Lost Dimension Coming to PS3, PS Vita This Summer

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Lost Dimension Coming to PS3, PS Vita This Summer

Hey everyone, John from ATLUS here. You know how in some RPGs, you spend all this time and experience perfecting your combat strategies, honing the best possible team imaginable to face off with the big bad boss at The End?

Well, let me paint a nightmare scenario for you: your pool of warriors that are leveling up and gaining experience have a few traitors in their midst. And as you inch closer and closer towards the final boss, you’re forced to kill one of your teammates — hoping against all hope that you figured out enough clues along the way to be able to correctly identify which one of them is actually a traitor. And after you repeatedly undergo this pattern of trial of accusations and executions (bear in mind this is on top of a full day of combat) you’re squaring off against the final boss, only to have several party members turn on you because SURPRISE, you picked the wrong traitor. The End.

Or rather, the beginning, because that’s the scenario that PS3 and PS Vita users will be facing when ATLUS launches the tactical RPG Lost Dimension this summer. In this wild mashup of an RPG, the player is the main protagonist of SEALED — a group of psychically gifted warriors — and acts as their commander on the battlefield. After combat, the warriors wait back in their base camp where the protagonist can chat with several members to improve their relationships, and at certain points use his unique ability to read minds to try and sniff out the traitors.

Lost DimensionLost Dimension

Of course since you’ll be bonding with the rest of your combat unit, you get to use their experience in combat to both level up their individual abilities as well as get insight as to whether they may be the traitor. And man, let me tell you how much it sucks when you have to “erase” an ally you’ve really been pouring experience into. And for those worried about replayability, the traitors are randomly chosen each playthrough, so good luck with New Game+ mode!

You can expect to see Lost Dimension on PS3 and PS Vita this summer in North America.

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  • They CAN get the JPN audio, but they just chose to use that money to push their dubs instead which is pathetic, since smaller companies like Xseed and NIS can do it, but not an official branch of an Japanese company.

    Heck i would understand the 50$ hike for their 3DS games if they actually included the JPN audio(to justify their so called “memory space” issues. Those extra small things aren’t worth the $10 hike their trying to push.

    And I am learning Japanese right now(on my 2nd year+) so i do understand some words and dialogues which sometimes they translate it completely different from the original just to fit their localization, which is stupid.

  • Nice to hear we are getting a dub since that means I can get the game. I have two questions

    1)Does this game have a difficulty option?
    2)will you guys be releasing any sort of limited/collectors edition with it?

  • @51

    “They CAN get the JPN audio, but they just chose to use that money to push their dubs instead which is pathetic, since smaller companies like Xseed and NIS can do it, but not an official branch of an Japanese company.”

    Freaking Idea Factory International, a brand new localizer with 5 employees, can do dual audio with their Neptunia games. I’ve heard Atlus use the “its too expensive” excuse before but thats BS. If these tiny niche localizers can do it, so can Atlus. But t hey decide not to since they want people to hear their dubs instead of giving people the option.

  • @John Hardin

    Any chance we can get a heads-up on who’ll be doing the voices? I’ll admit, I have a mighty need for Melissa Fahn to be in it and I’d rather my hopes be dashed now rather than later.

    Also, as a counterpoint to the people complaining about no Subs, I appreciate that you guys actually put English Audio into your games at all. So many Vita games or games that I’d at least be a little interested in recently have come out with no Dubs and it’s been really frustrating as someone who can’t fully invest themselves in something like that.

  • Atlus, you are my favorite game company of all time and as soon as I saw the trailer I knew it was an instant buy. I’ll be preordering this as soon as I can. Thanks for making my favorite games with amazing stories and excellent gameplay. Also thanks for localizing games too, it’s really awesome and this game looks spectacular. Your English VA’s are the best in the industry in my opinion. I’m so hyped for Persona 4 Dancing All Night, Devil Survivor 2 : Record Breaker, Lost Dimension, and of course Persona 5! Hopefully one day you’ll make a new Trauma Center/Trauma Team game too, those were fantastic as well!


  • Atlus use to be the best company for bringing games over from japan.

    It’s a shame they’ve now fallen far behind the standards set and accomplished by much smaller companies.

