PlayStation Now Subscription Program: All The Details

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PlayStation Now Subscription Program: All The Details

You’ve been able to rent games through PlayStation Now for several months now, but many of you have asked –- what about a subscription? I’m pleased to announce that starting January 13th, we’ll launch a subscription service for PlayStation Now that will provide instant and unlimited access to a catalog of more than 100 PS3 games. And since you’re using PlayStation Now, you can enjoy the freedom to quickly discover and play a wide range of full games without downloads, installs, or patches (not to mention trips to the store). The subscription service will be available first on PS4 across North America, and will come to other PlayStation Now enabled devices in the future.

You’ll be able to choose from two subscription plans: one month for $19.99, or a three-month package for $44.99 (about $15 per month). The subscription provides access to a large and diverse catalog of PS3 games, ranging from action to RPG and everything in-between. Check out our launch trailer for a sneak peek.

PlayStation Now Subscription Program: All The Details

We know that there are many PS4 owners who never owned a PS3 or had a chance to play some of the great games it offered, and this subscription provides an easy way to catch up on games you may have missed.
Want to try before you buy? Well, good news! We’ll also offer a free seven-day trial to the subscription program when it launches.

PlayStation Now subscription will have strong and growing support from our publishing partners, and at launch you’ll find great games in your catalog from the likes of SCE Worldwide Studios, Warner Brothers, SEGA, and many others, including indie developers. Here’s a look at some of the key titles:

PlayStation Now subscription (US)

There’s strong value with the subscription, as you’re getting access to over a hundred great games and lots of hours of game time. What’s more, we will be adding even more games over time, so you will always have something great to play.

Also, to celebrate the launch of the subscription service, a free PlayStation Now theme will be available for PS4 users in early January. If you download the theme before January 31, you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing for a chance to win a one-year subscription to PlayStation Now. I hope you will give the new PlayStation Now subscription a try, and I look forward to hearing your continued feedback as we grow the service.

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  • Cool, however my internet isn’t capable of streaming games smoothly.

  • I would love to try this out, but PSnow need to support other countries like Brazil

  • this is perfect!!! now i will actually use PSnow!!!!

  • This is exactly the type of thing I have been waiting for. I do think that you’re pricing is slightly high. If you really want people to flood into this thing, you have to consider dropping these prices to say $15.99 for one month and $30-35 for 3 months. People are used to very high bargains with other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. That’s what makes them so popular. If you get you’re price down more into their range then you can really rope a lot of people in with this.

  • Im a fan of this service, the technology alone amazes me. Now i see the library keeps getting better and the three month sub is very much within my price range. I will just grab it at launch for the heck of it, when it comes to vita it will just be amazing. I loved playing god of war ascension on my tv then on vita, very cool. This is looking really good

    • Thanks! We are excited too and as you hinted at the PS4 launch is just the beginning for subscription. Those games look sweet on the beautiful Vita screen!

  • I agree with all the other who ask about the ones like me who already paid for the PSN for a year???? There has to be some kind of discount right??? And guys and gals out there, what is fair for all these service a year $99???? What do you think???

  • I think the price is totally fair. I’d like clarification on whether or not all PS Now games (something like 200+ I thought) are available through the Subscription, or just a select number of them (100+)?

    Also, if (and only if) you have the subscription active, being able to stream games you own digitally that are also available through PS Now makes total sense.

    • Yes, subscription service will carry a selection of games (over 100) seen in the larger PS Now rental catalog. Both of these catalogs will evolve over time with fresh content coming in on a regular basis.

  • Love it. This is great for those of us that missed the ps3. The single game prices were too high but I think you’re a lot closer to the sweet spot now. This would be awesome on the vita, can’t wait for that launch.

    Also, although this is great, my preferred option would be to be able to digitally purchase ps classics. To own the rights to the game for as long as I’m on ps platforms. It would be awesome for gamers, and it would ensure that I would stay on ps platforms to the grave…

    Thanks again for the constant evolutions.

