Helldivers Launches Today for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Helldivers Launches Today for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Greetings, recruit! We are excited that Helldivers will be launching today as the start of the PlayStation eight-week Spring Fever program.

As a member of the Helldivers, you will become a critical part of Super-Earth’s formidable military, travel to alien worlds, encounter exotic hostile life forms, and bring managed democracy to the universe once and for all!*

We welcome all recruits, be it PS4, PS3 or PS Vita. Helldivers is available for $19.99 cross buy (only pay once to get all platforms).

Super-Earth PlayStation Plus Special

As part of the PlayStation Spring Fever promotion, Plus subscribers will get an additional 10% off during launch week (3/3 -3/9), meaning that Plus members can get their hands on Helldivers for only $17.99.

Early recruits will also receive Helldivers Ranger Training — purchase the Helldivers Limited Edition Bundle until 4/27 and receive the Ranger Pack at no added cost. Specially trained in scouting and assassination, Rangers are the first to drop into the unknown. The Ranger Pack includes the Ranger Uniform, an LHO-63 Camper rifle, and a Humblebee Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Stratagem.

Helldivers -- Ranger

Remember, liberating the galaxy is no single individual’s responsibility — Helldivers features cross play, cross chat, and cross save between PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Join up to three friends, locally or online, and fight for Super-Earth together.

And remember, keep a lookout for more Helldivers content updates in the future!

*Survival cannot be guaranteed by the Super-Earth Armed Forces, remember these important safety tips for new Helldivers:

  • Remember: friendly fire isn’t.
  • Taking out enemies before they eliminate your squad has proven to substantially increase the likelihood of survival.
  • Helldivers’ uniforms are not fireproof.
  • Being hit by objects, such as Hellpods, launched at supersonic speeds from orbit may cause bodily harm.
  • Don’t be afraid of dying; another Helldiver will take your place.
  • Don’t drink and drive.

Spring Fever 2015 features eight new games launching over the next eight weeks, with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members for the first week each game is available. Click here for full details.

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  • Really missing something on the blog this week… Can’t remember exactly what. On a side note, this is looking great!

  • Word is that the Vita version is a mess. Any plans on fixing that?

  • Does this game also support cross region play? like region us with region 2 EU/region 3 asia? thanks

  • wounded-dragon18

    Can’t wait to defend super earth with my 3 brothers!

  • Is this like Diablo or ?

  • Compatible with PSTV ??

  • Can you please put this up right now so I can buy it?

  • Still curious how cross chat works? Is it limited to only like PS3/4 players or can 3 friends playing on 3 different PS platforms chat? Impressive feature =)

    Left my ps4 in rest mode so I’m hoping to dive in when I get home from work tonight!

  • What is the Helldivers Limited Edition Bundle? How much does that cost, and is that 10% off the first week as well?

    I am planning on buying this…although if there are issues with the Vita version, I am a little hesitant. I was planning on playing the vita version just about as much as the PS4 version.

  • March PS+ announcement please. This may be an unrelated article, but it’s still Sony’s website & Sony has avoided customer questions. They deserve to be pestered.

  • Game looks great! I’m waiting on final word on how the vita version plays.

    I was hoping this was part of PS+ but seeing as PS+ has been cancelled, I can’t argue with the price.

    BTW – PS+

  • What time is the store adding Helldivers today?

  • Looks pretty rad. Is the multiplayer online or couch co-op?

  • PlayStation Plus for March already c’mon guys. And I can’t download Resident Evil Revelations Episode 2 until the store is updated? Ugh. It says “Available March 3rd” not “Available whenever Sony updates the store on March 3rd”. This stuff should just be instant.

    We give you 100% of the money, give us 100% of the content. Seriously, where are the free games & store updates already thanks.

  • @13…both There is 4 player on-line multiplayer. I am not sure if it is 2 or 4 player couch co-op, but I know for sure there is couch co-op.

  • #13: it says right in the article. It’s both. Also this game sounds pretty great. I might have to splurge even though it’s $17.99 for Plus.

  • I just really wanna know where’s my $15 voucher code from the spend 100 get 15 promotion????
    It states that we gonna receive till march 2nd, but we’re on march 3rd and still nothing!

  • No one cares about anything else on this entire blog, Sony, except for the March PS+ announcement. Until you get that issue addressed, you aren’t doing yourself any favors with new blog posts that do not address the number one issue that your customer base has with you. The only thing I got from this post was that it was NOT the March PS+ announcement.

    Dropping the ball, Sony.

  • First Diablo 3, now Helldivers? Sign me up!

  • Thank you! Thank you for making this game. I just watched a little preview and it looks so amazing! Cannot wait to play this today on my PS4. Well done!

  • This just in: Playstation drops the ball. NO free to PS+ games this month.

  • Btw, I WOULD be really happy if this is one of the PS+ Instant Game Collection titles for March!

  • @14 agreed this is ridiculous. no games came out today that interest me but if there were I still would not buy them on principal alone. consistency is everything and sony is anything but consistent

  • im really not going to be surprised if they bail and release no games at all or at the very least a very late update or its being pushed back a week given how quiet they are

  • Niiiiiiiiiice !!!

