PSN Members Get One-Time 10% PS Store Discount This Weekend

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PSN Members Get One-Time 10% PS Store Discount This Weekend
Update: The discount promotion has now ended.

Hi Everyone,

We hope your New Year is getting off to a great start! As promised, as a thank you to all of our PSN members, we are happy to announce the details of the 10 percent PlayStation Store discount. See the official terms and conditions here.

The discount will be valid from 9:00 AM 1/23 PST through 9:00 AM PST 1/26. Simply use the promotion code for a one-time 10% discount off eligible items in a total cart purchase in PlayStation Store on PS3, PS4 or the web/mobile at Some exclusions do apply, including subscriptions for PS Plus, Music Unlimited, PS Now and rental video content (update: game preorders are also excluded from this promotion, we apologize for the confusion). The code must be redeemed at checkout and discounted transaction completed before 1/26/15 at 9:00 AM.

Use the discount on hundreds of thousands of items including blockbuster new releases, award winning indie games, game add-ons and season passes, pre orders, and an enormous selection of TV and Movies to own. You can find the code on PlayStation Store and via @PlayStation.

Also, for those PS Plus members impacted by the PSN service interruption over the holidays, we have started to roll out the 5-day PS Plus membership extension, no action is required on your part.  You will receive an email in the coming days with a confirmation of details about the extension.

Thanks again for your loyalty.

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  • Since there hasn’t been a flash sale yet this month I’m hoping this is no coincidence. LBP3 on sale is my hope and anything else will be icing on the cake.

  • a 10% discount might as well be no discount at all

  • This isn’t going to be one of those things like when I was emailed a code for a free movie only to find out that it’s US only is it?

  • Dang i was really hoping to use the discount on PS Now. its service i really want to try but that price is just too much for such a little amount of games that i want to play! ill probably get something small, but thanks again for doing this!

  • PLEASE HELP! my profile says “+Membership Expired.”:( I searched my past e-mails and found a Transaction Receipt that sates “Next Renewal Date: 01/20/2015 @ 07:21PM” I applied, and was approved for a PlayStation Card that should arrive in 2-4 business days. I figured that the roll out of the 5-day PS membership extension would push my renewal date to: 01/25/2015, just in time to use my new PlayStation Card and start earning some PlayStation Points by renewing my PSN membership as well as pre-ordering a couple stellar games, but as of now, my plan has hit red light, could you please look into this dilemma? On that note, I do appreciate the 5 extra days that PlayStation is offering along with the 10% off PS store as compensation for the unfortunate network disruption during the holiday weekend and would also like to Thank all the techs@PlayStation that worked hard during their christmas vacations to get PSN back online for us gamers. thanks again!! — PSgamer4life:)

  • Guess I will use this small discount on DLC that will never be on sale like Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate stage packs and Extra Songs Pack for Hatsune Miku Project Diva f on PS Vita.

    @DJ_Tomato Says the person who couldn’t appreciate last week’s sale and tried to blackmail me of my account. Guess what? It didn’t work.

  • 10% off from games that are at the very least 20% more expensive than in store, sorry but no.
    I thought I could use it for Bioshock Infinite. The game costs 60€ on PSN.
    looked up on FNAC and Amazon, it’s 13 and 15€. The game is 300% more exepensive on PSN.
    Why should I pay 54€ for a 13-15€ game?

    PS: €, $, don’t worry, the bottomline is the same: PSN prices are ridiculous and that 10% gift is only a gift for Sony, who will make ton of money from something that will cost nothing for them.

  • I get paid once a month on the first so can you guys extend the expiration date to the new month so I can use this discount?

  • So they are saying we can use the discount code on pre-order games like Bloodborne, The Order.. etc. But the thing is there is no section to use the discount code on pre-order games both in webstore or ps4. Can anybody tell me how we use them on pre-ordering?

  • I also don’t see how you can add multiple pre orders to 1 basket. So for me it’s either The Order or Bloodborne.

  • Now give us a very very big “We are sorry” sale :D

  • Will we Be able to use this promotion code on a PS+ Sale that’s currently going on let’s say for an example… “Shadow of Mordor is on a ps+ Sale for $30, and we purchase it during the weekend… would the 10% discount still take affect? Just out of curiosity.

  • @ cosmic_uk I think we must focus first how de we use them on 1 pre-order because there is no section to use the code. So you cannot pre-order any ofthem without this problem solved

  • I already pre-ordered Bloodborne on PS4. Is there anyway to apply the 10% to a game I’ve already pre-ordered?

  • hell this aint even worth writing about thank you for nothing and you stell need to fix call of duty AW its giving playstation a bad name for a gamers system fix what needs to be done and keep your 10% off

  • I think what sony should do is more than a 10 percent purchase coupon–wow I buy a game for 50 bucks get 10 percent off that’s 5 bucks for the trouble I had–I had a lot of trouble–I got a 64 gig vita card for my vita couldn’t put my games on it because I couldn’t get on psn to allow the games from my ps3 to be put on my vita–I was pissed needless to say–I had to wait to play these games I bought over time–

    but life goes on and I am sure incidents will happen like this again cant stop these hackers and they proved it that no matter how much security you have it can be broken but back to gaming when not working a ton of hours –later

  • 3 days only? Seriously?

  • Wow, I didn’t realise I had to hold back some of my pay from last month, so I think like most people I get paid at the end of the month, that’s me out. thanks Sony, 10% against the ridiculous store prices is bad enough, but only valid for a few days is scandalous.

  • Greetings Sony,
    I realize this request is in a weird place, but I can’t find where I should post at. Anyway, I want to request that you encourage the creation of a Sailor Moon game!! I see yet another Dragonball game is slated for release this year, and I just feel like we (sailor moon fans) should have had a slew of games already, but no, we just get our old SNES games. Can you please make something happen?? Please please please??? Thank you for your time.