    • Thanks for the encouraging feedback! We are excited as well, and the new way this service gives access to all gamers, especially as you mentioned those who may have missed out on the PS3 entirely!

      To those gamers in particular – Wow! You guys are in for a hec of a ride! Welcome to PS3 gaming overload!

  • It seems like you’re basin your monly fees off of your current pricing model but if the current rental fees are to high wouldn’t you figure monthly fees based off of high fee are TO HIGH or is it just me.

  • This is way too expensive, not even worth, all pricing models in the world are better than this

    Sorry Sony
    but il pass.

  • I do not see myself paying for PS+ AND PS Now…that’s too much of an ask, me thinks. Probably not possible, but it would’ve been nice if PS Now was just another PS+ benefit.

  • I think a $60 one year membership would be nice. or buy PSTV and get 3 months of PSNow and PSVue for $175

  • How about this

    For $9.99 a month just let me stream content I own. Fo an addd benefit it gives me reason to buy ps3 games when they go on sale.

  • At that price…no thanks!

    At $7 – $10 it would be a no brainer.

  • getting better but not there yet. if sony ever added ps1 and ps2 games then i could get behind the price just to play rogue galaxy again. (maybe a bit cheaper for psn plus members? wink wink )
    that being said the service never worked for me even though the apps own speed test telling me i had optimum speed and settings . Not one game would start for me, not in beta and not now. ever support gave up on me after awhile . i would hate to throw down the money only to find out it still doesnt work.

  • @56 $99 a year for everything is fair I’d sign up today.

  • It sounds good, but $45 for three months, need to make it a annual subscription like the Plus…say $60 for the year would be even better..bottom line!!

  • How about a PS PLUS bundle? Get PS Plus and PS Now for $100 a year!? :) I bet a LOT OF Ps Plus subscribers would bite. :)

  • Lol at those asking for $10 a month prices. Just lol, it shows how much business expertise can be found on gaming forums. ” just make everything free!!!”

  • There is a drawing to win a 1 year subscription to PS Now but no option to buy a 1 year subscription.

  • That was awesome thanks Sony

  • Insta-buy if you bring this to Asia region. I have a bunch of friends also interested.
    Please sony!

  • Wow very reasonable!

  • The price is too high. A lower price with a limit on how many games can be rented would be much more appealing. I already have Plus, own a PS3, and a bunch of Network games that I can play for free n my PS3. I should not have to pay to play those on the Ps4 or my Vita. This is digging too deep into my pocket. I am not a casual gamer nor am I a hardcore gamer. THis is geared towards people who do nothing but play games. The price is too high.

  • Really overpriced. I think $10-$15 will do. I personally think that the game collection is really big and awesome but I think it is worth a lower price than $19 a month

  • @69 a limited option to stream content you own is a viable business option the problem is Sony doesn’t have the network size to offer every digital game the sold for streaming. Offering instead a subpar list when compared to content I own. Even worse makin prices so high buying a ps3 is and used games is a more viable option.

  • I want to suggest special benefits for us PS plus members. Hopefully there will be a lower price for plus members.

  • Man i really want this but my net is **** so…. :/

  • Hahahahah, are you guys serious? Did you focus group those prices at all? If you have that much money to rent old PS3 games, you might as well just buy one. I’m so disappointed in this service. It had such great potential, but the pricing has been ridiculous. ESPECIALLY since it’s still a beta service!

  • Great news! $19.99 isn’t too bad for all the content this provides. Thanks for listening to your customers guys, this is great!

  • so what discount do the ps plus members get if you dropped the yearly price of ps plus from £40 a year to £25 an a ps now for £25 a year I’d be interested

  • Can anyone tell me how to transfer the previous save data for FF XIII from ps3 to ps4 ?
    I want to continue playing this game on ps4 please help ?

