Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC Out Now on PS4, PS3

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC Out Now on PS4, PS3

Greetings, PlayStation nation! I am beyond excited to announce that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC has arrived on PS4 and PS3, heralding the arrival of Exo Zombies, four new multiplayer maps, and the AE4 directed energy assault rifle.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Havoc - Exo-Zombies

Let’s kick things off with Exo Zombies. With a celebrity cast including John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire, RED, Burn After Reading), Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic, Edge of Tomorrow), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror, Scream), and Jon Bernthal (Fury, The Wolf of Wall Street), Exo Zombies takes a new spin on the zombie survival experience. As four Atlas Corporation employees battling deadly hordes infected by a DNA bioweapon, players must survive the onslaught and unravel the mysteries of the outbreak in Exo Zombies’ standalone story. But these aren’t your run of the mill undead—armed with exoskeletons and unpredictable mutations, the enemies in Exo Zombies are faster and more lethal than ever before.

For a little friendly competition, there are also four new multiplayer maps to dive into:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Havoc - Urban

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Havoc - DriftCall of Duty Advanced Warfare: Havoc - Sideshow


Fight through the ruins of a nuclear fusion plant that features a both narrow pathways for close-quarters combat and long sightlines for long-range players. Rack up enough points and unlock the map-based scorestreak, which unleashes a swarm of decontamination drones to take out your enemies.


Set in an abandoned inn beneath Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, Sideshow’s wide-open exteriors and rooftops are prime for snipers and getting the jump on the competition. At certain points in a match, the clown inn’s sign may tip its hat and start raining down a barrage of explosives with rainbow smoke trails, which you can pick up and lob at other players.


High in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find Drift—a picturesque snow-covered ski resort. Its three primary lanes keep the pace high and the action focused, but players can use a number of elevated vantages and a rotating carousel in the center of the map to maintain a competitive edge. Don’t get too comfortable, though, as an avalanche may occur unexpectedly, taking out anyone in its path.


Those that enjoy fast, frenetic matches will love Urban. Taking on a smaller, three-lane design, Urban is perfect for SMGs and close-range weapons. However, new pathways and routes can emerge as the futuristic mega structure goes into lockdown, so watch your back.

Finally, those that pick up Havoc will unlock the AE4 directed energy assault rifle and its Widowmaker variant, which Season Pass owners gained early access to in January. Like its heavier sibling, the EM1, the AE4 fires bursts of energy, but performs like a lightweight assault rifle, making it quicker on the draw but offering infinite ammunition—just make sure you don’t let it overheat.

For an in-depth look at all that’s included in Havoc, check out the Activision Games Blog. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing everyone online!

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  • So i i got the season pass last night and like everyone else it would not let me play the exo zombies DLC. I am going to try and install Havoc separately and see if that works. Has anyone tried this? Why hasn’t sledgehammer said anything to at least reassure that this is being looked at!! UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE

  • I think its bs that the maps aren’t in rotation on hardcore tdm, or hardcore domination… I spent my hard earned cash on these to not be able to play the maps on the modes I like? This is bull**** I want a refund!!

  • Can somebody help me I bought the havoc dlc, have the Ae4 and Widowmaker, can go on Zombies but can’t go on the new multiplayer maps. I can go on them on Ps3 but Ps4 I can’t

  • I can access the DLC maps on PS3 online and offline, but no AE4 offline.

  • I’ve downloaded both the season pass AND Havoc DLC and I STILL can’t access EXO Zombies.

  • Absolutely disappointed. 5 tries to update CC info – had to log in through the PC to get it to work. Buy Havoc and download and nothing. Trying again.

    Had to download an update – too bad the response time still sucks. Starting matches or respawning with no weapon in your hands is insane – I didn’t buy COD to imagine playing a FPS game.

    Response time is horrendous = takes 15 to 20 seconds to exit the post match summary. Adjusting loadouts must be done out of a lobby if I want to be able to finish. Can take as long as 10 seconds just to select a weapon.

    The game play is better that MW2, but at least MW2 responded to the controller.

  • I truelly hope the havoc dlc will be playable in hardcore! I only play Hardcore KC and Dom. Nobody told this wouldn’t be possible with a seasonpass. It seems like a small change for the game, since it’s allready open for Moshpit. Thanks in advance!

