MLB 15 The Show New Details, Worldwide Gameplay Reveal Feb. 5th

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MLB 15 The Show New Details, Worldwide Gameplay Reveal Feb. 5th

Spring is just around the corner and that means life is about to get a whole lot better. Baseball fans across the world relish the return of America’s great pastime along with the return of peanuts, Yasiel Puig, Matt Vasgersian, and of course, MLB 15: The Show. As many of you are excited for the new MLB season to begin, the team here in San Diego is just as excited to show you everything we’ve been working on for MLB 15 The Show.

MLB 15 The Show

Take a look at some of the features we’re particularly proud of below. Be sure to head over to The Show Nation to see the full feature list.

Year-to-Year Saves

(PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

Users who purchased MLB 14 The Show will be able to continue their Franchise and Road to the Show progress in MLB 15 The Show with the Year-to-Year Saves feature. Saves between the two versions will be forward-compatible, meaning you don’t have to worry about starting your Franchise or Road to The Show seasons over!

Gameplay Improvements

(PS4 & PS3 Only)

  • Advanced AI logic results in outfielders taking more realistic routes to the ball
  • Upgraded motion system allows for dynamic speed matching from run to catch to throw
  • User controlled cut offs
  • All new slide and tag system
  • New speed paradigm for fielders and base runners
  • Enhanced ball physics for pop ups, fly balls, and shots into the gap
  • Dynamic pitch breaks: allows for more realistic pitch recognition when batting
  • Simplified Analog swing controls
  • Dynamic Difficulty 2.0
  • New situational base covering intelligence allows for new animations to play when a player has time or is in a hurry to get to his base
  • More than 70 new situational third out fielding animations
  • New Input Type option for hitting
    • We’ve separated swing input as a separate option

Licensed Equipment

(PS4 & PS3 Only)

For the first time ever MLB The Show will include licensed equipment from some of the most recognizable brands in baseball. Earn as you play to enhance your RTTS or Diamond Dynasty players and partner with iconic brands by bringing sponsorships to your Franchise team!

(Equipment on PS3 version is not seen during gameplay.)

Graphical Improvements

(PS4 Only)

  • Real-time seasonal sun and shadows
  • Player Skin tone realism. More variations of skin tones with gloss and specular improvements
  • Revamped night lighting
  • More accurate and photorealistic rendering system
  • PS4 gets 10 more Minor League stadiums

Franchise Mode Refresh

(PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

With the addition of General Manager Contracts, you now have to consider Ownership Expectations when running your team, and your performance will determine the job offers that come your way. Building a championship-caliber team is more fun and dynamic than ever before, with the new Performance-based Player Progression, as well as much improved Trade and Contract logic. Partner up with Brand Sponsors, giving your broadcast elements an official sponsor and earn some extra dough to spend on your team.

Directional Hitting Interface

(PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

Featured for the first time in MLB 15 The Show is the new Directional Hitting interface, which allows you to influence the direction of your hits in real-time while you swing. Using the L-Stick, you can attempt to influence fly balls, ground balls, pushed hits, pulled hits, or any of those in combination.

Universal Rewards

(PS4 & PS3 Only)

  • Virtual Baseball cards to be collected and easily assembled into a competitive Diamond Dynasty team
  • Licensed Bats, Gloves, Batting Gloves, and Cleats that enhance your Road to the Show or Diamond Dynasty players’ abilities
  • Brand Sponsorships for your Franchise team that spice up your in-game interface and earn your team some extra income
  • Collect entire teams to unlock MLB legendary alumni players from each MLB team
MLB 15 The Show


(PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

We partnered with the MLB Player’s Alumni Association to make a total of 30 Legends playable in MLB 15 The Show. Collect an entire MLB team, and you’ll unlock an iconic alumni player from that team. There’s one from each team, and though you’ll have to find or unlock the card to slot them into your Dynasty squad, you can simply opt in to utilizing the whole pool of Legends in your Franchise mode.

“Inside The Show” News Suite

(PS4, partial PS3)

Franchise, RTTS, and Season modes all feature a new suite of features centered on providing news updates from around the league. Inside The Show is a new radio broadcast that will be heard at the beginning of each new day and will discuss recent scores, notable performances, team news, milestones, records, standings, and more. In addition, the new League Updates panel, found in season based modes, gives the user a quick snapshot of updates from around the League so you don’t have to dig through multiple screens to get the basics.

