PS4 Protip: Use Docs for PlayStation

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PS4 Protip: Use Docs for PlayStation

Happy holidays, everyone! I know a lot of you may be new PS4 owners, so I wanted to welcome you to the PlayStation Nation and offer up a little not-so-secret pro tip to help you out while you’re gaming: Docs for PlayStation.

If you’re like me, you don’t like having to search through a paper instruction manual or scour the internet to find game info and the controller guide for your new game. With Docs for PlayStation, you’ve got a one-stop destination where you can access what you need right from your console, smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Docs for PlayStation

Docs launched alongside PS4 last November and it has replaced printed manuals for first-party PlayStation titles, as well as select third-party games. You might have used Docs and not even realized it — you can find the digital manuals on PS4 in a game’s Live Tile (press down when you have highlighted a game on PS4’s Dynamic Menu). Once you’re in, you’ll find guides, tutorials, detailed maps, the latest info on DLC or just a quick controller reference guide.

And if you’re playing and don’t want to pause your game, just go to Docs for PlayStation on your smartphone, tablet, or computer via a web browser, and you’ll find the same content optimized for whichever device you’re using. The website is quick, responsive, and dynamic, so it looks great and is easy to navigate no matter what device you’re on.

Docs for PlayStation

We’ve got some cool things planned for Docs in 2015 — with an eye on bringing premium content like strategy guides, art books, magazines, trophy hunter guides, and more to the platform. Give it a try when you’re firing up inFAMOUS First Light or LittleBigPlanet 3 and bookmark it so it’s only a click away when you need it. What type of content would you like to see added to Docs for PlayStation?

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  • @JM Garcia
    Thank the web team for seriously overhauling the website. I really like how buttery smooth it operates most of the time and its integration into the PlayStation eco system. I hope to see more features added in the future like better management of download queues. Especially for those of us with more than one PS3, PS4, or Vita (PSTV and VITA).

    I’d like to see the PS App to continue to evolve with ways to manage my Party Chat so I can quickly switch audio priority and handle other functions normally reserved for the system or website.

  • Pro tip: stop ignoring your fans and get peoples PS4’s working so we can use all these nifty features. You have over 2,000 people fuming in the “Update” article.

  • How about you get you network up a running and tell us more about what’s going on with your network. I’m about to go see my ps4 and go over to xbox live

  • Any news on January’s IGC lineup??? =D

  • Honestly I find docs for PS4 crap. I think I have 2 games that actually support it Killzone and NBA 2K14 out of about 10 and reading a manual in a web browser is a lousy experience. Why the hell do Vita digital manuals kick the crap out of PS4 ones? They are almost always there for every game, and are easier and better to browse than a website. Just sucks that almost everything about the PS4 other than graphics is inferior to earlier playstatins.

  • Game manuals should be like PS Vita games. They are very well designed like a printed manual, and they are very consistent across most games. They don’t open on the web browser.

    I don’t get why Sony did an excellent job with PS Vita games’ manual, but a so-so job with PS4 games’ manuals.

  • PSN is up. If you cant get on power cycle your cable modem,router and PS4. If that doesnt work setup your PS4’s internet connection again in the PS4’s settings Settings>network>internet connection setup.

  • i have a tip… no one cares. fix my games. and another tip… for those developers who can’t make a game that works, and then can’t fix said games even with patches some 3 or 4 months later… don’t release broken games. you make sony look bad, and then when you can’t fix the problems (i.e. nba2k15 shoe glitch and fifa 15 international game glitch) we will refuse to buy the next interation of your franchise, and that will hurt sony as well. we know you only pay attention to things that require us to pay MORE money after we already bought your games, so we just want to let the game developers and sony know that those of who do not play the majority of time online that… if you didn’t realize by this latest hack that having you “log in” in order to even PLAY a game… is absolutely ridiculous and can piss off A LOT of people who are otherwise happy, keeping to themselves, playing games. thanks.

  • I think people saying they can’t get on are most likely trolling…I got hundreds on my friends list on.

  • tbh I really shouldn’t have to use my smartphone or a PC to call up a manual while I’m trying to figure something out in a game. Even having to exit the game to open another program on the PS4 is kind of garbage.

    I get the whole save-the-trees-save-the-planet reasons for why dead-tree manuals are a thing of the past, and I’m (mostly) fine with that, but there has to be a better solution.

  • PS4 Pro-Tip – Buy Physical Media, Always Buy Disc Based Content, Expect Constant Downtime and Subpar Customer Support, Shut off all auto renew options, make sure if you do buy digital it is purchased on your primary console and your licenses are always up to date, if your a multiplayer first person stash a few single player games into your backlog for the inevitable downtime you will experience.

