The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/24/2015

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/24/2015
The Drop

A new nightmare in the iconic horror series is about to begin. The episodic experience Resident Evil: Revelations 2 arrives this week on PS4 and PS3, unleashing four weeks of chilling stories. Ready your nightlights.

The first episode of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, titled Penal Colony, launches this week. Claire Redfield, one of the few survivors of the Raccoon City incident in 1998, has since joined a non-government organization named Terra Save, which works to help victims of biological weapons. But during an event at Terra Save’s headquarters, Claire and her co-workers are kidnapped by an unknown force and moved to a deserted island. A really scary one.

Prepare for the staple chills, gore, and intrigue that come with the Resident Evil series as Claire and Moira Burton struggle to survive in this new chapter of evil.

If that sounds a bit too scary, fear not: there are plenty more games coming to PlayStation this week, including the highly entertaining (and hilarious) Starwhal, which pits friends together in epic narwhal battles. In space. Oh yes, it’s all too real.

For a full list of games coming to PlayStation, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/24/2015

Desert Ashes
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
htoLNiQ -The Firefly Diary-
Hyperdevotion Noire Goddess Black Heart
Resident Evil: Revelations 2
Rugby 15
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late
Xevious 3D/G+

New PlayStation Games This Week

Desert Ashes
PS Vita — Digital
Desert Ashes is a turn-based strategy game with online multiplayer and single-player campaigns, which also boasts an innovative menu system allowing players to enjoy multiple games at once. The Day-Night system adds a dynamic twist to battles including weather conditions that can affect the battlefield map, for example, all bodies of water have the ability to freeze over night!
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
The latest Dragon Ball game lets players customize and develop their own male or female warrior from 5 races, and more than 450 items to be used in online and offline adventures. Create the perfect character, learn new skills, and train under the tutelage of your favorite Dragon Ball characters. Help Trunks fight new enemies and restore the original story of the series.
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is the latest installment of the Empires series, in which you aim to conquer ancient China using both strategy and the one warrior versus one thousand tactical action the Warriors series is known for.
htoL#NiQ -The Firefly Diary-
PS Vita — Digital
At the bottom of an old ruin, a young girl named Mion awakens with no memory of how she arrived at this dreadful place. Guided by two fireflies, Mion must solve puzzles, outwit monsters, and avoid traps to escape the darkness! Direct Mion’s movements as Lumen, and destroy obstacles as the shadowy Umbra. Untold mysteries await…
Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Dive into the world of Gamarket, where for the first time ever in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, battle takes the form of a strategy RPG! Gather an army of new allies to fight through maps laden with laser beams, flame pits, and more. Build up Lily Rank between characters to deal massive amounts of damage because being chibi doesn’t mean damage dealt has to be teeny!
PS4 — Digital
Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters Limbo. Witness a dark, meticulously crafted story that has captured the collective imagination of the gaming world and sent chills down the spines of those who play it. Experience the critically-acclaimed classic, now on PS4.
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 — Episode One
PS4, PS3 — Digital
Resident Evil Revelations 2 follows two interwoven stories of terror across 4 episodes of intense survival horror. Kidnapped by a unknown group of assailants, Claire and Moira awake to find themselves trapped on an isolated island infested with horrifying creatures beyond imagination.
Rugby 15
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Play as all of the official Aviva Premiership Rugby, TOP 14, PRO D2 and Pro12 teams in an authentic rugby simulation. Experience all the emotions of a real match with the players, jerseys and official statistics of the 2014-2015 season and commentary by Stuart Barnes and Miles Harrison.
PS4, PS3 — Digital (Cross Buy)
Flop it out with up to 4 players in a retro, epic narwhal battle in space! The heart-piercing action is furious and unrelenting. Starwhal will change your life.
This Digital Entertainment Object for Home Console Hardware is all about love, respect, and ALL-OUT MAYHEM.
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late
PS3 — Digital, Retail
From the companies behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue comes Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late, an all-new 2D fighting game for PS3! UNIEL strikes the perfect balance between accessibility and depth, offering an experience that both fighting game veterans and those new to the genre can enjoy.
Xevious 3D/G+
PSone Classic — Digital
lones from the planet Xevious are invading Earth. Jump into the starship SOLVALOU in this updated classic as you fight against the forces of supercomputer GAMP. A PSone classic for retro-lovers everywhere.

Demos and Betas

Limbo — PS4 Trial
Nano Assault Neo-X — PS4 Trial
Resident Evil Revelations 2 — PS3 Trial
Starwhal — PS4 Trial

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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8 Author Replies

  • Might dive into Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, not sure yet. Wasn’t too impressed with 7: Empires so I’ll wait and see.

  • Revelations should be the main REsident Evil series now.