  • I think it’s a good deal considering the library it’s large but what about International users?, in the article it’s indicated: “The subscription service will be available first on PS4 across North America, and will come to other PlayStation Now enabled devices in the future.” I hope it’s soon so we can get to play some of the games like Uncharted Drake’s Fortune and Batman Arkham games before the new installments come out next year.

  • I purchased a Resident Evil game to stream on and my internet runs 10.0 for the speed but it still wont let me stream. Why is that. Says something about my connection but I was told that my internet speed is fast enough to stream. Any advices or suggestions with this type of problem

  • Awesome! Thank you sony.

  • i must add that i hope that sony will bring more rpgs like the tales of games to this service because as is it only has a handful

  • Prices seem too steep and more regions need to be added, but all in good time I’m sure all will level out with the service growing past its initial stages.

  • This is awesome! Can’t wait to sign up and start playing a catalog of games but you guys really need to add Uncharted 2 :/

  • Good start but I’m not even looking at this until I see 100+ EACH of PS2 & PS1 & PS3

  • seems good (save for the price being at my top price range) but id like a more detailed explanation i’m feeling quiet dumb these days.
    what i want to know specifically is:

    can we look foreword to new titles without loss of previous titles? if not please, details on how you choose which games get canned and if t hey come back at a later period of time.

    i wasn’t aware that the Ps4 had the software capable of streaming games does it download some additional data to enable play or are we looking foreword to a moderate sized update in the near future even for those who won’t get PlayStation now
    if so how much space are we talking about here and will we suffer slow downs if we play for a really long time

    will having a subscription grant unlimited access to all games in “PSNow”? if not further details would be appreciated
    (as in time limits / how many games can be loaded at a time)

    sure i can beat a game within a couple days (than i don’t play them for years) especially with most games being extremely short and easy these days but i won’t even play it if i can’t own the game
    i’m sure others share this preference

  • I would rather spend the $170 for a PS3 and then buy the games themselves. Cheaper in the long run. I never got a PS3, so I am guessing this is aimed at me. But it sure isn’t with that pricing. I can just drive an hour to a retro game store that sells old systems and games, or just buy them at Gamestop.

  • Not like you will not censor this post, or at the very least postpone it for 24 hours while your media specialists RAVE about your products.

    But here goes anyway.

    This service is GREAT , for those new to Playstation. (Theory only as I have never used it).
    But what about.

    1. Us Digital owners you have failed to show loyalty to with backwards capability, or even Free Access to purchased games.
    2. Isn’t monthly still cheaper than 3 months?

  • You need to enable a SA server. Here in Chile I have a 40Mbps internet connection and still can’t use the service because of the distance/ping. A lot of users here would be happy to give you their money for this service n_n

  • I will NEVER use the PS NOW. I want to own my games, in a box, keep them , and be able to (re)play whenever I want , without any time or network pressure. This all cloud evolution is a good business model for companies but NOT for REAL GAMERS

  • No thanks, I just kept my PS3 and own all the games I already want on this list. For $180 a year, I think I’ll just buy new games that I’ve not already played. Now, if you added PS1 and PS2 games, I may feel differently. Though, I could probably just outright buy them on PS3 as well for less.

  • Just wish it wasn’t streaming only. A download option similar to movie rentals or timed trials would be so much better.

  • I actually can get behind this announcement. I think it is a very fair and decent price point. Everyone wants more for less but I think this hit a nice spot.

    I will definitely be getting one shortly after sub launch.

    Well done Sony

  • Still too much. No PS+ discount either? So if we want PS Now, we’d have to pay monthly/annually for *both* PS+ (for PS4 online play) AND PS Now? Ugh

  • Overpriced! Plus if DDoS’ed, no more PSNow ;( Better pricing needed.

    p.s: Great titles and hopefully the idea to stay for a lot longer than others.

  • @teenymhunter

    It’s been available for months. You play the games through the PSNow app. All you’re basically doing is streaming the videos from the games you are playing on their servers while your controller input is uploading to them. There is very little data being stored or processing power being used by your console.

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