As you can see, our goal this year was to build off the solid foundation of MLB 14 and expand on the game we love to make MLB 15 The Show the best baseball game ever made.

Worldwide Gameplay Reveal on Twitch

We’re also excited to announce the worldwide gameplay reveal of MLB 15 The Show on February 5th at 2:00PM pacific on Twitch. Tune in to the livestream via the San Diego Studio Twitch channel to get an exclusive look at MLB 15 and hear from our team on the features we’re most excited about for MLB 15. We can’t wait to show off what we’ve been working on and interact with our amazing fans!

MLB 15 The Show will be launching on March 31st for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita so stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch pages for more info coming soon.

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41 Author Replies

  • Russell,

    Just curious as to if we will see a more interactive RTTS, as in having cut scenes with our player in between games speaking with agents and things. Also maybe making t easier to get traded or having a choice between teams to get traded to based on team interest. Also in the past i remember the trade block being apart of the show and being able to ask to be taken off of it. All in all I love this game and have bought nearly every one ever produced on the the main console and the hand held equivalent and will continue to do so I would just like to see a bit more depth to the RTTS with interactions things. Makes the game a bit more interesting when you have goals and things to accomplish like gaining sponsorships and talking deals with an agent etc… Keep up the great work as it is and hope to hear from you,

  • Since The Show faces problems with the MLB PA and can’t add prospects/international signings on day one, the dev team should consider adding players through roster updates throughout the year. Not just generic faces with appropriate stats, actual detailed player models with their own stances and likenesses. If you guys made that possible, it’d elevate this game to perfection. I’d pay double for it. lol, Is there any chance that could happen this year?

  • Love the show. Only gripe I’ve really ever had was that I can’t see the speed for the runner on 2nd. 1st and 3rd yes, bit never the runner on 2nd. Ideas would be have it fade away as the pitcher sets for the pitch, or toggle on/off with button or touch pad motion. Or even if I have to press start to see it.

  • Ramone…why hasn’t mlb the show incorporated hitting markers/ball cursor style of hitting?!! So disappointing. There’s CLEARLY a market for it with all these other releases (mlb power pros, super mega baseball.. Etc) step up already.

  • The whole reason I purchased my PS4 was #1 for the price compared to XBox 1 at the time, and the fact that Sony carries the only Baseball sim on any platform. I cannot wait…already played Madden 15 to death.

  • I am so happy that the show is having all these awesome new upgrades! Quick Question: Will managers be able to argue calls manually or more often this year?

  • Will you be posting the stream and/or highlights to youtube etc. because i need to know to determine if i should skip school for this.

  • Will we have to upload saves to cloud for them to carry over?

  • Please sale the Diamond Dyntasy alone via PLAYStation Store. HR dervy also would be a nice sale alone..

  • Will there be any updates to RTTS? I would like to see the contracts that you earn actually mean something such as buying upgrades to your player or using it towards something tangible and not just for the sake of signing a big contract.

  • I am super excited for the new show 15′. Two questions; Why is the distance of home runs only sometimes displayed in exhibition, and never is RTTS, and will The Show ever add additional classic stadiums i.e. Tiger Stadium, Three Rivers, Candelstick, or pre-remodel Oakland Coliseum?
    Thank you for the best baseball game of all time!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Any idea if they’ve fixed the glitch where if a player is traded their picture never shows up anymore? Who cares if it’s in a different uniform? With FA’s it always showed their picture with the generic hat, but traded players woudl have the generic random white/brown/black face.

  • Was this List every new feature being included in this years game or are you saving some more for closer to release date? Everything looks excellent so far and I am very excited, I only ask because I did not see any indication that RTTS would be getting any upgrades. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!!!

  • When will this game be available for digintal pre-order?

  • Will jorge soler be in the game

    • We don’t have the rights to players until they’ve played an MLB game and have gone through the appropriate approval process(es) with the MLB PA.
      Once we have the PA’s approval, we add them.
      Again, it’s not our decision. We aren’t withholding players just “because.”
      It’s not up to us to decide who is in the game. We have a list of players from the PA that are approved for us to use. If they’re not on the list, they’re not in the game.
      You can always check out the roster vault and see what the community has put up!

