PSN: Upgrade Sub Accounts to Master Accounts

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PSN: Upgrade Sub Accounts to Master Accounts


Starting today, PlayStation Network (PSN) users will gain the ability to upgrade a sub account to a master account. We’re always listening to user feedback, and this is a feature that many of you have asked for. You’ll be able to upgrade an account first through the web and later through PlayStation 4. Instructions on how to start this process through the web can be found here.

In case you aren’t familiar, sub accounts allow users under the age of 18 to access PSN while letting parents or guardians manage their online experience. A variety of PSN features can be limited through sub accounts including messages, monthly spending limits, and gameplay broadcasts. Additional information is available on our Knowledge Center, here.

If you were on a sub account and turned 18 (Happy belated birthday!), you may want to upgrade to a master account to access the full feature set of PlayStation’s online experience, including PlayStation Store. Your profile will be carried over when upgrading to a master account, along with items like your friends list and Trophies.

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  • Does upgrading your account to a master account remove a possible playstation plus membership that a sub account was using while still under the master account?

  • Suggestions for the PS3

    1. Add filters to the download list so we can easily find what we are looking for (Demos, PS Plus Games, Purchased, etc.)
    2. Allow us to delete Trophies and Avatars
    3. Allow us to change our username
    4. I only own a PS3 at the moment. When I had PS Plus in the past I was able to download the two PS3 titles and the two Vita titles but I wasn’t able to download any of the PS4 titles unless it was cross-buy. Can we get the option to download all the games despite what system we have just incase I was to buy those systems in the future I’d have those games already downloaded through PS Plus.
    5. Patiently waiting for the PS Now subscription service
    6. Best of PlayStation Network vol. 2, 3, 4 and so on
    7. More free games like JetPack Joyride would be nice
    8. Keep the 99 cent indie flash sales rolling. Cubixx HD? Flower? Journey?
    9. A Demo for every game. We should be able to try before we buy.

    That’s all I have for now, Thanks for listening

  • THank you.

    In order of preference for the other requests.

    1. Sorting download list, by either platform or alphabetical.

  • Oh snap. My brother can finally upgrade! Thanks for listening, Sony!

  • Thank you guys so much! Not quite 18 yet, but this means a lot.

  • This won’t apply to me, but I’m curious about what happens to all of the games purchased on the previous master account. Does the previous sub account lose those games? Or get a copy with the upgrade?


    This is a step done on the right direction, trust me. Now please ID-name change and delete trophies from our profiles. PLEASE PLEASE, allow us to do this.

  • Too little too late. I got my PS3 when I was 17. I’m 24 now and I’ve been using my father’s account ever since I started purchasing games online. If there was an option to port all trophies, all save files, everything from my father’s account to my old account I would be happy, but at this point, this just doesn’t cut it.

  • i would love to could erase some register games like some trophies. even it made me lower on my level.

  • Thank you!

  • Its sooooo beautiful! I’ve had my account since i was 17, i’m now 23 with over $1000 in games and content including my PS4 which i pr-ordered, PS3, 2 PSPs, and my PS vita, and have been hoping and asking after this for 3 years and I literally jumped out of my chair with joy seeing this. I am literally on an adrenaline high from this news. Thank you Sony. *Dances*

  • They do this after I made a new account. I knew I should have waited! I wish there was a way to merge your accounts

  • Thank you, from my heart. With so much emotion. Thank you!

  • I’ve been waiting for this for a long time…and so has my 22 year old daughter. :)

    We both thank you for listening!

  • Cool! So when my niece is old enough, she can upgrade her account on my Playstation 6. ^^d

    Any chance that this could be expanded to allow Sub-Accounts to be transferred to another Master Account? I’ve got my niece and nephews under my account, but I’d like to hand them over to my sister and bro-in-law.

  • Just let us change our PSN user names and your golden (excluding the fact I can never view my PSN trophies on my PS4 when PSN is down :()

  • If you are listening, where is the Driveclub PS Plus Edition?

  • So now that I’m 21 I can finally be an adult! Yesssss!!

  • Finally can use the ps4 to its full potential! The share button has been useless until now


    Thank you so much!

    As soon as I spend all the money left in the master wallet, I will upgrade my sub account!

  • Please, allow a download list filter.


  • I love when a feature comes out and you act like you’re” always listening” . We’ve been asking for this for YEARS. dont pat yourself on the back after this much time.
    Plus, the fact that games are locked with DRM on sub accounts when psn is down, this is all but mandatory now.

