Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Out Today on PS Vita

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Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Out Today on PS Vita

Hello, PlayStation.Blog! We’re happy to say that today is the day Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines launches for PS Vita and PlayStation TV, on PlayStation Store for $19.99! To celebrate the launch — and as a thank you for purchasing — starting today until the store update on March 17th, you will receive two additional gods as a bonus that cannot be normally unlocked from within the game.

As a quick reminder, Oreshika is a story about revenge that takes place in ancient Japan. Your clan was sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit, and then had two curses placed on them. You have just been resurrected by a god and are now searching for those who cursed and conspired against your clan so that you may redeem the honor of your family name.

Within the game you will choose from 8 unique classes for the warriors of your clan. Each class has unique strengths that add to the strategy when choosing which warriors to take into battle, along with which items and equipment. Or you can leave it up to your trusted advisor, Kōchin.

Travel to distant lands of other AI or player-controlled clans. In these far-off lands you can explore new dungeons, find new rare items, discover new gods, combat new demons, and interact with the towns of the distant clans. Within their towns you can purchase exotic items, adopt their members, hire mercenaries to aid you, or form a union with members of other clans.

Oreshika: Tainted BloodlinesOreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Invest in your town to invite armorers and weaponsmiths to create heirloom items, which can grow stronger the more they are used and can be passed down the generations.

Unlock secret arts to unleash devastating damage to your enemies and show them the might of your clan.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is a deep and challenging JRPG featuring beautiful artwork come to life, the authentic original voice cast, a game mode that takes an estimated 100 hours of gameplay to complete, and an epic story about finding those who cursed your family and seeking retribution.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Through countless deaths, your clan becomes more powerful… Through countless lives, the curse will be broken…

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  • This is a great game. Buy it, people!

  • Vita really needs more 100 hour games. Thanks!

  • Billy_The_Puppet

    March PS Plus games???

  • Where ar the PS+ games? it began to be embarasing for you Sony….

  • no day one discount like region 3 asia?

  • Damn this looks pretty cool but I have so many RPGs stacked up right now…

  • I wish would stop asking about the PS+ stuff on things that have nothing to do with that.

    Anyways I think this game looks great it’s something I might pick today.

  • This looks pretty sweet, love the art style. Reminds me of Okami.
    Too bad I don’t have the time for a 100 hour strategy RPG. Sigh, getting old sucks.

    • Hi yentair, I fully understand. In Oreshika there are multiple game modes difficulties you can choose from. The shortest is estimated to be 30 hours to complete the game, while the longest mode is estimated to be 100 hours to complete the game. The game will notify you of the different modes and what they mean as you begin the game.

      Also thank you for the complements! The team in Japan really appreciate it. :)

  • Im in the same boat yantair

  • Wow…guess price point doesn’t necessarily equal amount of time you can spend playing a game. Didn’t expect that the game had over 100 hours of content. Game looks beautiful though, and the Vita needs more good RPGs. I will be awaiting the reviews on this game. May end up picking it up after all!

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  • Buying as soon as the PSN updates. Can you guys please release the Vita theme for this game, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice Delta.

    • Hiya TheExiled12894. Glad to hear it. As for the theme of Oreshika, at this time, we cannot announce any plans to release it. Please enjoy the game, the team hopes you enjoy it!

  • WolverineMachida

    This one looks interesting I’ll check out some more gameplay to see if it’s worth a buy.

  • Wow this looks great. Makes me wish I had a Vita :(

  • This game is nice and all and I’m glad you guys are bring eastern IPs to NA,

    but what are the IGC games that are coming out this month!!

  • This is a great reveal as the first PS+ game for March! Thanks Sony!

  • Thanks for the video, now I have an idea of the game and how it play. I’ll grab this day one.

  • Question: Is this game dubbed or just subtitled?

    • Hi there DanteMerfi, Oreshika features the original voice cast in Japanese and it is subtitled in English and French.

  • I will be buying this game today. I don’t normally buy digital-only games on day 1, but I want to play Oreshika as soon as possible and the price is right. I’d prefer a physical copy, but if digital-only means lower game prices, then I can live with that.

  • There are multiple game modes. Only one of them is 100+ hours. The shortest is 30.

    The game is sub-only.

    Also, smh at requesting a PS+ discount for a $20, budget release …

  • The moment the store updates! Can’t wait!

  • I hope this game does really well for you guys. I’ll probably check it out down the road.

  • People will keep asking about the March PS Plus games because of the severe lack of communication to the community. A simple “sorry, there’s a delay, we will let you know as soon as we know more” would suffice. The last time something like this happened, they apologized and promised to do better next time with the communicatuon. So much for that!

  • guys stop asking about the free games for march…we DONT get free games….we get subscribed to games, if we dont pay the sub we lose the games until we pay it again, its like saying netflix give you free films

    so on that note, sony, what are our subscription games for march?

  • Yay! can’t wait for this. Still a little disappointed that it’s digital only, but that price is too sexy.

    I also love the fact that it’s sub only. The japanese voices really gives the game an authentic feeling, being heavily japanese styled.

  • This looks awesome. Great price! I need my $15 back from the spend $100 promo to grab it though. Where my money!? :P :D

  • Looks up my alley, and the price point is fair. But, like others, I’d prefer a physical copy. Still, the digital version is better than not having the game at all.

  • It looks really great, I’m going for it.

  • waiting for PSN update man ~

  • Just saw on Twitter that there’s no free games this month, wait till next month everyone.

  • can’t wait to get this :D

  • We need a way to play Vita stuff on ps4 I want this and so many other iVita games.

  • I was really excited about this game when it was first announced…however I just watched an in-depth gameplay video on youtube and am not so sure it’s quite for me…

  • This looks great, but it wasn’t on my radar at all. You need to step up your marketing game.

  • Imma let you finish, but the March 2015 Plus lineup had the most official silence of all time!

  • Really been anticipating this game. Can’t wait to play it. The style looks excellent.

  • I don’t know where to ask this. Why didn’t I receive my $15 code from the “Spend more than $100” promotion you guys had running from February 17 – 24? Yesterday was the deadline.

  • Im sorry but Imma have to pass. I was excited for the game when it was said it was coming over,but the lack the of a dub kills it for me. I thought sony would actually dub their games since it is sony not a small company,but I guess I was wrong.

  • I can’t understand for the life of me why Sony hasn’t made a bigger deal over the Vita exclusives that have come out recently. Game looks so cool – hope it does well!

  • @29

  • My body is ready.

  • Oreshikaaa! I had trouble sleeping this week because I’m too exited for this game! Can’t wait for this week update :D :D!

  • @36 I didn’t get my $15 yet either

  • @42 I hope we didn’t get ripped off.

  • I do have a backlog (like everyone), but I’m dropping it to play this because I’ve been anticipating this game since it was announced in Japan; I was so hyped that I even braved all the kanji to play the demo. Hopefully, it gets release early enough that I get to play before I have to leave.

  • This game looks really awesome. Bring it to PS4!

  • PSN cant update fast enough!! This is a first day, first hour buy! PS Vita Needs more RPG! Literary getting the itch to marathon this title.

  • this game looks awesome.


  • This game looks fantastic, definitely something I’m gonna need for the Vita :D

  • Wow!!! That looks beautiful!!!

  • VERY disappointed that there’s no physical release of this – I would have happily paid a premium day-1 for that. As it is, I’m going to have to think about whether I want to pick this up this week or wait for a PSN sale.

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