  • Hello, I would like to know if we can play a season of diamond dynasty and playoff VS CPU. Second, are we will have the chance to see the montreal expos jersey with the Washington National.

    thank you

  • Any chance of putting in real billboards around the park? Instead of just mlb or sony related advertisements. Such as Heinz ketchup and xfinity at pnc park.

  • Thanks for answering!! Im jumping from mlb 14 on ps3 to mlb 15 on ps4. Will my saves be assosiated with my psn or will i have to borrow my friends copy of mlb 14 on ps4 for my saves to move ove?

  • Please Russell, I am a big fan the MlB the show since 2009 and I want your Answer. I would like to know if we can play a season of diamond dynasty and playoff VS CPU. Second, are we will have the chance to see the montreal expos jersey with the Washington National.
    thank you

  • Since The Show faces problems with the MLB PA and can’t add prospects/international signings on day one, the dev team should consider adding players through roster updates throughout the year. Not just generic faces with appropriate stats, actual detailed player models with their own stances and likenesses. If you guys made that possible, it’d elevate this game to perfection. I’d pay double for it. lol, Is there any chance that could happen this year?

  • Montreal Loves baseball!!! Go EXPOS Go!!!

  • I really hope that they change the “Trophy Template” that they have been using for a couple of years now… playing a bunch of random games with different players doing different tasks was tedious, not very fun and many times just based on luck… I would much rather collect trophies while working toward a goal like a milestone goal with a RTTS player, or winning the WS with a franchise or something… Oh well, at least it’s better than the infuriating “hit a homerun in this part of this stadium” trophies of the past… those were garbage and 95% luck…

  • Ramone, im a big Vita guy, ive bought the vita just to play the show and have owned the show on the vita since it was released. If i had known last year online was taken out i wouldnt of bought it and im seriously considering not buying this years. It says above liscened equiptment for ps4 and ps3 only, not on vita? Seriously? I see the franchise is updated which is my main mode so theres some hope but really why are you guys neglecting the vita version? And one last question, will diamond dynasty be on the vita this year or ever in the future… I understand you must keep the vita version within a certain mb space but cmon, the ps3 and ps4 people are complaining because of minor changes and im complaining because of almost no changes. Cmon now


    How about you let US create our own stadiums!? I would love to design my own for my team. I did play one game a long time ago where I created a crazy park! 40 foot walls that were deep at the poles, go really shallow at left and right center and deep again to CF with only 5 foot walls. What a blast that was to watch

  • ramone will there be fights or ejections

  • So mr. Russel there won’t be a create a stadium option??

  • Hello Mr. Russell,

    I’ve been playing The Show now for a few years now, and I have to say, I LOVE IT. But with all games, there are just a few suggestions to make.

    1)Players moving to another team- Whenever a player has been traded, it always (or at least since 2013) changes the player image to the generic image. I propose that when a player is traded or signed in free agency, that they either keep their image, OR Photoshop the photo into their new team Uniform. For example, if Jason Hayward is traded to the Red Sox, he will appear in a Red Sox jersey and hat in a photo.

    2) More stats- I run a YouTube account and I do multiple RTTS. One of them probably passed Mark Texiera’s homer from both sides of the plate record multiple times, and most likely led the league in 2 Homer games. Those stats are not shown. I would like more advanced stats to be shown and see if we could break records.

  • 3) More ejections- So far, the only ejections that I see are pitchers getting ejected for hitting 3 batters in a row (though in a MLB 10: The Show video, a player got ejected for arguing a first base call. I would like to see more ejections (e.g. retaliation after a hit by pitch, arguing a call, not liking the home run pimp by Yasiel Puig, etc.) For different things. Also, is the challenge system in this game?
    4) Return of the Home Run Celebration Cam- I loved that cam, so I was disappointed when on the CPU got those cams. Do you think you can make it an option again?
    5) Create-a-ballpark- Everyone wants this, so do I need to explain?
    6) Better trade logic- I’m not great with trades myself, but I KNOW that there is no way that A-Roid, Albert Pulojs, etc, should be traded by ANY means. If I see a trade like that this game, my controller will be in pieces.

  • 7) RTTS cut scenes: RTTS has everything (besides trying to figure out what to do with all that cash) except cut scenes. They made NBA 2K go from good to great, so why not add a few here and there?

    8) Batting Stance Creator- I would like to create a stance from scratch. Maybe I want Ryan Brauns stance with Yasiel Puigs bat flip. Yeah, that would be epic.