  • I may be repeating what others have discovered here but I have found out why the dlc wasn’t installing. If you go into your notifications and downloads it shows that there are actually 3 Havoc files to download. Two of them state waiting to install. That is because they are waiting for the third file to finish downloading. Once they have all downloaded start the game and the Havoc add on should be shown as playable.
    You would think that the developers or Sony might have told us this as at first I saw three files all just called Havoc and so deleted two as I thought they were duplicates doh! Clear communication and good customer service is a sadly neglected skill within the gaming industry.

  • To much issues with the new dlc from cod ps4 , lossing connection mid game al the time, and working to slow! Can’t finish a game! DO SAME THING ABOUT IT !! PLEAS!!!!

  • Well my ps4 says installed for DLC and purchased but in game im not able to get it at all… what is the issue?

  • I downloaded 5.6gig but only 1 map is on it what’s the story with that? Ps4 and psn are robbing bastids!!!

  • Change to comment # 55: I am more than disappointed, I am pissed. I play Domination, a multi-player game. The new maps aren’t available for Domination. Mosh pit and Team Deathmatch. The blurb said Havoc contains 4 new multiplayer maps so I bought it. It contains no maps for Domination. I want my money back or what I paid for.

    4704 image asset errors left and right. Numerous lockups. Real POS.

    I’m voting with my money and you ain’t getting no more till you fix it.

  • Hey so I bout the Exo zombies yesterday and It won’t let me play it… I don’t know why I won’t let me… So when ever I go to Exo zombies it tells me to buy the $15.00 DLC MAP and I already did so I just kept on re-loading it but it’s won’t let me play it… It’s just keeps on telling me to buy the map even though I already did

  • My havoc dlc is not working i only get the dlc maps and nothing cause it keeps saying waiting to install i left my ps4 on for 3 days straight and nothing happend, so can some one sort it out and when i purchased the seasone pass i was so post to get the camos free and exo suits but it says i have to pay for them so can u sort all this out or what get back to me as A.S.A.P

  • Has sledgehammer gotting back to anyone or are they not replying someone let me know please?


    Why can’t I play exo zombies on my ps4? It says the game is damaged or not install and that I don’t have the map? I downloaded the season pass, Havoc map pack and that atlas gorge and it isnt workimg please help it is pissing me off I’ve already deleted it and downloaded it 3 times!

  • i cant find the AE4 bonus weapon in LAN PARTY (mode), i play multiplayer but not the PLAY ONLINE, i just play LOCAL PLAY or LAN PARTY, when i create class i cant see the ae4?

  • i have the season pass which cost me 50 bucks.

  • The lack of hardcore modes baffles me (besides moshpit, which I don’t care for). If I wasn’t a season pass holder, I would have skipped this DLC. DLC Maps should be added to the entire map rotation, not certain modes’.

  • So are you guys going to try and give some info on fixing this, activison say do it through the ingame store but when you do that it comes up no content found so how exactly are you ment to donwl load somthing that aint there??

  • where the hell is the AE4 ? i have the havoc dlc pack, season pass, and the exo zombies. all working just fine, but i havent seen no ae4 yet , im trying to CREATE CLASS in LAN PARTY mode but its not under the assult rifles. anyone know where to view the ae4?

  • Ive been waiting since release for mine to install im getting sick of this now ive paid for it so why cant i play it

  • What is the file size for HAVOC United kingdom?

  • I downloaded the dlc and it says its installed and all good but its not letting me play the havoc playlists or zombies. Starting to get a little frustrtated cause it did cost me $15…

  • So I turn on advance warfare on ps4 and on the Exo zombies screen I see this big thing laying on some thing. Is he a boss and if he is how do u make him come out.

  • I downloaded the havoc dlc pack and I got the new maps and zombies add on but I didnt recieve the new guns for online ! And I was excited to use the widowmaker :/ guys can you please fix this ?

  • I have the same problem as 71 and 76. I’m really disapoint about this i’m glad to get new maps and the new zombie mode but i was exited to try the new riffle but nothing is this only on the ps3 or on ps4 too.

    And is this due to the fact i don’t have the season pass or it doesn’t matter?
    Can you help me? I want some answer please!

