelike RPG from Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. Wield the powers of angels and devils as you traverse randomly generated dungeons and make decisions that will change the fate of the world!
Battlefield Hardline
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Be the law or break the law in Battlefield Hardline. This action-packed blockbuster combines intense, signature multiplayer moments of Battlefield with an emotionally charged story and setting reminiscent of a modern television crime drama.
Bladestorm: Nightmare
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
This latest release in the series brings the latest techniques and many new elements to the original story from the 2007 release of Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War. Players play as a mercenary and take control of a multitude of different squad types in order to guide their side to victory on a dynamically evolving battlefield.
Cabela’s African Adventures
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Explore the vast wilderness of Africa on foot and by vehicle, where you’ll go head to head with the most ferocious beasts on the planet as you attempt to take down the biggest of the Big 5: the Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, African Elephant!
PS2 Classic — Digital
Race around Radiator Springs with your friends to help Lightning McQueen win the Piston Cup.
Echo Night
PSone Classic — Digital
After a mysterious fire at his father’s house, Richard Osmond is transported aboard a lost ship. Can he escape the ship before it’s too late?
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Thrust into the tumult of war, the fate of the world and its four crystals now rests on the shoulders of fourteen brave, young warriors. Enhanced from the original portable version, Type-0 HD gives players power over their team, and the ability to push back the empire’s aggression.
PS4 — Digital
Mars is waiting. Bring your friends. Soar over the battlefields of 17th-century steampunk Mars with up to four players, and fight through seven hand-crafted levels on your quest to save Britain’s last bastion: Jamestown colony.
Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype
PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)
Twenty years after the Virus Wars, you return to Gota IV as part of the newly formed Söldner-X defense force. Your mission: to free the galaxy from the D’aarg, a technologically superior race that is threatening mankind.
Tennis in the Face
PS3, PS Vita — Digital (Three Way Cross Buy)
Help former tennis star Pete Pagassi save the city from an evil energy drink corporation Explodz. Knock out creepy clowns, corrupt riot police, and other Explodz-addicted maniacs with a tennis ball in the face.

Demos and Betas

Motorcycle Club — PS4 Demo
Tennis in the Face — PS3, PS3 Vita Trial
Toukiden: Kiwami — PS4, PS Vita Demo

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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11 Author Replies

  • Nice now I’ll finally get to try Echo Night. I hear Shadow Tower hits soon so I hope that means King’s Field games aren’ far behind. Some more Agetec PS2 stuff would be nice also, notably Evergrace and Forever Kingdom.

    Also @27, if you can’t resist blowing your money between now and Tuesday, and if you’re living that slim in terms of income, I think games shouldn’t be your priority anyway.

  • Toukiden Kiwami demo is out this week?!!! I thought it wont be released until the 25th!!! Awesome!!!

  • @ TheUnbornNobodyX: My guess is that the character transfer would be in the full game, not the demo. And it’ll probably be similar to the Borderlands 2 transfer, where they’ll update the original game with cross-save functionality.

    @ pandatk: Why should Sony protect people from the consequences of their actions? If this guy got hacked, and only this one guy supposedly, then he was obviously using the same email/ID/password combo on multiple sites, and the hackers got his info from somewhere else, otherwise this would be much more widespread. They also have this thing called Terms of Service that he agreed to and that Sony does business according to. The fact that they’re offering a refund at all is impressive. Who still uses their credit/debit card on their account?

    @ The Drop: Finally, nothing for me this week. My PSN wallet can rest. I’ll be back for Axiom Verge on the 31st.

  • The only good games i seen are Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Battlefield Hardline and i’m waiting for Battlefield Hardline Premium i’m tied of buying BF games without Premium include wasting more money that could have been saved. Type 0 i’m getting day one but won’t be playing it anytime soon unit i 100% BF4 with everything.

  • @41

    The majority of titles on Plus this year were on sale for really good prices during the holidays, and Sony knows that many players bought them, so that’s why they offer ’em up free.

    Yakuza 4 was a solid release, and Kick and Fennick looks decent though I passed on adding it to my library since it’s not my type of game. The rest of the games are either available dirt cheap on another platform or they’re pure **** (Prototype/Prototype 2… Horrible)

    Plus was amazing for a couple years, but as soon as the PS4 launched and it became required for online play – the bonuses of the “service” went downhill. Sony bets on people wanting to play on PSN, so they know many more people will subscribe – and they can give out lesser quality for free.

