The Order: 1886 Goes Gold, New Trailer Premiere

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The Order: 1886 Goes Gold, New Trailer Premiere

Well, it took a few years to get here, but I’m happy to say that The Order: 1886 went gold last week!

The Order: 1886 Goes Gold, New Trailer Premiere

It’s almost hard to believe that the game is wrapped up. There are definitely times when we miss the madness that takes place when finishing a game. From our first initial pitch of the project back in 2010, to growing our team over the last four years, we have poured all our energy and passion into this game and we can’t wait for everyone to experience it.

Back at PlayStation Experience in December, we were able to finally show a long demo of the game that encompasses the many things we have revealed until now; Neo-Victorian London, The Order, its Knights and their weapons and technology, and their struggle against the Rebellion and the Half-Breeds.

We still have a lot more to tell you before launch, but today we’re presenting a brand new trailer that we hope will whet your appetite; a glimpse into the conspiracy that has been slowly brewing in the city of London.

From the whole team at RAD, a very big thank you to all for your support and encouragement. We’re looking forward to letting everyone get their hands on the game on February 20th.

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  • Please tell me this game has co-op and I’ll reserve it right now!

  • multiplayer campaign would be so good for this

  • This looks more like a movie then a game.

  • damn … this looks like its going to be good … will they make this into Series?

  • Never played PlayStation before but I sure will try this game out. Looks amazing.

  • this game better be long. without online it has to be atleast 16-22hours long

    especially since I’m buying the LE and CE :-(

  • @ #53… welcome to 2015… or 1999, when Metal Gear Solid (MGS) 1 came out and games started becoming cinematic. Nothing wrong with having a great story to go along with a game.

    This game looks HOT, and the trailer looks AWESOME too! Hope it turns out good / not tooo short.

  • I pre ordered the collectors edition. I cannot wait to pick it up and play.

  • I hope it doesn’t suck.

  • Congrats to everyone at RAD. I personally can’t wait to play it. This trailer increased the hype for sure, showing plenty things we’ll have to face as Gallahad and all the cool ways to dispose of humans and lycans. February 20th can’t come any sooner.

  • Preordered the “Gimme all of your money ” Edition long ago.

    Looking forward to The Order 1886. Ready at Dawn has never made a bad game imho.

    My .02

  • Game looks really great. I just hope it’s longer than a week of game play.

  • Looks amazing! i already bought the pre-order of the collector’s edition

  • It looks good. But so did Destiny and look how that turned out. Think I’ma watch someone stream it before I give any money to this title.

    PS: Not every game needs multiplayer. Stop asking.

  • Day 1 purchase for me. I’m very excited for this game. So glad they did not waste time and resources on adding multi-player. Great work RAD and I look forward to this being a new, hugely popular IP with a sequel to come in a few years. Please don’t go down the COD/AC road where they release a new game every 6 months.

    Congratulations on all your hard work. Can’t wait to play this game. It looks amazing!

  • @Kylie614, don’t listen to haters like this, these people will be proven wrong when the game releases. How doesn;t it look fun to play?? Impactfull Third person shooting, stealth, unique setting , weapons…? What else do you expect? Unicorns? I guess uncharted and gears look bad to play too…….

  • @53…that makes no sense..a game having great story and graphics is a bad thing now?? There is still a lot of gameplay there…..stop mindless hating.

  • Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain and The Witcher 3 are the only games that matter to me this year.

    The Order 1886 however has lost my interest. I will wait and see what people and reviews say about the game.

  • @68, your loss, plus bloodborne is going to be better then either.

  • I really hope this game is as good as it looks.

  • Alright what’s up everyone I have a question that I need answered. I have a YouTube channel and I would like to be able to monetize my videos but the only way I can do that is if I have permission from Activision Treyarch Sledgehammer and the PlayStation services to upload these videos. who can I contact to get this permission? Anyone who can help pls email me at thank u

  • @56 There’s no way this game is going to be 16-22 hours long so be prepared to be disappointed. That’s way too long for a game like this. Better to have a great experience than one that’s dragged out for the sake of length. I hope it’s around 8-10 hours. If you need it to be longer you can always play it again on a higher difficulty.

  • Looks amazing. I’ve been burned too many times by digital preorders to take a chance on this Day One, not to mention too broke and buried under a pile of shame to afford the time or money now, but I will have this game in my collection eventually. Congrats RaD on going Gold. Still have fond memories of GOW: Chains of Olympus, can’t wait to witness first-hand what miracles you’ve managed to pull off on the PS4 hardware.

  • ;^) I remember this one from E3 last year. I’ve been looking forward to it since then. Very promising.

  • Nice graphics,but will it be enough?

    I really want this game to be to be good but I do have my doubts.


    Nice graphics
    Good Acting
    Story could be good


    This game looks like it’s holding the players hand and want’s to force the player on.

    Camera looks far to close to the player. The player should have control of panning the camera out.

    Black borders are a joke

    Could be very linear with lots of qte

    Is it more of a movie or a game?

    Length of the game is suppose to be 8-12 hours. I think that is very bad considering there no mp, and has black borders and runs at 30fps. If this game is suppose to be that linear, then how the hell is Metal Gear Solid 5 running at 1080p and 60fps and that’s open world. Plus it will last anywhere near 200-400 hours.

    Best to await reviews, I really do hope I’m wrong.

  • I don’t really mind the 30fps but the letter box thing has me questioning the whole thing.
    I could never play Dragon’s Dogma because of it & I really wanted to.
    Taking half my screen real estate away for a “cinematic experience” kinda pisses me off.

  • I’m so excited for this game! I was always into a good story and this one seems a very interesting one! can’t wait! (growing my mustache for launch…now!)

  • Sweet trailer, now have it play on tv every 30 min and promote the **** out of this game! Can’t wait.

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