  • First of all the whole “exo suit” idea was ok for campaign. Now the online is just like Halo without the vehicles or needler gun. Everyone jumping around & exo sliding makes the UAV useless for me. I noticed the other day the main screen had “exo zombies” & was like oh h*** yea! Until I realized that now I have to buy the “zombie pack” or whatever for $49.99!!! Wow did not see that coming.. not even one free zombies map?? I’m over this crap, time to sell this greed inspired game and my console and say hello to XBOX ONE

    P.S. “Infected” is the only game mode I had fun playing until I noticed everyone just finds a glitch and hides. Or the whole team hides in one glitch and just buttfuns everyone. Get your Sh** together PSN & fix your crap game

  • i just bought lighting premium pack, i installed it but none of my item have shown need help please

  • Paid heavily and downloaded to PS3.

    I only play free for all normally. Why oh why don’t we get the extra maps in free for all?

    i have AE4 and can play the maps in Havoc>Moshpit so they are downloaded.

    Waste of money – They should make it explicit what you are getting for your money.

  • I bought the season pass for aw and it downloaded but won’t let me play, I have to sign in under my husband’s name to play it even though I have my own ps4 with everything rethought under my name. It won’t let me play it under my name and says I have to buy it again. Why?

  • I bought the havoc dlc and a camo but the ae4 widow maker n camo was still lock. I delete my advanced warfare file, update it, n reinstalled the dlc and camo but the same thing still happen. Any tips (ps3).

  • I can’t seem to access the AE-4 gun in multiplayer. I downloaded the HAVOC DLC, last week and I can play zombies, but no AE-4. Someone help me with this please.

  • So I bought the dlc and zombies worked and I was able to play on the new maps but the stupid game would let me use the new gun. It said not dlc not downloaded and I clicked to downloaded to read that it already has been downloaded and I can’t re-download it. Same crap with the panda exotic suit dlc. I even deleted CoD AW off my ps4 and then re-downloaded and it said the same crap. Fix this crap and I want a refund.

  • I have recently purchased the havoc dlc for ps3 and the aer assault rifle never unlocked. How can this problem be fixed.

  • Contacted Activision support. Support guy was helpful, but the final result was to uninstall the game and redownload.

  • finally i’ve contact Activision support i told them i’ve done everything necessary to solve the problem then they told me they put somebody on my problem .
    then few hours later i connected on the game and… SURPRISE my ae4 and widowmaker was unlocked so if you done everything just contact Activision by chat and the problem gonna be solve ;)

  • Do I have to download 4 DLC befor it works?… I downloaded one, and nothing happened… so now I am downloading 3 more….???? can that be right?

  • What does disable Battle Chatter or Disable Voice Overs actually do? I disabled both but I still hear the characters talking. Is there anyway to turn off the characters talking? I do not like to hear their language and it sort of ruins the game for me…otherwise I would love it.

  • if i get maps for ps4 can i play them on my ps3 or do i have to bye them again

  • I really need help, if I buy this DLC on the PS3 will it be play able for PS4

  • i have a problem for EXO zombies i bought the DLC pack but this appears ” you do not have this map, it is damaged or the game is not fully installed. visit the playsation store to see if this map is available for download”

    this is for ps4

    can someone help me

    and the game in general is awesome

  • So I have 2 ps4 bought one digital copy of cod advance warfare my account is on both systems the system I share with my son and then just my system the one with 2 users is my primary we both can play cod at same time from the 2 systems but only the shared one is allowing the havok dlc to be used single user system says you don’t have this map it’s damaged or game isn’t fully installed visit ps store to see if map is available for download any help would be appreciated

  • I have both the game and doc downloaded on both systems

  • same exact problem i have

  • What does disable Battle Chatter or Disable Voice Overs actually do? I disabled both but I still hear the characters talking. Is there anyway to turn off the characters talking? I do not like to hear their language and it sort of ruins the game for me…otherwise I would love it.

  • Can someone please tell my why all of ny DLC content is saying ‘waiting to install, its been like this for at least 3 hours

  • So I have Havoc and I was wondering is there any way to play with 3 or 4 guys on the same screen? in a local party or something?

  • Bought season pass- clearly states I have purchased but can’t play any new maps or even zombies! WHY!!! What a waste of money and a game!! 1/10 only because of campaign!! Have bought every cod to date! Don’t think will get next one unless things change and people and reimbursed! And not no 5 day free playstation plus! Be fair- offer next game complete free season pass to existing gamers and maybe then we can call it even!!
    SO how I get the full game to work?

  • So zombies worked fine on an off line bought havoc an now can’t access zombies at all says aditional content required, if this is any indicator of the future cod zombies I’m done with the franchise after buying all previous content. What is the problem? Anyone else having this issue?

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