Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Out Today on PS Vita

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Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Out Today on PS Vita

Hello, PlayStation.Blog! We’re happy to say that today is the day Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines launches for PS Vita and PlayStation TV, on PlayStation Store for $19.99! To celebrate the launch — and as a thank you for purchasing — starting today until the store update on March 17th, you will receive two additional gods as a bonus that cannot be normally unlocked from within the game.

As a quick reminder, Oreshika is a story about revenge that takes place in ancient Japan. Your clan was sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit, and then had two curses placed on them. You have just been resurrected by a god and are now searching for those who cursed and conspired against your clan so that you may redeem the honor of your family name.

Within the game you will choose from 8 unique classes for the warriors of your clan. Each class has unique strengths that add to the strategy when choosing which warriors to take into battle, along with which items and equipment. Or you can leave it up to your trusted advisor, Kōchin.

Travel to distant lands of other AI or player-controlled clans. In these far-off lands you can explore new dungeons, find new rare items, discover new gods, combat new demons, and interact with the towns of the distant clans. Within their towns you can purchase exotic items, adopt their members, hire mercenaries to aid you, or form a union with members of other clans.

Oreshika: Tainted BloodlinesOreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Invest in your town to invite armorers and weaponsmiths to create heirloom items, which can grow stronger the more they are used and can be passed down the generations.

Unlock secret arts to unleash devastating damage to your enemies and show them the might of your clan.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is a deep and challenging JRPG featuring beautiful artwork come to life, the authentic original voice cast, a game mode that takes an estimated 100 hours of gameplay to complete, and an epic story about finding those who cursed your family and seeking retribution.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Through countless deaths, your clan becomes more powerful… Through countless lives, the curse will be broken…

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15 Author Replies

  • This awesome game deserves a limited edition and not a simply download, Shame on you Sony! No support and no buy from me!

  • I’m sick of the trend to publish Japanese Vita games as a digital only.

    can’t you at least produce limited copies for the fans who actually want it?

  • im thinking maybe theres no PS+ games for march

  • Graphics of game is not nice :(

  • Today when? I am so tired of checking PSN store every now and then… Could you guys provide some estimated time of the release for the game? such as 1:00 pm eastern time or something like that?

  • I see a lot of “oreshika 2” in japanese and trailers, is this that game or is it the first one?
    Also, what game modes are we talking about here? :P
    Quite interested in the game, and probably get it based on the answers i get :)

    • Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is the sequel of the first game that was released in 1999 on the original PlayStation.

      Game modes affect the amount of time and difficulty to complete the game. The game offers 5 different modes and the time to completion ranges from an estimated 30 hours to 100 hours. You can also change the mode at anytime from the settings menu, so you’re not locked into one specific mode.

  • Just waiting till psn store updates itself. At least ~2 more hours :(

  • what’s embarrassing is that people are acting like spoiled entitled children.

  • Downloading this as soon as I get back home from work later tonight.

  • I actually hadn’t heard of this until now, but being a JRPG fan boy it definitely seems worth looking further into. Do we know the file size?

    • Hi GunamDyne, the full game along with the two free gods that you receive when purchasing during the first two weeks of the game being available will be a little under 3GB.

  • That art style is so beautiful, I love it. I’m going to buy this today after watching that video.

    Do I understand you correctly? If you choose Easy mode the game is only 30 hours? That would be great because I don’t want to sink 100 plus hours into this.

  • This is such a huge game, andhe artstyle is lovely.

    I just wish we weren’t forced to go digital-only with this. The Vita is a very storage limited Device, and it’s a mistake to not give us a Cartridge option.

  • I soooo wanted to play this, but it’s only on PSVita and not PS4. :[

  • Hi Michael Pulst, thanks for the reply, much appreciated!
    What’s the difference between the different game modes? Are they just varying difficulty levels that require more or less grinding? Or will I miss out on storyline because I picked the shorter mode?
    I can handle a 30 hour game if the story and gameplay are fun. But I’d hate to miss out on too much plot if that’s the cost.
    I might have to give this game a try. Sounds perfect for the Vita, and the price is right.

  • I read a bit more about it and i am really interested, only thing i am worried about is the frame rate.
    I would hate seeing those frames drop during gorgeous magic animations.

    But other than that, it is a day 1 buy for me, need dem special gods too! (any info why they are so special?:P)

    • The two bonus gods are special because this launch special offer is currently the only way to gain access to them.

