Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC Out Now on PS4, PS3

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC Out Now on PS4, PS3

Greetings, PlayStation nation! I am beyond excited to announce that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC has arrived on PS4 and PS3, heralding the arrival of Exo Zombies, four new multiplayer maps, and the AE4 directed energy assault rifle.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Havoc - Exo-Zombies

Let’s kick things off with Exo Zombies. With a celebrity cast including John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire, RED, Burn After Reading), Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic, Edge of Tomorrow), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror, Scream), and Jon Bernthal (Fury, The Wolf of Wall Street), Exo Zombies takes a new spin on the zombie survival experience. As four Atlas Corporation employees battling deadly hordes infected by a DNA bioweapon, players must survive the onslaught and unravel the mysteries of the outbreak in Exo Zombies’ standalone story. But these aren’t your run of the mill undead—armed with exoskeletons and unpredictable mutations, the enemies in Exo Zombies are faster and more lethal than ever before.

For a little friendly competition, there are also four new multiplayer maps to dive into:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Havoc - Urban

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Havoc - DriftCall of Duty Advanced Warfare: Havoc - Sideshow


Fight through the ruins of a nuclear fusion plant that features a both narrow pathways for close-quarters combat and long sightlines for long-range players. Rack up enough points and unlock the map-based scorestreak, which unleashes a swarm of decontamination drones to take out your enemies.


Set in an abandoned inn beneath Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, Sideshow’s wide-open exteriors and rooftops are prime for snipers and getting the jump on the competition. At certain points in a match, the clown inn’s sign may tip its hat and start raining down a barrage of explosives with rainbow smoke trails, which you can pick up and lob at other players.


High in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find Drift—a picturesque snow-covered ski resort. Its three primary lanes keep the pace high and the action focused, but players can use a number of elevated vantages and a rotating carousel in the center of the map to maintain a competitive edge. Don’t get too comfortable, though, as an avalanche may occur unexpectedly, taking out anyone in its path.


Those that enjoy fast, frenetic matches will love Urban. Taking on a smaller, three-lane design, Urban is perfect for SMGs and close-range weapons. However, new pathways and routes can emerge as the futuristic mega structure goes into lockdown, so watch your back.

Finally, those that pick up Havoc will unlock the AE4 directed energy assault rifle and its Widowmaker variant, which Season Pass owners gained early access to in January. Like its heavier sibling, the EM1, the AE4 fires bursts of energy, but performs like a lightweight assault rifle, making it quicker on the draw but offering infinite ammunition—just make sure you don’t let it overheat.

For an in-depth look at all that’s included in Havoc, check out the Activision Games Blog. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing everyone online!

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  • Nice, Been waiting for this!!

  • This is the worst call of duty I have ever played so glad I got my money back and bought little big planet 3 instead on my ps4. Even though the campaign was better than what we are used to in playing a call of duty game the online was horrible. What’s the point of plating a game with people flying all over the place and your getting killed every minute or less???

    Also by the way the teams were never balanced to be fair.

  • I miss you at IGN Scott! BEYOND! can’t wait for this!

  • Is the zombie mode never ending waves like the zombie mode in World at War/Black Ops or is there a goal to reach like Ghosts’ Extinction mode.

    • Exo Zombies features persistent waves with more powerful and varied enemy types introduced over time. There isn’t an “end,” per se, but there are story elements and easter eggs for players to uncover.

  • I would like to request Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD and Blur for PS Plus on the PS3. Some demos would be nice too.

  • I am soooo excited, this is the first cod I have owned that features zombies, now I can finally get down to some super cereal undead slaying bizznass. Thanks for all you guys hard work!

    • Thanks! I’d love to take all of the credit, but really, I suppose I should thank the teams at Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software, and High Moon Studios. See you online!

  • I hope the AE4 works for me now. It didn’t work when I tried it earlier this week.

