PS4 Protip: Use Docs for PlayStation

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PS4 Protip: Use Docs for PlayStation

Happy holidays, everyone! I know a lot of you may be new PS4 owners, so I wanted to welcome you to the PlayStation Nation and offer up a little not-so-secret pro tip to help you out while you’re gaming: Docs for PlayStation.

If you’re like me, you don’t like having to search through a paper instruction manual or scour the internet to find game info and the controller guide for your new game. With Docs for PlayStation, you’ve got a one-stop destination where you can access what you need right from your console, smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Docs for PlayStation

Docs launched alongside PS4 last November and it has replaced printed manuals for first-party PlayStation titles, as well as select third-party games. You might have used Docs and not even realized it — you can find the digital manuals on PS4 in a game’s Live Tile (press down when you have highlighted a game on PS4’s Dynamic Menu). Once you’re in, you’ll find guides, tutorials, detailed maps, the latest info on DLC or just a quick controller reference guide.

And if you’re playing and don’t want to pause your game, just go to Docs for PlayStation on your smartphone, tablet, or computer via a web browser, and you’ll find the same content optimized for whichever device you’re using. The website is quick, responsive, and dynamic, so it looks great and is easy to navigate no matter what device you’re on.

Docs for PlayStation

We’ve got some cool things planned for Docs in 2015 — with an eye on bringing premium content like strategy guides, art books, magazines, trophy hunter guides, and more to the platform. Give it a try when you’re firing up inFAMOUS First Light or LittleBigPlanet 3 and bookmark it so it’s only a click away when you need it. What type of content would you like to see added to Docs for PlayStation?

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  • Arigatou That Is Useful :P

  • What about problems accessing the network during launch week for Little Big Planet 3? We were supposed to be able to download a Rare Launch T-Shirt Pack as well as an Astronaut Costume Pack during launch week, yet since the network was down, I couldn’t access them. Customer service keeps telling me to wait for a patch to get these costumes. I need support for this, but I don’t know where else to turn.

  • @6 The Vita can also pause and resume a game at any time with the power button. I expected the PS4 to do this at launch. Hopefully the PS4 will catch up to the Vita and PS3 as far as features go.

  • I have always wondered why Sony doesn’t use the PS4 companion app to access the game manuals.

    Either through a “second screen option” – something to which is never actually used anyways – or something similar to that. But seeing how the companion app, because it is linked via the network to the PS4, knows which game is being played, there should be an ability to access the manual directly from within the app, i.e., does not need to open a separate web browser as the manual will open and be viewable within the confines of the existing app.

    Nothing irks me more than having an app to which everytime you want to do something, it’s opening other things. Just keep everything nice and tidy within the confines of the app.

    As an aside, I have viewed the manuals that are offered via the PS4 – maybe it’s just me and my age, but they look horrible and are hard to navigate/viewable via the PS4 browser. As others have said, the Vita manuals are perfect as they are not viewable via an inadequate web browser, they are self-contained. If the manuals on PS4 were like that, it would be much better.

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