  • I don’t typically buy games on the day that they’re released, but I’m seriously considering doing it for Helldivers. I really hope that there’s no issue with the Vita version though, as that would be my preferred method of play. I will continue to listen to reviewers and bloggers for their testimonies, but I’m happy that this game has finally reached its release date!

    #12 – Shoryyuken: Your comment was ridiculous. Store updates happen every Tuesday afternoon, and have been happening that way forever. And I won’t even comment on your “100% of the money” rant…just nonsense. You’ll get you Plus games this afternoon like you always do. Only complain if you don’t.

    Follow me on Twitter: @brg_esq
    Friend me on PSN: GStylez1980

  • the problem gstylez is they havent even announced what the free games would be at its 3 days into march and several hours into the expected drop date can you see why people are concerned?

  • I usually wait until I hear/watch some reviews and get an idea of the games stability. I’m extremely tempted for Helldivers.

  • i highly advise everyone against buying ANYTHING until they give the ps plus games out :/

  • @DeathBeforeDawn,

    Concern? you bet I can see that, but Shory took it to 11.

    Just a reminder, they did this back in November, same day reveal and publish. I can’t be certain as to why, but in November it seems the reason for delay was that they want to also give us a sneak peak for December and January, those probably took time to clear the contracts and legal office so they could publish it. Not saying we will see another preview, but there can be good business reasons.

  • I just wish that the 3rd meant the 3rd. I get tired of waiting for the afternoon or whenever they get around to it to update the store and what is available. I have been looking forward to this game for months, since the announcement, so come on already. At least with the hard coies of the games they are AT THE STORE on the third, and you do not have to wait for the store to get around to adding the for purchase. I hope we are ready to go by the time I get off of work this evening!

  • i remember one day it even published around 8-9pm PACIFIC time but even then the game were already announced but this is seriously annoying i thought these days were behind us

  • Will arrowhead games continue to discriminate against all non North Americans as regards pricing and content ?

  • Really don’t think Shory took it to a 11.lol Really is kind of strange not to give us some info buy now.

  • Want games??..PAY for they.

  • this isn’t how a company that wants to focus solely on playstation would operate

  • Sony’s lack of communication with it’s fans is really pathetic. It’s no wonder people are ticked off. Just announce the IGC already.

  • I say it again Sony, be honest with us about the PS+ games. If they are not ready, let us know. Remeber what happened with the month long outage of PSN some years ago, it took the company weeks to admit the extent of the problem and that only made things worse.

    Talk to us like we are real people

  • Wow did they change the pr guy for ps blog?
    Because if they did.. They need to fire this new guy already..

    He/she wont respond to anything about ps+ but if u talk about something else he/she immediately replied..

    The thing that bug me is not about the ps+ missing info..
    But the “lets ignore everything about ps+” act.. .

    And guess what u already pass the line where a simple sorry could calm the ps+ user

  • Just signed in to say the @DeathBeforeDawn guy is really annoying.

  • So……I am still waiting on this Helldivers game to show up. I don’t see it on the PS Store online. Unless I missed something (which is possible).

  • This game looks fantastic… Like a third-person Destiny mixed with Sci-Fi Diablo.

    On a sidenote, it’s not hard to tell that a lot of Xbox user have migrated to Playstation this generation. There were never this many entitled users (read: whiners) in the comment sections during the PS3 generation. I feel like these users should have an “X” on their profiles to identify them. Kind of like a Scarlett letter type of deal.

    Just relax. Seriously.

  • oddly flattered by the comment about being annoyed by me lol @banj however im doing nothing wrong im trying to annoy sony to let them know this wrong

  • So I’ve never bought a downloadable title on day 1, but I’m surprised to see that the PSN store doesn’t update until sometime in the afternoon? Wouldn’t it make sense to update it at midnight?

  • Hi:
    Come On, People. I believe you’re misleading this amazing article. I know We all want to know about PlayStation Plus March “Free Games” but meanwhile you’re ignoring this AMAZING feature… Cross Save, Cross Play, Cross Chat AND Cross Buy… ALL the Cross options on PS in ONE Game! So, I believe this is GREAT news and I hope more and more games come with this. I know, don’t forget to squeeze the PlayStation 4 power (I believe this game should look a LOT better on PlayStation 4) and then, make some ports downgraded for PS3 and PlayStation Vita but that look excellent for them.

  • Dear Malin:

    1. It will be compatible with PS TV? This will be crucial in if il buy this game or not.
    2. Are there going to be updates to fix bad framerate and Missing Precision Shot Tutorial?
    3. Thanks for the game, this is literally Starship Troopers on Steroids



  • To everybody asking about the release time, the PS Store usually updates around 5PM EST (2PM PST).

    As for the IGC, I’m more than understanding if SCE has some contracts to sign last second, change of plans, etc., but if you don’t tell us why we don’t yet know what we’re getting this month, everybody has the right to be pissed. At least SCE Europe has tried to explain the situation to *paying subscribers who have the right to be mad,* but if SCE America wants to keep us in the dark, we’ll keep flailing until we find the light!

  • Hi:
    One question… All the players must be on the same screen or Can I walk further on my own screen? Thanks.
    Red 5.

  • Does this have local couch co-op? If so I will buy….

  • Thanks DarknessBroly. Crazy…didn’t realize it updated so late in the afternoon. Thanks for the info.

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