    9) Last thing before I shut up- Facial Scans and maybe stance scan.

    Hopefully, you’ll read this and reply back. Thank you.

  • New features are all looking very impressive, any news on scouting in franchise or road to the show improvements?

  • I have noticed on the last 3 mlb the show games that at Busch stadium on the left field wall under big mac land that the retired numbers/pics of stan musial, bob gibson, tony larussa, etc. are not there and are instead replaced with current players like matt holliday and matt carpenter. Will this be fixed for mlb 15 the show?

  • I love the game but will you have realistic contracts this year for players, they never seem to be right. Also I hope free agent contracts are more realistic this season. I was able to sign Matt Harvey for 10 years at 5 million a year last year. Ridiculous!

  • Any chance we can include the homerun derby using the playstation camera? This would be amazing and fun for a group of people.

  • First off, thanks for answering questions. I understand the necessary process by which you obtain permission to have players programmed into the game, but I feel there is one thing within your power to help improve this aspect of the game. Expanding the number of pre-programmed names that the announcers can say that are available in create a player mode. Most frustratingly, there are names that are programmed in the game that aren’t available when creating a player. For example, Hector Rondon of the Cubs was in last year’s game, yet when Jorge Rondon made his debut for the Cardinals the last name was not an option. Beyond that obvious fix, perhaps making sure that the names of non-debuted players added to their respective 40-man roster, as well as top prospects, are also available in the audio programmed names would be a huge boost to the gameplay experience!

  • Please consider bringing this to PS Vita retail.

  • I’m not sure if my previous comment was clear. I like having the actual games centered around my RTTS player, but like being able to control and make organizational decisions like you do in franchise mode. It would make the game so much more enjoyable to combine those two modes. Do you think that is something that is possible for the developers to do? Also, the Astros road throwback uniforms shouldn’t be gray. They only had white ones. I like the new features for ’15 though.

  • 14 was a great bersion of the game, the community eapecially put in thousands of hours of work to create some of the beat player caps and roater sets that have ever been made for the show series. It is unfortunate that the vault will not be carrying over to mlb 15 and based soley off that and the minimal list of changes posted i will be skipping mlb 15. This is one amazing community who each and every year put in an amazing amount of work to improve your game for the players, seeing it cast aside like it was nothing each year is painful to watch.

  • Hello there quick question: Do the cross platform homerun derby between Ps3,Ps4 and the vita version will be back this year?

    Thank you for replying to my comment and congratulation to the developper who put endless number of hours of work for making this game possible.

  • And sorry if it was asked but do the PsVita version will have online multiplayer?

  • Hello. I’m just wondering if there’s going to be any ps move support for the ps3 , ps4 version of the game

  • Will the new game utilize the cameras available to them similar to how NBA2k15 used the facial scan feature to create a player?

  • Will managers be able to use Instant Replay to dispute/challenge a call?

  • Russell, i have always wonder if when The Show will bring the World Baseball Classic into the game? and i also noticed that Albert Pujols batting stance is not the same has in the real life. Also it will be great to be able to customize the MLB players facial and hair, for example Jayson Werth if he sign with the Yankees we should be able to take his beard off.
    i love The Show franchise keep up the great work.

  • @RomONE Russell Please correct way to play online, mlb the show in 2014 had many errors to play online and the connection was very bad

  • Should implement in the diamond Destiny can search for a player to play

  • Will the rennovations to Wrigley Field be in the game?

  • MeatBall yes Wrigley renovations are in the game

  • I miss the gameplay and can’t find it anywhere :(

  • WHY NO PS MOVE CONTROLS? What is more fun than stepping up to the plate and actually swinging (sounds more fun than just pressing a button at the right time or using the analog stick with your thumb). I know online is huge right now and that is what people are concerned with but the move controller is what made MLB the show 13 really extra fun for me. Am I the only one?

  • I really would like to know if the playstation camera or the Playstation Move is going to be compatible with the ps4 this year to Hit,Pitch,Field like we had/have on the ps3 (Last Gen)..Please let me know I’ve played this game since it’s first year, and really enjoyed the Realism and interactive way to play besides sitting on my behind pushing a button..Mlb the show was the whole reason I bought a ps4 last year and I was disappointed when I found out the ps camera/or Move wasn’t compatible to play the NEXT GEN game .. But I was understanding because it was the first year.. Will we be seeing that on ps4 this year for 15?

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