PlayStation Now Subscription Program: All The Details

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PlayStation Now Subscription Program: All The Details

You’ve been able to rent games through PlayStation Now for several months now, but many of you have asked –- what about a subscription? I’m pleased to announce that starting January 13th, we’ll launch a subscription service for PlayStation Now that will provide instant and unlimited access to a catalog of more than 100 PS3 games. And since you’re using PlayStation Now, you can enjoy the freedom to quickly discover and play a wide range of full games without downloads, installs, or patches (not to mention trips to the store). The subscription service will be available first on PS4 across North America, and will come to other PlayStation Now enabled devices in the future.

You’ll be able to choose from two subscription plans: one month for $19.99, or a three-month package for $44.99 (about $15 per month). The subscription provides access to a large and diverse catalog of PS3 games, ranging from action to RPG and everything in-between. Check out our launch trailer for a sneak peek.

PlayStation Now Subscription Program: All The Details

We know that there are many PS4 owners who never owned a PS3 or had a chance to play some of the great games it offered, and this subscription provides an easy way to catch up on games you may have missed.
Want to try before you buy? Well, good news! We’ll also offer a free seven-day trial to the subscription program when it launches.

PlayStation Now subscription will have strong and growing support from our publishing partners, and at launch you’ll find great games in your catalog from the likes of SCE Worldwide Studios, Warner Brothers, SEGA, and many others, including indie developers. Here’s a look at some of the key titles:

PlayStation Now subscription (US)

There’s strong value with the subscription, as you’re getting access to over a hundred great games and lots of hours of game time. What’s more, we will be adding even more games over time, so you will always have something great to play.

Also, to celebrate the launch of the subscription service, a free PlayStation Now theme will be available for PS4 users in early January. If you download the theme before January 31, you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing for a chance to win a one-year subscription to PlayStation Now. I hope you will give the new PlayStation Now subscription a try, and I look forward to hearing your continued feedback as we grow the service.

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  • Very cool. Now bring it to other regions, please.

  • Now THIS is something I can dig. Thanks, Sony!

  • Not bad. Was hoping for a slightly lower price (15 bucks being a sweet spot), but what you’re getting for 20 bucks a month is not bad at all. Any chance we might get ps2 games at some point.

    • Yes! There are some amazing games for PS1 and PS2 and our longer term vision is to go back further into the PlayStation generational library and offer those with PlayStation Now.

      Right now however, we are focused on bringing to users experiences from the amazing PS3 library.

      The over 100 PS3 games you see at launch for subscription is just the beginning! The games in the subscription catalog will evolve over time with fresh PS3 games coming in on a regular basis.

  • $15 a month with $10 a month for 3+ feels more reasonable.

  • This pricing model matches competitors like Gamefly, so I approve. Definitely not for me, personally, but I think this is the way to handle it.

  • Overpriced, but like the idea. Hopefully some PS3 classics get added to the catalog.

  • Awesome, Can’t wait to play PS2, and PS1 game’s some day on there too. And then down the road PS4 game’s when bandwidth gets fast in the US. We all need Google Fiber. Not the current 1GB Fiber but the new one there working on which is the 10GB Google Fiber. ???

  • This is cool and all, and I’m glad you guys have been listening to feedback… but between my internet speed and the amount I’ve spent on buying my PS3 games I think I’d really just rather have had old school backwards compatibility.

    Guess I’ll be holding onto the PS3 myself, but best of luck with this.

  • Any discount for PS Plus users? What about a one year subscription plan?

  • I still think that if you purchased a PS3 game through the store, it should be available for free.
    Also, PS Plus people should get a percent off, 10-20%

  • Nice!!

  • All for one is an excellent choice. But price-wise I agree @4, $15 a month, $30 for 3 months. and maybe $100 for a year.

    Will games be added to the service? Or is the subscription purely the games PS NOW launches with?

    Also please bring mgs4 to ps now, sony konami kojima and co.

    • Hi fireburn95,

      Yes, new games will be added to the subscription service on a monthly basis – we are big believers in keeping the game catalog fresh and interesting for our subscribers and this will evolve over time.

  • Way too overpriced! I think that the ps now was not too popular and it’s the reason why Sony try to make it more popular. Lower your price, Sony and you’ll have my wallet!