  • Maybe handy to make use of HTML 5 local storage, so when PSN is down we can still access game manuals. Or get devs/pubs to pack manuals in with game data.

  • I’ve always found the manuals to be less than useless anyways.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever found any info I needed in them.

  • I have never needed to use the manuals for a game lol but this is an interesting concept.

  • Bring back the goddamn paper manuals and with COLORS…damn its sad to be a true gamer nowadays.

    1st you remove the colors from the manuals
    then you lower the pages and “finally” you get rid of them…its becoming more and more of a joke each day that passes.

    PS3 games used to have not only a gorgeous paper manual with colors but an awesome art in the back of the cover art which you would see when you opened the box.PS exclusives were one of the few games that had that along with Capcom and Bethesda games.PS4 games dont even have the art in the back anymore…I mean WTF?

    The only games nowadays that are a true joy to do the unboxing is Bethesda games…they aren’t half as good as Sony games of course but have paper manuals with colors and art in the back which is a must.

    Kudos to Bethesda.

  • Still nothing – back briefly last night (28th) – now been out all day today (29th)
    How mad is this?! Stupidly unreliable – why is that??

  • How about active and archived twitch streams in those live tiles?

  • I still cannot log in to psn network with my ps4

  • I bought the Dragon Age Deluxe edition from the flash sale, I keep getting a error code of ce-34878-0. I have deleted the game 4 times and reinstalled. still have the same issue. this happens as soon as I start the game. I need help to fix this problem please, the phone lines are busy and no chat support. thanks

  • intesresting concept hopefully this its and addition and not a replacement for manuals which i really enjoyed since i started played video games

  • @JM Garcia

    thankfully, Mr. Garcia, i am NOT like you, and am NOT too lazy to be bothered with actually looking through a manual.

    i HATE electronic manuals, and i miss the physical ones….real manuals, printed on real paper, with real info, pictures, and bloody colors….i’m so sick of getting new games, and opening the case, only to see a stupid advert card where the manual should be….and your condecending use of the “protip” meme was especially insulting…

    Pro Tip: don’t be a lazy sod, reading is good for you.

  • I’ve been able to play online on my PS3,throughout the debacle, but only because I play really late at night when all the American kids are sleeping. My PS4, however, is a different story.

    @19, Stormfront, I have the digital DAI also and for a minute I couldn’t play that or Terraria. I figured out that it must be an online problem so I went into Settings, unchecked the network connection, then both games worked. The games both have online features so they won’t start because they’re searching for a connection. Just uncheck in Settings. That’s my PS4 Pro-tip.

    And, plus 1 to @6, RCU. The manuals in Vita games are great. Full content, colorful, easy to use instantly and then return to game instantly. The Vita is brilliant. Too bad not enough people have bought it yet or we would have more great games to silence the “No Vita, no buy” complainers.

  • @JM Garcia

    What is this?!?! Peddle your “docs” elsewhere, we don’t want them. I don’t know anybody who prefers digital manuals over physical/paper manuals. I’m honestly stunned that you’re trolling us right now. The rage is real.

  • Come on Sony what are you doing with the money we pay for plus. How about you us it to improve your network. Microsoft had the same issue with there network but there’s was up first and you guy’s are still having issues. I would think you guys lost more then a few customers over this issue.

  • Pro Tip: don’t buy digital. Target will credit differences with sales, PSN will not.
    Also. Digital Deluxe version of Dragon Age is busted.
    Physical copies are the way to go.

  • Acting like the digital manuals are better is laughable. I miss paper manuals, publishers are cheap mofos now. It’s depressing to open a case and it be totally empty and you have to look at the ugly white background. Or worse, with Sony, the hideous button layout.

    And as mentioned, the Vita manuals are far better, but physical is best.

    @10: You don’t, you use the PS4’s browser. It’s right there. Do you even have a PS4? I can’t imagine you do if you don’t know anything about how it works. You don’t need to exit the game to open another program. I have Netflix [or another streaming app] open with a game suspended all the time. Just double tap the PS button and you can swap between two things easily. Browser included.

  • @24: They were up first, but the people who did the DDoS attack said it was easier to take down Xbox Live. so…

  • ProTip: Physical Manuals are better.

  • This blog post is a sad attempt to justify Sony’s cost cutting and cheapening out by not including proper printed manuals with their products.

  • so i was playing since what one day and half now 2 days no problem and boom out of ****ing no where i get a message saying i have to be connected to the psn network to play online.. as im trying to invite my friend to a ufc match.. i can access the store that’s it.. wtf sony you need to not only extend those dates to later then the 31st but you also need to drop price’s even more!!!! because what is it now?