    As for Helldivers – amazing game, but since Plus expired, I actually haven’t missed playing it for a single moment.

  • Soldner x ps4 who do i gotta talk to ryan?

  • im with @27 it does make sense to add prices. would like to know what the value is set at 59.99or less prior to tuesday. even if you show just the digital price w/o sale or mark down.

  • Gotta get Type-0 HD for Vita.

    Waaaaait a second.

  • Finally! Battlefield Hardline is out!!! Now people with no job and no life that will never get laid can make another game pointless for those of us with jobs and lives!!! Can”t wait!!!!

  • Jamestown+ is a day one buy for me reminds me of going to the arcades plus it’s 4 player co op feel free to join me on this game

  • Echo Night =D

    CARS (based on the Disney & Pixar movie of the same name), GIVE US THE PS2 VERSION OF DONALD DUCK GOIN QUACKERS ALREADY

  • #DonaldDuckGoinQuackersPS2onPSstore










  • To people saying they need to include prices on The Drop, they used to I believe and then the prices would be different on Tuesday and people complained. Easier to just list the prices Tuesday and not deal with that problem.

  • #Ms.Pac-ManMazeMadnessonPSstore










  • whats the file size for Type-0 and the price for cnada please would love to know and finally took a while to get some news on this from the blog :(

  • dose anyone know if every tues if the plus member updates or if its every mouth I haven’t been with sony for awhile

  • Looks like I’ll be getting Soldner X-2 this week for free :3

    This is a must buy for any Vita owner who doesn’t already have it on PS3.

  • punkmusic2009: if you are talking the “free” games its the 1st tuesday of the month now

  • No reflection on the rest of the drop, but Toukiden:Kiwami Demo is the thing I’m most excited about this week.

  • I have to say I am very impressed to see so few comments about Hardline .
    But I have to plead once again: People, do not support this game. It’s not a DICE game; It’s not Battlefield. It’s a BF4 mod. EA commissioned Visceral to make this so they (EA) may continue lining their pockets while we wait for BF5 in 2016. If you don’t support this and sales don’t go well, it sends a very strong message to EA and all other publishers who think gamers are suckers and will pay for anything. Unfortunately, most are.
    Be the change you wish to see!

  • @70 And what of those who are legitimately excited to play the campaign?

  • @Aizawa – Games were purchased with that PHISHED – NOT HACKED – account. Sony can simply remove the licenses for those games and issue a proper refund. Sony has really shown how little they care for their customers.

  • @71 -Read my full comment. I already explained why that isn’t okay. If it was priced at no more than $20, being that it’s a mod, it would be more acceptable, but not by much. If you feel you MUST buy it, wait for a price drop. Not even real BF campaigns have been worth $60. You know campaigns are just fillers for games like this. They didn’t spend a year on that.

  • Hyped for BF hardline

  • Glad to finally get some clarification on Type-0 HD. Can you possibly clarify if it will be going up at the same time as all the other games (as in when the store updates on Tuesday? afternoon). That’s when I expected it, but I’m hearing rumors of it possibly being available at Midnight since it’s already available for preorder on all the other stores (EU PSN, Xbox One US/EU)

  • Final Fantasy Type-0. #Novitanobuy

  • Final Fantasy Type-0. No vita no buy

  • So happy to see Soldner-x 2 making it silently into the drop, I like these surprises. I purchased it a few months ago but did not played it, now on Vita that would be a different story :D

  • I have a simple question, why zombie army trilogy is priced US$49,99 instead of US$39,99 and plus price of US$31,99. All around the world and other platforms this is the price, why in PS4 it isn’t?

  • @70 This will be the first BF game I bother with BECAUSE of the story. It’s nice to hear that they did actually focus on a story for once. I’m not about the MP and I probably will never even load it up. So, yea, I’m getting it day 1.

    I do agree that the only reason they kept the Battlefield name though is to get more sales than they may have otherwise.

  • @45 Tjoeb123

    They STILL have some left? Wow you got lucky then. The XB1 version is gone and I’m shocked since the bigger fanbase has always been on PS.