  • Cool. Seems reasonable but I’ll skip for now. I wanna hop on when there’s more games and hopefully no bugs. I’m sure it’ll have some issues when it launches. Right now, those games wouldn’t justifiy a 3 month subscription. 1 month is too little. I’m busy with many PS4 games and this wouldn’t help. Not to mention I still have a PS3 with a list of games I need to play. I could choose the games I want and don’t have from the above list and spend less than $45. Like half of those games were free with PS+ at some point and I have them. Some I’ve bought. Oh and even though I live in Spain, I tried the first free closed Beta last year and it never worked. Probably because I lived for away. It was suppose to be for NA only. And my internet upload speed with only 1.1MB. When I move out and get settled one day, I’ll make sure to have the best internet. For now, my internet works perfectly for online games. No issues except when the game is the one with issues lol.

  • Too expensive at $180 per year. Not happening.

  • There should be a 6 month and 1 year sub plans which save you even more money for each month

  • While this is cool I feel like we are really missing good ps4 games. I havent turned mine on in forever because there is nothing out there interesting to me.

  • @jibjab79, you can still play it on ps3. But you have to also pay for the extra bandwidth you’ll be using on sony’s servers, which is why it wont be free.

    Maybe the prices I quoted above could be for ps plus discount perhaps?

  • Interesting. Curious to try it on PS Vita when it releases in EU.

    The price might seem high, but considering the amount of content you have access to, I’d say it’s a decent price.

    When is it coming to Sony Xperia devices?

    • Nothing to announce at this time, but you can expect PS Now subscription service to roll out to more PS Now enabled devices over the coming months, giving you even more flexibility in where you play your PS Now subscription games.

  • With the Gamefly pricing model I can play three different Playstation systems, several Nintendo systems and a couple Microsoft systems. This model beats your beta pricing model, but it is still quite a shaft.

  • not cool sony… we have to pay to play the games that we already purchased on ps store? seriously? why???

  • Does it mean that Psnow will stop being in beta test?

  • I hate how they used to do backwards compatibility and now because they want more money, they do this. Either buy a PS3 or pay a subscription. It sucks. I miss my 60GB PS3 that got the YLOD. Instead of asking for a 60GB on the phone, I chose to get a 80GB because it would arrive faster. They tricked me saying 60GB=6 months, 80GB=3 months. Then 5 days later I got my 80GB.

  • About half of these games are just rehash free PS Plus titles, also.

  • “one month for $19.99, or a three-month package for $44.99 (about $15 per month).” pfff no thanks sony

  • YES!!! This is great news!! About time, darn it! ^,..,^

  • What about a one year subscription option? ~$9.99/mo would be good.

    When will the service launch in other countries around the world?

    Where are the high quality 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games on PS Now?

    Ex. The Orange Box, Valkyria Chronicles, Bioshock, Borderlands, Minecraft, GTA, Rayman, Deadspace, South Park, The Walking Dead, Dark Souls, Far Cry, Batman, Ni No Kuni, Portal 2, Fallout, Skyrim, Assassins Creed, CoD, BF, Red Dead Redemption, etc.

    PS Now-enabled instant demos through the PS Store?

    Giving PS Plus members one free PS Now game a month would be a good idea to promote the service.

    When can we expect PS Now on non-Sony devices (iOS and Android)? What about other TV brands besides Samsung and Sony (LG, Panasonic, Vizio, etc.)?

  • Hahahaha NOPE. No chance.

  • I believe PlayStation Now will be a good service and the price is comparable with other services out there but since it is a new service, I would have taken a more aggressive approach:

    – $15 for a month
    – $29 for 3 months
    – 5% discount to PS Plus subscribers
    – If you bought a PS3 game on PSN and that game is on PS Now catalog and you have PS Plus then you can stream that game on your PS4 for free even if you don’t have a PS Now subscription.

    Hope you guys read our feedback.

  • What about already bought PS3 Games @ ps store?

    Are we able to play them for free, or do we need to pay again for them?

    • Hi,

      PS Now overall is a separate and complimentary offering from purchased downloadable games from PS Store, and requires a separate purchase for either the rental or subscription.

      Remember, the streaming service offers some distinct and value added features including the ability to quickly jump across the 100+ games offered without any downloads, and over time the ability to play these games on any PlayStation Now enabled devices.

  • i’m willing to ditch or complement my monthly gamefly subscription if sony is willing to add new games to its library on a regular basis.also,there is need to add vita,psp,ps2 games to this so make it more complete and robust.since i already have the required interweb speed to enjoy this service at it fullest

    also,throw a plus discount or incentive on this service while you are at it and the deal would be much sweeter :)
    hope that you all are having happy new year :)

    • Happy New Year to you too Perrandy!

      Yes, we will be adding new games on a monthly basis with new experiences for you to play with the quick access of streaming!

      Thanks for the feedback on your ideas as well!