    Revelations makes 5 and 6 look like complete garbage. Finally more REal REsident Evil games!

  • Hey Ryan! Any idea when we might see Journey, Spotify, Gone Home, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, South Park The Stick Of Truth, Tearaway, BroForce, ABZU, Wild, Homeworld remastered collection, Indigo Prophecy remaster, Mass Effect Trilogy on PS4? XD Take care brother! BEYOND!!!

  • its vita birthday and no mention for it wow, it is hard to say it? HAPPY BIRTHDAY VITA!

  • How to fix the Vita
    1. Make reasonable vita memory stick pricing or remake vita with an SD slot, so simple.
    2. Provide better app support on the vita, maybe make a appstore or something compatible like Google play store, vita should have just as much apps as ps4 or ps3 even.
    3. Provide better 3rd party support or start making dedicated games for it. (Soul sacrifice was good and also freedom wars and gravity rush.. etc.)
    4. Provide custom themes.. Also us to make our own themes.
    5. Provide both digital/physical copy games, at least give your customers a chose.

  • @98
    6. Stop pretending that the Vita doesn’t exist, even if you’re not making games for it.
    7. Add Content Manager support (along with a slew of Vita-supported media and file types) to PS4.
    8. Let us pre-order and pre-load Vita games from PSN like Japan can, and like how we can on PS3 and 4.
    9. Bring the 64GB card over here and make it actually affordable.
    10. Stop putting so much effort into minor stability fixes*.
    11. No more of this “whitelist” **** when transferring Classic games to the Vita.
    12. Fix the PS TV.

    *They’re not actually “stability” fixes.

  • htoL#NiQ, Hyperdevotion, and Xenoverse for me this week. Man too many games! xD

  • I got Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth during the last flash sale and it’s way better than I expected. I’m completely addicted to it! I might have to check out that Hyperdimension Noire now.

  • @98 @99 are right, the Vita can still be successful if you actually listen to the custumers and common sense. The memory cards alone are a huge problem and following this list will help the Vita out tremendously.

  • @102 Glad you liked it! See, haters? This is what can happen when you blindly hate on a game you haven’t even tried yet. The industry doesn’t comprise only of AAA games, you know…..

    Also, can’t wait for my LE copy to come in tomorrow! :D

    @101 :D

  • noire and DBZ for me.

  • Anyone knows or Revelations 2 has crossbuy with preorder?

  • Why isn’t Xenoverse available for pre-order or pre-load on the US PS Store for PS3?

  • Resident evil revelations 2 to psvita please, I want it now :D, at least a trailer or captures.

  • Beyond! Ryan- just wanted to point out that in your description of Xevious 3D/G+ you left out the phrase “alien entrails” and the word “DANG.”

    This is a sample from the original case, which is quite possibly the most gonzo/crazy/sarcastic copy ever written.

    “- Spectacular polygon 3D graphics. So impressive, you’ll check
    your shirt for splattered alien entrails.

    – Eye-opening cinematics. You’ll swear you’re in a major Hollywood
    sci-fi flick. (If you don’t like to swear, feel free to say “dang”).”

  • if we cant get aaa titles can we get all the psp games on the vita?

  • I really want to play Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart and htoL#NiQ -The Firefly Diary- looks very interesting

  • I can’t wait to play Resident Evil: Revelations 2! –BTW, I hope they release a Dynamic Theme with the eye from the cover art, and also add-on for Claire RE2 & RECV costumes and Barry S.T.A.R.S uniform! that would be mondo cool!

  • I am still waiting for the Master Chief Collection… Any idea when it will finally be released?

  • Starwhals starwhals swimming in the ocean causing a commotion because they are so awesome…

  • Good day to all!can anybody help me?my first console game is ps vita and now i want to buy a ps4.can i downlod or copy my free games from ps plus to my ps4?is that possible?

  • Is LIMBO on PS4 cross-buy?

  • Less then 14 hours till Resident Evil Revelations 2 should be playable for preorder buyers, yet PS3 owners still dont have game available for preload.
    When are we supose to download and install game? 5 minutes to midnight?
    Also, many people want to preorder PS3 game, but they cant, because it has been removed from store 4 days ago.

    Sony and Capcom, takes one to know one, liers find eachother.
    Your service just get worse and worse, especialy with PS3/Vita where you made all that money you flash with PS4.

  • Awesome, cannot wait for Resident Evil Revelations 2. Like always looks like Claire never skips Leg day.

  • yea, uhh….

    htol DOES have a physical release.

    both limited edition(*sold out) and plain(*might be still available)

  • You’d better not screw us over on the PS3 release of DWEmpires 8 or I’m calling to get my freaking money back off my account….

  • Is the Resident Evil: Revelations 2 — Episode One NOT GOING TO VITA?
    I was so expecting it and saw at IGN that it will be relesead to vita.

