Lost Dimension Coming to PS3, PS Vita This Summer

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Lost Dimension Coming to PS3, PS Vita This Summer

Hey everyone, John from ATLUS here. You know how in some RPGs, you spend all this time and experience perfecting your combat strategies, honing the best possible team imaginable to face off with the big bad boss at The End?

Well, let me paint a nightmare scenario for you: your pool of warriors that are leveling up and gaining experience have a few traitors in their midst. And as you inch closer and closer towards the final boss, you’re forced to kill one of your teammates — hoping against all hope that you figured out enough clues along the way to be able to correctly identify which one of them is actually a traitor. And after you repeatedly undergo this pattern of trial of accusations and executions (bear in mind this is on top of a full day of combat) you’re squaring off against the final boss, only to have several party members turn on you because SURPRISE, you picked the wrong traitor. The End.

Or rather, the beginning, because that’s the scenario that PS3 and PS Vita users will be facing when ATLUS launches the tactical RPG Lost Dimension this summer. In this wild mashup of an RPG, the player is the main protagonist of SEALED — a group of psychically gifted warriors — and acts as their commander on the battlefield. After combat, the warriors wait back in their base camp where the protagonist can chat with several members to improve their relationships, and at certain points use his unique ability to read minds to try and sniff out the traitors.

Lost DimensionLost Dimension

Of course since you’ll be bonding with the rest of your combat unit, you get to use their experience in combat to both level up their individual abilities as well as get insight as to whether they may be the traitor. And man, let me tell you how much it sucks when you have to “erase” an ally you’ve really been pouring experience into. And for those worried about replayability, the traitors are randomly chosen each playthrough, so good luck with New Game+ mode!

You can expect to see Lost Dimension on PS3 and PS Vita this summer in North America.

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  • Atlus? I will buy it with my eyes closed for my PS Vita.
    Waiting for more news, look’s like an awesome game.

  • Sounds cool. What’s the price?

  • Seems a really cool idea and looks pretty. Nice we still have some vita love .

    Waiting for more info in the future.

  • I’ve followed this game since the japanese launch and I’m excited to play it. Just a couple question:

    Will this be a retail game or digital only?
    Were Third Party Studios or twitter’s #BuildingTheList a factor in deciding to bring this game to North America?

    Anyway, thanks to Atlus and Sony for trusting this continent as a consumer for games that used to be confined to the Asian continent, and I’ll be waiting for them to play, such as the Suikoden, Yakuza, Persona, Dragons Crown, or maybe Digimon games *wink wink to Bandai Namco*

  • Will there be an option for Japanese voices?

  • I have been waiting for this game for quite some time. One of my top Vita games I want to come west from Japan (http://thejesterscourt-games.blogspot.com/2014/07/vita-games-that-need-to-come-to-west.html). So excited for this. Thanks guys.

  • FYI, this game will be PS TV compatible!

  • Agreed with #4

  • Looks interesting glad to see this is coming over to the west.

  • Hot damn, I’d nearly given up on and forgotten about this game. Thanks Atlus!

  • Fantastic! Day One!!!!

    Hoping for a limited edition or at least first-print goodies!

  • First off, thanks Atlus! I’ll be buying this for vita. Surprised this one is coming over, it didn’t sell well in Japan, I believe.

    Second, since Atlus is owned by Sega, what are the chances for you to localize PhantasyStar Nova for Vita?

    Again, thanks Atlus!

  • Phantasy Star Nova next!

  • Thank you, Based Atlus! I was hoping that either you or Xseed would localize this, but my hopes started to drop when nothing had been mentioned anywhere about it for so long. Played the ps3 demo of this and am really looking forward to grabbing it on my Vita!

  • Dayum, ATLUS!

    PS3 is hot as hell this. Keep the games coming :).

    Thx for publishing, but does it have DUAL Audio option? please say yes, please say yes … D:

  • YW! Yeah, curious about Japan, but we liked it for NA and EU, so there you go!

    I don’t know about having us localize Sega titles though. :(

  • English voices? or Japanese ones? buying this and hopeful that it would gave way to Shining Resonance :)

  • Really have to give ATLUS credit, they support the Vita. Can’t wait to hear more about this game.