  • This game looks really interesting I can’t wait to pick up for my Vita, but your killing me Atlus. I told myself I would cut back on buying games until I beat the other 600+ games sitting in the shelves (those things date back to the NES era). New stuff just keeps coming out and I can’t resist. Anyways, thanks for localizing. Last thing, will there be an LE?

    • Still TBD, but I hope so! Probably will get our pre-order/launch edition bonus like our recent [other handheld system] titles, but no info on that yet.

      And yes, my [digital PC game platform] backlog is atrocious T___T

  • *sigh* no dual audio.. again..

    I’d be proficient in Japanese long before Atlus decides to do dual audios. I’ll just import this and persona 5 from Japan.

  • A definite buy. Keep ’em coming Atlus, my money is yours!

  • This game looks very interesting, can’t wait to play it on my vita! Unlike most of the people here I’m glad we’re getting English dub.

  • @33
    I think its archaic to go sub only but others seem to do it. Trust me I know your disappointment I had to suffer it many times freedom wars,oreshika,criminal girls,senga kagura,tales of heart and more. Though im more understanding when it comes to smaller companies that cant afford it. I get more annoyed when bigger companies do it *coughSONYcough* I would always prefer dual audio so noone has to be left in the cold. This isint me being a jerk but the somewhat silver lining is you still have your voices you just gatta import it. Unlike people who prefer dubs who have to sit and take jpn voices and cant import since those voices dont exist.

  • About dubs:
    Is it going to be proper English?
    As in they won’t say the -San, -Chan, -Sama and other jp words(example: Persona Dubs)…cause…it feels stupid….and i don’t quite like it, the same goes when in Japanese try to/or say English words, it just doesn’t go well when they do that overall.

    When to expect Gameplay Trailer? / Character+Gameplay Trailer? if there’s any difference between character playstyles.

    Good Luck with the game.

    Ps: Bring more Vita games. >.>

    • Proper english – I don’t think there’s any Japanese honorifics, but I haven’t seen the script yet. I think one of the character’s names is George, so George-san may be a little bit of a stretch :\

      Gameplay trailers? I think early April or so – we’re waiting on English text builds for those. And yeah, characters all play differently. Different weapon/attack types (physical, SMG, shotgun, etc.) and each character has their own skilltrees too. More on that stuff later.


      And yes, we’re working on it. P4D hype!

  • Even Square Enix is more inclined to include dual audio. Persona 5 will be the last straw for me. I will probably just import. Already did for persona 4.

  • @61

    How is going sub only archaic? How many sub only games were there 5 years ago compared to now? Companies willing to go that route is a newer thing since it allows more games to be localized without as much risk. Games like what you listed wouldn’t have been released at all if they had to spend money on a dub, since thats the most expensive part of localization.

  • @61
    Its archaic since many games in the past of gaming have been dubbed with the only execption iv seen being fighters and even that started to change. It wasint till vita popped up that this trend of sub only started to happen. For me it doesint matter if the game comes over if it lacks a dub since I tend to skip if that happens. I understand when smaller companies cant do it,but I just dont support that translation process. This goes for games that had voices orginally if it never had voices to begin with then its fine. Like I said a somewhat silver lining for you is your voices still exist you can import,but for those who want dubs are out of luck if the game lacks one.

  • This is awesome news now please don’t bury this game like you did to Oreshika tainted bloodlines.

  • I meant to put @64 :p

  • OMG, stop whining about the lack of JP audio. I’d prefer it had both as well, but this is America, were we speak English. If it’s only going to have one, it makes sense it appeals to the majority of this country, which, you know, speaks English. I know I’d rather get a game and have it only have one audio track, either JP or English, I don’t honestly care, than not get it at all.

    Bravo to you Atlus, glad to see this game come over. It’ll be a day one buy for me on my Vita! I’m with some of the other folks, would love to see you guys bring over some of Sega’s neglected titles. Like Valkyria Chronicles 3, or Phantasy Star Nova! Keep it up guys, love your releases, love your dubs!

  • Thanks for answering my question atlus. Its good to know if I start to get my butt kicked by the game I could always turn it down. Now I just gatta figure out which platform to get the game on.

  • Happy JRPG Month everyone! Not only do we get a ton of great JRPGs this month, but now we get announcements of more to come later this year!

  • While I prefer a dub my main issue is that quite frequently dubs leave some part of the audio and or environment/text still in Japanese (looking at you Freedom Wars) where as with a sub we generally get at least some text telling us what’s being said or what is written.