  • @37 ps1 classics are compatible with ps3, psvita, and psp directly. ps4 via psnow! select titles.
    ——-ps2 classics compatible with ps3 directly. ps4 and psvita(maybe) via psnow! select titles.
    ——-I do understand your concern of what digital distribution method will it be psn store or psnow! I really think this should be noted with the classics releases.

    I’m going to be picking up a physical copy of ff type-0 hd on the 17th
    I played the psp demo for type-0 back when it released on psn jp it was interesting.

  • got my uber editions of type-0 and Awakened Fate Ultimatum coming in.

  • Sony, here’s an idea, why don’t you cancel The Drop completely, like you have canceled the Monday PS Plus update? We will find out what new games/DLCs are dropping on Tuesday itself anyway with the Store Update post. There is nothing we can do knowing the new products a couple of days in advance, just like, by your logic, there is nothing we can do knowing the prices of these new products a couple of days in advance.

    So just cancel The Drop posts. You can fire Ryan and save a lot of money too, for this seems to be the only thing he does all week. Without The Drop, you won’t need a full-time person to reformat the blurbs submitted by other people into a table, push a ‘publish’ button on Sunday, babysit it for 5 minutes (or 10 comments, whichever is earlier) and post some beyond/smiley replies (to show that he indeed meets his quota).

    Either do The Drop properly and include the prices, or don’t do it at all. Everyone can wait till Tuesday, right?

  • I’m just waiting my Bloodborne arrive in my home =)
    The only two games that I’ll buy this year in full price is Bloodborne (already bought it) and MGS Phantom Pain o/

    In my journey on Ps4 I’m planning in play few games with more fun, instead of playing a thousand games desperate, like I did on Ps1, Ps2 and Ps3 lol

  • @80 Yeah. They still have some left even as I type this. I was quite surprised myself so I took the plunge since I just got paid a nice chunk of change, but since I waited till the last minute mine probably won’t even leave the warehouse till towards the end of the week. Otherwise I would’ve bought digital on Day 1.

    @79 Not to mention, it’s not about World War 9000 that so many shooters recycle these days. Though I haven’t played any CoD since BlOps so I can’t speak for those games, all I’m saying is that I think BFHL’s GTA-like setting (except with you playing as the cops) makes for an interesting campaign IMO. I’ll definitely check it out eventually, as I’ve already splurged my money on Type-0.

    @83 Um…NO.

  • why you promoting Battlefield over a FF game?

  • Since obviously the translation is done, would have been nice to release at least the PSP version of Type 0 to let gamers that truely waited for this game purchase and enjoy it on their favorite portable system…

  • @Ryan Clements Thank YOU , I am glad I waited for digital Final Fantasy type 0 with FF15 demo for buying on Tuesday :)

  • Please answer my comment Ryan my type-0 will it be available On Tuesday 12:00am or do I have to wait for playstation to update the store around late evening cause this is what will make me choose between physical and digital

  • Why can’t we pre-order this game on the PS Store? Even if it doesn’t have preloading, I’d just like to buy it and have it start downloading as soon as it releases…

    So Ryan’s purchasing a full priced game for a Demo, doesn’t say much for Type-0, doesn’t say much for Ps4’s library either if Sony Employees are playing Demos rather than Finished Games.

  • Nice!
    Type-o will be $60? Hope not >.<

  • Hardline is just a reskin. Unless younown no shooters, i fail to see a reason to purchase it. Especially with how bugged B4 was

  • @91 I like how foolish you make yourself look. He clearly said Final Fantasy XIV, as in the MMO. He said nothing of Final Fantasy XV.

  • Awakened Fate Ultimatum and FFType-0… I’m still not done with Shallie guys, give me some time before bombarding me with MORE exciting JRPGs.

  • Can somebody help me to confirm this: Will the Final Fantasy XV demo be available tomorrow along with type-0? I read a ways back that originally it wasn’t supposed to be, but SE ended up changing that decision. I already bought the collectors’ edition, so it has no barring on my decision to get the game or not. Honestly, I’m more interested in the demo and would like to play it first. Thank you for any help.

  • Are we ever going to get Dark Souls digitally? We have DeS and DSII, but not Dark Souls, which is my favorite.

    I ask because a couple of the games on here I know were released a while ago before finally going digital.

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