Helldivers Launches Today for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Helldivers Launches Today for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Greetings, recruit! We are excited that Helldivers will be launching today as the start of the PlayStation eight-week Spring Fever program.

As a member of the Helldivers, you will become a critical part of Super-Earth’s formidable military, travel to alien worlds, encounter exotic hostile life forms, and bring managed democracy to the universe once and for all!*

We welcome all recruits, be it PS4, PS3 or PS Vita. Helldivers is available for $19.99 cross buy (only pay once to get all platforms).

Super-Earth PlayStation Plus Special

As part of the PlayStation Spring Fever promotion, Plus subscribers will get an additional 10% off during launch week (3/3 -3/9), meaning that Plus members can get their hands on Helldivers for only $17.99.

Early recruits will also receive Helldivers Ranger Training — purchase the Helldivers Limited Edition Bundle until 4/27 and receive the Ranger Pack at no added cost. Specially trained in scouting and assassination, Rangers are the first to drop into the unknown. The Ranger Pack includes the Ranger Uniform, an LHO-63 Camper rifle, and a Humblebee Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Stratagem.

Helldivers -- Ranger

Remember, liberating the galaxy is no single individual’s responsibility — Helldivers features cross play, cross chat, and cross save between PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Join up to three friends, locally or online, and fight for Super-Earth together.

And remember, keep a lookout for more Helldivers content updates in the future!

*Survival cannot be guaranteed by the Super-Earth Armed Forces, remember these important safety tips for new Helldivers:

  • Remember: friendly fire isn’t.
  • Taking out enemies before they eliminate your squad has proven to substantially increase the likelihood of survival.
  • Helldivers’ uniforms are not fireproof.
  • Being hit by objects, such as Hellpods, launched at supersonic speeds from orbit may cause bodily harm.
  • Don’t be afraid of dying; another Helldiver will take your place.
  • Don’t drink and drive.

Spring Fever 2015 features eight new games launching over the next eight weeks, with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members for the first week each game is available. Click here for full details.

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  • cimerians, it absolutely has local couch co-op. So stoked for this game. If you need more friends to play with, please, find me on PSN. I have one good friend for this, but we need more!

  • If you read the blog post on helldivers developers website the reason they pushed launch to march from summer was to make vita version better which according to them its working great incase anyone was wondering.

  • quote from the devs themselves why it was delayed and saying vita version is working great!

    “Why was it delayed?
    As you’ve all noticed, the first tentative plans of a summer release were replaced with ‘it’ll be done when it’s done’. As the game grew in quality and complexity, so did Sony’s eagerness to support our quest for the Best Game Ever™. Helldivers needed cooler stratagems, more weapons, better enemies, richer worlds, more choices! But with more complexity comes also a higher barrier to understanding the game. The testers all reported the same thing: Helldivers now needed a seriously improved tutorial and user interface.

    Then there was the issue of getting the game to run smoothly on the VITA. Quite a challenge with a small team that hasn’t touched the platform before and with many small things to optimize.
    We’re happy to say the game is massively improved from what it would have been during summer. Now we’re excited to the point of bursting to finally release Helldivers to all of you!”

  • Why has the store not updated yet? I´M TRYING TO GIVE YOU MONEY, PEOPLE!! DON´T YOU UNDERSTAND???!!!!

    jk… seriously though, I can´t wait to play this. I imagine it won´t be a huge download so I won´t have to wait days like with other games.

  • The game looks sick. I can’t wait for this to drop later today!

  • The trailer looked way more exciting, as almost always. The game still looks pretty fun though, but you can’t trust videos that easily in these times, and since you can’t trust reviews anymore either, I’m gonna have to ask you to reconsider releasing a demo please, Arrowhead Game Studios.

  • from what I understand sony has yet to catch up to modern times like xbox and pc who release their games mostly at midnight or first thing in the morning while playstation doesn’t update till 12pm-5pm depending on your time zone.

    part of the fun of a new game is either waiting in line to get said game at midnight or be able to preload and play right at midnight or download right at midnight and waste a whole night playing then either calling in sick or going to work and then play the game hide and seek power naps from the boss.

  • To be so attentive you people pay no attention. If you did you would know that PS+ games for Japan was announced last night. They will come. They have no obligation to let us know what they are ahead of time. They do let us know most of the time and it’s appreciated. The only obligation they have is to release them on the first Tuesday of the month. If they aren’t out today then complain. Hell, I might even have something to say then. Until the obligations that we pay them for aren’t fulfilled then you have to grounds.

    You can flail, cry, whine, and complain all you want but until the store is updated at it’s regular time then it really is just all about you.

