Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Available for Free Download Today

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Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Available for Free Download Today

Rescue the Princess! Fat Princess: Piece of Cake brings the beloved comic medieval battle royale to PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android today with a brand-new strategic match-three game, and it’s a free download!


With over 55 levels across five unique lands inspired by the universe of Fat Princess, you’ll charge into battle with four different character classes and attempt to smash through the Blue army (because the Red army was always better).

While the gameplay is simple and fast to pick-up, you’ll need to strategically upgrade your characters – the knights attack single enemies for high damage, a ranger whose gun can blast enemies in the front row, the demolition specialist with bombs to stun all enemies, and a quirky wizard with a staff to rival Gandalf’s to heal your troops.


While the layers of gameplay strategy go far deeper, if you’re wondering where the centerpiece is, fear not! Feed cake to the princess by matching special tiles to unleash her devastating slam attack, trigger massive combos, and of course, save the kingdom.

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is a free-to-play game set in an incredible universe and can be played without making in-app purchases, however some in-game items such as power-ups and character upgrades can be acquired through in-app purchases. It is near and dear to our heart and a step toward extending the Fat Princess universe to create a brand new experience for everyone.


With our recent announcement of Fat Princess Adventures, a new action packed four-player co-op experience, now is a great time for PlayStation fans old and new to get to know our beloved Fat Princess. So, enjoy a slice of Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, it’s on us. Follow us on Twitter at @SonySantaMonica

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  • @43
    Freemium isn’t free, anything with microtransactions isn’t free. This kind of pricing structure is literally evil and is just plain horrible for consumers, the free on the label makes the average person not realize it yet, but eventually ppl will get wise to it, here’s hoping sooner rather then later.

  • This game is a nice little surprise and seems fun so far. However, my biggest pet peeve in games is when they limit how much I can play at once. They stamina does nothing to enhance this game. If Im enjoying your game why would you want me to wait to keep playing it. It doesnt make any sense, other than to try to force me to pay money to keep playing. NOT HAPPENING

  • I was so excited to see Fat Princess on Vita! Finally Sony decides to give vita some love!. then i realized it was a simple match 3 that uses the matching as fighting commands (which has been in many phone games already) but that’s ok, it is something to play on the vita! Then i realized it was a pay to win/play, and thats when my hope for the game went out the door! I want to actually use my vita more, yet I am not going to play and give money to a “free to play” game.

  • This is a pretty sweet little game that reminds me a lot of Puzzle Quest on the PSP, which I love and still play to this day. Micro transactions, are fine whatever, I can learn to ignore those. A “Stamina” mechanic forcing me to stop playing at 20min intervals unless I pay $$$!? Yeah right…. UNINSTALLED and DELETED. Nice try.

  • How much is “Unlimited Stamina” on the Vita? The cost on mobile was “200 Gold”, meaning a minimum of $20.

    The other Vita F2P puzzler, “No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!”, lets you play all you want for a one-time $10 fee. I like to think that’s a fair cost, yes?

  • @55, the cost is the same as on mobile. So $20-ish just to play without forced breaks? No thanks. And the stamina isn’t even the big issue. It’s the coins and the powerups, which require a ridiculous amount of grinding or a ridiculous amount of money, and nothing in the game should cost ANY money aside from a fee to purchase a complete game. And, this is a mobile game, so it isn’t worth much anyway. I just wish gamers would get smart and realize that we have the power to end F2P completely by simply not throwing money away.

  • @56 Gamers have, it’s ppl who never played games before smart phones that are spending the money on them.

  • I’m not hating this. There’s a great strategy element in there with the basic match three gameplay.

    My main concerns are that and the end of the level I have only ever earned diamonds (and once I rolled a free stamina). I was hoping I could grind towards 200 coins but at this rate I’m guessing that’s impossible.

    Also, I wonder if the game is going to get ridiculously hard in an effort to take my cash.

    Strip out the F2P, charge £8 and I’d love this. Right now I’m a bit suspicious but have to admit I’m really enjoying the early levels.

  • WOW! This game is FANTASTIC! I’ve been addicted to it since release. One of the best free to play games I’ve ever tried!

    I would LOVE, LOVE to have an enhanced PS4 version with a Platinum. I’d pay $5 up front for such a version even with the “freemium” elements. It’s THAT good! Kudos to Santa Monica studio!!

    Please make more games like this for the Vita! So much more fun to play them on Vita for Trophies than my on my phone or iPad without as good a gaming ecosystem.

  • And the by the way, you are not forced to pay anything. The option is just there. All buying things does is save you time. Maybe lots of time, but still. And makes the game easier. Otherwise, if you spend enough time and want greater challenge, you can finish the game and not spend a cent. If you get stuck, just replay levels and try to get more stars, etc. It’s GENIUS. I’m not a huge fan of monetizing games like this, but this is really well done guys.

  • See microtransactions do not bother me in games like this. If you play Plants vs Zombies 2 on you phone or whatever, you can get through the game easily without paying anything. Same with this game. Just level up a bit and that is all. Paying just gets you through it faster. Now some of the card monster games that are released are different and require you to pay after a certain point since you stop getting higher level items. Also in MMORPGs that have it they tend to be free to play. So someone buying a few helpful items with real money to get ahead does not bother me either.

    The problem is some people are unhappy if they cannot complain about something. It is unfortunate, but some games while good, never make a lot of money and other games can make huge amounts by putting forth less effort. This game is free and if you want to pay to get ahead easier, well that is up to you. By getting to level 15 you can even get a free voucher for another title and never have to spend a cent to do so. It’s not like they deserve to make nothing for the work they put into it.

  • Am I the only person in the world having problems to download the PS3 version of this game? I’ve received the voucher to download it on my Vita, but when I try to redeem the code, it is recognized as a valid code but when I click on the CONTINUE button, is says that the code is no longer valid, or may have already been used. Then I downloaded it on my Android, reached the requirements, level 15, and received another voucher. The same thing happened. WTF Sony!!! I know it’s a free game, but at least keep your word. Can anyone help me with this?

    • Are you still having this problem? If so, any chance you earned the voucher code in one region (America) and are attempting to redeem it on a PS3 PSN ID in another region (Europe)?

  • @62 Try checking your download list on PS3, because mine worked fine.

    This game is freaking addictive though and it only took me about four hours and not even buying anything to get the free voucher for Fat Princess.

  • Hey Aaron I hope you are still checking this blog from time to time. I was wondering if their was a way to fix the issue for when if you turn of the system, but keep the game on, the game loses connection with the internet? I don’t mean power down, but stand by. Might be a Vita issue.

    On a separate note, would love a Fat Princess game for PS4 were you could permenantly keep leveled up characters. I like that you can level up the classes in this game. Though I can understand if you guys cannot fund such a project.

  • Saw that a PS4 game is coming.

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