  • Awesome, I’d actually forgotten about this since I didn’t think it would make it to the states. Also, would like to second#12’s comment about phantasy star nova, please try to bring then if you can. Phantasy star would sell more than most of the other games you guys bring(which are awesome). Specially since monster Hunter will no longer be on vita.

  • Thanks for confirming it has no Japanese audio. Now I can safely skip this game.

  • I don’t mind that at all~ going day one.

  • This game was developed by the Persona Team?

  • Everything than come out in vita is good received. I really like anime :3.

  • So English voices only eh. I understand the need for English dubs but why can’t you include dual audio with any of your games Atlus. So many companies do it now it should be the norm. There is no excuse for it now other than you just don’t care. If this was a case by case basis I would understand. But you do it for every game. Please don’t do it for Persona 5. Time to get with the times.

    • I stand by our English dubs 100%. I think they’re fantastic and after both meeting some of the people behind them as well as having to record some VO for a few of our videos, I can confirm that it’s incredibly difficult and taxing, and English dubs are worthy of your respect.

      Dual audio/Japanese voice is something we evaluate for every game, but it’s never as simple as just ticking a box or flipping a switch; please don’t accuse us of not caring.

  • turn based is a genre that REALLY needs to die out
    action>>>>>>>>>turn based

  • I had totally given up on this one! I was super close to importing, too! Glad to see this happening!


    No, this game was developed by FuRyu. Atlus is simply publishing it in North America.

  • @SteeLFaisca

    Wait no, I’m an idiot, it was developed by Lancarse, published by FuRyu.

  • Hey, thanks for this! i was gonna import.

    You guys should bring Sega’s RPGs over since SoA doesn’t seem to care :/

  • Odd decision not to include the original audio track. Not a fan.
    Game seems intriguing, but as with others, interest is reduced being stuck with modified experience.
    Otherwise generally lots of love for Atlus.

  • @29

    These days JRPGs really have no excuse to not leave in the original track. Supporting publishers like Atlus who refuse to acknowledge that many fans don’t only want dubs is something thats not in my best interest.

  • Seems very interesting. I’ve only recently been finding out about some of the Asian exclusive games thanks to various youtubers posting videos about them. I have not heard of this one but the concept amongst other things seems great. The only down side is the traitors in your midst… Usually when it comes to the traitors it is the most easily likeable character that you get attached to and then bam… They turn on you. But still it also gives it that bit of an edge or excitement trying to figure out who it is.

  • As someone who GREATLY prefers dubs I have no issues with the audio personally (assuming its done well), however I do think it’d be fair for the people who want it to have the option to switch back to the Japanese audio if they want to that badly. As for the game itself it looks really cool you guys over at Atlus have been bringing over a lot of great games lately one of the big reasons your one of my favorite publishers :) I do wish we had more PS4 games though XD The JRPG scene on it right now is kind of….nearly non existent lol (Still can’t wait for Persona 5). I love my PS3 but I am trying to avoid buying NEW games for it as long as I can which means I’ll be getting it for the Vita :)

  • @John Hardin

    I understand that the people doing these dubs work hard and I have no issue with making dubs in the first place. But you have to realize that many people who play JRPGs these days expect to be able to play a game in its original voices. At least 80% of all JRPGs have dual audio these days, and how easy it is to watch anime as it airs these days it makes it so people are more and more excited about hearing their favorite Japanese voice actors in the games. It just seems archaic these days to stick with a dub for a game you’re trying to appeal to JRPG and anime fans.

  • First I’ve heard of this game and it sounds right up my alley. Looking forward to it!

  • Atlus,

    I have alot respect for dubs and have nothing against them. I understand they can be good and that alot of work goes in to them. I just always prefer the original voices for any game. And I am not the only one. Other companies go through the same thing and they seem to do it. I know it is not easy and please don’t try to excuse it. If you really do care then prove it.

  • Dub only as expected of Atlus US. Lol not caring, as if you guys actually made an effort in the first place.

    If this was handled by NIS themselves, expect dual audio. I don’t know why you guys keep pushing your mediocre dubs. Some people prefer it, but it’s better to have an option to switch to original and vice versa.