  • This is a cool update I know a few people who will be glad of this! As for everyone wingeing they want to change the account name… You picked it? If you didn’t like it why accept it? They stated when the account was created “This cannot be changed” so surely that was when you should have thought – I’d better name this something I like if I’m stuck with it??

    But really to get that issue sorted I agree with most – charge a fee to change it.. It would deter the trolls who want to change it purely to fool the people they are targeting and if your “normal” gamer is unhappy with a name and really want it changed they would be willing to pay the one off fee to change it

  • Two questions: What the heck is a Master account and will there ever be the ability to change the notification area?

  • Yes! Finally!
    You have no idea how happy this makes me, being stuck as a sub account was so frustrating.

  • Thank you, thank you Sony!! I have waited years for this moment. Thank you. Finally!

  • I would cry happy tears if you all gave us the ability to sort our download list. Could it be that hard?

  • @52 – do you have a PC? If so, visit the Playstation store online. Log in with your PSN account. Then you can go “purchase” all of the free games of the month, for every platform. That’s what I’ve been doing for years. It’s how I gathered a huge backlog of games before I bought my Vita, and it’s what I’m still doing for PS4. Once I finally buy a PS4 this year, I’ll have dozens of games waiting.
    Of course, first you need to get PS+ again for this to work.
    And I agree with most of your other requests.
    Interesting fact on game demos – studies have shown that games with a demo sell less copies than games with no demo. So from a business standpoint, it makes more sense to game companies to never put out demos. Sucks for us gamers, but it explains why demos are becoming more rare.

  • We want to change our PSN ID

    We also want the ability to switch accounts on Vita, just like any other Playstation console. Whats up with that?

  • I would gladly pay to change my ID

  • Well, when will you add the opportunity to change your PSN ID/nickname? I don’t mind if it won’t be for free and could be done once per month or year. But it’s exactly that thing that players really want. I thought PS is for the players, isn’t it? =)

  • This is good. Now if Sony would allow me to have both my PS4s as primary systems under my id, things would be perfect.

  • I’m already 18.… lol, I’m pretty sure everyone is about the same age or greater… this feature is close to useless. PSN ID change seems more relevant

  • Excellent news! So happy to hear that Sony has listened to fans on this one. I’ve been affected by this issue for several years now, and it’s great to hear that it’s fixed. Excuse me while I go upgrade! :D

  • AH, thank you soo much for allowing us to delete trophy sets from our list .. it only took 8 years of complaining … oh wait, this isnt that update? … -__-

  • praise allah

  • To people still asking (or complaining) about wanting to change your ID or delete trophies, neither of those things keeps you from enjoying games, or using features of the PS4. Sub-accounts not being able to upgrade to master accounts was keeping a lot of people from being able to use the Share button, which includes taking screenshots, recording video, and broadcasting video. Regardless of your personal opinions, this was easily the biggest issue that Sony needed to address. It’s only appropriate that it was taken care of first. I’m sure ID changes will be coming in the future.
    I’m still waiting on features they actually promoted the PS4 on, like being able to suspend a game and put your system to sleep, then resume the game when you wake the PS4 up.

    As for deleting trophies, to my knowledge, you can’t even delete achievements on Xbox. You can remove games with 0 gamerscore from your profile, but that’s it. That would be a more feasible option for trophies, as well.

  • To go along with everyone else,
    I would pay money to change my PSN ID.
    Also, a sorted download list would be nice.
    And, change the search function in the store, because it sucks.

  • Is anybody else having trouble using master account features after upgrading from a sub account?

  • I’ve waited 4 years for that !!! THANK YOU PLAYSTATION !!!

  • nice, when will we be able to change the region (country) of our account?

  • I’m pretty upset that we still can’t change our online IDs

  • thats nice and all, and im sure its a welcome change. However, when when we be able to have account name changes? if you truly are ” always listening to user feedback” like you say, when will you listen to the name change feedback thats been going on since the introduction of the PS3

  • Pretty decent, I’ll let my brother know.

  • How can i change my account from spain to usa?

  • Thank you for changing this! My brother will be delighted

  • I’m with universalbliss on this one. This is great news, can the broken age restrictions be fixed next? Either associate the rating with each account or let us set a pin to access games that are blocked because of the age rating. The current system is not only broken and un-intuitive but it’s not even close to on par with xbox and Wii U.

  • I need multiple accounts on PSV.

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