  • why i can not play exo zombies my ps4 send a massage i have to download aditional i have the seson pass

    • Exo Zombies may appear on the menu, but you’ll need to download Havoc to ensure you can access. Check out the Store menu from within Advanced Warfare to make sure you have Havoc downloaded and installed. If you encounter further issues, check out

  • When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

  • I have bought the season pass and installed it. Now that zombies has come out i have also installed havoc. Everythings working but where do i go to install the other maps shown above???

  • The latest update with the dlc fixed the problem i was having, i was not in a clan according to the game, but the app on my phone showed me as still in my clan. I do enjoy the game and do like the new maps and of course zombies, but the cheaters are starting to run rampant again on ps3 . Please do something to keep this game fun and get rid of the cheaters who use more health than normal, not all of them are dumb enough to use god mode, and have threat detection throughout the whole game, even if you use the correct perks they know exactly where you are at all times. Thanks for a great game, keep up the good work, i look forward to many more years of COD games.

  • Ive looked and only found season pass where can I download Havoc dlc!!

  • Okay Honestly I Am Really Starting to Get Really Frustrated. IT says purchased but It’s not letting me play for some reason want do I do?

  • @13
    Look in your Notifications -> Downloads, you should see AW DLC Havoc as downloaded and installed. If it’s not there you have to download it. Go to AW on you XMB, press down, go to your DLC and find Havoc and download it. Good luck, can’t wait to play this today!

  • I want to get this game so badly because of the DLC.

  • Does anyone know how many zombie maps there are? Is it just one? Or are there multiple? I want to know because I don’t really want to pay $15 per zombie map. Overall, this game has been a huge disappointment, but I’m interested in how their zombie mode plays out. I need a good co-op zombie experience and I’ve already played the hell out of W@W, BlOps, and BlOps2. Kind of ****** how they’re making us pay for the dlc to find out how zombie mode is. That one level that was included in the game was just ****ing chintzy! I can’t wait for Treyarch!!! I need something to tide me over until november!

  • Just bought the dlc for PS3 and I didn’t get the widow maker and I just bought a camo and it didn’t give it to me it says it’s not downloaded when I did download it

  • add me for play

  • i have the same problem as 13, the system says already updated but when i access the zombie menu and try to play online or local it brings up a screen must purchase season pass or download from the store. But i already ha e the season pass?

  • how many votes for a word rally championship game please and also F1 15 for Ps4 I’ve got contract bhelp get this noticed plplease and repost thanks

  • Also there is a very poor selection of demos In ps4 plus I find it tough spending a fortune on a game that might not even like

  • Do the new maps not rotate into the hardcore playlists?

  • I purchased the COD AW Season Pass last week and tonight I downloaded the update for COD and expo zombies has showed up on my main menu page, after I’ve clicked the EXO Zombies mode it brings me to the EXO Zombie page and after that it prompts up a notification saying in order to play EXO Zombies i need to download either DLC Havoc or Season pass which shows up at the bottom as already purchased. So i am unable to access the new zombie mode. HELP!

  • Yes I am pissed I bought the season pass the day the came out I go to exo zombies and won’t let me play it says it’s purchased but won’t let me play does anyone know what’s the problem????? I am upset really looked foward to playing the new zombies

  • Too all the people that’s having problems I think I figured it out I have the season pass but just noticed at the PlayStation store u can press search type in havok and need to download it separately for free when u have season pass and doc well try it I’m waiting on the download now hope it works and good luck!!!!


  • I have downloaded havoc but in my downloads it says waiting to install. I can’t do anything!

  • I purchased the exo suits how can I get those to show up on Offline bots because I have no internet I went to a friend’s to download. I want to equip my American flag to my guy for bots and local play any tips?

  • Arnie_237 did you get your problem figured out about the waiting to i tattle issue ? I’m having the exact same problem …

  • Has anyone managed to fix the ‘waiting to install’ glitch. All the files I have download (The Season Pass and all 3 5GB Havoc DLC all say waiting to install and when I go into the game it says I need to purchase the Season Pass even though the brought the season pass a month ago. (And I have checked my purchase history I have brought the season pass!)