    • From what I’ve heard from production in general about environment text, it all has to do with how the game is developed, on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes developers forget to think about things like that and it’s either too hard or too much time to fix :\

  • Thanks god it’s not NISA.

    don’t like censored games.

  • Thanks for bringing JRPG’s to Vita, Atlus!!!

    One question, will we get a demo of the game???

  • Really ATLUS more things for me to spend my money on? Its not enough I have already pre-ordered the second persona 3 movies,will pre-order Persona 5 when it comes out,and likely in a few weeks pre-order devil survivor 2 record breaker now you add this hoo boy I will broke this year ha ha. Though seriously I don’t typically have brand loyalty since you tend to get burned that way….However I have yet to be let down by Atlus thus any game they produce I will buy without hesitation.

  • Is it possible for altus to add a mode in Lost Dimension where the traitor is not by random, but by the player?

  • No japanese track=buy in sale for me,don’t search for answers,is obviusly about reverse importation,not about this game,the overlords of atlus japan don’t want what the westerns get the taste of the superior japanese track and what the amount of people asking for dual audio in his games what more sell in japan how persona began to growth.the simple image of a japanese buying a western copy of a persona game for half the price what in japan is enought to screw at his fans overseas.

  • Too bad this isn’t coming for the PS4.

    On a side note: I’m loving your comments about the trolls here on twitter. Don’t stress yourself out with these weeaboo hipsters.

  • @atlus thank you for having English dub im so burnt out on all the Japanese voice overs only with no english dub will be getting this day one. Please try and get phantasy star nova!

  • Looks awesome and atlus is involved so its a must buy

  • Yea!!!

    I’d also like to request that Atlus look at a few Sega games for localization if they have the means. Phantasy Star is an all time favorite series.

  • are there any LGBT characters in the game?

    Personally, I’d rather have an english dub with higher-quality audio assets than multiple dubs with low bitrate audio assets. So, as long as the encode of the english dub is decent quality (192kbps VBR/ABR Ogg, or better), then I think you made the right choice. If it’s only an English dub and 96kbps MP3, then I can’t get behind that.

    Any word on when 3D Dot Game Heroes will be available on PSN? It was such a fantastic game, it’s a shame that only people who find physical copies used can play it. A Vita version would be a no-brainer, for obvious reasons, but at the very least get it on PS3!

    • Our editors tell me that there are not any LGBT characters :(

      I’ve actually asked about 3D Dot Game heroes before, but it looks like those questions go into some giant black hole of red tape. Haven’t heard anything since :(

  • I will buy it day one is It going to be physical copy on ps vita ??

  • Hey Atlus! I just want to say thanks for supporting the Vita as well as you do. Im a huge Vita fan, and I can tell you guys are as well. I love pretty much all your games you release to this system. I would love to see a sequel to Dragon’s Crown 1 day, as well I would love to see a Persona 3 Golden for the Vita as well.

    Keep up the Vita Love. I for one really appreciate it!!!!!!

  • “Dual audio/Japanese voice is something we evaluate for every game, but it’s never as simple as just ticking a box or flipping a switch; please don’t accuse us of not caring.”

    When I can’t name more than two titles with dual/jpn audio, it’s hard to see Atlus as anything BUT uncaring towards securing their release.

  • Everyone’s complaining about no Dual Audio but let’s get to the real issue. Will there be dual /text/?
    Will I be able to play a game where all the text is in a language I don’t understand and the only thing that can save me is the Eng audio?

    (Will there be a demo or a stream showcasing the gameplay?)

    Thanks for the localization!

  • Thanks for having an English dub! Atlus’ dubs are always great! Will be picking this up day one!

  • May as well just rebrand the PS Vita the Atlas Vita since you’re one of the only companies keeping this system alive. On that note I can’t wait to play this

  • Almost lost hope for english release… thank you Atlus !!

  • I’ll start off by saying that if Persona 4 Golden is anything to go by, I would probably enjoy the dubs and the lack of a Japanese audio will probably not change my decision on purchasing this game.

    HOWEVER as feedback for Atlus, I hope to let you know that my personal preference for a Japanese developed game with an anime influence such as this should always include a Japanese voice over option.