    And my hours of work has shifted so I don’t know the exact time of the store update but from what I hear it has been pretty consistent lately. You people seriously need to chill.

  • I like how no matter what article I read there is like a hundred people that want to know what is going on with IGC, and sony cant take the time to respond to even one comment regarding it…….great service were paying for right?

  • You know… I was not going to purchase this but now that I’ve seen this video I’m going to pull the trigger.

    Honestly guys, great presentation and the gameplay looks fun and more varied than I had thought it would be. Super excited for this and Oreshika today!

  • Where is March’s PS+ games #fireblogemployees

  • I might get this latter after it drops in price.
    it would be nice if Sony had more to say about the PS+

  • Game is up on Sen. HD is what I wanted in Dead Nation- more options in terms of progression & more stats (tho I can do w/out the ff).

    Can’t wait to play it!

  • Helldivers is now available on the US store! However, the PS+ discount has not been provided yet. I almost want to spend $19.99 on this amazing game to support the devs even more! :)

  • Everybody calm down!!! I just called up Sony CS, and we will have news on march games around 5 or so. I tried to see what the games where, but the nice lady didnt tell me, and she would even tell me her cell phone number. But just wait it out until 5pm.

  • Free games for PS4 are Olliolli2 (however you spell it), Counterspy, Valiant Hearts, & Oddworld

  • This game looks awesome and will by it. I was hoping it would be the Plus game of the month. There hasn’t been a game I cared about since the first PS 4 plus game.

  • Man, people will complain about absolutely everything these days. Chill.

  • Helldivers is now available on the US PS Store for the PS+ friendly price of $17.99! Lock and Load!!!

  • How is this SOLO? Online is like DESTINY?

  • @70, Medenko- solo is tough later on. You’ll have to grind to achieve the bonuses for completing the planetary missions.

    Lots of positive reviews from the press & good vids for PS4, PS3, & Vita on YouTube! (=

  • Best feature: Helldivers features cross play, cross chat, and cross save between PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

  • For anyone that wants to know……….

    Helldivers IS NOT PSTV compatible.

    So Arrowhead just lost a sale by being lazy.

  • I purchased the bundle and it says it is just over 7GB. It lists 3 items but would only let me download the main game and that is a little over 3GB. I cannot find those additional items now anywhere, not in my library or on the store. Can you explain this?

    Also psblogstatistics is horrible and causing the Blog to hang…under chrome and firefox.

  • I can’t believe that no one commented that this game sounds just like a Starship Trooper commercial. It looks like a great game and feels a whole lot like I’m watching and playing a character from the movie.

  • ! For The VITA !
    Just so people know the screenshots for the VIta (in the PS Store) are really, really bad. However the game itself (played it on the Vita) look completely fine and is as downgraded as screenshots make it appear. SO don’t believe everything you see. I kind want to put up some actually “good”screenshots now

  • is not as downgraded*

  • How the hell is this not Playstation tv compatible when you have a ps3 and ps version you can just mirror the control scheme…??

  • Uhm, so..

    I looked everywhere – and I can’t find the Limited Edition stuff (playing on PS3). I saw others have the same issue. Any help would certainly be nice. :)

  • I was just browsing around net for same thing.

    I bought Helldivers Limited Edition PS3, but I cant find dlc content anywhere in the game.
    As far as purchase wise, I only got game, there is no dlc listed on my download list nor on transaction sheet.
    It say Limited Edition, but dlc is not there.

    Anyone knows how to find or get DLC content for Helldivers PS3?

  • OK, Where is the Vita Version I thought this was a Multi-platform buy?

  • Can someone tell me how comes after I downloaded all 4 PS plus games on my ps4, I got hell divers free. I didn’t even get a reciept email. Anyone else got it? I mean, I’m not being ungrateful but they could have given me something a lot better.

  • Hope these PSN issues get sorted out soon. I bought Helldivers on my Vita, and now I can not download it on my PS4. It dosn’t show it as purchased, and when I click on it, it gives me an error. I have seen this issue on Movies, TV Shows, and Other Games as well. Sometimes they will not show as purchased in the store. PlayStation 4 is the only problem I am having this issue on.

  • So is it possible a crossplay between ps3 and ps4 users in the same match?

  • cross play between ps4 and vita doesn’t work. any idea when that’ll be fixed?

  • First play on PS3 and cant see any Cross-Save now on Vita…

  • And no DLC…

  • This game sounds great and all, but I wish it was single player as well. It’s great that people like online and have the options. But give us antisocial people some options too. I’m not a multiplayer kind of guy and don’t really play that much online games. I prefer to spend my time without the need to be competing and being peer pressured into playing games. I like to take my own time and play at times I want to play…late at night.

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