Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Available for Free Download Today

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Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Available for Free Download Today

Rescue the Princess! Fat Princess: Piece of Cake brings the beloved comic medieval battle royale to PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android today with a brand-new strategic match-three game, and it’s a free download!


With over 55 levels across five unique lands inspired by the universe of Fat Princess, you’ll charge into battle with four different character classes and attempt to smash through the Blue army (because the Red army was always better).

While the gameplay is simple and fast to pick-up, you’ll need to strategically upgrade your characters – the knights attack single enemies for high damage, a ranger whose gun can blast enemies in the front row, the demolition specialist with bombs to stun all enemies, and a quirky wizard with a staff to rival Gandalf’s to heal your troops.


While the layers of gameplay strategy go far deeper, if you’re wondering where the centerpiece is, fear not! Feed cake to the princess by matching special tiles to unleash her devastating slam attack, trigger massive combos, and of course, save the kingdom.

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is a free-to-play game set in an incredible universe and can be played without making in-app purchases, however some in-game items such as power-ups and character upgrades can be acquired through in-app purchases. It is near and dear to our heart and a step toward extending the Fat Princess universe to create a brand new experience for everyone.


With our recent announcement of Fat Princess Adventures, a new action packed four-player co-op experience, now is a great time for PlayStation fans old and new to get to know our beloved Fat Princess. So, enjoy a slice of Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, it’s on us. Follow us on Twitter at @SonySantaMonica

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  • yet just what we need a free to play game… still i fat princess seems like cool will give it a go.

  • Wasn’t this out on phones already? Like Run Sackboy Run? Can’t believe Sony would rather prioritise mobiles than Vita =/

    • It’s been available on iOS and Android. We had extra development polish to do before releasing it on PlayStation Vita.

  • Will the Vita version have trophies? Seems like more and more F2P games are launching without trophies for whatever reason…

  • Awwww yeah fat princess is my favorite PSP pinball table too thanks

  • Free? I’m not complaining.

  • How about bringing the Original Fat Princess online multiplayer game to the vita?

  • Any sale information to give us today? I am chomping at the bit!

  • Been playing this on Android for a few weeks now. Heck of a lot of fun. Last night I got to the last level….I’ve not spent a dime. FYI…with IOS and Android you can get a free voucher code for the PS3 game by beating level 15 and having a facebook account.

  • I’ve been playing this game for a few months on my Moto X and really enjoy it. I’m glad it’s coming to the Vita, but still feel Sony should give my favorite handheld gaming system some higher caliber love.

  • Always nice to see some Vita love. And for free, double nice. Too bad theres so little games that really push what this amazing system is capable (and dont start with Remote Play, PS Now, etc).

  • “in-game items such as power-ups and character upgrades can be acquired through in-app purchases.”
    horrible. software solely created to financially exploit fabricated addiction. that’s the game industry today. 0 creativity. 0 innovation. nobody asked for this.

    • Have you played the game before commenting? The developers behind this title poured a lot of Fat Princess soul and heart into making this worthy of the franchise name. Give it a shot and comeback with some thoughts, we’d love to hear.

  • Will the Vita Version have the Fat Princess PS3 for Free if you get to a certain point like the iOS version?

  • @11 that is precisely why I’ve given up MMOs and mobile games. Utter and complete trash these microtransactions are.

  • @madmanwithabox12
    “Rescue the Princess! Fat Princess: Piece of Cake brings the beloved comic medieval battle royale to PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android today with a brand-new strategic match-three game, and it’s a free download!”

    Read the first sentence at least you fool.

  • BOOO…. i dont like red. Why cant we choose to be BLUE?!?

  • Freemium?

  • I’ll give a try, sure hope the Vita version has Trophies.

  • Finally! After seeing it at Playstation E3 Experience over in Union Square, was wondering if the game would be released at all. Absolutely ove Fat Princess, can’t wait for Fat Princess Adventures too.

  • Thanks for the link to the App Store so I can download it right away that’s super convenient for me and an obvious move for you

  • Hey guys, I have a great idea:

    How about, instead of producing another Fat Princess game (this one marketed as being “free” but with the promise of generating more profit than a standard sale model). . .
    . . .you fix the bugs and problems with the first game.

    That would be a better way of showing a modicum of support for your customers, the ones who ALREADY payed you.

    • We do not have resources to address issues with the PS3 version (barring emergency online issues), but the game servers are alive and strong, and plenty of people play daily. We’re supporting that, and it’s a fundamental reason why we’re offering everyone the ability to download the game for free by playing Piece of Cake. We significantly value and treasure the core community playing Fat Princess right now on PlayStation 3 and PSP.

  • I hope the Vita version has trophies, as I don’t understand why none of these games have Google Play and GameCenter support on mobile, which has stopped me from buying any more of the ones with price tags.

  • to bad it is NOT available on the amazon app store even though its android. i hope it arrives on it in time. other then that i hade to get it from another source. its fun so far. pretty kool to see you match 3 and see the action. i also saw a voucher for fat princess free on the ps3 once you reach level 15. neat if thats the case.