  • For Under Night in Birth EX Late, is that not also TypeMoon as I think the game is connected to the Melty Blood universe which is another awesome fighting game and would make this the first of any game dealing with Melty Blood to make it to the US with an english translation. Not sure if I am right, but I would like to know as that could play a massive factor in getting it right away versus waiting. Really want to support a possibility of Melty Blood releases coming to the US, though I doubt they will ever release a collection to make it possible.

  • @106 Charly_Core According to Capcom’s webpage it should be fully cross-buy on the Playstation version.

    @121 antoneandre87 I think the Vita version will come out later as that version is being done by Sony’s third party studio.

  • Biggest Vita issue for me is the price of memory, hands down. Obviously I want more games developed for it, who doesn’t, but filling up these inflated proprietary memory cards makes it hard to justify investing more in it. The price to produce/manufacture fixed memory has dropped dramatically in the last few years, yet the Vita’s memory is among the highest cost out there. I’ve literally spent more on memory than I spent on my Vita itself.

  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires for VITA please :D

    Also, Megaman Legends for PSONE release!

  • No games for me this week… Breaking out my dusty Nintendo for some fun ol fashioned adventures of ZELDA: LINK TO THE PAST my all time favorite Nintendo game, booyah!

  • Under Night In-Birth and Hyperdevotion Noire for me this week. Dragonball Xenoverse will have to wait a bit unfortunately, I`ll try out the Japanese demo tonight to see if it`s something I`ll want sooner rather than later.

  • htoL#NiQ finally…been waiting to play that game,I’m glad that the game made its way to US.
    Also very interested in Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late…will have to check it out but we need a demo.

  • So excited for Hotaru no Nikki, HyperDimension Neptunia (though I still need to play Re;Birth and Re;Birth 2), and Under Night!

  • “huhtolpoundneek” rolls off the tongue better than “lowercase H-T-O uppercase L number sign uppercase N lowercase I uppercase Q”. If I were a developer or publisher, I’d make sure all game titles were pronounceable and not just random letters and symbols mashed together. Makes it hard for people to spread it by word of mouth or even to look it up.

  • I’m not able to download resident evil r2 I want to download before tonight… Does anyone know why?

  • Its only few hours before midnight and RE Revelations 2, but you incompetent clowns, Capcom and Sony, screw and cheat and lie to ps3 users again and again.
    Where the hell is our game?
    We pay for preorders to get priviledges, not to get ****** treatment like this.
    Game should have been available for preload yesterday and game is still gone from store.
    You can count money we give you, but you cant count days till release?

    No wonder you got losses, God knows how many people wanted to preorder game last few days.

    Show some respect, Capcom and Sony, and give us some info what is going on.
    Pathetic! You treat customers like ****.

  • Ah, can’t wait to lab up UNIEL.

  • Now that we have Suikoden II, I will start pleading a new game:
    999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. this is a perfect game for Vita! Any chance?

  • How come you guys don’t show the upcoming sales/deals on Mondays anymore? I’m debating on preordering Xenoverse from PSN for PS4, but since I have exactly $60 on my account, I’m also debating whether I should wait to see this weeks deals. And I know if I miss out on the Xenoverse preorder, I’m screwed on the preorder extras which would suck. Sony really has been very inconsistent lately, and it sucks. I know you guys can do better, much better.

  • Trying to pre-order RezEvil Rev2 for ps3 the past few days. no luck.

    “Get access to Raid Mode Stage Pack as a PlayStation pre-order exclusive bonus.”

    -_- .. oh well.. see what happens after it launches.

  • Is Limbo a cross buy from PS3/Vita to PS4?

  • No issues on Preload of RER:2 on PS4 anyone having trouble with it? Hoping something crazy doesn’t happen with the network at midnight. I only wanna play campaign tonight so i guess i don’t need the network service for the time being. Hoping to play Co-Op tomorrow though

  • Preordered Resident Evil Revelations 2 months ago for ps4 did not get the pre download and at midnight when the countdown went off still no download available.

  • Puredian: did you set your PS4 to do automatic downlads when in standby mode?

  • sucks, I’m getting an error can’t find application in the store for my purchase. It was supposed to preloaded. I get nothing…

  • I have tried to preorder Resident Evil Revelations 2 for the PS3 for days now, but it seems that the option to preorder anything other than Battlefield: Hardline has been removed. I called support today, and all they could tell me was that the problem wasn’t my PS3 or my computer.
    It would be nice if somebody could answer the question as to why the preorder was taken down when it was announced that the title would be a crossbuy title if preordered. It would be even nicer if they would extend the preorder bonuses after launch, since the option was pulled without warning or explanation days before launch.

  • Anyone else having trouble downloading dragon ball?

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