  • Please make psone and ps2 classics playable on ps4.

  • ps 4 should be easy to install but i can’t connect to the ps server.can somebody help me to connect to the server
    i already created an account and accepted by the PS site.
    somebody ???

  • lol yeah sony y’all have to fix that network so issues like this past weekend don’t happen again lol. That ish was embarrassing. Use that PS Plus money secure the network from DDOS attacks. Also start acting like you’re listening to your consumers.

  • What type of content would you like to see added to Docs for PlayStation?The kind that’s free and works,would be nice

  • So no doc for The Last of Us: Remastered?

  • Pro tip fix the dam network and compensate people for the lost time.

  • my free pro tip for you SONY…

    Spend more money on internet security and less on paying someone to add this dumb tip you gave us

  • @15 I actually still get full color manuals all the time from games I import from Japan. It seems to only be common in the western gaming scene that games are beginning to phase out manuals all together.

    @Everyone Else The ignorance on what a DDoS attack is around here is laughably high. People are rallying for more security, when they seem to have absolutely no grasp on what happened to the network. A DDoS attack cannot be prevented by any sort of security measure. As long as you can ping a connection to a server, you can flood it with traffic, no matter how much security is stacked on to said server. The network couldn’t go back up until the attack ceased. Sony has no control over the aggressors, and they handled the situation as they were supposed to.

  • would love to use the docs for Little big planet 3 EXCEPT THEY USUALY LEAD TO A PAGE THAT SAYS “NO CONTENT FOUND” sorry for the caps but I am so sick of clicking on these only to find that it leads to no where.

  • Include some behind the making of, developer diary, tips ect,. bring back PlayStation Underground!

  • I really miss paper manuals, but do find SOME digital manuals OK.

    On PS Vita it’s nice when there’s something useful in the digital manuals, but often there’s nothing in there, nothing but health warnings etc. I do not find the PS Vita to have beautiful manuals most of the time.

    Digital manuals on PS4 I’ve looked at are usually pretty good. In every case though, Disc buyers do miss paper manuals like crazy. I get excited when opening a game, like The LEGO Movie game, and find it has a paper manual, albeit small, but it’s there. :)

    Having great digital manuals and information and more is important if y’all are totally abandoning manuals. Digital buyers should have digital manuals, but disc buyers should still get a decent colored paper manual with their game, including PS Vita. Too late for that since all PS4 and PS Vita games, for the most part are sans paper except for the cover art with developers sometimes printing on the rear side of the paper too, art or controller schemes, either or both. That’s better than nothing, but it’s not every disc game.

    So if Docs for PlayStation is really going to improve things, it’s going to have to be really great before us Disc buyers will fully thumbs up that idea.

  • I really like the idea of digital manuals, but not in lieu of a physical manual. I also think is cool, but the selection is limited.

    It may already exist, but production companies should focus on interactive game guides, and an app/site where they’re easily accessible. Happy New Year guys and gals!

  • Playstation Plus members are getting Infamous First Light and The Swapper for PS4 in January. I don’t know if anyone knew or not. They revealed this a few weeks ago.

  • Thanks for pointing this out. I have never really looked at game manuals, but I have picked up a few stratagy guides in my days. I really hope this works out, Final Fantasy 15 will be a guide game whether it is via this service or good old paper back.

    One thing I might add, this really should be a requirment for all games on PS4.

  • I don’t mind so much the new manual method, but I must say that I do miss the days when there was a cool color manual. Usually had a short backstory in the front to get you into the game and at least a set of beginner tips are a first level walkthrough in the back. The good ole days. Oh well.

  • Pro-Tip: Dont phone in to Sony support. Use that live chat.

    Everything that disappointed me over the phone was fixed in ten minutes on live chat!


  • To the PSN people with digital dragon’s age problems there is a fix you need to start the download then stop the update go to system storage and look for dai it will still be downloading even if it says ready to play wait till all 45 gb are finished downloading then update it worked for me good luck

  • no game manual’s any more = no discount for consumers and if you don’t have internet well then I guess your an idiot (because I can’t make my charter move) . There’s some great minds making these changes yea for 2015!!!!

  • I get the Doc’s concept, I’m sure most do–however–I’m with what seems to be the majority on the game manuals. To us, there’s nothing like actually having a reference book IN YOUR HAND. I’m the same way with these downloads, they are fine but again, I like the idea of having a real disc in my hand–haven’t had great luck with downloads.
    ASA, the download should be the ONLY reason to get or even need a doc. Right?

  • I’ve never understood why game manuals aren’t uploaded online. With online console gaming now in full swing, you would think companies would upload their game manuals for access by anyone needing to find a control layout etc.

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