    It still blows my mind how Persona Ultimax Japanese has FULL English and Japanese voices for BOTH scenario and battle while the US version only has Japanese for battle scenarios. So how do you explain that BS?

    Yeah expect US P5 to be English Audio only. Then again i’ll probably wait for the eventual upgrade version in a year after its released, but don’t expect the original Japanese audio from the games they published. These clowns smh.

  • To all the people complaining about the lack of Japanese voice acting, I have a simple solution… Import the Japanese version, what’s that you’re saying,,, you’re not fluent in Japanese, then stop complaining and just be glad Atlus is bringing games like this over to the English speaking world. For all you know the English dub might be superior *cough Rise cough*

  • Are you guys thinking of put digital devil saga on vita

  • Thanks for showing all that gameplay…

  • Also I find it cute how Atlus talks about how we should “Respect the dubbers for all the hard work they’ve done”, while Atlus themselves completely disrespect the original Japanese voice actors by removing them and acting like they didn’t work just as hard. Its just a silly pride thing with Atlus, they have this idea their dubs are really good and they want people to listen to them and won’t give us an option not to.

  • Atlus, lemme ask you something, in Japan there are a lot of things Japanese do live with like
    New Japan Pro Wrestling, Formula 1, Volleyball, Basketball, etc.
    So why is it that the ONLY genre you guys make games about is RPGs? I mean, don’t you think the PS Vita is already saturated?
    Don’t get me wrong, but I really don’t think that even the JRPGs aficionados are THAT hungry or even asking for some more.
    So how about some variety for a change? Give us what the Americans can’t give the Vita, we WILL accept a NJPW-based game or ANYTHING other than (J)RPG. Hell, the Vita has so many unexplored genres and yet the only genre that is constantly delivered is RPG. We DON’T need that many RPG titles. Either you just take my word, or you’re going to end up frustrated with the platform and wondering why this game did not sell as much as expected.

    Just give us something DIFFERENT, for the Vita’s sake. And ours.

    • Please tell me you picked up Dragon’s Crown when it was free on PS+! And Rollers of the Realm is a fantastic game too. And then there’s P4D!

      This is the probably the first time I’ve ever seen someone commenting that there are too many RPGs on the Vita, but it’s a valid point.

  • @39 Pretty sure it’s out in Japan, so you can look that up.

    I’m getting this and prefer english cause that’s what I speak. Japanese is nice if you want that and if it’s an option go for it.

  • My god, the level of entitlement here is beyond belief. There’s a difference between voicing your opinion and DISMISSING OTHER PEOPLE’S HARD WORK. One today’s market, it must be very hard to keep bringing up niche games such as this to the West, it’s insulting to accuse a company of not caring when they don’t do something exactly the way you want it. Again, you CAN voice your discontent over any decision, but please refrain from sounding like ATLUS owns you something. There are other, more polite ways, to make yourselves heard.

  • @43

    How is it any different from Atlus dismissing the Japanese voice actors hard work by completely removing their contributions?

  • Super Awesome!! Day one for me!!

  • Sounds great. Thank you Atlus for leading the charge on great vita games where others have bowed out. I also really like the twist offered. This is sure to be on my radar for later this year.

    Now give us a Persona 5 release date 8)

  • Are we getting the demo for this that Japan got?

  • I was really excited when I saw this posting, been wanting to play the game for a while.

    But no Japanese voices?

    No thanks, if I buy it I’ll import the real version.

  • Lol @Rise

    An actual Japanese idol vs a wanna be idol.

    Actually Atlus US should even be glad they’re allowed to publish these games. They don’t actually make these games nor have any creative control on how the characters and system play.

    All they do is localize and translate the story and dialogue(some times it’s even worse) and shipped them to their territories, that’s it.

    Atlus Japan are truly the ones that are the game and actual decide how the story ends and all that. Actual it’s pretty much true in virtually any Japanese company that has a US or EU branch. You should actually be grateful to them instead of these guys since without them these games would not be made in the first place.

    It’s not even entitlement. I’m just tired of the same BS they keep pulling how keep saying they’re trying hard, yet i don’t think they actually made an effort in the first place.

  • TERRIBLE decision to remove the original audio.

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