  • Do all the dlc have the zombies exsperiance is well

  • Why is there no hardcore for this, it’s not like people don’t use hardcore……I only use hardcore….come on we need this!!!

  • @jcz487
    I had this but I was getting 3 options to download so I did all 3 an one of them installs then delete the others, hope that helps

  • @Scott Lowe Thanks! It works now, either because of the patch last night or downloading of the Havoc DLC.

  • So if I buy this for my ps3, will it work on my ps4 copy as well?

  • I have played the zombies. Still have to play the multiplayer maps. But exo zombies are great.

  • Vhalan53 you cannot buy it for your ps3 and have it work for ps4. But buy it for ps4 because the graphics are way better trust me.

  • yes this is my First time with a playstation 4 system and I got the Playstation plus yearly package but my question is this. why was zombies not included as part of the PS4 plus package? Now it looks like you have to buy the DLC or get a season pass Just to play the new zombies. If I would have know that I would have just upgraded my XBOX 360 to an XBOX one. Can anyone tell me if there are any code anywhere so I do not have to pay for the zombies DLC?

  • i need help with some thing so please replied. I bought the new dlc for advance warfare and i was so exicted this morning to play it, when i went to play exo zombies first and then i selected private match then star game and it said that i did not had the map so i went to multiplayer and i had the AER but not the maps,l what going on some please help me with this. thank you.

  • I can’t go on exo zombies! i downloaded the DLC, finished the download and it says “waiting to install” for more then 30 minutes! WTF SHOULD I DO! PLEASE HELP! I switched on/off the PS4, i signed in and out and it did absolutely nothing! pissing me off! i waited literally a day to for the download to be complete! this is really disappointing.

  • I have the season pass but when I downloaded the Havoc DLC it has no Exo Zoombies ?????

  • anybody know why its 18.4 gb to download on ps3? is it actually 18.4 gb or is that a glitch or something

  • hi i got the season pass for advanced warfare and i went to download havoc it first got 3 quaters of the way there then froze now it is downloading very slowly it has taken an hour to install 43.52 MB is something wrong , is my internet not working , or is this just a very big dlc.

  • 96 hours to Download my dlc not happy

  • is this dlc for free in the uk?

  • My havoc dlc is not working anyone else have this problem?

  • its now the 28th and still no new maps ive deleted it an downloaded 3 times now all i keep getting is waiting to install i have zombies but i like tdm i rang sony they said to ring activison then back to sony to be told to wait this is pure crap i pay good money for a season pass and cant play what i want !!!!!! does anyone have a fix? or the same problem ps i cant find anyting about this any where

  • Like many on here I pre-ordered the Havoc dlc and thought it had downloaded only to find it hadn’t. It reported that it had downloaded but when I tried to access it told me I needed to purchase the dlc to access it…despite it clearly showing that I had purchased it!!
    Its bad enough that this dlc was given several weeks advance priority on the Xbox let alone that PS3/4 players cannot access content even after they are deemed worthy. Once more another big disappointment. It seems these days that games fall into two categories. The first being, games that work as intended but are so over-hyped they disappoint once released or second, games being released in a half-finished state with the buying public expected to bench test.

  • I have realised why the Havoc DLC in not working for me and probably a lot of other people (Uk only). I was surprised when I received an American retail copy of the game, without the PEGI label on the front. When buying the DLC there are three downloads, the game only installs the correct one. As i have the American Copy and the Europe DLC, the game does nit realise that you’ve installed the DLC. So for me there is no fix and no refund, this is the only theory that could explain why the DLC is not working for so many, but as always there is probably another explanation. Sledgehammer should make a patch for this or label clearly that it wont work before taking money.

  • I bought the Havoc DLC but everytime i go in to a EXO zombies it says that i have lost the conection to the host

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