  • No mention in the trailer of the Character that people complain the game is being focused on I see :p *shrug* I can formulate my own opinion, the mechanic is interesting, I’m a sucker for “Breeding better fighters” games since I was introduced to it in Dragon Quest Monsters back in the day.

    Will definitely buy the game and support more localizations for solid rpgs :)

  • In PSN store now!!! Bought and currently being downloaded! At nearly 3 gigs this thing is a beast by ps vita standards… little disappoint about pay to win/ customizing dlc but looks like the bundle includes a few goodies. Is the 2 gods included in the bubble pack?

  • While the price is good, I wish we had a physical release. 3 GB is almost half of my current memory card.

  • Thr Vita PSN storefront is listing the game’s storage requirement as 4.4GB. Is that an error, or is that how much the game is supposed to take up?

  • No physical = NO BUY!

  • İ wish it would be for Ps4 as well

  • I just checked PSN via the Vita. Why does it say the game is 4.4gb large if it’s supposed to be around 3GB + DLC? The PSN website version has it at 2.8gb. Which is it?

    • Hi macross_green & Nerroth, 4.4GB was a error in the listing. Thank you for pointing it out. It will be fixed, if it hasn’t been already. 2.8GB is the correct size.

  • Now this is a game that needs to come on ps4 with the lack of JRPGS cmon.

  • Should be retail, but SCEA is a garbage publisher. NISA, Aksys, Xseed, Idea Factory… Tons of tiny publishers doing it better than one of the platformer holders. Absolutely pathetic.

  • Platform* touch keyboard yay…

  • Not that I expect anything out of this, but I wish screenshots weren’t disabled for this game. I don’t want to post to Twitter/Facebook or let the game pick predetermined spots, I just want to hit the bloody screenshot button myself.

    Also wish the DLC item menus didn’t freeze the game for 20 seconds while it tried to check PSN every single time you tabbed onto them.

  • Please stop relying on publishing digital–only games in order to support a portable system and start releasing retail packages as well since most consumers would prefer it that way, I’m pretty sure its evident from the low sales reflected on the digital–only games.

  • Wow, just saw this. Haven’t heard of this before (surprisingly for me). And it’s compatible with ps TV? I am buying this today for sure! Thanks!

  • Why not localize the PSP game first? That’s something Sony should have done back in 2011 when it came out. We didn’t get that one at all and now we get its sequel in digital form only. I’m sure the team who localized this has done a great job but I’m sick of Sony’s decisions in regards to their handhelds.

    There are companies still localizing PSP games even and there are companies still producing physical Vita games. Sony does neither and they are the ones who should care the most about their Vita customers.

  • Why aren’t you able to give us a retail Sony ? Small publishers like NISA and IF can do it, but the almighty Sony Corporation can’t do it ? Shame on you Sony, really hope the sales are low!
    No support for digital only crap!

  • I got the game last night and played it for a little bit. Wished there were times when I could fast forward all the talking and so far this game isn’t worth 19.99 but I’ll find out once and if I finish this game.

  • Awesome game! I hope it’s supported and more like this come out on the Vita.

    Any plans to fix the network portion of the game. The features look great but it’s not possible to do anything with it. Can’t register or visit other players’ realms, post to social media or PSN and I am having trouble with QR codes too.Forums I go to indicate everyone else is having problems too. Really hope this is fixed soon!

    • Hello AeraLure, We are aware of the issue and the team is investigating a solution to address this. We are aiming to have this resolved asap.

  • This is an amazing game indeed!
    Initially bought this just to fill in while I wait for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (released in Japan next week),
    but I’m totally hooked right now!
    I’m not sure I’ll be able to drop this game anytime soon xD

    Not sure if this is related to the network issues, but the in-game DLC shop can’t be accessed either.
    I can’t retrieve the DLC that I’ve bought from the store :(
    Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    • Hello Lazulite-US, We’re thrilled you are enjoying Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines so far. We’re aware of the issue and we are actively working on resolving the issue. Apologies from the team and myself for the inconvenience. Our consumer services group will be given the most up to date information as we work to resolve this. Please access this url for various ways to contact them: https://support.us.playstation.com/app/contact_options

  • It seems like am attached to games made by Japan Studio. Going to get this up on my Birthday on the 21st this month. To bad the the limited editiontime bonus ends the 17th.

  • Please release the first Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke on PSN?
    It got a PSP port, I don’t care of it is digital only as long as it’s in english?

  • Please patch Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke 2 so there is a way to skip cutscenes?

  • Plans to fix the DLC and the rest of the features?

