PSN: Upgrade Sub Accounts to Master Accounts

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PSN: Upgrade Sub Accounts to Master Accounts


Starting today, PlayStation Network (PSN) users will gain the ability to upgrade a sub account to a master account. We’re always listening to user feedback, and this is a feature that many of you have asked for. You’ll be able to upgrade an account first through the web and later through PlayStation 4. Instructions on how to start this process through the web can be found here.

In case you aren’t familiar, sub accounts allow users under the age of 18 to access PSN while letting parents or guardians manage their online experience. A variety of PSN features can be limited through sub accounts including messages, monthly spending limits, and gameplay broadcasts. Additional information is available on our Knowledge Center, here.

If you were on a sub account and turned 18 (Happy belated birthday!), you may want to upgrade to a master account to access the full feature set of PlayStation’s online experience, including PlayStation Store. Your profile will be carried over when upgrading to a master account, along with items like your friends list and Trophies.

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  • Finally ..Thanks … Can we get a fight night now?

  • I would much rather be able to change my PSN ID!! I would even pay money to change it!!

  • + InfiniteAshlee on February 12th, 2015 at 9:02 pm said:

    “I’m already 18.… lol, I’m pretty sure everyone is about the same age or greater… this feature is close to useless. PSN ID change seems more relevant”



    @davidxraw: Like yentair said, the web store is your best bet. Many of us have been “purchasing” the free games for every system there. So once you have Plus again, check it out. It’s unfortunate that so many are unaware they can do this, and still more believe you need to actually download the games. All you need is to confirm the purchase, and it will be bound forever to your download list. There you can download it once you’re ready and delete it as often as you wish without fear. :)

    I actually agree with AizawaYuuichi (!) about the ability to delete games with 0% trophies, although I personally can’t see a good reason to deny people wanting to delete other trophies/games as well. One idea would be to password protect the feature *with no ability to save the password* in order to protect your precious trophies from little brothers and other hazards.

  • Thank you!!! I’ve been waiting for this to happen. It’s just too bad that I still have to wait to upgrade but at least I know I can now! :)

  • Will this be a permanent offer? I turn 18 really soon and want to make sure I’m in the crowd.

  • Great news Sony. Now let me change my PSN name. Pretty please with sugar on top.

  • How bout HBOGO? On Ps4? When will we have the ability to use this feature? Really?

  • OMFG!!!! I can finally upgrade my wife’s account to MASTER! Thank you SONY! Too bad it took you almost a decade to figure this one out!

  • Can we get a comment section on Ps4 leaving a message that our friends can see letting them know if we’re busy, like it is on PS3

  • This is a step in the right direction. Next up, name changes? Seriously. I’ll give you money.

  • I was actually daydreaming about this day THIS MORNING! This is such a strange, cool coincidence. I am so happy right now—I’m finally turning 18, in full. Thank-you, Sony, I realize that things like this aren’t simple. :D

  • This is good. Changing your PSN name would be a real bonus too.

  • probably this is the 2nd biggest request so hopefully you guys are working on the 1st biggest request.

    Letting us change our PSN ID, happily pay for it. make it happen sony!

  • Now what if I already made a new Master Account? Can I merge my Sub Account with it?

  • Mr. Praystation I will ret you touch my shade of grey so you ret me Change MY PSN ID?

  • Can I get money from my dads master account onto my sub account after upgrading I have around $50 added in his account. My sub is under his account so is their a transfer thing or what happens to that store balance, thanks for this btw!

  • How about the option to change your psn id name???? I would pay for that option if it comes available! !!

  • If only this came out earlier. I have already established another account with friends, trophies, and purchases. WHY WASN’T THIS AVAILABLE AT LAUNCH. I have no incentive to go back to my old account but still.

    I don’t know how many times I called you’re asses and complained that it couldn’t be done and that it was impossible. Well clearly it wasn’t. I am disappointed sony.

  • add me if u play GTA V online

  • Great news for lot of users! I am not affected by this but thanks for hearing the users feedback!

  • Please make wifi better on ps4

  • I’M A BIG KID NOW!! :D

  • BEing at the age of 21 now, I have long since created a new playstation account, while still maintaining alot of use with my old, sub-account, which is linked to my Parent’s main account, with this upgrade, I’d like to inquire about whether or not, there will ever be a feature to say, merge the data between two accounts?

    I created my first account, aka, THIS account, well before I was 18, and it holds quite alot of data that I would like to keep, and, my (new) account, aka, the other one, ALSO holds quite a bit of important data, as well as purchases I have made since it’s forming.

    For users like me, the ones who are now in this situation with more then one account due to the lack of ability to upgrade our old accounts, will we ever be able to merge them? Even if it was a one time deal, I’m sure that such a feature would be greatly appreciated, seeings how it could be relatively simple to keep this from being exploited, such as both accounts needing to approve etc etc.

  • I also have been wanting to change my ID for over 5 years.
    Made it accidentally. Didn’t know I’d be stuck with it forever.

    AND let us sort alphabetically. Why is that not an option???

  • Nice news :D
    Make better server ;)

  • finally im 30 years old… and i was a sub account… now on to the real world and spend some cash on games. TY sony!

  • So…we still can’t do anything if we don’t have the master account linked with the sub account we need to change…thanks.

  • I signed into the website. What do you mean I’ll receive a message telling me im able to upgrade my sub account to a master account? where do I get this message?

  • THANK YOU!!!! I may not be 18 yet but now I know I won’t have to worry about this in the next 7 months <3 !!!!!!!

  • I take my place among those who also want to change their PSN name. Seriously, we are into 2015. Get on that!

  • THX PlayStation. Anytime soon Change PSN ID?

  • Where i can upgrade my account

  • im 8 so can i

  • How about letting us change our psn ID name… its what everyone is asking for!

  • Since Sony is doing this it’s great, but they have bigger fish to fry now, Psn has gone down AGAIN. For about a week now, and alot of us are stranded offline not able to do anything online, if it turns out PSN is being hacked, it could be a big deal, because if that’s the case, all of us are in trouble of getting hacked, one by one. So I would like Sony to finish the “complications of PSN” before they do anything else. (PS. From what i know you can still access Youtube and Netflix, and please not if you are on PSN then that’s huge luck and Sony should get to the rest of us.) Thanks for giving up time to read my stupid comment.

  • Why can’t we just have the change your psn ID feature? Sony give us user what we actually want! Not things around changing your psn ID…

  • almost but not quite…. wake me when they give us the name change option. i need this!

  • This is all I’ve ever wanted, all I needed, my salvation has finally arrived! HALLELUJAH! Thank you so FREAKING MUCH Playstation for hearing our begs since the last 7 or so years! Now I can finally use the share button on my PS4 and so many other stuff I was limited to do! Yeaaahh

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