  • I do agree with other’s I was thinking $10 per month even. No matter if you want 1 month or two month’s. And you can stack so if someone wanted to they can buy 6 months worth for $60.

    The more people like the price the more people will buy into the subscription the more they will pay.

    Maybe you can offer a 6 month to 1 year option to sweeten the deal to $10 per month?

    I’d like the know the cost it take’s to run a server per month for PlayStation Now. That’s a interesting thing to know. Maybe a inside look?

  • I’ll get the subscription for 1 month when it has the PS3 exclusive games I want to play.
    Games I need to see added to the games supported by PS Now:

    MGS IV: Guns of the Patriots
    Demon’s Souls
    Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
    Shadow of the Colossus HD

  • PS Now doesn’t work in Chile? I can’t rent a game but I have a “decent” internet connection.

    • Thanks for your interest Strider-Keni!

      Sorry, US and Canada are the officially supported countries for PS Now at this time.

      We will however be exploring other regions for future launches.

  • Love the concept, but hate the price! Make it $9.99/month, and I’ll do it in a heartbeat!

  • First why isn’t there a yearly sugscription option.

    Second why can’t you offer some plan to just play content I already own aka a backwards compatability fee. I means lets be honest your catalog now is lacking.

    Third why not roll this into a plus/now premium dea.

    Finally why set those pricess they are way to high the millions of people you need to make the service viable won’t pay those crazy prices.

  • This is pretty awesome, thank you sony. What about a discount for Plus subscribers? Somewhere around $15 per month.

  • Hell Yeah! I’m in..

  • This is way way way over priced sony this service should cost no more then 5 bucks a month or 80 bucks a year bundled with a plus sub

    These are not new games that we can stream this is all legacy stuff , if we had new games added then it would be worth its weight in gold …. but it doesn’t

    price change needs to come fast or this service will be DOA

  • That is awesome that yall are finally making a subscription base for playstation now. However my major problem is that the pricing of it. I was hoping it would be $20 for 3 months and $60 for 1 year, but $45 for 3 MONTHS? That is just insane. I rather have full backwards compatibility on ps4 to play ps1, ps2, and ps3 games than playstation now. I’m not really hating on playstation, I’m just mad at the decisions that you guys are making for this service. This service really does have potential if it only was better priced.

  • Wow, I totally agree with @Tristan77. Thus would be the better option and you would get a lot of more customers! Especially the PS+ argument. To pay again for games we already own is a bit strange.

    A offer to buy games on PSNow would be great too.

  • If you don’t lower those fees and allow people to play digital content they own the service will flop

  • I wonder if all games will be available in this subscription or if there will be games only available for renting.

    • Hi Zingakun,

      This is a great question. PS Now offers both individual game rentals and the upcoming subscription service.

      The PS Now rental catalog already has 200+ games and games are added weekly so yes, you may find some games that will not be in the current subscription offering but can still be rented individually.

      Subscriptions will give you access to 100+ games that get unlimited access and this catalog will evolve over time.

  • I noticed that the trailer included Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Bioshock Infinite, Batman: Arkham City, NBA 2K14, Spelunky, The Last of Us and XCOM: Enemy Within, all games which are not available with PlayStation Now. So will these games come to the service soon or what’s the deal?

    • Good eyes!

      Yes, these are games that will come to PS Now service starting Jan 13th and will be available both as individual rentals and also as part of the launch subscription catalog of 100+ games you get!

      If you haven’t played any of these great games, PS Now will be a great opportunity.

  • Whoa, lemme get this straight. For 20 bucks I can play as many games I want for a month?
    If your subscription runs out, do you keep your saves? That’s the question.

    • Yes, saves will be saved in the PS Now cloud servers!

      If your membership runs out and you decide to come back later, your saves will be waiting.

  • One more voice for aviability of preowned PS3 games. My backcatalog too big for just abandon it. You must include low price subscribe plan for PS3 owners.

  • @29 I highly doubt they (the people making decisions) read our feedback otherwise we’d see something much better up above.

  • i only have a vita but when this is available on vita i will try it. it would be nice being able to play all those games without having to buy those damn super expensive memory cards.

    • Thanks for your interest!

      We are working on bringing PS Now subscription to more PS Now enabled devices including over the coming months, stay tuned!

  • I like this because I have been losing interest in PS+. I just don’t care for the majority of indie games that have been hitting the IGC. I would love something like $50 a year and chose one game a month. Sometimes I don’t have much time at home to play games and if I got to choose the game out of all the titles that would be ideal for me. Maybe we will see some more pricing options in the future. Still this is a step in the right direction.

  • Looking forward to trying this on my vita

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