  • So what, do use guys with a Vita get nothing then? Come on Sony, you need to spread the love ALL around.

  • I can’t complain about the amount because 10% is a decent discount but Sony you really should’ve released it during the 20th anniversary sale. You’re constant scheming on how to shaft the one profitable division you have out of the most money is getting old.

  • So you put a time limitation on the code, how wonderful from you, thanks a lot, even Microsoft has better deals right now

  • Wow, this “apology” is so disingenuous it’s beyond belief. 10% really isn’t much, doesn’t work with pre-orders (they check out right away so that’s all you’d get), doesn’t work with PSN+ subscription (I was thinking about renewing, now I’m reconsidering), and doesn’t combine with other sales (through clever timing). 10% isn’t even that much. Like many, I’ll buy one or two indie titles, so that’s a win for Sony on the money front. But like many, I’ll have a bitter taste in my mouth and this will flavour my interactions with Sony in the coming years, so is that truly a smart way to run a business? I’ve only had my PS4 for 1 month and already I realize my Xbox 360 was a better experience (though obviously not as powerful a console).

  • The store is not even working…. Since the beginning of November I cannot enter. Tried to fix it with your support, but nothing is working so far!! The “10% code anytime” is a far better idea. Also for people like me who have problems with the psn store!

  • Thank you Sony, what is PROMOTION Code? and after i purchase item, i must enter it where ?

  • Can i use multiple codes on one single purchase?

    Each user gets it’s own code?

    Would really like to know that


  • Thank you sony! alot more than what we could´ve asked for.!

  • Of course not. It’s one code, useable once during the 3-day period.

  • Will I use that code for buying a game just using that code?

  • Interesting the difference between the US and the UK/EU. We have been propping up their (the US) cheap game market now for a couple years, they are loving this sale. The EU is constantly well overprices.

  • The Order and Bloodborneare not appearing on the EU store? Where the **** are they?

  • “The discount will be valid from 9:00 AM 1/23 PST through 9:00 AM PST 1/26”
    LMAO, so basically you’re saying look we messed up with PSN during holidays, so we give this 10% discount, and you should BUY FROM STORE NOW! ITS NOW OR NEVER! BUY FASTER BEFORE IT EXPIRES. You could atleast give people some time to use it.

  • How do I get the code ?

  • Thanks too much Sony let’s see what we can get

  • I don’t think that these codes can be used on pre-orders since pre-ordering skips the basket screen and goes straight to the purchase button. It also doesn’t charge you anything until a couple of days before the game launches and in this case that is likely to be after the codes are meant to have expired.

  • @Gamerzlimited

    If you have messages of DJ Tomato try to solicited your account info , you should send that Sony. They will take action.

  • Another good idea down the toilet. Look how difficult it is to get a code first. Then it gets more complicated you you want to use it multi platform. Not to mention it comes with weird restrictions and limitations. Sure Sony could’ve said 10% off anything for the weekend but that’s to simple.

  • Seriously? We only have a weekend to redeem this and you put stipulations on it as well? That’s garbage. Wow. Just wow.

    I bet sony won’t even reply back to this.

  • So how does the discount code work with the pre-orders? because when you want to preorder something it doesn’t add it to your cart it just deducts the money and puts you down for the preorder, it wont let you add other things at the same time, nor does it give you a discount code option on a preorder. Just wondering cause I wanted to get never alone and preorder grim fandango.

  • This sale is hardly good for much, but I’ll at least consider using it on some DLC I know will never go on sale otherwise, like Burial at Sea, Left Behind, and Undead Nightmare. Everyone’s been asking for a DLC sale that will never happen, and this might be as close as we get.

  • YAY Thx Friends :)

  • Typical Sony, absolutely no clue how to foster customer satisfaction. If they’re going to give us a 10% off coupon code then it should be something we can use when we want to, not when they want us to. But no, they have to dictate when we use the coupon and ensure it’s at a time that suits them, not their customers.

    If Sony really wanted to offer something, they should have just said “hey, here’s a 10% off coupon that’s good for 6 months, use it whenever you feel like it on whatever you feel like buying”.

    You’ll notice that when they originally announced the 10% off, they DIDN’T say that it would only be on a particular weekend, they just made it sound like customers would get a 10% off code to use as they see fit. But of course, no, not with Sony.

    I swear these guys must sit around having meetings trying to come up with new and creative ways to annoy their customer base. They’re constantly misleading customers and we all just let them keep getting away with it.

  • i am a bit saddned by this. i had hoped i would atleast get a code that lasted a month. this i just another version of a weekend deal. This is sad for those people who are waiting till they get money again at the end of the month.
    i am glad we are getting 10% discount but this is just unfair. They shouldnt have worded it in the way they did when it was anounced.

    A discount code with a limited use like this IMHO isnt really a code.

  • Where is the code?

  • To be fair, on the EU/french blog, whn they announced that there will be such a thing (what was it, like 1 week and a half ago?) they said that it would limited in time. Don’t know if they said it here too or not though.
    They also said it would be in january, to which I immediately concluded that it would be after the sales.

    So there was absolutely no surprise in all this for me.

  • So… my plus was active on dec 25th, but expired late that day. (sosad) will I get the 5 days extension?

  • this is just a BIG JOKE ! Sony not only does not compensate the catastrophic service of their PSN, but on top of that, they turn this into an even more Cash income opportunity for them by offering a lame 10% which will boost their sales even more…
    Have you PSN fixed, reliable and user friendly, then we’ll talk. Seriously thinking about leaving PlayStation.

  • how do I get the code?

  • I’ll grab Suikoden II.

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