    I bought a bunch of DLC on day 1 that has since been removed (costume change, crest unlocks, new crests, crest change ticket). No sign of its return yesterday. It’s not in my game and I havent gotten a refund either.

    DLC currently on the store I can’t use. Bought some of that to test but it wont show up either.

    Curiosities Shop in game doesn’t work. Competition Results doesn’t either.

    Great game! I just hope these things get resolved soon.

    • Hello AeraLure,

      As of mid-day today, Friday, we are confident we have successfully resolved all of the issues. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

      Should you continue to experience any issues please get in touch with our consumer services team, we have been working closely with them and will continue to monitor things moving forward. There are multiple ways to get in touch with the consumer services team which is detailed through this link: https://support.us.playstation.com/app/contact_options

      We appreciate your support of Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines and your support in PlayStation.

  • Oh and thank you for the reply above and the quick fix to network features. Traveling to other players’ realms was needed. Thanks!

    Still some other things to fix but thank you for bringing this game here. It’s awesome! XD

  • Loving this awesome game. This is my first time playing a game like this and its really deep and the animation is done really well:). One thing i was wondering how do i increase tje party size?

  • @ alpharougewarx After you defeat the second festival boss, you need to have 20k+ ryō on hand every month. If you do, one month or another carpenters will come around and Kōchi asks if you’d like to spend 20k to increase the size of your living quarters. The carpenters seem to only come once a year and iirc it was sometime in the spring.

  • Oh! And how about releasing the Oreshika Vita theme over here? We need more themes – especially the ones made in Japan for specific games. They have some really cool ones I would love to buy. The Freedom Wars one comes to mind but I wouldn’t even think twice about buying one for this game given the beautiful art. It’s really a shame the themes aren’t localized.

  • Thanks again Michael. These things still appear not to work though as of Saturday:

    Purchased DLC from the US store (right now there are only three items) don’t show up in inventory even if you select the Download Purchased DLC from the main menu. They don’t show up in the Curiosities Menu either, or your Download List on the Store for that matter. I purchased two more just to test if they work now, but those aren’t showing up either, in addition to ones I bought before when the Curiosities Shop wasn’t working.

    The Curiosities Store is now accessible, but I had purchased some tickets to change my crest, change my costume (I assume that’s for betrothal) etc on day 1. These options are no longer on the US Store as DLC. Not sure if that means doing this is now free via Curiosities Shop. Guess there is little harm in testing it but I think my purchases went poof.

    Competition Results screen still shows nothing.

    A bit confused. Just bringing this to your attention that yes, the Curiosities Shop menu works, but there are still some problems.

    Thanks Michael!

  • Just a follow-up Michael:

    I explained the situation to Support via Live Chat. They agreed the problem was with this particular game, not my account, and could see all the DLC I purchased on various dates, but said they could not help me as it was a problem with a specific game. They directed me to a phone number, but when I called it a recording said that help line was not currently in operation. I was directed to a web portal that just gave me the support contact options that you gave me, so I hit a brick wall.

  • Not sure if anyone else is having these issues, but mine are:

    I purchased almost all of the DLC available day 1 of launch. This included tickets for all the things that can be done in the Curiosities menu when accessed in game now. I am not sure if the game will charge me again when I try to use any of them, but the tickets show up to Support as available to me but unused.

    I purchased some items from the store several different days to test if the features were working. Some day one, some last week, some this morning when you said it was working. The Time Rewinder and Fire Frenzy items. I should have 3 of each now. These don’t show up as something you can get in the Curiosities Store, but these are still on the US Store.No sign of these items anywhere – even this am.

    Support cannot help. So they said. They said it was an issue about the game itself and you have to contact SOE directly.

  • Ah ok thank you very much :) for telling me that lol cause ive been searching everyware lol

  • Follow-up. Item DLC works. It’s in no way clear, but you have to be in a dungeon, have to go to the items menu and then to the Curiosities tab in there. Only way to see or use them.

    Curiosities Store still periodically crashes the game on entry. Save before trying it. Sent in my last couple reports of it doing that.

    Competition Results still doesn’t work and I am assuming that isn’t going to be a thing in the US release?

    As an aside, you should make a nice theme for this out of the music and imagery from the game. It would be fantastic. The Japanese store has plenty of wonderful themes for games but none of them come here and the themes we get are horrible. Heck, getting any/more of the themes from Japan would be great. I’d buy more than a few of them and at present there is no way to do so.

    Thanks again for this game!

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