  • @Luffy123: Don’t call me a fool when people have been playing this game on iOS and Android for quite a while. Like I said, Sony supporting mobiles before Vita is stupid.

  • Thanks Aaron! My XPERIA is not the only device where I can carry the princess now :)

    Awesome game

  • Wasn’t there another co-op action oriented PS4/Vita Fat Princess coming?

  • I’ll give it a go. Hope it’s fun :) Fat Princess forever! I wish Fat Princess would just go on eternally with more and more players all the time but alas that cursed “financial reality” gets in the way…

  • Is Run Sackboy Run going to come out on PS Vita ever?

  • Thats cool! I remember when i played the original on PSP and I can’t wait to play it on PS4 when the new one comes out

  • I love these kind of games…Thanks!

  • I’m a huge fan of the original Fat Princess, and I’m sure to check out the next one, but you can run this in-app purchase BS down your fat cake-holes.

  • Free? I’m sold.

  • I don’t think you guys used that “extra development polish” wisely. The 3D parts of the game still perform poorly.

  • This really should not have taken this long. Furthermore, why not a real Fat Princess game on Vita?

  • Surely SSM has seen the demand for proper Fat Princess, God of War etc on Vita. Sony just doesn’t care, otherwise we’d have seen these games – PSP got two exclusive God of War titles and a proper Fat Princess title. Not knocking this game, it’s free to play and I’m sure it’s fun. But it’s not what the people want and Sony knows it. I have to wonder if this and Run Sackboy Run would even be made for Vita if they weren’t made for phones, because it really feels like they’re putting mobile games on Vita as an afterthought. =/

  • Thank you so much for releasing this! I’ve been looking forward to it, and I’m having a blast with it now. :D I already own the original game on PS3, so if I do end up getting the code I’ll probably give it to a friend of mine. Thank you again!

  • Is there a chance this game will be compatible with the Playstation TV in the future???

  • Free to lose you mean.

  • Honestly, I thought the first game on PS3 was awful, but PoC is a ton of fun. It gives actual purpose to the matching mechanic Your greed gets in the way though. Waiting 20 minutes for one stamina is horrible. And the amount of money required to obtain unlimited stamina is insane. If I could pay a flat fee of $10 and own this as a proper game I would. F2P is a cash grab of the worst kind and it keeps it in the copycat category instead of standing out as a real game.

  • Can someone please tell me when sony plans on giving the 5 day ps plus extention and ps store discount codes. I knew I shouldn’t of listen to my friends and got the x1 instead.. those fools force me to ge a ps4, but have yet to to play me online.

  • I don’t understand why these comment sections are always filled with hate. You know you can state your opinion without being a jerk right?

    I’m personally not a fan of freemium games – but I enjoy SMS’ work and will give this a shot though I won’t be spending any money on it. As others have stated I would pay for a legitimate game but I won’t pay to play for another 10 minutes (versus putting my vita down for a bit and coming back to play free later).

    I appreciate the work guys! And I apologize for all the hate these kids seem to throw at you.

  • Weird . it’s not on android store

  • I was actually excited when I saw this, but then I realize it’s just another horrible freemium game. Putting phone games on vita is a disservice to vita, you should of ported the original.

  • FREE is FREE. Great time killer plus you get a free copy of the biggest surprise of last generation for PS3. Piece of Cake! Now even with trophies for those hunters. Check it, its free after all. ;)

  • Never knew match 3 game can be so deep as it is piece of cake..big fat princess fan here.

  • I played this on my mobile and it was awesome! Actually better than the original Fat Princess!

  • I’m enjoying the game. People complaining do not understand the F2P market. It’s fun, it has trophies, and doesn’t jump at you with making you spend money. Just try it people. If you don’t like it move on like with other games you do not like.

  • Google Play says it’s incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and my LG Volt so I can’t download. Any plans to expand to more devices in the future? I’d like to try this out!

  • @Kid_Loser, I’ve played through 2 regions and can testify that it majorly punishes the player for Not spending huge amounts of money. Once you find a level you are completely inadequate to pass, you have to go back to earlier levels and grind,grind, grind until you can afford to upgrade your characters further. PoC is fun at first glance, but it relies so heavily on micro-transactions that it will ultimately leave a bad taste in your mouth.

    I strongly urge people to resist the miniscule temptation to spend money on in-app purchases. This game displays greed at its ugliest and the only way to stop this type of thing from happening is to not support it. Play the game all you want – I’ll keep playing – just save your money for games that are worth it.

  • Thank you for the game. I loved God Of War HD Collection on Vita. Will you guys consider a brand new God of War for Vita? Even GOW Origins Collection with trophies would be nice. It would be nice if you got Shadow of Colossus and Ico to come to Vita. Not sure if that is your division or another Sony partner, but it would be awesome to see.

  • And Yes, I know that I can download GOW PSP versions, but upgraded HD editions with trophies would make these better.

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