    Unlike the other posters who just exclaiming their discontent I wish to convey my personal reasons why I say I prefer a Japanese voice track. Firstly, I do not believe English voice acting is inferior, if given the right script and characters to play, they can do some amazing things. However, when it comes to voicing Japanese characters, there are many anime troupes that simply don’t come off well in English. The acting becomes forced and unnatural and we can pick up on this and this is where the misconception of poor voice acting Is associated with English voice actors.

  • (…Cont)

    For me personally, I just prefer my Japanese games to remain as faithful as possible to their Japanese counterparts. I want to experience the same game that was released in Japan minus the language barrier. That’s all I really want from localization companies, faithfully translate the script and menus for me. That’s it.

    Many localization projects take a lot of “creative liberties” with changing the script or personalities of characters from their Japanese counterpart and this is just cemented by an English dub. Like I said, I just want to experience the same game released in Japan without all the Westernized flare and I’m sure this is the case as well for many of the upset users. So I really do hope Atlus takes this into account instead of just brushing it off. A large number of your targeted demographic is open to other cultures and languages, who want to have the same gaming experience as Japan but with some assistance from localization companies, like Atlus, in tearing down the language barrier instead of Westernizing the entire game for us.

    I hope this sheds a little bit more light in the outcry at least from my personal standpoint.

    • I appreciate the long, thought-out comment/feedback and you bring up a good point that’s at the core of what localization actually is. Sometimes there are difficult/impossible things to translate. I mean, yes – you can look at the phrases that don’t exist in English, sure. But that’s just one thing. Persona Q had a puzzle in the Japanese version based off of a familiar kanji (japanese character). But there’s no way the vast, VAST majority of the non-Japanese audience would understand how to solve the puzzle, so what do you do? It’s always a balance, and one that fluctuates in every game. Our editors have done several interviews on this if you want to learn more about their process. We always try to stay true to the meaning of the Japanese script or the game’s intent, but sometimes there have to be concessions to western audiences.

  • Thanks for doing the English dub, because I prefer something in my own native language, because localizing a game in Japanese makes so much sense. English voice actors are just as good as any. The level of entitled people on this blog is astounding. I’m super glad you guys are bringing it over to the West, and I can’t thank you enough.

  • i know this is straight out of left field, but i’d like to see Atlus do something with End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate, or even Sonic Adventure ip make it happen Sega. Thumbs up on the english dubs.

  • No dual audio. No buy.
    There is just no excuse any more for not having dual audio these days.

  • Looks cool. Definite buy! Love you Atlus!

    Though after reading though all the entitled elitism, I’d have done so out of spite for them anyway. You want Japanese audio, you can go ahead and import it. Issue resolved.

  • Thanks Atlus! this game is looking really good but I would love to also see a remake of persona 3 on ps vita.\

    How about this:a Remake of Persona 3 Portable using Persona 3 Fes as a base.
    Has The Answer
    Has FeMC with an actual 3D model.
    No more VN and you get to walk around.
    During the Vacations let us interact with characters more to develop the Social links.
    Keep Persona 3 Fes day system. IE. Afternoon and evening.
    In the evening open up Port island more since mid way through the game there is nothing to do after you completed both S. links and maxed out your stats.
    Keep the options for character commands or direct commands during battles.
    Persona fusions attacks are not items.
    MC gets all weapons.
    Add another 30 hour epilogue similar to the answer and this time star Elizabeth.
    Let her finish her search with a few new party members and grown up ken, Aegis, and koromaru.

    Persona 3 Sapphire for the Ps Vita. Full Blown Enhanced Edition.

    You get a resolution to his story, Semi sequel, Ps Vita exclusive and Definitive Edition

  • Atlus, thank you for supporting the Vita! I still have not bought any of your games for the system (bar the PSP Persona games), because I am a new owner. Yet, I know the value of your games, and I will be purchasing Lost Dimension upon release.

    If I may ask a question: How varied are the environments in the game?

  • No Japanese voice. 100% gonna skip this~

  • Btw please give really good dubs for this game. 8 out of 14 character’s had terrible voices in the original Japanese version.

  • Awesome!! I can’t wait to play it on my Vita :)

    and it’s a dub! So glad after the disappointing sub only for Tales of Hearts R, Freedom Wars, and Oreshika

    Is there a chance for you guys to localized over Vita games like Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Tales of Innocence R, God Eater 2 Rage Burst, and Phantasy Star Nova?

  • thank you based atlus!

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